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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Apples to Oranges (or grapefruit)

Will has an apple and a grapefruit layed out on the counter in the storage room letting it symbolize his and Janelle's relationship. The apple is the game and the grapefruit is their personal relationship.

Will takes the fruit and goes to the kitchen and puts it on the bar. He picks up the apple.

Will: This apple is a joke. I really dont care about the apple. And what more can I do to help you understand that I will help in the game. The grapefruit is another story. I didn't know I was go to have such good grapefruit in the house.

***What I get from this convo is..he could care less about the game but the personal relationship he does. He promises her he is voting out Erica and so far this seems to be the one truth he has told, but who knows!

You listen and be the judge!

Outside, I can hear Erika and Boogie

Erika: What do you think Erin is gonna do?
Boogie: Everytime, they say they ( Will and Janelle) are just whispering, but it's more.
Erika: If you were Erin would you understand?
Boogie: You have to give him the benefit of the doubt. You know that's part of Will's schtick.
Erika: I have a feeling her boyfriend doesn't even know she's on the show.

Back in the kitchen

Will explains what he has done behind Janelle's back.(Well, some of it!!)

A while later...

In Will's infinite wisdom, he asks Janelle to come up the HoH and take her shower while he is taking his bath, and keep him company.
They start up the stairs and he says, "don't get weird on me".

***Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this the same woman he called crazy for chasing him last night? If Janelle gets out of Will's site, he goes crazy!!

Will puts on a puppet show in the bath. Even Boogie comes in to watch for a while. Then, the houseguests decide to go to bed early the one night I can actually be awake to watch!!!

Janelle and Will are in the bedroom.

Will: Tell me a story.

Janelle tells him a story about a trip she took to Greece.

Will: Tell me about the best entertainment job you ever had.
Janelle: I played the role of a hot girl in a movie with Jennifer Aniston. It was a very small part but I was included in the credits and was paid well.

She asks Will to tell her an entertainment story. He tells her about the Dr. 90210 show he is doing. He says it will resume filming as soon as he gets out of the house.


When the feeds return, it looks like all of the HGs are in bed except for Erika. She is outside by herself on the red couch. She doesnt look happy at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Will is telling Janie not to worry about the "apple" (game) in case he has to send her to the jury. He's using the "grapefruit" (outside house relationship) as a consolation prize. I don't know if he's serious about having an outside the house relationship with her.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Germadd said...

Hmm...but grapefruits are sour and nasty! I'm not sure I get it, but thanks so much for all your hard excellent work in updating us!

(I just get confused now between conversations edited on the show and whats live feed!)

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im pretty sure the apple isn't about the game. i think the apple is his relationship w/ erin.

2:03 PM  

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