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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Margaritas & Loopholes

BACKYARD - Janie, Will, James, Boogie, Chicken George, Kaysar, Marcellas
The margarita party has begun. Margaritas, Sombreros and mexican food from Baja Fresh. All the HGs are gussied up, except James.
Will: I can definitely taste the alcohol in the drinks.
Will's goofing around, joking with Janie.
Will: So, Janelle, you got any plans after this tonight? You going out with some friends?
Janelle: I don't know.
Will: So, you feeling lucky?

Will: I cant believe the others are eating slop.
Boogie is stressing about getting the party started.
James: Last year, when Sarah and I were nominated, they had a margarita party, and I was trying to throw everything in the trash because I was so mad.

SOLITARY (Weight Room) - Dani

James: I could go home for this, but I hope you will all remember when voting that I got us this party.
George: That is a good point.

Dani is next to the door. Talking to herself? or to BB... Trying to justify putting Howie up after swearing on her children's lives that he was safe this week...
Dani: There has to be a loophole. When did he let go? BB, you have to play that for me, because I need to know if there is a loophole (I can use to put Howie up).
    ***Smells like JBlow...



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