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Monday, July 31, 2006

Erika & Marci, STFU

1:45am BB time:
BACKYARD - Red Couches - Janie and Erika
Erika: I should have taken you out of the HOH comp, it just went so fast and I didn't know what to do.
Janie: James is PISSED. Now that I think about it, he has been pissed at me all day. He was pissed at Kaysar too though, when Kaysar nominated Nakomis and Diane.
Erika: Who did James want nominated--ChillTown?
Janie: Yes.

Erika: I don't want to go back in my room.
Janie: I don't even want to go back into the house.
Erika: I don't want to go in my room, because I feel bad for Diane.
Janie: I don't want to do the veto ceremony tomorrow... I already gave Will my word, and I don't want to change it now.
Erika: No, don't change your mind now, just go with your plan...its already been set into motion.
Janie: Do you think it's a bad idea to get rid of Diane?
Erika: I honestly think it's probably your best move. I don't want to tell you how to do it, but I do think it is your best move.
Janelle: This is so stressful. It is so much harder than it was with the nerd herd. With them, there was always a clear target, you just went after the next strongest each time.
Erika: Don't stress over it too much.
Janie: James will get over it.
    we'll see about that...

Erika: He will. Is anyone going to tell Diane now?
Janie: Marci said to not tell her, because she would freak. Diane has to have a good idea she is not safe, doesnt she?
Erika: I think she got a good inkling of it in the veto comp when you were giving her all that stuff. (Erika laughs) Now, at least we will have a whole big bed to ourselves.
Janie: James is so pissed.
Erika: You have to do what is best for you, not James.
They are getting up to go inside now...
Erika: Don't stress.
Erika's going back to bed. They both walk in and Erika passes the ppicture wall...
Erika (to Janie): I want my key back, ma'am.
Erika goes into the red bedroom.
Erika: (to Diane) I was just out on the hammock farting. Oh! I forgot my earplugs. I'll be right back.

On her way back through the house to the backyard, Erika sees Marci in the kitchen.
Erika: What are you doing?
marci: I just cant sleep.
Erika: I cant either.
Marci: Come outside with me.

BACKYARD - Marci and Erika
Marci: The four are so smart, they are playing everyone, but they are still so stupid. James was up there reading Janie the riot act and called them out on everything, which also told me the whole story of what is going
Marci: The four are ready to go after all the floaters.
He recounts to Erika everything that James said upstairs.
Marci: What really got me was when James called Janie out for throwing the veto comp.
Marci: When I asked Janie about it the other day, she just tried to downplay her intelligence and said that she was confused. You dont put someone up unless you really want them to go.
Erika: Exactly.

Marci: We thought BB6 was going to play nice, but they have their own shit going on. All they are is votes. No matter what happens, you (Erika) have to survive this week and next week turn this.
Erika: The gloves are off, dude.
Marci: If Janie is worried about Diane, she should have went to her and tried to work out a deal that would be mutually beneficial to them both.
Erika: It might be best if Diane leaves... I have a feeling that if Will was up against me, they would want to keep Will to keep another target in the game (and Erika would end up leaving).
Marcellas: I'm down with that. I feel bad for Diane though.

Marci: I'm gonna go back upstairs and play the whole "You do whats best for you, Janie" bit, and say goodbye to Diane.
Marci: (reiterates) James layed out their every move from week one. James gave that shit up. He says he layed it out like a $5 whore in desperate need of a $5 bill. James came out and told Janelle flat out that she just lied. He said that he thinks Janie's first target was going to be one of the floaters, not Boogie or Will. He said she had the perfect opportunity to take out the best player in BB history and didnt take it.
Marci: I think the 4 are planning on the floaters taking out CT for them, and they are not going to do it. They just gave us carte blanche to bring it full tilt. The question is if we can win HOH. Karma beat my ass this week.


Blogger Lo said...

...and that is why i luv marcellas!

like Diane said on last night's show, i'm tired of S6 winning HOH all the time... it's making the game boring...

1:31 PM  

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