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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

They're Clean

4:30-5:00am BBTime
BACKYARD - Kaysar, Erika, Howie

Fresh from the JackShack, Howie joins Erika and Kaysar, and they stop chatting about politics and the war. Howie sees the bag of chips...
Kaysar: Are you going to wash your hands before you dig in?
Howie: I'll finish them off..
Kaysar: Are you going to wash your hands when you go in?
Howie: They're not dirty.
Kaysar is disgusted.

    ***Me too.
Howie, Kaysar and Erika continue chatting about careers and being happy with what you choose, and a bit of sex. Then the topic switches to marriage.
Kaysar: I can marry people of other faiths. Catholic, Jewish, Protestant...
Howie: Oh. You can marry Jewish?
Kaysar: Yes.
Howie: How about Jedi?
Kaysar looks oddly at Howie.
Erika: (laughs) I don't think that's an actual religion..
Howie: I practice it faithfully, and I'm passing the training on to George..

Howie goes inside.
Kaysar and Erika continue talking. Mostly, she talks. Near the end of the conversation, Erika is trying to see if Kaysar is at all responsive to an alliance

Erika: I'd never vote you out.
Kaysar: (smiles gratefully)(but says nothing)

They fumbled around for a minute to cover the awkwardness, then Kaysar retreated into safe talk, about the Sov4, but he wouldn't give Erika what she was after: any kind of assurance. Ultimately, she got quiet, sat back in her seat sort of shrugged.

Chatter switches to safer ground: George and the slop.
Then, perhaps to bring the flirty comfort back...
Erika: You know you're in love with me
Kaysar laughs
Erika: My mom would love you.

They go inside.

KITCHEN - Howie, Kaysar, Erika
BATHROOM - Howie, Erika, Kaysar
Howie's eating something. Erika is laughing. Kaysar's in the mirror. Erika lifts her shirt to check out her sore rib and feel it. They hang out a little while in there, and everyone heads to bed shortly thereafter.


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