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Friday, August 04, 2006

Dani's Plan

HOH ROOM- Dani, Marci, Janie, Kaysar, James - Erika has gone to DR
1:00am BBT

Kaysar: Thank God this room is normal now.
Janelle: Shut up.
Dani: I'm going to listen to some tunes now.
James: Is that our cue to leave?
Everyone says goodnight and leaves... except James.
Dani:(whispers to James) Wait...

Howie is still in the bathroom.

James: (whispering) They think that Janelle is going to be put up.
Dani: I have an idea that I don't think you're going to like. I want to put you up against Janelle. You have the votes to stay.
James: I could go home.
Dani: You wont go home. I know it is risky, but I also know that you would have the votes to stay.
Dani: How would Kaysar and Howie would vote if you were against Janelle?
James: I think they would vote for Janie to stay because they trust her more.
    ***Seriously James, can you blame them??

Dani: What if I talk to Kaysar and secure his vote for you to stay?

James: The whole plan worries me. What if Janie wins veto?
Dani: Then I would put Kaysar up.
James: So much stuff happens in the house.
Dani: i just know that you would be safe... I just know it.
James: There is always a possibility that the nominees would have the opportunity to pick who they want to compete for veto with them, and I could compete for Janie and win it and then not use it.
James: I have no problem lying to her.
Dani: Are you you could get Janelle to pick you to compete for her?
James: I think so.
Dani: I pitched this idea to George, Erika, Boogie and Marci, and all of them said that you would be safe.

Dani: What if I don't put Janelle up, and Janelle competes in the PoV and wins it, what then?
James: She is not the same person she was last year. She is a fat piece of shit this year.
James: Talk to the other people.
Dani: i already have, and they are all fine with it... and this way noone will think we are as close as we are. Otherwise, I will have to put one of the other people up, and have you give them your pass. Would you be comfortable with that?
James: F-ck yeah.
Dani: All you need is four votes.
James: I would only need 3, because I have the pass to nullify one of the votes, which would make it 3-3 and you would be the tie breaker.
James: When you to George about it, I want to be there.
Dani: That's fine.
James: I knew something like this might come up... I would take great pleasure in beating Janelle. Alliances are about taking risks.
James leaves the HOH room.
Howie is still in the HOH bathroom.
Dani is on her HOH bed listening to Queen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

James is playing stupid. Isn't Dani always the first one to say "Don't put people on the block unless you mind either of them going pawns!" Duh!! It seems his memory goes out the window whenever it suits him. Just like him being angry at Janie for not nominating both of Chilltown, when his target was Chicken George. What a tangled web he weaves. The infamous Karma boomerang will come back around!

~Angela from my space :-)

9:40 AM  
Blogger Lo said...

yea i agree w/ you Angela. If I were James i'd oppose Dani's idea... i hope one from BB6 goes home though because they need to come off their high horse and i wanna see them stress out. i love the stress game!

4:01 PM  

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