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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Post Veto

Guest Bloggers: The Lovely and Talented Erin and Patch!

- this post, and likely most to follow
will contain spoiler info about the veto comp.

HOH - Marci and Janelle
early morning, after Veto Comp
Marcie and Janelle are in HOH plotting. Marcie is adamant that Chilltown is
getting stronger and arguing that they are coming after SOV4.

Janie mutters that she will put up Will. She is hesitant to do so because he seems willing to go. She says she will take a vote among Marcie, Kaysar, James and Howie to see what to do.

Marcie is pushing hard for Will to be backdoored and Janie seems to be leaning toward Diane. She wanted Boogie to go before Will.
They become silent.

Cut to downstairs.
Janie has exited HOH and she and Kaysar are in the kitchen.
Boogie is in the bathroom tinkering around and Danielle is also there.

They zoom in on Janie’s face and she looks pissed enough to convince me she really
did want Boogie gone. She stalks back upstairs as Howie says “I thought there
WAS no Chilltown.”


Janie, Howie, James and Kaysar up on the loft. Whispering. Unintelligible.
What I am getting is….
Janie says she wanted to win veto. The competition was really hard…
Diane’s name is tossed out.
James wonders why going after a neutral player in a veto competition….

Back and Janelle tells them to tell her what to do.
James is arguing against Diane going up...
Two minutes later and we’re back to James STILL talking...
this is completely inaudible…they are tired, cranky and whispering…

Kay says something about they could nominate us next week.
The group heads into HOH. Marcie is in there. Still whispering.

Marcie: “Diane is trying to stay away from Will and Mike Boogie because they are
driving her nuts. Boogie keeps touching her hair…” He says that Janie should befriend Diane…Janie’s response is inaudible, then...

Back and Janie and Marcie are laying in bed. Janie is half asleep but Marcie is
still going hard for Will to go up. He says EVERYONE wants them out.
Janelle asks about Chicken George, and Marcie freaks out.
Janelle claims she is just looking at options.
Marcie says it would send a bad message to her alliance and
everyone else not to break up Chillltown.

The feeds cut to Erika and Dani in bed.
They are talking about how they are being themselves and Erika says if she goes
she goes...

CUT Back to HOH…
someone is in the shower and Marcie and he is still arguing for ousting Chilltown.
He is telling her that she is referred to as the “Queen Bee,” and how taking out Diane does not at all weakenChilltown. Taking out Will is the only move in his eyes.

Enter Kaysar (THANK GOD on so many levels).
He listens to Marcie for a minute and says that Will is the wrong
move (Note...I later realize I heardthat wrong, but I swear it sounded like

James enters and we get a clue to the veto. He says that Diane is scared
because she didn’t go after Boogie in the veto.
Or Erika.
This gave the others an uneasy feeling.
Marcie and Erika both think she is after them. Marcie says she gave
Diane the veto.
Apparently, the veto was some sort of eliminate the others.
Janie admits not going after Boogie in the veto was a mistake and that she should have done something.

Kaysar left.
James is also arguing for Will to go up, lamenting that he didn’t put up Boogie last week.
They are still quite concerned that Jase is coming back.
James says if he does that Chilltown would be 3 strong and she has to take out Will.

Howie enters.
Marcie is still arguing against Will because of the Jase aspect.
Kaysar and James eating cereal.
Kaysar is talking about Chicken George
(later I realize it was not because he wants him up…because that's what
it sounded like in HOH earlier)
James has the bowl up to his mouth and is scooping the cereal in and drinking the milk at the
same time, talking with his mouthful.
(It’s gruesome, really, and I kind of want to jump through the feeds and end it violently.)
James asks Kaysar if he’s concerned.

Kaysar: Ultimately she’s HOH.
James: But we will all feel the repercussions.
Kaysar: I’ll make sure Will goes up.
Inaudible whispering.
Kaysar: She’s freaking out because she’s a big target right now.
They both seem concerned about Boogie or Diane getting HOH but concede it is
better odds than last week.
Kaysar: I’m still worried about Will being here.
James: All the votes are there to get rid of Will anyway.
Kaysar: Boogie needs to go home next week though.
James: Put Diane up against him, who cares. (insert standard James
random f-bombs).

Back to HOH with Marcie, Howie, Janie.
Marcie is telling them everyone else is rusty, so odds are that one of them will
win HOH. Howie thinks the next HOH will be a crap shoot, and “some idiot” will win it.
Janie laments not throwing Marcie the comp.
He says they both would have been up.
    ***So what’s the argument now? Janie is either considering Will’s deal, sleep
    deprived or on another strategy level that I missed. Maybe she DOES have a crush on Will. Who knows. But the argument seems clear from Howie, Marcie, James and even Kaysar
    that the only play is Will.

They are now complaining about the veto.
They were wearing headphones with loud music blaring. Howie says that Boogie was
answering questions before he knew there was questions. He also asserts that
Erika was not ringing in so she would not be eliminated.

Marcie tells Janie that for once everyone agrees that Will must go up.
Janie said she didn’t even know who to nominate.
James comes rushing in saying that he heard that in the bathroom over him washing his
Janie is worried that the whole house is pissed. Marcie says they are not. And anything that goes on with Diane, he and James could fix.
They discuss how no one talks to Diane. Janie says she got confused in the diary room and James rightly says it's because Chilltown was in HOH for hours.

Janie is saying that they wouldn’t let her out of the diary room even though she
begged them to let her go talk to Kaysar.

The controversy is that they (Kaysar and James) didn’t want to do pawns again
because it screwed them up last week. Then, at some point they toyed with the idea (maybe Chicken George) but went to no pawns.
Then, Chilltown came in, made their pitch.
Then, the house was locked down and Janie had to go to DR. So, the nominations
were done on the spot. Right after I figured that
out we got another dose of FLAMES…

When it comes back, Marcie is saying they are hatching crazy plans.
James is making some salient points as to why Will needs to go up. He says the reason for the crazy plans is because of all the rumors of side alliances, but those rumors are all coming
from Chilltown. It sounds as though they have her leaning Will, but that could
change at any point.

With that, I will leave this blog back to the lovely ladies who are the pros,
and just say: PUT UP WILL OMG!

    Amen, Erin! Thanks for all the hard work. Couldn't agree more about Will!


Blogger canezjem said...

IMO Will is the only person that makes this show entertaining. If he gets voted out the show would just be boring. I think James and Kaysar are awesome, and I adore Howie, but Janelle bothers me. She doesn't seem to know how to really play the game. She's way to reliant on the Sov4. She needs to start thinking for herself in the event the Sov4 make it to the finals. There are only so many HOH's they can win! LONG LIVE EVIL DR WILL!!!!

10:36 AM  

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