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Friday, August 04, 2006

Red Red Wine

This is when I went to bed, so this is where we begin...
11:45pm BBT
HoH ROOM- Danielle, Janelle, Boogie, Erika, Kaysar
Boogie: Where did the pictures come from?
Dani: I sent some of them, and my parents must have sent some, because I didn't have them.

Dani is very pleased with herself. She's surveying her domain with a glass of red wine in hand and an unstoppable grin on her face.

Dani: The chairs are nice... I like them. Are they new chairs or the same ones?
Erika: These are new.

Boogie: (to Janie) Where are you going to be sleeping?
Janie: The red room, if that's okay.

    ***ok, if boogie's question wasn't sad enough, Janie's almost shy response certainly is.. The tides have shifted. No question about it. Better start getting some good rest now Janie.

Boogie: You can sleep wherever you want, I'm good with whatever.
Boogie hugs Dani goodnight and leaves the room.
Dani: Are we going to hang out in my HOH room?
Erika: We might as well... Where else are we gonna hang?

    ***ok, so is the floater alliance official now, or what? atleast janie was able to dwindle their numbers down by one more before this happened.
George returns to HoH from a brief stint in the kitchen -
    ***Incase you didn't know, after a bit of coaxing from the masses, Marcellas graciously gave George his Slop Free pass, so George is off slop, and in heaven, for a week. The noises he was making last night during his first couple pieces of pizza were completely cracking me up - "Oooh.. Oh yeah.. Oh God, that's so good." I'll have to see about getting the video clip for you.
George sees the key with Dani's name on it and asks her about it. She explains to George that it was the one key with her name on it, at the end of her season, the vote cast by Jason.

Dani continues sharing her wine with Janelle.
    Medicating her before she drops the axe?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paris says...

glad bb7dish is back...missed it...ummm
i am very scared 4 janelle its a fact. I don't want 2 see her leave.

Janelle is a huge part of the show 4 me...

And I wish she would protray a more confident attitude this week because she can win a veto competition if put up and she is a very powerful player

Hopefully James comes 2 his senses switches up his game ....and bb6 power up ....

Why did kayser give up the competition?

The call me PARIS lastname Crush


7:46 AM  
Blogger Lo said...

i'm happy that someone other than BB6 has HOH this week! I'm glad danielle won it too because I think she's the one so-called floater left who isn't afraid to take a stand against the BB6 alliance. I don't think Erika would have, that's why she's been throwing competitions and I don't think Marcellas would have been able to either. I can't wait to see what goes down!

3:52 PM  

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