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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Will's Rant Backlash

Nancy, the moderator of Will's myspace posted this in response to all the hate mail he received after his rant from the hot tub...

"Friday, September 01, 2006

WTF??? Backlash over Will's Behavior Last Night

On this site we get literally thousands of posts per day, most every day since the HG's have been in the house. I read them all and sort them and then post a small portion of them. During this time we have had very few negative posts less than 50 and most were not coherent or publishable due to language or images. Imagine my suprise today when I opened the inbox and it was flooded with negative comments and they have kept coming all day long. Then we have had a lot of people quit their friends status. They were all saying pretty much the same thing - so I had to go check it out. When I did I had to admit I was bothered a bit myself but I had to distance myself and decide how to handle this issue in light of what has happened and how Will would want it handled. Here is what I came up with.

What appeared to have happened is this - last night after the HoH competition all the HGs were drinking and celebrating in the Hot Tub and something Will said pissed Janelle off and then she got moody and he got distressed and then they kept having little tiffs for the rest of the evening.

What about? Will appears to be upset because Janelle is being pissy with him and that she is childish in her desire to have immeadiate gratification and everything her way. Another problem Will is very concerned how his "showmance" is being portrayed by the producers and how Erin will react. Janelle is upset because she feels Will is keeping her at a distance now that they are at the end and she thinks she might be getting used. To make matters worse after HoH Will confides separately to both Erika and Janelle the exact same thing but with Erika that she is the one being kept and with Janelle she is the one. Erika then tells Janelle later that Will said they are taking Erika and Janelle is very hurt and upset. She confronts Will in the Storage Room and he seems upset that she has so little faith in him and their friendship and he swears to her that he and Janelle are in this together and Erika will be voted out. She seems pacified for the moment.

Will, however, gets more and more upset and tells Boogie and Erika that he thinks Janelle will rape him if left alone with her. He laments to Erika that Janelle is psycho and nuts and ruining his life, his career and his future happiness with Erin, his girlfriend. Will also rants to Internet about the same thing and says some pretty mean things about Janelle.

Most of the actual content is available on Jokers and in You Tube Videos.

The things Will said and his demanor a lot of people found upsetting and many have chosen to comment on it - hence the negative comments. As I said I was a bit taken aback myself. I was not sure what to make of it. I decided to take a wait and see attitude. Will is human and subject to irritation, depression, pain, bad judgement, alcohol and BB strategy and I do not know if I could be under the pressure they are and not blow occasionally.

Until Will is out I am in charge of this site and I am going to allow some of the negative items to be posted because I think Will would not have a problem with that. Everyone is entitled to an opinion even if it is a wrong one. Couple of things you might want to keep in mind before responding. One, this is a game- keep that in mind. Two, we are dealing with real people and real lives not actors and scripts. Three. I am not going to allow crazy negative posts just like I don't allow crazy positive ones.
Nancy- Will's Webmaster "
    ***The portions that are in bold are my doing, not hers. On these points especially, I agree with her 100%.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello everyone...this comment has nothing to do with will but, is it just me or does anyone else get really sick of watching erica pick her face and then not washing her hands?? she goes into the fridge and plays cards and never washes her hands...she washes her face alot but never her hands! just wanted to vent...thanks for the opportunity..............go jani!!

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont really feel that responded to what i would guess everyone is upset about...though thanku for posting this! i did not realize everyone was upset...i watched the video with will in the hottub calling her crazy...the reason i found it upsetting is because it made it look like he was in fact using had seemed to many that he and janelle liked each other and he refused to kiss her or whatever (atleast not on camera) because he didnt wanna be a jerk to erin and cheat on her....the other possible situation seemd that he liked janelle but he wanted to stay with erin who he has been happy with for a long time as oppose to janelle who he just met...and in a very unreal the whispering continued the second option slowly seemed to go away as it seemed he was expressing his affection more and u could see the sparks as usual...during their many fights it seemed will has implied or promised to be with janelle after the show...maybe after he gave erin and himself the hottub it appeared janelle was frustrated with this just wait mentality and left and will ranted about her like she meant nothing like she was doing something to him...when really its will creating the seemed then that he was basically using her...and i would gguess that is what upset the fans...the post did explain y it might have sounded that way...but i suppose the person could not respond to what his relationship to janelle is...either way in this situation someone is going to get hurt...either janelle or erin or will or a combination...

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just want to say that i am a HUGE will fan but agree with you about posting his rant. i hate the way BB edits what happens in the house and, when i cannot watch feeds, i appreciate the fact that i can catch up with EVERYTHING that has happened, not just some edited version of it. you do a great job of selecting the critical events to keep us informed. since will IS a human being, AND since he is clearly conflicted about his relationships with erin and janie, AND since he also has to say bad things about janie as part of his strategy with erika, AND since he is under a lot of pressure in a very stressful and isolating environment, of course he (and others) will have bad moments. if you want "perfect," then do not watch reality TV. this is the real stuff on feeds, which is what makes it so much more complex and interesting than scripted TV. get over it!

4:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:03 AM  

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