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Friday, September 01, 2006

Ho Ho Ho


Will: I want to win and make a great show.(think he is referring to the PoV)
Boogie: Do you want to win it or Janelle to win it?
Will: I want to unless you want Janelle to win it and we send Erika to the jury?
Boogie: Yeah I think that would be good.
Will: Yea then I take Erika out and you don't look like the hitman, the diary room is like are you worried about Boogie putting you up, when Erika won HoH I told Erika to make you sweat and then I looked at you and I said I don't know man.
Boogie: I'm like WHAT?
Will: That was funny man!

Boogie: Another reason Erika needs to go is that she's an endurance freak, she was like "I can hold it for a month".
Will: You never want to tell anyone that.

Boogie: Can you imagine if we send Erika home and then I act all surprised and make it look I had no idea. Then you flirt Janelle off the last HoH comp endurance thing.
Will: I know, once we got Kaysar out the door we kicked butt.
Boogie: We came in with shirts and hats.
Will: This was not a secret alliance you had every opportunity to get us out. We told you we hated you to your face. You guys kept Will , nine to nothing, and he didn't even campaign for a single vote.

Will: I think we are getting a little ahead of ourselves and getting a little cocky.
Boogie: I'm not.
Will: We seem to be gloating, what happens if we leave for the POV (thinking they Will go to football game) and they talk and figure it out?
Boogie: You haven't won a thing, everyone is in awe of Janelle.

Now Will is saying that he thinks they are leaving for 2 days of football.

Boogie: Janelle fuckin' hates her and she won't spill anything to Erika.

Janelle comes out, Will goes over and whispers in her ear again, she goes inside.

Will: We are going to be roasted by the press and the fans. It doesn't affect your life.
Boogie: It doesn't , you have a perception of that, you are anonymous in your world.
Will: You are thinking I'm anonymous in my world... my world is so bland but the tiny sprinkle...
Boogie: It's two fun guys.
Will: I think my infomercials are running nationally, hopefully people forgive funny.
Boogie: That's exactly what it is.
Will: Danielle looked like a psycho, you don't want people saying in the DR that you are a psycho and showing the ringing the doorbell.

Erika comes out.

Will: I'm worried about my career and life out of here.
Erika: Based on what?
Will: The diary room. I'm hoping it's being skewed funny and not malicious. How was the diary room?
Erika: They don't want me. (BB called her to the DR earlier, but she was asleep)
Will: You were sleeping.
Erika: They don't want me now.

Erika leaves.

Will: In the diary room they said what do you want for Christmas? I said I already got a trampoline and 2 gorgeous girls with big breasts on the trampoline what more can I ask for? Then I said HO HO HO...I guess I hit my mark on that one.

They laugh about calling the girls Ho's. Here is a short clip.

Will: Internet where are your picks now? Oh Boogie I didn't think of that, America's picks vs producer's picks.
Boogie: It's good vs. evil.
Will: That's my eviction speech. You wanted good vs. evil, you got it. You're evicted.

***Updated with new video clip!

Boogie: What does Janelle think is going to happen if you win HoH?
Will: We haven't discussed it. She doesn't seem to care if we get rid of her.
Boogie: She's competitive by nature.
Will: But her strategy is weak. She says James went against us 3 times if he does it 2 more times...
Boogie: Do you think the glory to her doesn't matter?
Will: Yea it doesn't. Of those two, Erika will hold the key for a week but Janelle would much rather have a doctor boyfriend than the money.
Boogie: That's why Erika really has to go tomorrow.
Will: I would rather this be Chicken George or Diane but it can't be any other way. I'm worried about Erika seeing the show.
Boogie: Oh and her brother, you know. Erika genuinely wants something after this.
Will: If you win you are going to have something after this. I'll make sure of it, you guys move to Atlanta.

Boogie: I think this is going to be, if one of the girls goes nicely if we can send one out. I feel the jury will vote for the best player. Howie and Marci are ho's. No one can fuck with us on q/a. The Howie eviction was the best thing that could happen, it diffused onto the others,
Will: I think that PoV is worth discussing. Let's focus on you getting married to Erika. Tonight is the time you tell her that I will bow out of 3rd place.
Boogie: I told her what is cool about Will, he just wants to go back to his girlfriend.


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