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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Last Pillow Talk

4:20am BBT

Erika has gone inside, leaving Will and Janie.
Will and Janie go inside, brush their teeth and go to bed in the red room.

Janie: Let's make the pillow barricade... so you don't try anything.
Will jokes about being gay.
Janie: I'm not tired.
Will: You can talk to me. Tell me about Janelle Pierzina.
Will: (joking)There are three internet nerds watching - here's your big chance to impress me - think of it as an audition.
Janie: I don't want to talk about myself.

Janie: I was a nerd, had braces, wore glasses.
Will: (joking) You're still a nerd
Janie: (smiling)Shut up, Will.

Will: I think you have a not very accurate perspective of who I am.
Janie: Why?
Will: I think a lot of people are very much themselves on this show, and there are very few of us who are very different on this show.
Janie: I think I know you very well.
Will: I feel like every day I'm becoming more and more the character I play in here, and forgetting who I am.
Will: No one is this uber-hyper-cocky-arrogant person that I'm being for the show.

Will: I really hope we can be friends when the show is over.
Janie: I hope so too.

Will: Ask me stuff & I'll tell you..
Janie: I don't know what to ask you, Will.
Janie: Do you really think the eviction is tomorrow?
Will: Well, yeah, but the weird thing is why would they give you your suitcase?
Janie: I know.

Will: What if there's a twist, like if someone came back?
Janie groans at the notion.
Janie: Who would you want back?
Will: (no hesitation) Chicken George.
Janie: I would want Howie.
Will: He's your pet.
Janie: He's my friend...

Will rags on Howie a little -
Then move on to Marcellas...

Will: Didn't you feel that Marcellas was sort of preying on you? Like he was sort of a leech?
Janie: What do you mean?
Will: The second you didn't win HoH, the second that Danielle won... he was with her...

Will: You are a very forgiving person. Once someone shows me that they can't be trusted, then I don't trust them anymore.

Will tells her what jerks James and Dani were towards her.

Will: I couldn't tell you directly how bad they were, becuase they would have come after us, but I kept coming up and saying James can't be trusted.
Janie: I always trusted you more than James anyhow.
Will: Good thing. I mean, look where it got you.
Janie: umhmmm.
Will: Was Erika being nice to you tonight?
Janie: Yeah. (lying) She knows she's going home. She's cool with it.

They have a lapse in conversation, then start talking about dating...

Will: I'll bet you have the same problem I do, but I don't want to say it because the internet will just blast me.
Janie: Just say it.

They both talk about how their dates fall in love with them much too quickly, and Will and Janie both know that these people can't really be in love with them. They are just infatuated. They don't really know them, and in a few weeks/months they won't really like them anymore.
Will: You're like the "trophy girl."
Janie: Men try to give me gifts, and act like they can buy me. I get really offended by it.

Janie: I've never met a guy I wanted to impress. Never.

Will brings Erika back into the conversation.
Will: Her last boyfriend was 7 years younger than her... it's weird. It would be like you dating a 19 year old... or me dating a 40 year old.

Conversation really wanes after this... They're sharing the bed, but there's no hand-holding going on tonight... by 5:30am, both are sleeping.


Blogger Ameen said...

I will laugh so hard when Dr Mc Dreamy gets ousted. THe player has been played LOL

10:27 AM  
Anonymous meemma said...

We hope, Ameen. It aint over till the full-sized lady sings.

*Crosses fingers, toes, legs, eyeballs and twists hair".

11:14 AM  
Blogger Chrystal said...

yay! i'm so glad they caught on before it was too late.

1:07 PM  

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