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Friday, August 04, 2006

No Food Comp

Midnight BBT
HoH ROOM - Danielle, James, Kaysar. Janie, George,
BB: Janelle, Please come to the Diary room.

Janie leaves the HoH in Kaysar and James' capable hands.

Dani: (to James) All of the men in the house should get their women a tacky cheap robe. Chadwicks, cheapest catalog ever, $19.99.
James: I could sew your robe for you.
Dani: No, noone is going to sew it.
Kaysar: We would have to wait 10 years before getting an old robe like that for our girlfriends/wives, because if we bought one for them at the beginning of the relationship, they would leave us for sure.

James: What are you doing, Chicken George?
George: Just looking at all this food.

The conversation shifts to Dani's personal life, being a teen mom, her mom having been a teen mom, etc.
Dani: I was a good mom even though I was young. I went to high school, did my thing, interviewed the babysitter, did what I had to do.
Dani: Amazing, huh?
Kaysar: Yeah, it is amazing. You just stepped up to the plate.
Dani: My friends would tell me they were going to the mall, and I would be like 'you got a carseat?'
James: My sister had her first child while she was still in college. Now she's on baby number three, and her husband is going to Iraq soon.
Kaysar: What did it feel like back when you got pregnant with your first baby as a teen?
Dani dodges the question and instead talks about how it affected her husband...
Dani: ...He worked jobs he hated, but he had to do it to take care of the family. Kaysar: How old were you when you got married?
Dani: I was 20. I never finished college, unfortunately.
Erika returns to HOH.
Dani: My mom didn't finish getting her degree until she was in her 30s.
Marci returns to HOH.

Dani: I get weirded out sleeping by myself... I might give up my HOH bed to someone else. ...George would be floating in the green cloud by himself.
Marci: I left my soap up here when Janie was HOH, and BB took it.
Kaysar: It's in the Storage Room.
Marci is appeased.

Conversation shifts to game... They are discussing the upcoming week. Apparently BB has told them there will be no food comp.
Will: We are not just going to be randomly sitting around doing nothing until Thursday.
James: We are still having nominations tomorrow and the veto comp on Saturday. After week 5 last year, we didn't have any food comps either.
Marci: I bet they're going to be offering people money to put the house on slop.
Erika: I am not taking any money to put people on slop.
George: Me neither.
Marci: They need look no further than the black man...they offer me the right amount of money, you are all going on slop.
Dani: You would be on slop too. You don't have your slop pass anymore.
Marci: I was just kidding, anyway.
Will: I would take $50,000.
James: I would take $50,000 too.
Kaysar: I don't think they are going to offer that much money.
Erika: They will only offer $10,000, $15,000 tops.
James: If we got $50,000 to put the house on slop, and also made it to sequester, that would be more money than the second place winner.
Marci: It would be 3 weeks out of 5 for me on slop.
Erika: I couldn't do it, I would leave.
Dani: I remember George saying... when the other people were on slop at first: "It doesnt look so bad".
They all laugh.
George: It's so bad.


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