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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Those They People

9:45pm BBT
BUG ROOM - Boogie, Will, Kaysar, James, Janie, Howie
Will: I'll go out there and drink the margaritas tonight, but I think it will make me look like the biggest asshole.
Boogie: I just got into a big thing after you left (the DR)... I just want to talk to 'them', I demand to talk to 'them' (someone in charge at BB).

    ***perhaps "them" is talking.

Feeds back.

Boogie: Did Marci put the house on slop?
James: Only the people inside were put on slop, the people outside were safe from that.
Will: Marci could have gotten everything.
James: Janie had 55 points, 10 points for veto, 5 points for the cots. She started with 40 points, that adds up to 55. The points for slop was so small, I didn't think anyone would take it.

Janie is not there.

Boogie: I think thats why Janie said that she buzzed in slow, hoping that BB wouldn't tell everyone who got what.
James: Do you mean the veto?
Boogie: Yes, so she wouldn't go home next week.
    ***Hmm...I'm not really understanding this, but I wonder if Janie gave up her right to play for Veto next week during the comp yesterday...

Will: We all agreed not to put the house on slop.
Will: I thought Janie said she put the house on slop?
James: She did, but that's because she is scared, because she can't play for veto next week, but she gave it away when she said how many points she had.
Will: I want to make a truce and just get rid of Marci. We'll have to let Dani acclimate back into the house, then whoever is real cool with her, go to her and talk to her about this.
Boogie: You (S6) need to go to her, and tell her she will be safe while we get rid of Marci.
    ***Squeeze me?

They all agree that they want to go after Marci next week.


Blogger Lo said...

Marci... noooooo! once again, more Marci-bashing on tonight's episode!

9:11 PM  

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