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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Timing Dep't

The HGs have no hot water in the showers, so they've been washing their hair in the kitchen sink, which still has hot and cold... Will even bathed in it.

9:20pm BBT
BUG ROOM - James, Janie, Howie, Kaysar

James:(to Janie) Will you please get your boyfriend out of our kitchen sink?
Janie: He's not my boyfriend.
Janie: Dani is so pissed that I'm coming off the block... and she's locked up in a room. She must be thinking of the consequences of coming after us.
Howie: She'll take the deal if she knows what's good for her. Dani can't compete next week, and all she has going for her is Marci and Erika, who is going on slop for a second week in a row.
James: We have to get Marci out too.
All agree that if Marci goes up on the block, he is going to go home.
Janie: Howie, will you give me a back rub?

Kaysar is laying on the floor.

Howie: It'll be a crap shoot on Thursday. I'll get my first HOH.
James: It will be a crochet contest. George is getting pissed at Will, because Will doesn't do anything around the house.
James: the yellow bedroom earlier, George made a comment about Will never picking up.
Kaysar: When the people competing in PoV today were outside, when Erika was reading to the people inside about the PoV comp, and George heard about the slop pass for the rest of the year, he was going crazy, he couldn't believe he couldnt be out there competing.
James: I'm going to put George out next week if I win HOH.

9:30pm BBT
BUG ROOM - Kaysar, Janie, Howie, James
Howie is still massaging Janie's neck and back.
Kaysar: Howie, you never speak in complete sentences. You speak in soundbites.
Howie: (to Janie) Have you ever seen Spiderman
    ***a reference to Michael kissing her upside down, Spiderman style last year

James: I laughed when I saw that.
Janie: It was cheesey, wasn't it?
James: It was.

Will enters.

Will: It's already 9:30. It's like, are we gonna have a margarita party now? BB wants half the house to get dressed up, and go out there, and have a good time, while the other half of the house is on slop.
Will: It's not right. We should stop talking...wear our mics, but go on silent treatment.
Howie: We should be silent until Dani comes out of solitary.
    ***FYI, Dani chose solitary for herself during the veto comp.

Will: It's not a bad idea.
James: Even in prison, they get a half hour in the morning, then a half hour at night to wander.
Howie and Will both agree that that's the not case in solitary confinement.
James: I think solitary is a whole section of the prison.

James: I wonder if BB let the people that they wanted to get through, get through on the buzzers.
    ***Talking about the veto comp, which we haven't seen yet, so...

Will: I was hitting my buzzer so fast, and it wasn't buzzing in.
Janie:(to Will) How many points do you think Marci had?
Will: Who knows, but do you really believe Marci only got the slop pass? How much was the slop pass, like 7 points?
James: I wasn't keeping track of the high points, I was trying to keep track of the negative points.
Will: They told us we could see the points on our screens, but I couldn't see my screen at all. It was a perfect example of a contest that was not tested at all. Howie: (grading the BB crew) Art Department, A. Production, A. Timing Department, D.
Will: Production was a D.
    ***Sure, blame production. If a device was off, that's either SFX or Props fault. Oh, and Howie, lol, there's no such thing as the "Timing Department." hehe


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so i don't really understand... is james still in an alliance with janelle and S6 or is he faking being nice to get there votes?

10:17 AM  

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