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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy Sunday!

Good Morning!
5:00am BBT
As I check in on the HGs for the first time today, Janelle is by herself and wide awake on one of the red couches downstairs (?). The boys- Kaysar, Howie, James and possibly George seem to have opted for a slumber party on the floor, rather than trying to sleep on the cots. None of them are sleeping soundly... Howie's mumbling. I just heard him say, "Sorry George," and Kaysar's time-to-pray alarm just went off - he snoozed it. Princess Marci is sleeping in another room on a couch, and Erika's in the same room on a cot.

Alone in her Solitary confinement room, Danielle's eyes look swollen shut, as if there was much more crying last night. Let's remember folks, this is the woman who didn't even want to sleep in the HoH room alone, and gave up the bed in there to whomever wanted it.

Now Janie just went up to the bug room to join the boys slumber party... but on one of the cots. Sleep, Janie, Sleep. :)

That's the up to the minute report... Off I go to get the overnights together...


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