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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Diane Article

Here's just a little more whining from Diane... from an article in the Calgary Sun

'Big Brother' is a big nightmare

By TARA MERRIN -- Calgary Sun

Diane Henry says Big Brother: All-Stars should be renamed Big Brother: The Torture Edition.

The latest evicted houseguest, who rose to reality fame on BB5, says the producers of the show made her summer painful.

“It’s Big Brother — let’s make you miserable. It was the worst four weeks of my entire life,” she says.

“It was not fun. Leaving the house (Thursday) was actually more of a luxury than a disappointment.”

Forcing the contestants to eat BB slop (some kind of corn-based oatmeal) and waking up the house every 15 minutes with annoying and loud messages from viewers before the veto competition this week, was only the tip of the iceberg, she adds.

“I was in the house with a lot of spoiled-rotten people so the complaining was just outright ridiculous, which, in turn, made it worse for us,” says Henry.

“The more you complained, the less they were going to give the house some alcohol … and they wouldn’t give us activities, something to keep us occupied, eccept for some kid’s toys.

“I’m hoping from this week out, we’ll start to see some All-Star stuff — it’s kind of been sucking so far. It just really wasn’t the same experience (as BB5).”

Henry, 24, says the only negative thing about getting kicked off the show is being out of the running to win the $500,000 US prize.

Not only is she jobless (making it almost impossible to keep an apartment in L.A.), she owes thousands of dollars in student loans, medical bills and car debt.

“It would have made a world of difference and just changed my life. That’s the biggest disappointment,” says Henry, who has a degree in communications and marketing.

“I’m not trying to be the next huge actress. I just want to stay in the entertainment business no matter what.”


Blogger Lo said...

i hate how she and Jase both say that leaving the house is more fortunate than staying in. well, if that's the case then why were u both campaigning to stay? idiots... Season 5 wasn't my favorite season anyway... i stopped watching it after the twins got evicted... they sucked.

8:04 PM  

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