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Monday, September 04, 2006

oooohhh, Boogie

2:38pm - 3pm BBT
Janie & Will & Boogie
OUTSIDE - Red Couches
Janie and Will are holding hands beneath a pillow.
Will: The way you know someone is going crazy is when they start wearing their sunglasses inside, ie. Danielle, ie. Erika.
Janie: And me.
Will: Well, we already knew you were crazy.

Talking to herself while shuffling cards.
Erika: Oh G-d... So close again. It's so heartbreaking.
Erika: Why couldn't Boogie use that power?!
    ***'Cause he wanted you gone more that Janelle.

BACKYARD - Janie, Will, Boogie
They're speculating about what's going on with the time-line of the show, and wondering if the producers are in fact bringing someone back.
Will: There are 3 options: a luxury comp where someone's going away for a few days; the game's ending early; or they're bringing someone back from sequester.
Janelle: Maybe America gets to choose who comes back.
Will: If that's the case, maybe it would be Chicken George.
Janelle: Danielle.
Boogie: No way! Not after America saw her smoking and acting like an East LA gang member!
Boogie: Chicken George is a lock. Chicken George makes Kaysar look like Osama bin Laden.
    ***ok, I've been sitting here for quite a while debating whether or not to include this part, and it's the first time since I began this blog that I've thought to censor anything the HGs said. I'm posting it with the great hope that it will be taken in context - Boogie is not comparing Kaysar to the ObL, he's merely making an awful example in order to accentuate the perceived positive attributes of Chicken George - and that I will not be deluged with angry comments. Good luck to me and my inbox.

Janie rolled her eyes, but bit her tongue. Then without a word, Janelle got up, checked her laundry and went inside the red room to read her bible.
    ***Now there's a good girl, Janie. ;) Turn the other cheek, hold your tongue, extricate yourself from the situation, and find patience and wisdom.


Anonymous meemma said...

Karma Boogie. Karma.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous christina said...

i thought the same thing when i heard boogie say that - but as much as i think he is a tool - i don't think he meant it the way it came out. I hope.

btw - what you said about being in s.florida in the rain all weekend. i'm here too. going outside isn't much of an option. i for one am glad to see the hot wet summer almost over...

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Carolyn... I wouldnt worry about censoring anything... you arent the one making the comments, you are just doing a fabulous job of letting us know whats going on inside the house!! All I have to say is I would probably be like 500 times more stressed than I already am about this show having to wait for the shows everyday and I commened you for the time to spend keeping us all updated!! Whoever makes "derogatory" comments in the house must take full account of what they say, and you posting it does not at all make you a "bad" person or anything! Also I have to say how much I love your *** comments underneath what is being said!

5:18 PM  
Anonymous christine said...

the one thing that is frustrating about the show right now is that Jani has no real confidants - so we don't get to her real thoughts or game strategy until the shows dr's. I wish I could hear her dr on boogie right now...

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you see this awesome! i don't know how to email it to you...

9:11 PM  
Blogger Ameen said...

lol Memma

You wrote that well & senistive which i can not say for Mike Boogie. he choice of OBL & putting generalising & sterotyping good Muslims with the bad ones is very poor tast

9:28 PM  
Anonymous meemma said...

Thank you Ameen. :)

8:13 AM  
Anonymous ekmurf said...

Boogie could compare Kaysar to Muhammad and or Jesus and still look like trash after the way he's treated Erika...and I don't even like Erika!

6:41 AM  

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