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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Unlikely Alliance

Chicken George and Janelle - Red Room

George asks Janelle how she is feeling today. He tells her that she looks good. They make some small talk about the red room and George says he is redecorating to hide the evil stuff. Then the convo moves to the game.

They talk about Marcellas' eviction.

Janelle: He was a pawn.
George: I was a pawn.
Janelle: You were not up.
George: I know but you talked to me about it.
Janelle: They were going to vote you out.
George: I was played?!
Janelle: Uh huh.
George: Who is making the decisions?
Janelle: Who do you think?
George: The doctor.
Janelle: Yea. I have been played. Howie wasn't suppose to leave either. I feel bad. Marcellas is my friend and he was suppose to be safe. And, Howie...they lied to him.
George: Oh boy! I've been played. Used when they need my vote.

George: One of us have to get this today (POV).
Janelle agrees.
George: If we can just really shake this thing up a bit. I know whats all going on now so lets see what we can do . What a shift in the game that would be. Who would think that you and I would line up together in the end?
Janelle: If we can team up that leaves James and it's either me or James leaving this week.
George: We have to stay alive and make the best of what we have to work with . This is going to be so much fun! If I get POV, I will take you off the block. I don't care if I get voted out, I just want to stir things up in the house.

George explains to Janelle that she has the jury votes to win this.

Janelle: Marci?
George: If I get there first, I will talk to Marci and explain to him.

George: Now I have a reason to be in this house.
Janelle: We can really piss a lot of people off.
George: We can really play. I will play the veto for you and if I win it I will take you off. We can really mix things up. This is really cool, I actually have an alliance.
Janelle agrees. They laugh.

George: Ok I am going to take my shower but you gotta play with everything thats in your heart and soul and I will too, and I will take you off if I get the POV.
If I get to Marci first I will talk to him and tell him everything that has went down to help you .

George and Janelle hug.
George: I will be loyal to you.
Janelle: Me too!


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