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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Waking Up

10:30am BBTime

Mike's cooking breakfast
Danielle's in the shower.

11:00am BBTime
BACKYARD - Boogie and Danielle
Danielle: I'm stunned by how much Marcellas is after me.
Boogie: I know... you're the type who lets go of all bad feelings, but Marcellas carries a grudge.

Danielle: I know he's not trustworthy. I purposely talked to him using metaphors in our previous season. If the metaphors got back to me, I knew he'd been talking.

Mike is visibly awed by the tactic.

Danielle: My attitude is... you put up two players, not with the mindset of one person you want gone. You put up two people, and let people decide who goes. I explained this to George, but George knew he was targeted.
Mike: Jase wants to kick it with us. No problem with that, but if it causes problems for me it is.
Danielle: You might have to put his name up for nomination.
Boogie: If it comes down to Jase or Will, I will fight like hell for Will.

Danielle is trying to work up a nomination for Marcellas... giving advice for Boogie about putting it into the heads of James and Kaysar.
    ***She is soooo crafty!! She's doing the same thing to Boogie that she did to Alison! And he doesn't realize it either.

Danielle: Pitch it to Kaysar and James, in a conversation only between the 3 of you. Janelle and Marcellas are tight, so she can not be a part of the conversation.
Boogie: ...and by putting Marcellas up now, we'll only have to hear him whining for 2 days.

Danielle: (laughing) Last night, Janelle was trying to get Danielle to convince Chicken George not to use the veto. There's no way I could do that. Season 3 Danielle is not in the house. There is no way I could do that to a guy who shaved his head (and went on a 60 day slop diet) for the veto.


Danielle and Boogie are discussing Chicken George, agreeing that with all George went through, he earned that veto. They both believe he'll go through with it -eating the slop. They feel like this is George's "last hurrah, his last chance." Money like that changes a person's life. They speculating that George will probably win America's Choice. They almost want to see him win HOH next week, both agreeing that he deserves it.

The talk moves on to this week's HOH ceremony, and Dani almost winning it.
Danielle: I would have done the splits. People are usually so sedate.
Boogie: I'm diving into the pool if I win it.

Boogie: How was Marcellas in competitions during your season.
Danielle: Don't let his homosexuality fool you. He was very good, very agile. I threw a lot of HOHs, because I knew I wasn't a target.
Danielle: But when my back is against the wall, I'm going full force.
Danielle: I threw all but 3 of the HOHs in my season.

12 Noon BBTime

Danielle and Boogie are still in the Backyard chatting
Everyone else is still sleeping.

12:30pm BBTime
Danielle is cooking
Chicken George is in the shower,
Also Awake: Diane, Will and Howie (and Boogie, of course)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched this conversation, and the thing that struck me is all the little jabs Dani was taking at Janelle. She's been trying to get Jani out since Day she can take her place, I'm sure.

I've never liked Danielle!

2:44 PM  
Blogger Lo said...

that'll be funny if she "beats" Marcellas once again... lol he'll never shut up about it! i gotta give it to her though... Danielle's a smarter player than Marcellas... WOMEN ROCK!!!

7:35 PM  

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