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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Coup Power Gone

9:10am BBT
BACKYARD - Dani and Boogie
Openly talking about the Coup Power.

Dani: That's hard too.
Boogie: The other thing too, the POV winner is immune to it, as is the HoH.
Dani: I kept wondering... even if they play POV can you get them then? That's only fair.
Boogie: Today's Saturday the 18th? No the 19th.
Dani: The 19th.
Boogie: They were hardcore about that.
Dani: They said "we all know 2 people."
Boogie: I wanted so badly to have a situation like me and Will up, I would stand up and go "I would like to use the Special Power." That would have been awesome television.

Dani: I want you to make sure you don't tell people that you can't use it anymore.

Boogie: Unfortunately they are going to tell them Thursday night. Yeah. I asked them everything, to the point they were like a couple of the questions.....


    ***OK, so the question is, can he not use it because he's the one in power, and he can't overthrow himself? Or can he not use it because BB stripped him of the power due to his telling people about it? And... are there further complications for him due to this - like getting kicked out completely, as our reader Debbie suggested last night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he can't use the power because he told everybody about it. i'm thinking he told will and then will told everybody

8:30 PM  

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