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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mystery Solved

Cue the excuses, take one. ;)

10:30am BBT
STORAGE ROOM - Dani & Erika

Erika: I'm never drinking again.

KITCHEN - Erika & Will

Erika: I was really intoxicated last night.
Will: No doubt.
Will: I woke up and I was still drunk.

10:40am BBT
BB: Erika, please come to the Diary Room.
Will or James: Can you ask them for another bottle wine, some sandwich bags, and 6 or 7 bottles of Wine for Dani?
Erika: OK... Cory, I'll be right there.

Then she says it again a couple minutes later.

James: No one wants me to sleep in here before 5am. Why the f-ck are you all singing? Shut the f-ck up.
    ***Thank you kiss for James... at least he's tryin'

Will starts singing and...

BACKYARD - James, Dani, George, Boogie
Chatter, chatter, chatter....
Nothing relevant till...

11:30am BBT -
BACKYARD - Will, Erika, James, Chicken George, Boogie, Dani
Will is talking about the Diary Room session he did with Janelle last night...
    ***And the mystery is solved!! Contrary to popular belief, No one was asleep in the control room last night while we were all being tortured by the Boogie & Erika scene (and lack thereof - 1 hour of them lying there in silence, perhaps sleeping - on all four feeds. Janie & Will were in the Diary Room...

Will: We were in there over 2 hours..just cutting jokes and things like that. There's a new girl in there doing the Diary Room sessions.

Will & Dani
They are speaking privately. Will has a worried look on his face.
Will: You gotta talk to Boogie today.
Dani: OK.
Will is whispering about Boogie getting nervous. Conversation is barely audible, but enough to hear Dani agree to Will's plan.

12 Noon BBT
KITCHEN - James & George
BB: George, please do not obstruct your microphone.
James: Stop trying to plot a strategie, George.
BB: Thank You.

BACKYARD - Dani, alone.
Dani is on the red couch by herself, sitting in silence. She looks to be crying: wiping tears and sniffling.


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