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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Like A Sunday

Almost 3pm BBT, and around the house, it feels just like.. a Sunday. James and Boogie are involved in a best of 3 Badminton match out back, Diane's vacuuming - which i take to mean, Sunday is her cleaning day, so that's how she's maintaining normalcy... Janey and Kaysar are working out - Janey's looking great.. and Kaysar's look bald :( but still great - It's just such a different look for him: the bad boy look.

All was calm and happy in BB world till a moment ago when Jase and Boogie started talking about the veto, and who's going up in place of George.. hard to hear who said what because of the pool noise, but I believe Boogie's laying down the law with Jase.

Until Kaysar enters the area... and they joke with K and start talking about working out - which Jase denies doing with any regularity (like we needed another reason to hate him now?)...

Boogie: Kaysar the mexican Gang Banger.
Jase: yeah he is. East L.A. All the Way.
Boogie: All he needs is the tear drop.


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