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Monday, July 24, 2006

Kaysar Rules

A ton just happened... I'm gonna clean it up after I post it... Want you to be able to see it all ASAP..
ALSO, at 12:50PM, we cut to flames... I'm thinking the Veto Ceremony is happening. Fingers Crossed. Keep Checking back..

12:15 pm BBT

Howie and Janey are finally up.

Kaysar is manning the "command post." aka HoH Room...newly dubbed by James.

George and Dani are outside talking bs... Hair, etc...
George: Hey, I saved 8 bucks.
Dani: It would have been interesting if it was 2 women were nominated.
Dani: I would have done the hair, but not stripped down.
Dani: Even Janelle said, she wouldn't have done the blue stuff... her hair is so light it would have actually turned blue.
George: That would have been so funny if a girl had been chosen.

BUG ROOM - Will and Boogie
Boogie:You wanted a f'in villain, you got it.
TAR is gonna have such a better chance if we hurt one person.
I just want to really painfully hurt one person.
I just wanna have 17 diary room sessions of the 2 of us sitting there twisting our mustaches.

    I have no idea what TAR is... anyone??? Please not The Amazing Race - I can't bear another Rob/Amber type of team/season - it's not that kind of game.
...Both now sitting there in silence...

Boogie: Another thing too is, I can't play by myself yet, so I have to play for the group. We had 10 conversations before the show - I can't believe he's doing this (referring to James)
SO instead you're gonna f'in piss me off, for what, a one in 12 chance.
As f'in crazy as I am and I am a f'in lunatic, I just feel that it's ...
His (James') personality is like mine...
(to Will) I'd rather do what you did, and just hit it really hard..

Will: You can't even imagine the feeling when someone's nominated 3x, and then you finally take 'em out. It's like...

Boogie: It's just so stupid.
Enter Howie.
Howie: Me?
Will: It's a bad decision, Howie.
Boogie: I just thought we'd crossed a bridge and then this hatchet comes out and chops the rope.
Howie: Kaysar shaved his head for you... (and you did nothing for yourself).
Will: Why? So he could hang me out to dry the next day?
Howie: Perception's everything
Boogie: No, you came up with something that works for you... basically what you're saying is, we don't trust you guys.. You trust him (Marcellas) more than us.. Which is ok, I might not trust us either.. I just thought we were all ready to take it to the next level.

CUT TO KAYSAR: happened too fast, but I think he was talking to Howie
Kaysar: It's not gonna be easy anymore, but it wasn't an honest deal they were putting up. So what, they're upset because they were trying to cheat us and we said, Forget it? (sigh)

    ***The Sov4 is soooo lucky to have you, Kay!!!
Backyard - Dani and George

Blah blah blah....

HoH ROOM - James, Kaysar, Janey
Still considering Jase or Boogie. Jase is a lock for a vote out with the Floaters. Boogie, not so much.
James is talking about jury house numbers... " and very good chance of 1 of us in final 2... the floaters don't like those numbers... if we're 3 in the seq house, we're guaranteed 3 votes out of seven, and we only need one more vote."

James: Jase has to go.


Kaysar: Make it known that we are very capapble of saying f-u Will. You're going to sequester.
James: The problem is, we'll already lose one before...
The Floaters are all willing to get together. They're gonna see Will and Boogie going nuts now. They are all gonna say, you have to get rid of CT.. why? Is CT gonna win an HoH?
James: What bothered me was, even though we've been making them feel safe, they still don't trust us enough to take a stand.
Kaysar: Like i said...
James: We shouldn't have told Boogie. We shouldn't have given him the respect to tell him (in advance of their decision to take out Jase instead of Marcellas - and Chilltown's supposed 'deal')
James: Well, now our job is to tell all the floaters how they wanted us to put up floaters, and save them, and them save us..
Kaysar: They were trying to convince us to start attacking floaters, and we kept you safe and sent Jase home.
James: (re Jase) The moment I give you a deal in good faith, don't try to turn that whole thing against us and screw us.
Kaysar: (re Jase) You give a him time of safety, so he uses that time to plot against the very person who saved his ass... jerk. They are idiots for trying to play us. They think they're so smart.
James: Everything they do is done in desperation.
Kaysar: (re Boogie) He's freaking out cuz Will needs to leave. And I know he's gonna try to get Diane in on it. It wasn't a completely failed effort on their part.. .so they're plotting for the next few days.
Janey: They're still gonna try to swing the votes.
James: There's no way - Marcellas will NEVER vote to keep Jase in this house.
Kaysar: Looks like we're gonna have to get HoH for the next 2 weeks.
James: No. We don't. We need to get hoh for the next 9 weeks.

Only week 3 and this HoH is a big one. I think now more than ever, you still wanna believe, even in this game, that people have integrity.. but we've given chilltown more than the benefit of the doubt, and they still... but they already planned on undermining and breaking the agreement... I brought them up here as a courtesy... if they could have held off for 1 damn minute... idiots.

James: It's starting. I better pee.
Kaysar: If they create a scene., we need to respond in kind, "why are you so upset, cause we didn't agree to allign with you and take out all the floaters?" They make a scene, we make a scene.
James: It' s ugly week 3 again.
Kay: I know. Why is wk 3 always ugly?


The POV Ceremony on... As soon as we know anything, we're posting...
Check back every 15 minutes or so... 10 if you like . ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TAR= The Amazing Race.


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