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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pre Veto Strategy Session


8:45pm BBT

Janie's downstairs doing her makeup...
The boys are up in HoH...

Will: Even knowing everything, she'd have to send Janelle out.
Boogie: Yeah.
Will: I mean, I'm just thinking about her perspective. Even if Erika sent me out,
she'd have to know that you and Janelle would be gunning for it. Whereas, this way, at least she has a calculated risk of..
Boogie: Janelle can't be beaten...
Will: Oh. Mmm. By far.

Will: You wanna quiz me or just stay in your own world?

They begin quizzing... but not for long.

Boogie: Erika was like... "yeah I was in the green room, and they were in the ant room, and Will was quizzing her." I'm all, "well, she probably asked him to. what's he gonna say?"
Boogie: Tell her (Janelle).. you guys have to be a little more careful...I mean, we're almost there...
Will: Well, it wont matter after 3 hours from now.
Boogie: It's just twice in the last 24 hours... I know she wants to be like (inaudible), but you know...
Boogie: Yeah, the thing is, if something gets f'd up in the last hoh, and one of us is sitting next to Janelle... (referring to votes - as in, they'd still have Erika's)
Will: Ok, ok.
Will: What was Erika saying, just she heard us quizzing eachother?
Boogie: Yeah, and then that storage room thing... it was just like.. just make sure you guys know where...
Will: Does Erika know that Janelle is definitely sending her out?
Boogie: Yeah, she's like, I gotta beat her. I gotta win or I go home.
Will: Does Erika feel comfortable that if I win it, I wont send her, even though I will?
    ***Speaking on behalf of the Janie lovers, You f'in better, Will.

Boogie: Oh yeah... but, I mean, it'd be much better if Janelle did it.. you know?
Will: (emphatically) Oh yeah... it'd be great.
Boogie: ...but we can't chance that.
Will: God, we gotta make this happen tonight.
Will: I don't wanna get crazy, but... lets just worry about this.
Boogie: Don't worry about me. I know I can get ahead of myself. I'm like a fantasizer and stuff...
    ***gee boog, we're shocked to hear that, especially since you've jerked it in every room in the house

Will: I mean, we can be... If we can do this, we can be in the final 2.
Boogie: Yeah! maybe! The odds would be there
Will: MMmm Hmm
Boogie: This is a big step tonight. This is a big hurdle. It's basically a 3 step process at this point, with a 4-3 be.. If we can get by tonight, and then we can't get her out in the first 2... you know, if we can't lock that up, then we still have one more chance.
    Do you speak Willboogie? yo no hablo

Will: MMhMM
Boogie: ...and Howie and Marcellas can be as bitter as they want. We just gotta make this happen tonight.
Will: Yeah, I mean...
Boogie: Put your Queen on.. Get fired up.
Will: I wanna know what to wear.. it's obviously an acquatic one.
Will: Freddy Mercury, I am ready to rock.
    ***God I miss him! Love love love Freddy Mercury. Such an incredible talent he was...


Anonymous meemma said...

Bwahahaha! Boogie likes Queen. I love Queen too. And I love Freddie Mercury, but I don't know. There's just something about Boogie using it as his motivational music....

Oh and in the Fall semester at Rutgers Univ., I'll be teaching a linguistics class called, "Woogie" where anyone can learned the new language. It'll be fun! It will definitely decode a lot of Will and Boogie's discussions. I speak Woogie and now so can you! So come one, come all and don't be late to my class. I can't wait!

I am totally kidding, btw. :)

2:33 AM  

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