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Monday, July 24, 2006

Morning Report

Things are really heating up in the Big Brother House. If you've been holding off on getting the 24/7 live feeds, until things really got cooking, the time is NOW. Here's the best part - 2 actually - you get 2 weeks free trial period with no commitment ~and~ if you sign up from here, 1/2 the kickback we get goes to charities chosen by your favorite HGS.

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2 Weeks Free! Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass

OK.. Plug over.. Here's the morning report.

10:04am Big Brother Time
KITCHEN - Danielle
BB: Good Morning Houseguests. The veto ceremony will begin in 2 hours.

Danielle: Play some music BB, play some music.

Danielle is in the kitchen fixing coffee and breakfast. Everyone else is still asleep

10:35am BBT
Chicken George is up and brushing his teeth.
Danielle is still in the kitchen.
Others, still sleeping.

10:45am BBT
KITCHEN - Will, Danielle, Boogie
Will is making an egg white omelet. Danielle just finished breakfast, and is cleaning up after herself.
ENTER: Boogie

Will: Danielle said that as of 4:00 in the morning, it was Jase going up.
Boogie: F-ck!
Will: I'm going to give a little speech when I'm up there about not caring if I go home.

10:55am BBT
OUTSIDE - Dani & Boogie
Discussing what transpired last night.
Boogie is stunned that it's not Marci going up.

Boogie: What was said about me?
Danielle: You and Jase were mentioned. I told them that you weren't that strong and they should go after Jase.
Boogie:Last night, Will, Jase, and I were in the room when Kaysar came in. I told him that we were after the floaters. Kaysar then went to get James so they could discuss the plan. I told Kaysar about Marccellas' Jason remark. I could tell he was bothered by it.
Boogie: I know Will is leaving in the next 2 weeks and I'd rather be with you guys than the floaters. So we should take a floater out. Then I started pitching the Marcellas idea.
Danielle: Well, at 4:00 in the morning, Erika and I were sitting out here and Janelle comes down and says, "as of now it's Jase." I think Janey wants to keep Marci in because he will protect her and not come after her.
Boogie: You've gotta wonder if Marcellas is in an alliance with them.
Danielle: Marci is in any alliance that will benefit him.
Boogie: I mean, does he have a formal agreement with them?
Danielle: It's possible.

11:00 am BBT
OUTSIDE - Boogie and Dani
Boogie: Dani, you obviously have James' ear. What about letting him know Janelle's reasoning about keeping Marci?
Dani: He knows. I went up there last night and just listened to them. The pitch was that if Jase is with Diane and CT then to get rid of him weakens 2 alliances. I wanted to scream "Quit playing like rookies!"
Boogie: I just want to say that if I get HoH Thursday, it's on, if they don't roll with the plan.
Dani: I warned them about that.

Boogie: The thing is I can't stand to sit in sequester. I don't want to be away from my businesses that long.

11:05 BBT
OUTSIDE - Danielle & Marcellas
Danielle: Do you know what happened last night?
Marcellas: I'm thinking of going up there and just begging not to be put up. Doesn't James know that everyone in the house thinks he has a deal with Jase? He should put him up.
Dani: I tried to get them to see you weren't a threat, and they should put Jase up.


11:25am BBT
OUTSIDE - Marcellas is laying on the couch in his white robe, staring off into space and twirling his eyemask.

Boogie's getting ready, then suddenly lays down on the bathroom couch.

More to come... The Veto Ceremony's coming up soon...


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