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Friday, July 28, 2006

Noise Torture

Hi Night-owls :)

Just wanted to let you know, we're up and waiting for the HGs to go to bed so BB can start the torture. :) Personally, I wish BB would make like a camp counselor and say, "Lights out, HGs," but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

It occurred to me a few minutes ago... bb7dish may have actually contributed to the game this season. How's that, you ask? Well... check out this post from a couple weeks ago... Among other ideas, it included the following:

If We Were BB

  • Sleep Deprivation Torture: from 2am-7am, anytime someone starts to nod off, BB sounds a blaring siren until every HG is up and moving. And don't let them sleep during the day. Continue this for a 48 hour period, preferably the night before a comp.

Hmmmm? Come on BB folks.. fess up. ;)

At around 11pm BBTime, BB called Janie to the DR, then we had flames for a while. When the feeds came back, we learned that the Will, Howie, Diane, Boogie, Erika and Janie will be playing for Veto, and .. get this... BB showed the HGs the commercial for the sleep disturbance, so they now know what's in store for them tonight. I hate that BB told 'em. More whining, less genuine responses. Duh.

12:30BBTime - First 2 wake up calls.. no one sleeping anyway.. and the calls were lame.


Anonymous 50GirL said...

That's CooL! It's ALL GOOD!

I am glad I found bb7dish!

Thanks for all the hard work! ;-)


12:38 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Thanks, 50Girl! :) I'm glad you did too!

1:21 AM  

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