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Monday, August 21, 2006

Who's Marshall Crane

1:30pm BBT

Boogie is lifting weights, and he hears Chicken George invite Janelle to a party in the Tiki room... and that Dani and Erika are in there. Boogie looks both surprised and bemused hearing this and he continues exercising.

Janie - Kitchen/Picture Wall
Janie's wearing her tiara, checking her banana bread, and she goes to look at the picture wall. Camera goes in close on Howie's pic.

Janie looks bored. She goes to The workout room,

Janie: Is Will sleeping?
Boogie: I think so.
Janie: There is no one in this house to hang out with. I'm going outside.
Boogie: What's going on in the red room?
Janie: A "party."
Boogie: And you were invited, huh?
Janie: These people are so stupid.. and irritating.
Boogie: Erika has tried to sleep in my room now 2 nights in a row. I locked the door, I can hear her knocking, but I pretend that I have the headsets on and can't hear her when she asks later.

Janie mentioned to Boogie earlier about Dani trying to make the deal with her...
He's laughing about it again now.

Boogie: Dani is desperate. She's trying to save herself, cause she may sense that James is going.

Janie: James was going to vote out Howie.
Boogie: The reason he wouldn't is because he's trying to save himself with the jury.

A bit more chatter, then janie goes to check on her banana bread.

Boogie: (straight into camera - trying to communicate with someone?) Did you talk to Marshall Crane yet? Did you do something ??? yet???



Blogger JustJudy said...

He is an attorny at law with New York.I guess he is trying to see if he can still use his power.

5:11 PM  

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