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Friday, July 28, 2006

Evil Evil Evil

Evil, Evil and More Evil. Run to the light, Janelle! Run to the Light!

HOH ROOM - Will and Janey, alone...

Will: James and Kaysar are like fleas on a dying dog. As soon as they suck as much blood out, they will jump off. They are cheaters..
Janey: Kaysar isn't a cheater.
Will: He's a cheater when it comes down to the end.
Janey: What does that make me then?
Will: That makes you a badass.
Janey: But they'll be pissed.
Will: Yeah.. they'll be pissed, they are stupid. You have to have them back you up. They need to back you up.

Janey: So you guys will vote the way I want?
Will: Of course I will.. we will. We will do whatever you want. We want you to have faith and trust in us. We will use the POV or not if that is what you want. We'll give you the stability and structure that James and Kaysar won't. You'll have to do it quietly and swiftly. You can put me up, but you will be losing your best allay. We are respectful and loyal. My business depends on me being loyal. As beautiful as you are, I would never cheat on my girlfriend. I will back you up completely because I say I will.
Janey: What if you are lying to me Will?
Will: Then send me home.
Janey: Everyone says you are a liar.
Will: I came here to play, but I don't care. I have no fear. I only came here for Boogie. I had to lie.. like to Hardy and Nicole.
Janey: All right.. (she sighs)
Will: Take a leap of faith. You need to feel comfortable. You have to trust us, but you have to be a great actress here. You have to bring people together. YOU are their girlfriend and they are starting to see other people. They are drinking your champagne eating your stuff... They have to listen to you now, they have to back you up or it shows if they are cheaters.
    ***Will's campaigning HARD for Janey to put up Erika and Danielle without telling the Sovs.

Will: Put Mike and my keys last and watch everyone freak. Then you go up to the HOH and chill. Don't let them get to you.
Janey: Isn't this like how when Howie nominated Sarah and James?
Will: You can't have regrets. You can't worry about what will happen. You can't equate what happened last year with this. Erika has no enemies. Easy move is for S6 to take out S4 and then worry about the floaters. Some floater is going to show up in the end. James is a complete liar. He keeps saying he wants to take out floaters, but he doesn't. Kaysar wants to do the honorable thing.. that's BS. He just wants to protect himself.
Janey: Then what am I doing?
Will: You are being a badass! You can't trust them. James lies. He won't protect you. If I get put up against you, I will leave. No one else will do that.
Janey: I will think about it.
Will: It pains me that you are so upset. It's not real life. It's natural instinct for people to want to be liked.
Will: If you have to go with your team.. I'm cool with that. I think you're adorable. I really like you. I know you are afraid of putting up Marci and Dani.. I don't want you to feel bad.
Boggie comes in.
Will: Janelle has this fear. She's gonna have to take signs of good faith from us. We will protect her.
Boogie: yeah.. that's what I tried to explain to her last night. Actions are the only thing that matter in here. Since you have the power, they are going to say what you want to hear. If we were really after you, why would we leave Kaysar and (James?) up there. It was a sign that we weren't coming after you. If you take a chance, you will be happy. If you make the move we are saying.. you still win.



Blogger Lo said...

if she falls for that, i will no longer be a Janelle fan!

7:19 PM  

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