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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Politics and Masturbation

3:00am - 4:00am BBTime

***And the hits just keep on comin'. Note to BB: No more alcohol for Mike Boogie. It's not a pretty sight. Boogie + Alcohol = Jase... yeah.. that bad. OK.. here's the recap...

BUG ROOM - Will and Boogie
Boogie: You f'ing bar whore. I can have 21 year olds. Go back to Pirate Island. F you. Bar whore.
Will: No more drinking, Boogie.
Boogie: (still about Janey) F-ck you...and the chocolate popsicle.
Boogie: (to Will) Let's crush that f-cking bar c-nt's dreams. (re Janey) I'll shit on you.
Will is laughing his amusement over the whole thing.
Boogie: We dont want to win. We just want to shit on all your faces.

    ***Everyone's gotta have a goal in life, I guess. (sigh)

BACKYARD - Kaysar, Erika, Marcellas, Janey and Howie
They are discussing who should go. Discussion also includes the possibility of taking Chicken George to sequester.
Howie: I can hear George snoring from here. (through the glass door, all the way from the bedroom into the backyard)
They laugh and decide they can't live with that.
They say it's bad in there they get so congested.

BUG ROOM - Will and Booger the insane, drunk.
Boogie: Where are you, you bottle whore, I'll kill her, just kidding, I'll kill her, send her to whore island, put that on the koran, bitch, I'll kill her
Will says nothing... he just laughs.
Boogie seems to be falling asleep and waking up to continue the tirade, then falling asleep again. he may actually be sleep talking at this point, but we can't be sure. Every sound sets him off and brings a new rant.

BACKYARD - Janey, Erika and Kaysar
Small talk about how they're running out of coals for the hookah, and the black licorice tobacco isn't anyone's favorite.
Kaysar: I need to win HoH. Erika, throw it so we can get supplies.
Erika: It's a good idea if we're almost out.
Erika: I'm disappointed that James is a republican.
Kaysar: You've got to read between the lines, and be careful about being affilliated with any one party.
Janey: I'm going to bed.

Boogie on feeds... Just in case??

BATHROOM - Janey and Howie
They've decided they want Jase out, and they just have to prevent Diane, Will and Boogie from winning HoH.
Janey: (to/re Howie) If you win it, it would be incredible.
They are both waiting for Kaysar, hoping to continue the talk they cut short when Erika showed up.... and wondering where he is.
Howie flosses his teeth.
Janey: Maybe I should stay in my room all week.
Too tired to wait anymore on Kaysar, Janey goes to bed.

BB still has the just-in-case-cam on Boogie, but he's not moving now, so he must be sleeping.

BACKYARD - Kaysar and Erika
Political chatter.
Kaysar: Your point is valid -that white men have run the country and alot of things are slanted to favor them.

Howie goes outside, clears the jackshack, and goes to the laundry area to get a towel.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    This is a very odd juxtaposition - politics in the foreground and masturbation in the background.
    Then again.. maybe not so odd.

Howie crawls into the jackshack. He gets comfortable and closes the lid.

    ***Oh Howie

Camera 1 - BACKYARD - Kaysar and Erika are oblivious to Howie as they continue discussing the hardships of the poor.
Camera 2- BACKYARD - Howie in the Jack shack. We can hear audio of Howie laughing, farting...
Howie: Sorry, BB.
Camera 3- BUG ROOM - Boogie's finally asleep - medium shot
Camera 4- BUG ROOM - long shot.

4:10am BBTime
BACKYARD - Howie, Kaysar and Erika
Howie sits up and cleans up.
Howie: Oh, that was beautiful.
Howie: (looking at his hands) Phenomenal, I'm born again.
He farts again and apologizes to BB,
Howie: I'm in a gaseous state all the time. F-'in Jase.
Howie:( to Kaysar and Erika) What do you do about blowing a load?
Both say they don't think about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say about all that.

6:31 AM  

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