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Monday, July 31, 2006

Tangled Web

I just got this message from one of our myspace friends: "I am sitting here right now, trying to remember just who it is I am supposed to trust in this game!"

You and me both!

I think what it comes down to is this - no one.

Ultimately, they will all play their own game, or they will leave the house.

We thought that with Big Brother All Stars, we were in for a season of S6 domination... a season of S6 reparations... at least I did. Apparently, that is not to be the case. Even before Janie fell under Will's spell, she had her alliance with Marcellas which superceded the S6 alliance. James thinks he has Danielle, who's also working everyone else in the house - and reporting back everything James tells her to CT... Kaysar was building something with Erika. Howie has nothing on the side... He just has his "i'm no real threat to anyone" gameplay - if it's strategy...

What Janie doesn't get is Will has no allegiance to anyone but Boogie, and he has duped her. By falling into his trap, Janie is bringing down the S6 alliance, or at the very least, putting the last nails in the coffin... unless S6 continues to win HoH's.. and even then, James has told Danielle that he'll take Janie out if he wins.


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