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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Banana Bread

10:00am - 10:30am BBT BBT
BACKYARD - Boogie & Will
Will is telling Boogie about the Diary Room session with Janelle.
Boogie: Sitting in the chair? You mean romantically?
Will: All I can say is I play my part on this show.

It seems the conversation Will and Janie were referring to last night - as "August 22" - was in reference to splitting the "banana bread" aka $$.

Will: Janie is concerned that when I leave, you may bot be with her. Boogie: This is all very Nicole & Will right now.
Will: I have zero insecurity with our (his and Janie's) relationship right now. She knows that she has noone in the house.
Boogie: We're not committed to the "banana bread" yet are we? I don't want to do that until we see what happens.
Will: No.

Will: If I win HOH this week, Janie plans to walk over to the corner and start crying to make everyone think she's scared.


10:08am BBT
Will has gone from the Backyard.
Chicken George comes out.

Boogie: Do you feel good about tomorrow?
George: yeah.
Boogie: You have nothing to worry about.

George: I've lost close to 20 pounds.
Boogie: That's a hell of a diet plan.
Goerge giggles.

Erika joins them outside.

George: I've been on slop for 27 days. The only thing I want to do is tell James I did it because he didn't think I could.

George: The only thing I heard from your room last night was "Like a Beast!"
    ***lol... consider yourself the lucky one, George!

James is up. He joins them.

They are discussing the final show and final voting.
Boogie: I didn't know that you vote on the live show.

Boogie: My season didn't vote on the live on the finale.
James: Mine did.
Erika: Mine did.
Chicken George: So you tell who you're voting for?

Boogie: And the winner of BB All Stars is Chicken George, but he's fainted.

They're all cracking up so bad.

James: Let him die. And now we have to give it to Will.
Chicken George: ... and the girls spike it saying lets go shopping! Let's get some M&Ms! That'll be the first thing I want when I wake up in the hospital. My luck will be something like I don't pay the taxes! James: Then you could be like Richard Hatch.
Chicken George: Yeah... CBS All Stars, and there could be an All Stars jail!

Erika: 6 years.
Boogie: 6 years?! 6 YEARS?!
James: Mega is in jail on tax evasion. It's federal. Chicken George could sit in there with him and the typo guy.
Chicken George: I got one for ya, Eat a dick!!
    ***Go Georgie!!

They crack up again.

Will joins the group outside. They continue reality show chatter then...

Will: I don't know what happened last night, but when you walk in the DR and they say "that was PG-13 to R" it can't be good.

James goes inside.
Will is no longer visible either.
Erika, Boogie and George sit there in silence.


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