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Sunday, July 23, 2006

James 'n George

7:30 BBTime
HOH ROOM - James and Chicken George

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James and Chicken George finally had their meeting. They shook hands, ostensibly buried the hatchet, and spoke like men.

They discussed the veto comp, and James actually told Chicken George that he feels the veto comp was designed and chosen specifically for him.

James then explained why during the veto comp he himself couldn't give up the chance to play for veto the following week - because next week because he won't be able to try for play for HoH, so no veto comp is not even slightly an option he can live with.

James: Until the Veto Comp yesterday, I thought you was just here to cook & clean until the end... and I just didn't want someone like that to win.

James: But after your competition performance yesterday I now know that you are here to play.

James: If someone nominates you down the line pleae, take it from someone who knows, don't take it personally.

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Blogger Lo said...

hmm... looks like James is trying to cover his @$$!

9:20 PM  

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