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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wake Up HGs

At 9:00am BBT, there was music, the HGs stirred a bit, and then flames.

9:15am BBT, Still Flames.

9:32am BBT, Flames are doused. Boogie and Chicken George are up.

And so the day begins...

KITCHEN - Chicken George and Boogie
They're talking about last night.
Chicken George: I'm tired of being the designated driver.

Boogie in kitchen putting ice in a glass, getting a drink. Walks around the kitchen a bit. Grabs a paper towel and blows his nose.

George: Did you guys have a late night?
Boogie: Not necessarily.
George: Did you get any more booze?
Boogie: Yeah, we got another bottle of wine.
George: I don't mind being the designated driver, but sometimes I get tired of it. Boogie: Better you than me.
Boogie: Oh! You mean being in the house with everybody drinking?
George: Yeah, sometimes I'd just like to have one.

Boogie's making eggs. George went to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Boogie: Why did BB wake us up??

George gets in the shower. Boogie's still making eggs, drinking diet coke.

9:45am BBT Flames again. 2nd wake-up call?

9:46am BBT
Boogie's alone in the kitchen... Perhaps he's talking to BB.
Boogie: I'm here when you need me. You were there for me last night.
BB: Mike, Please go to the diary room.

Boogie finishes his eggs and goes to the DR.

All 4 feeds are showing Chicken George weighing himself in the Workout room, and then following him to the bathroom to brush his teeth...again.

Boogie is still in the DR.

No other HGs are visible.

9:55am Mike comes out of the DR. George gets called in.
George: Are we nominating today?
    ***he means voting.

Boogie: No.

FLAMES (quickly)

Boogie's sitting outside eating his eggs. He gives a shout out to Joe Arnold.
Boogie: Are you holding down operations? How's Atlanta coming?

We return to Boogie, now joined by Will.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carolyn - Love your site!! Can you start a new post? My computer is taking too long to load with all the videos. Thanks!!

12:43 PM  

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