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Monday, July 31, 2006

Perceived Threats

12:30am BBT
HOH ROOM - Janelle & Marcellas
Discussion regarding the Veto...

Janelle: I have to think about what would be the best thing for me. I just feel like Diane might come back to bite me in the ass.
Marci: I don't think it's the best idea. Are you not worried at all that Erika might go?
Janelle: No, I'm not. I have enough votes to make sure that Erika stays. I told Erika that I would make sure I had the votes before I did it.
Marci: Why do you think Diane is a bigger threat to you than Will or Boogie?

    ***Yes, Janelle, please do enlighten us all.
Janelle: I just feel like Diane is going to come after me. I just know it.
Marci: I don't believe she would.
Marci: Do you not feel at all that the girls should stick toghether?

    ***Thank you, Marci!
Janelle: I want to stick together with Danielle and Erika. I know them better anyway.

    ***Janie, Janie, Janie...
Marci: Do you have a deal with Chilltown? You are the only one in the house that I have a deal with, and I am not making any decisions that will not benefit you.

Janelle: No, the only deal I made with them was that they would vote out whoever I want (in exchange for not putting Will up).

Erika enters HoH.

Will & Boogie, Downstairs
Will's telling Boogie what he told Janie and Danielle...

Will: I told Dani what weare doing... and I told her that Janie is going to take Diane out, and Dani said that's what we want.
Will: I have a few concerns:

    1. Janie might be running the strongest game ever and just screwing us,
    2. other people might sway Janie from the plan tonight,
    3. and the third thing - unintelligible - sorry.
    Boogie: I think Kaysar is on board with us. James is definitely more threatened by you. Janie really should take Danielle out this week.

      *** There I go agreeing with Boogie again... This is becoming an awful habit.
    CUT TO:
    HOH ROOM - Janelle, Marci and Erika
    Janelle: I think Diane is really nice, but she said things before we even came in the house... that she was going to take me out.
    Janelle: Right, Erika?
    Erika: Diane has never said to me that she wanted to put you out.
    Marci: Diane has told me that she wanted to put up Will and Boogie.
    Erika: You look just like Barbie right now... I can't really take you seriously.
    Marci: If this is what you think, thn this is what you think.
    Erika: Do Kaysar and them know? What do they think about it?
    Janie: Kaysar and Howie know, and James knows but doesn't know that its Diane because I thinks he is close to Diane.
    Marci: I will stand behind you because it is your HOH, but supporting you is not the same thing as believing it is the best move for you to make.
      ***Well said, Marcellas.
    Chatter happens and then a little more strategy talk...
    They are now joined by Howie as well...

    Janelle: If anyone comes back, they would all come after me.
    Marcellas: Don't look at me, I'm not the buxom blonde... I'm just a skinny black guy.
    Janie: Dont Marci and I look like Barbie and Ken in this pink bed?
    Howie:(to janie) Are you a Marilyn Monroe fan?
    Janie: Huge!
    Howie: Do you like Pamela?
    Janie: She's kind of cheesy.
    Marci: From everything I've heard from people who actually know her, she's not a skank, even though she made her money off her supposed skankiness.
    Janie: I don't think she's a skank by any means, I just think that as a person to look up to or something like that, she is sort of cheesy.


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