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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Guest Blogger: Patchie!

FLAMES so bad they are into trivia! It does not look good for the 5:15 call. In
fact, I suspect the veto is going on.

0515 Wakeupcall is indeed blocked.
0530 Wakeup call is also flamed, lending credence to my veto theory.
Okay, at 0549 they came backand it is clear that….dumdumdum......


BOOGIE HAS WON THE POWER OF VETO….(Pause for a collective vomit.)

In his excitement and celebration, Boogie slashed open the bottom of his foot and required stitches. To my understanding, he was not taken off property, and they fixed him up right in the Diary Room. Gotta love the Medic on Duty.

Here's hoping the next few comps require standing on one leg.


Blogger Lo said...

hmmm so i'm wondering if Janelle will put Will up in Boogie's place... for some reason i don't think she will... maybe Diane or Chicken George will go up.

3:36 PM  

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