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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

That's my Girl!

And now a piece from Amy Crews' blog...

That’s my Girl! Amy Crews
I love Danielle, and that is no secret. When she is not locked up in the BB house, we talk almost everyday. She is one of my best friends, and I love her dearly. I am SO proud of her winning HOH this week! I knew that she wouldn’t use the position to put up floaters and try to kiss ass to everyone who is considered to be dangerous players. And I was right! Although it was way risky to put up James…and as we now know that plan totally backfired, I STILL think she will put up another strong player against James, rather than tossing in a floater to appease the stronger alliances. As she said on the show Sunday night, she is there to play the game. I really hope that James doesn’t go on Thursday, but you just never know. I know the show tomorrow night is going to be great. Maybe I’m biased, but I really think that Danielle being HOH has made this week just a little bit more entertaining than what I’ve been watching for the past month. Go Danielle!


Anonymous cindy said...

Well, I'm glad SOMEONE likes her. I can't stand her and I don't think she has many fans.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Lo said...

I agree Amy... i finally feel like the game has begun because I've been bored with the happenings from the past week... no negative feelings (like i felt when the nerd herd would get HOH last season), but just plain boredom...

7:10 PM  

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