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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Calls & Intrigue

Wake up calls, intrigue and injury... it was a busy busy night!

VIDEOS are posted at the end of this entry...

With tremendous thanks to our friends Pat and Erin and Dawn who, between them, were up all night getting this info!! I left the BB rooms at 4:10am Eastern... here's what happened after:

starting after you left with 0115BBT:

0115 wake up call
Marcie says, "two grown people made this?"
Will says, "get a fuckin’ life people, you losers."
Howie says, "this is the worst decision I ever made in my life."

0130 wake up call (tells hgs they are boring and to get out of bed)
There is silence during this one... then James says, "that guy needs to get a

0145 wake up call (tells hgs 'don’t sing') (its Diane's mother)
Diane says, "YAY mom, thanks mom that’s cute."

0200 wake up call (says wake-up-wake-up)
Janie says, "creepy"
James says, "go to a fucking bar - get a life."

0215 wake up call (its a song)...clapping at the end of call by hgs
Howie says, "they must have so many they don’t know which one to use."
(not much reaction here. Janie looking kinda dazed/pissed.)

0230 wake up call “Hello BB friends” - paranoia
Howie or James says, "I will break my foot off in your ass ... that lady can
eat it."
(laughing as in lost it laughing)
    ****Janie/Howie gonna make a $$$ deal with Will?
    Janie said to Will, if we do make a deal for the money in a couple
    weeks....Kaysar caught Janie lying...Kaysar asked what are you
    talking about. They said they were talking about hgs that left.
    Kaysar said no you weren’t and Will said yes, they were.
    by look on Kaysar’s face, you could tell he knew Janie was


0245 wake up call I missed cuz RealPlayer hiccupped!!!!!
when I got it back I just heard Will say “that’s pathetic”...

0300 wake up call (its about the inner tube/pool) then (its Alison! wake up.
you thought you got rid of me. hope it haunts you all day long.)
Marcie says, “OMG is killing me. It’s gonna kill me."

0315 wake up call “boring when you sleep unless you are Mike Boogie…wakey
wakey” Will says, "suck a dick Arthur, I mean eat a dick"

0330 wake up call (clanking)
Marcie says, "I am gonna throw myself over the balcony - the first BB suicide"

0345 wake up call - It’s Ivette! “Buenos Dias! Wake up bitches. Wake up stupid?
Wake up

Janie says, " I don’t think anyone is coming back"
Marcie says, "I hope not." Marcie continues to say what a travesty it would be
if someone
came back in.

0400 wake up call “I just want to say: Wake up homies, get outta bed.”
(in a rap) It repeats a few times.
Then: Janie’s mom saying she wants a Janie doll.

Janelle says that her mom wants her to date Howie but it would never happen in a
million years because it’s the “sickest thing ever”. Marcie says the probability of
that is lower than her dating him (I doubt it). Janelle says she misses her mom.

0415 Wake up call: “Good morning Houseguest…This is Jeff calling from Canada.
(He sounds like a DJ on a wacky morning show.) Then in a Beavis and Butthead voice starts talking about pepperoni pizza or something. Howie: “What a fucking moron”. Marcie concurs. Howie “where was he from?”
Janey says Canada and the three say “Hi” to Canada. Marcie wants to know why
Janie likes the wake up calls so much.

Some slap happy conversation about BB1 between Howie, Marcie and Janie follows.

The HOH room contains Howie, Marcie and Janie. These three cannot seem to
ignore the calls and get to sleep. Two cameras are also on some luckier HGs who do not
seem as affected…Dani is sleeping on a couch, I think James is in a twin bed.

Marcie was swearing really bad, so FLAMES…0430 Wake up call was blocked. Flames
are in and out for about 15 minutes. Mostly in. Cut back just before 0445 call and
Janelle is joking about how Maggie took her money and completed her sex change by sharpening her penis.

Janelle “People argued Maggie played the game better by keeping the nerd herd
together but she was brainwashing them. And she denied it and said she just ended up there
by dumb luck.”
Marcie: “I hate people who just do nothing and sit there. It should be the
person who survive eviction, you reward the people who take the hits, get out there and fight.”

Janie: “Erika was defending Maggie.”
Howie agrees with Marcie. They discuss the types of players. Like liars like
James, manipulators.
They concur that Maggie and Erika play the same type of game and that’s why she
would defend her.

0445 Wake up call: “Hi I’m Mandy from Louisiana. This is your wake up call.
OMG it’s a spider. OMG get it off.” Then, a banshee yell.
Then the “wake-up, wake-up” clangy guy is back. Marcie is complaining
that they repeating. “You’re a total tool.” Marcie says. “What a total idiot
tool.” (I have to agree with
Marcie here. Both those calls were pretty bad.)

They go back to discussing winners.
Howie: “You realize Cowboy almost won.”
Marcie: “OMG that would have been an abomination! That would have ended the
show forever right there.” They all concur. They discuss how Cowboy asked for people to throw an HOH comp for him, because he couldn’t win. Janie asks if Karen was nice and Marcie is embarrassed because he can’t remember interviewing her. Marcie tells them about how they used to give people gift bags as thanks for being on Housecalls. It is a long story that has no point involving Lex from Survivor (I loved that guy)
and his wife and a 24 hour shop. It earns flames (Thanks, Marcie).


Marcie says it was “those two lesbians.” Howie agrees. (?) Marcie claims he
is better looking and more educated than whomever that was that called. They wonder whether more than five people called because they are repeating calls (Which is a good question.) Howie begins describing the lesbians that called saying one is a fat ugly pig with glasses.
    ***This is not a pretty side of Howie. Note to him: Some of your fans
    might wear glasses and carry a few pounds, Howie! In fact, I believe Yoda was hiding a few under that robe, and he could NOT have been able to see that well because he was like 800 years old. Not that I know ANYTHING about Star Wars, right?

If you'd like to see and hear more of the calls, go to and check out all the vids from "TheRealDeal2006" - an amazing source for vids and info!


Blogger ddgirl said...

Awesommmmmeeeeeeeee JOB!!!! Well i got up for the am business :) Thanks for the call inn's!! LMAO!

9:41 AM  

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