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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Veto Spoiler

OK.. the feeds JUST came back on, so I'm writing as I'm learning what's going on. One thing is certain: Danielle did not win the Power of Veto. The feeds came back with her stating her case to George in the Red Room. He called for James next, and James had to coax him into the HoH room.

James: I know I f'd you in the beginning. I put you on slop.
But you didn't say why you nominated me, and I'd like to know why.

George: OK, I'll give it to you straight. Janelle has cut me slack on.. will you lock the door James? This may sound really strange to you, but I really like your alliance. I like Janie and Howie. Janelle has really cut me some slack. She didn't nominate me 2-3 times.

George: Then, she was honest with me. She told me she might have to, but that she didn't want to... and I was cool with it, because she was honest with me. I hugged her, told you, you do what you have to do.

In my life, I've always gone by what is personal to me, and I'm sorry... You, you were the only one who nominated me. I have absolutely no beef against you whatsoever. What I did James is this: I went back through how the game has been so far.. and nobody has helped me out so far. I went back and thought about who has helped me...

James: I have no idea why you nominated Erika then. I thought you had a great relationship with her. I see you playing checkers with her every day. I believe you nominated her because you thought she'd be safe and people would vote me out.

James: Let's get back to Janelle and Howie .. I'm trying to figure out .. You have some serious misconceptions over why you're here. You are still here because of me, Will, and Boogie, because we knew that you would be voted out by your own alliance. You can thank Will, You can thank Boogie, or you can thank myself for you not being nominated last week.. because we talked her into nominating Marcellas.

It seems James has won the veto...

James: I'm safe for another week now, because I'm not Marcellas. I don't lose vetos.
James: Do you know what all the floaters wanted to do if they won HoH? They wanted to put you up. So I did to take away their safety net, and make them play.

James: Do you want my advice on who I think your replacement nominee should be?
George: Go ahead.
James: Going back to you liking Janelle and Howie.. I don't know why you'd want to nominate someone in their alliance and weaken them.

James: If I were you, I'd bring people up here, and take this as a learning experience. George, if I get HoH next week, you don't have to worry. If I were you, I would bring people up here, and ask them who they think should be the replacement nominee. If you do this right, you can win this. You're a very lucky man outside of here... You can make yourself a very lucky man inside here. Bring people in one at a time, not as groups... Make deals...
    ***I have to hand it to James here. He's being a real mensch with George. A man.

George: I'm getting the picture that your alliance isn't as rosy as one might think.
James: I'm safe. I'm not the person to talk to this week. Right now you've got a lot of people that are nervous down there.
James: And if you bring Janelle up here, ask her, "If Marcellas and you were such good friends, why would you nominate him over me?" This is your chance George, and you have to take advantage of it. So talk to people. Do what you gotta do, George. Think about what your motivating factors are. Erika's your friend right now. I'm sure you want your friend to stay here. I'm serious when I say, no hard feelings whatsoever.
George: Thanks James. You did an awesome job out there tonight.
James: I'm a different person when my ass is on the line.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm SO happy James won the VETO!!!

I hope Boogie uses the Coup d'Etat this sunday and puts up Janelle and Howie at the last minute! That would be the BEST TV moment in BB history EVER! Think of how absolutely SHOCKED everyone would be that they have to suddenly change their votes on a whim!



6:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this poster James' Sarah? Seems like it.

4:50 PM  

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