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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Will's Awake

6:30pm BBT
Will's up! He just joined the girls in the living room. He's not quite coherent yet, but he definitely has a pulse, so things are getting fun again. Will should have won that "Life of the Party" award on prom night.

Before he arrived, Janie and Erika were discussing their past loves... and Erika told Janie that outside of the house, she'd never be with Boogie - "his lifestyle just isn't conducive to mine..."

Also worthy of mention: the HGs have been on interior lockdown for eons!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think will talks to much

6:59 PM  
Anonymous taffy said...

Can you tell me how to get to Will's my space. and Janelle's web page if she has one. Thanks

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Meemma said...

Ha! The above statement is one of truest I've heard in a long time!

I've been feeling this way for a looooooong time.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Ameen said...

i go to & then I serach Will Kirby
he is on page 2 & half way down
You can serach all of them


8:30 PM  

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