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Monday, July 31, 2006


Around 2:00am BBTime
WORKOUT ROOM - James & Danielle
James just woke up Danielle to talk strategy, and brought her to the workout room.
James: How much do you trust Will and Boogie?
Danielle: I pretty much trust them.
James: I wanna bring about the revolution.

James: I'm thinking maybe we should just vote out Erika, instead of Diane, just to go against what Janelle's planning on happening.
james: If Janie thought it was so cool to backdoor Jase and Diane two weeks in a row, when I win HOH next week, I'm going to backdoor that bitch.
    ***sigh... Mission accomplished Will, Dani... and you didn't even have to win a single comp to destroy the S6. :(

Dani: Lets do it...the new 4. Can I go back to bed now?
James: Yeah, you look great, by the way.

They head into the bathroom.

James: So can I go up and tell them that youre voting out Diane?
Dani: Yes.
James heads upstairs to HoH

HOH ROOM - Janie, Howie, James
James: Dani doesn't get what you're doing, but she said she will vote Diane out. Actually, it's about longevity, and SOMEONE is leaving this week. We don't really have to worry about Will or Boogie anyway, especially with Boogie having a bad foot.

Janie: Diane and Chicken George are the only ones in the house that dont know.
James: Why don't you go tell Diane now?
Janie: I'm too chicken.
James: Why don't you tell Chicken George then?
Janie: I cant talk to him.

Janie: Is this backdooring?
Howie: Not really, because that wasn't the initial intent.
James: I think it was the intent, but I'm going to keep my mouth shut on that one.


Blogger Lo said...

lol yes it's backdooring Howie...

i agree w/ James.

1:38 PM  

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