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Monday, September 04, 2006

Erika convinces Janelle

Janelle is working out and Erika comes in the workout room to plead her case one last time. The conversation goes on quite a while. The following videos show only part and they are from the beginning of the conversation.

Part 1

Part 2

Workout Room

Erika: If Will wins the final HOH he's not taking you.
Janelle: I feel like no one is going to take me.
Erika: So why would you take Will over me?
Janelle: Because I feel like I can trust him.
Erika: It's going to be endurance, he's good at that.
Janelle: I know you are excellent.
Erika: I did the cage for 6 hours, you did 9 hours.
Janelle: I just think I have a better chance at beating them, you are smart and good at competitions.
Erika: I know that Will is going to turn it on at the end, I hate to see you get 3rd again. I know you really like him and he likes you but I don't think I can vote for you if you take either one of them. I think he's been throwing compettions and he's the smartest person in this house janelle.
Janelle: I believe I can beat him and Boogie.
Erika: You don't think you can beat me?
Janelle: No, you've won 2 HOH's, you won vetos, you pretty much won the endurance, it's a tough decision but...
Erika: I can offer you soemthing that will can't. If he does win which he might he's not taking you.
Janelle: No one is gonig to take me and I feel like they aren't well liked.
Erika: I think Danielle and James. I know that they will vote for Will,
Janelle: I know you are well liked. You and Danielle were really close. Can you understand my reasoning?
Erika: I can but I want to warn you that he is a doctor and he's smart and he threw all the competitions. He's a doctor, he's smart and he's athletic and in shape. I hate to see you get out 3rd.
Janelle: Here is my thing, if you win the final HOH why in God's name would you take me?
Erika: I'd want to go up agasinst the best, and they are both fuckin' millionaires. Doestn' it make you pissed off?
Janelle: I know your situation.
Erika: They are both so confident, especially Will. I just want you to throw him a curve ball so bad. He came out after the shower video, he was bragging. He said all band girls are sluts. He called you a slut on National TV.
Janelle: He did?
Erika: He said it in the diary room...every band needs their slut. I told him I was campaigning.
Janelle: He told me he called me a groupie.
Erika: No, he said every band needs their slut. He said slut! You have a doctor and a restauranteur planning their wrap party. I honetsly on my mother would take you. I want to go up against them best. I wouldn't take Boogie. I siad in my season I would have taken Robert of Alison. I probalby couldn't have beaten Robert.

Erika: I'm trying as much as I can.
Janelle: You never told me if you won the POV that you would keep me over Will.
Erika: I'm trying to stay in this house. I'm pleading to you.
Janelle: I'm scared that if I go against you and you win the endurance...
Erika: I will throw the endurance to you. I promise you I will not take Boogie to the final 2. What am I going to do? I want to stay. They are planning their wrap party. Janelle he called you a slut on National TV. He's playing you Janelle. He has a girlfriend that he's in love with and he's playing you. What can I say? I won't take Boogie. I will kick him out, I promise you.
Janelle: I just want to be in the final 2 Erika.
Erika: I promise you Janelle. I promise on my mother and I don't make promises on my mother.
Janelle: It wouldn't be smart for you to take me.
Erika: I don't have any votes on the jury. If I betray you I will have nothing. I know it woulnd't be the smartest move to take you but I'm not the greatest strategic player. I play with my heart. You can't get a guarnatee from them especially Will and you don't know what the comeptition will be.
Janelle: I'm just so nervous.

Erika: I would hate to see you walk thru that door third again. Neither one of them is going to take you to the final 2.
Janelle: You promise?
Erika: I promise on my mother. I dont'want to be a villain.

Janelle: I feell like I can beat them.
Erika: You can't beat Will, he's played a great game. Danielle said she was going to give it to the best player, she won't vote emotionally.
Janelle: I don't know if I can beat you at the end Erika.
Erika: I'm promsing you, I would much rather go against you and take the 50.
Janelle: You have Will, Boogie and Danielle and maybe Chicken George.
Erika: I don't have Dani or Chicken George, he told me he'd vote for you.
Janelle: What about Marci?
Erika: You will have Howie, Will, James, Chicken George and Marci. You have Chicken George for sure.

Erika: I've never said a bad thing about you in the diary room.
Janelle: You were trying to kick me out weeks ago.
Erika: Because I can't beat you.
Janelle: People lie in this game.
Erika: I'm not going to lie to you. I told you that to your face.

Erika: I don't want you to leave this house 3rd and be like fuck I should have kicked them out.

Erika: He's in love with a girl? What is he doing with you? He has been with her over a year!
Janelle: I don't know.

Ericka keeps repeating that Will and boogie have plenty of money.

Erika: I can promise you on my family, that's all I can do. I'm not a dirty player in this game I never have been. I'm not going to gang up on you, I'm going to help you.
Janelle: I'm scared.
Erika: Boogie has been my friend I'm on the rebound I'm pretty emotionally fucked up too, but i would hate to see you leave 3rd again and I'd hate to leave fourth again.
Janelle: You don't think I can beat 'em?
Erika: Will is a doctor, he's very atletic and in shape, he's not trying. Janelle think about it, he's a doctor, he threw every competition. That's his game.
Janelle: You think he threw the POV?
Erika: Yeah, because he knew you'd vote me out. I don't think he thinks I'm better than you, he knows I'm not, if Will thought I'd vote you out. It kills me that they've pitted us against each other. Why are we doing this when we should be against them? I have no problem sending the two of them to jury. I would much rather take the 50, I'm not a scumbag player.
Janelle: What about Danielle?
Erika: The pressure is not from Boogie, it's from Will. Will slept in my room that night. I don't want to leave this game. They don't need the money, we need the money.
Janelle: Yeah I hear you.
Erika: Neither one of them need it. He's a doctor. It's just aggravating to me.
Janelle: Oh God I don't know what to do.
Erika: He never slept in the same bed as you until you won the POV. He's playing both of us. He wanted to make sure that if I won veto I'd kick you out and you'd kick me out. He called you a slut on National TV and kicked out all your friends. I'm just telling you it like I've see it. I'm 36 and I'm pretty knowledgable, have you not thought aobut it already?
Janelle: I have I just wanted to believe the best.
Erika: He's very charismatic but he came out and said ,yeah every band needs a slut.
Janelle: Who was there?
Erika: Danielle. He never slept in the same bed as you until you won the veto, think about that.
Janelle: You're right.
Erika: Are you that naive that you can't see it? I don't want you to look back on it and say damn I should have taken her, think about it, think about it. We can beat Boogie, I'm telling you on my life that I will take you to the final 2. I'll take the best.
Janelle: I don't want to go out there.
Erika: Let's turn the tables on these 2 guys. He got you to put up Marcellas. I went after you, you went after me let's stop that. Let's get them! I swear to god I will totally help you. He lied to you about Marcellas and Howie being safe. Look how many times he's lied?
Janelle: Oh god it's so tempting.
Erika: Let's do it!

Erika: Send the best player out of this game.
Janelle: You like Boogie though.
Erika: I will kick him out. I am tired of these guys playing us. He's going to play with you and touch your leg. Women to women I'm giving it to you straight. What more can I say? We are not going to let these 2 guys play us anymore. Let's do it Janelle, come on, 2 girls...2 girls in the final 2.
Janelle: Boogie will come at me.
Erika: Fuck Boogie, fuck Boogie, he doesn't want him here either. He knows he can't beat him. Trust me Boogie knows it. I told Boogie I was going to tell you everything that will said about you, and he told Will.
Janelle: That's why will was telling me things.
Erika: Yea but he called you a slut. Come on Janelle let's do it.
Erika: Whatever let's just fuckin' get them. They have to vote for you. Look how great you've played this game.
Janelle: I think you're right.
Erika: Janelle let's just fuckin' get these boys out. I promise you on my family they are playing us hard. They are so fuckin' confident out there, I'm not going out without a fight. I see that you really like him. When I asked you if you'd date him you changed like 8 shades of purple so, I was like should I tell you? I was like no...

Janelle and Erika go outside and rehash the entire conversation. A while later they move inside to the kitchen and are now opening a bottle of wine and talking. Will is watching them from outside.

Will: I'm going home, they are hugging and opening up a bottle of wine.

Meanwhile it looks like the girls have decided to work together. They shake on it, toast with their wine glasses and once again Erika promises on her mother.

Boogie is saying that Will needs to threaten Janelle, saying that if he leaves Chill Town will not vote for her.

Will: Erika is coming from her at an emotional...


Janelle: I knew that Boogie was playing you but I didn't think Will was playing me.
Erika: Do you think that someone not playing you is calling you a slut?


Boogie: She's a fuckin' idiot and she's still going to leave with 30 grand. I'm fuckin' piss in her face if she votes you out. I'll turn into a fuckin' animal in this mother fucker, watch, I'll pimp slap both those bitches!
Will: With my nuts!


Janelle: I'm an emotional player.
Erika: Me too.
Janelle: Will has been my friend.
Erika: It's all game play, it's all fuckin' game play.


Boogie: Ericka will tell me what she said.
Will: Come into the red room and tell me in front of Janelle that Erika told you all these ways she's trying to trick Janelle.
Boogie: What will be good will be the packing thing, too. Tonight he's fucking with your livlihood. Ericka is fuckin' with your livelivhood. You need to think like no one fucks with you. This is our fuckin' show and these bitches think they are going to fuckin' steal if from us.
Boogie: If I had the choice who would I take if you are gone? Erika right?
Will: Yea.
Boogie: I don't know if I can win. I think I have a better chance with Janelle.
Will: I dont' think you can beat either.
Boogie: I can beat Janelle. James is a gamer. I know this sounds crazy, if I kiss Marcellas' are the best player, you do housecalls. He might want to vote for the player that people don't expect him to. I think I can linguistically pull that off, I think James is the veto, veto, veto...
Will: If they kick me out you might be next.
Boogie: If they are dumb. Why face each other in the finals. Keep in mind that Erika's weaponry is that Will gets to the finals people will vote for him, part of her selling point is that you are the puppet master. That's not applicable to me.
Will: I don't have control over her.
Boogie: Lot of time left, 21 hours left. Say she spends 2 more with her, she sleeps 5 or 6...
Will: If Janelle says don't sleep here, I'll sleep in the ant room it's like wrap city. I will have to turn it up but I'll do it in the morning.
Boogie: You are on TV to challenge you mentally and emotionally ain't going to happen. This is everything. It's coming to a head.
Will: You never know she might be like Erika talked my ear off.
Boogie: She could.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ughh i just want janelle and will to be the final 2!

10:25 PM  
Blogger Ameen said...

Class Act Boogie Class Act

10:58 PM  
Blogger pageblank said...

No, this is AMAZING!!! I hope Erika and Janelle kick Will's ass out of the game. He is a great player, but he deserves to get turfed because he has been so smug and condescending.

11:26 PM  
Anonymous cindy said...

This is what I have been hoping for! I am very proud of Erika for coming to her senses about Boogie...finally! I believe she and Janelle can kick both their asses to the curb. And of course Janelle will win the whole thing. The final show will be awesome. Girl power.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:17 AM  
Anonymous ames said...

Janelle and Erika have been completely used by these two assholes. I hope Janelle and Erika throw Will out before Will and Boogie even know what is happening. Yeah, Will is charasmatic, charming, etc. I love to love him, I love to hate him, yada yada yada. But Janey has no chance against him in the final two, and he has been saying horrible things about her behind her back. Her best bet is to take Erika- Janey has the votes in that final two scenario.
Do it Janey, Do it!!!!
I can not WAIT for tomorrow!

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel really bad for the position janie is in...she's dealing with 3 devils.i hope skrubika don't decide she wants to spend some alone days with booger and scumbag janie.boogers $$$$ really excites skrubika.i have loved will & janie together but i do agree he has been pretty ugly to her behind her back.she is such a sweetheart and doesn't deserve how he's treated her.....i hope she makes it the F2 and wins the 500,000......YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Christine said...

I am not an Erika fan, and I don't think she thinks that highly of Jani either. But Will has disrespected Jani in ways that a friend would never ever do. Boogie is so insecure and diluted its ridiculous. Their discussion was alarming - the way they view women - unforgivable.

12:51 AM  
Anonymous annette said...

where did will sleep????

2:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh shit I really hope janie takes Erika to the final 2 and gets Dr McCreepy and Booger OUT!!!!! I hate them both!! and Mike the scum sucking booger is NO class act...only Janelle is!

3:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven..
I get carried away..
ByeBye Willie Boy,
Its time you go home....
Please let this happen,
please let willie go home..

3:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Throw him under the BUS...

3:49 AM  
Anonymous meemma said...

And ladies and gentlemen, there you have it! For the first time in "BB history"(I am so sick of hearing that one) you have Will and Boogie sweating like two johns in a hotel room with the police banging on the door...and I frickin' love it!

They should have come together a wee bit earlier in the game. I feel like Janelle said, that there's just been too much mistrust between them. I am hoping, against all odds that Erika is being truthful. Did I just say that?

If it wasn't 9:40 in the morning here, I would be having a glass of wine because even MY nerves are shot. LOL Go Janie!

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Jessi said...

I can't believe the way Boogie and Will were talking about Janie and Erika. That is just wrong, I hope their mothers are proud of them treating women this way!! I feel bad for Janie getting duped.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous meemma said...

To poster Christine: You said it much better than I. This is what I've been telling folks in the BB chats even BEFORE Will started his whole hot tub rant against Janie.

I knew in my heart that he was playing her.

And you are right---friends don't treat friends that way. They are unforgiveable.

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I give props to Erika....I've never really liked her as a player but sat in disbelief as I watched her convince Janie that these 2 bozos deceved them and it's in their best interest to team up. ****Picture me doing the "storage room dance"!!!**** YAY GIRLS!!!!!!!!!

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say go Janie and Erika! Yes, I have changed my mind about Will and it is time for him to get thrown under the bus! Would love to see Janie and Erika as the final 2.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Kim said...

I have a feeling Erika is just trying to prove to Boogie that she is the more reliable one and is doing anything to get in the F2. She thinks she's going to have Boogie's babies for crying out loud. However, I think Janie should gamble and take Erika. There is no chance of her splitting up Will and Boogie. As others said before me, the guys freaking inhale for objectifying them.

12:05 PM  

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