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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thoughts on Will

The Live Show begins in 4 minutes, and I'm torn. Of course, I want Janie to win, but I am truly sad to see Will going, and if you've been with us since the beginning, you know that is a complete about-face for me. Like many others, I made the mistake of judging him based on a chatroom happening that he didn't even attend.

I know it has to happen sometime, but I, for one, will be sad to see him go. I was looking forward to a Janie - Will final 2, which likely wouldn't have happened anyhow, but I wanted it, just to see the 2 absolute best players, from both sides of the spectrum, pitted against eachother for the Allstar crown. Alas... unless Will was able to create a miracle today, that is not going to happen.

Twice yesterday, on separate and private occassions, Will stated very clearly to both Mike Boogie and Erika, that he absolutely adored Janelle. He said further to Boogie that no matter what, he did not want to see Janelle hurt, so no celebrating if they were to win final HoH, by some miracle. I prefer to remember the positive, and this is the best example I can think of. For me, it stands out as much more of an indicator of the man, than a flippant comment made before he really knew Janelle.


Blogger ddgirl said...

I as well will miss seeing Janie and Will! I agree with what you have said about him saying things before he actually fell for her. I just hope he will forgive her for evicting him as she can forgive him for a loose tongue. May the best one win!

5:21 PM  
Anonymous ktymom said...

I agree totally. Would loved to have seen Will and Janie as final two. Looks like it wasn't meant to happen, Will will be shocked I think.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

I didn't care for Will in the beginning. Now, he is one of my favorite players. I don't think Janie is stupid for falling for him because I know I would have too. haha. He's really fun...brings a lot of excitement to the house. I feel bad for Janie because I know this will be hard for her. It's the best thing for her if she wants to win. I, too, am sad to see Will go but if this is what it takes for Janie to be it.

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhh have found yourself under the spell of Dr. Will. I came into this show a fan of his and came out with little respect (opposite of you?)......let's NOT forget his best friend is Boogie...that says a lot right there about how Will feels about the way women should be treated. And lets not forget the "Will Rant" by the hot tub....he KNEW Janelle then and was her FRIEND at that point...NO ONE speaks about their friends the way he did that night. It was deplorable. I am sad as a viewer that he will be gone (he's certainly "nice on the eyes").....but as a woman I'm ready for him and his lame ass buddy to BE OUT OF THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will set this in motion with his loose lips, however I agree with ddgirl and hope they can both forgive each other and move past it. I will miss Will and I too believe that Dr. Delicious has finally fallen for the Janie doll. If's that's true, I hope they can make things work outside the house. That being said ... GAME ON!!

5:31 PM  
Anonymous natty said...

I will miss Dr. Delicious also. I wasn't a fan of his in the beginning but watching him with Janelle had me wanting them in the final 2. Oh well, I'd love to see them in the Amazing Race together. Go Janie!!!!!!!

6:16 PM  
Blogger Lesley said...

I LOVE Dr. Will he brought life to the house. I wanted Janie to win from get go she was one of the 2 people that I voted for online to put back into the house. Dr. Will won the last time he didnt need to win again I just hope they hook up in the real world they make a great pair:):) I will be watching it tonight I cant wait ( I'm in Hawaii) 3 hours to go lol

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry Dr. will is gone , but more sorry for the way Janie felt having to let him go. He might not have had true romantic feelings but janie did and for that i am sorry that she found out and was hurt. But true Janie fashion smile and kick butt.!!!

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw, Will DID attend that chat room. Don't be taken in by his lies. Watch the tapes from the beginning of the season--Will owned up to it...he even said that the chat was annoying because the questions came so fast and furious he couldn't keep up. He only lied subsequently when it suited his purpose to kiss up to S6 and Janelle in particular. Will is that A S S you thought he was.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best damn player in BB history... WILL!!! Youll be missed!

1:15 AM  
Anonymous cindy said...

I was a fan of Will on Season 2 and went into Allstars thinking I would like him in this game also. But I didn't. I couldn't stand watching him and Boogie together, and I agree with the other poster who said if that's his best friend that speaks volumes about his credibility.

I thought he treated Janelle badly and then later covered it up with his sickening manipulation and fake sweetness. The way he stuck to her like glue 24/7 was nothing more than game keep her away from Erika and keep her under his spell...period.

Janelle made the best game move in BB history by evicting Will and it will definitely win her the game if she gets to Final 2. She would not have won against Will. Can't people respect that?

Those who keep calling Erika a liar just because they don't like her..well, they will see. She is telling the truth this time and she is adamant about not letting Boogie get to Final 2.

I can't wait to see their Girl Power in action and for Boogie to slink off and go back under the rock he came from.

9:14 AM  

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