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Sunday, August 06, 2006

ChenBot loves TAR

And another article, this one from the Sioux City Journal...
And NOW I'm getting the overnights together...
Had to give you something to read first. ;)

By Bruce R. Miller, Journal staff writer

Here's Five Minutes with Julie Chen:

This season is called the "All-Stars." But why aren't some of the past winners on?

"Some didn't want to do it again. The producers wanted (contestants) who would provide the best story content."

Was there one you wanted to see on?

"Bunky. He's very sweet and entertaining and funny. But the audience didn't vote him in."

So, could you live in the house?

"Never. Not for a day. My privacy is too important to me."

But don't you live in a fishbowl, too?

"Yeah. But when you get back to your apartment you do have privacy. There's no escape in that house."

Have you walked through the "Big Brother" house?

"Before the series started, I went in and I wasn't familiar with the concept. It was little eerie, a little disturbing. Now, it's like, 'Oh, it's cool.' We got a new house last year. We just made some renovations for this year. We don't want to make it totally comfortable. We have to have some tension in the house. People are at their wits' end."

But a bed for four people?

"Four girls could sleep in it. They're different than guys. They can have a slumber party and share a big bed."

Do you watch the show on the Internet feed?

"I didn't but then my director from 'The Early Show' will say, 'Oh, my god. These people are crazy. You've got to get in here and check this out.' I'll have the feed on when I'm getting ready for the show. I catch myself watching it but I can understand why people waste hours during the day not doing their work."

Do you meet the contestants before the series starts?

"I only meet them when they get evicted. That's the first time."

And a winner?

"I haven't predicted a single one. It's not always the strongest person who wins. Sometimes, it's someone who flies under the radar. It depends on the chemistry of the group. What works from one season may not work with the group dynamic from another season."

How'd you get the gig?

"I was working at CBS in the news department and I knew live television. They wanted someone from within, someone who could do live interviews. They approached me and offered it to me."

Weren't you hesitant?

"Yes. I didn't know what it would be like."

How'd it work out?

"The first season was full of curveballs. I was told the contestants wanted to revolt and walk out on me on the live show. I was like, 'Oh, no.' But they didn't do it."

Would you trade "Big Brother" for another reality series?

"'Amazing Race.' I would do it on both ends -- as a contestant and as the host. It looks like a lot of fun."


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