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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mike Boogie: Master of the House Video

I don't know how we missed this video before, but one of our new friends and readers was kind enough to pass it along to us just a few minutes ago, and it is WELL worth watching! I'd say this is the perfect last post for bb7dish. From now on, everything's happening on Enjoy!

Still want more? Here's a couple of really nice tributes from last season:

Time After Time

and in keeping with the Broadway theme...

Seasons of Love

hehehe. Doesn't it just make ya feel all warm n fuzzy inside? ;)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Season

With the new season fast approaching, bb7dish is moving to bb8 dish! Here's the new link for ya. :) Please bookmark it for those times when myspace is down, and you gotta get your fix. ;)

Also, if you haven't joined us on myspace yet, send us a friend request at, and we'll send you a bulletin every time we update the blog.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Chat with Will & Janelle

Countdown To Real Chat with Will and Janelle
October 26th 7:00pm(PST)

You must have be a Real SuperPass holder to watch and ask questions live during the event. You can also email Laremy beforehand via as they'll be taking some questions from there too. According to his announcement today you want to be sure to not miss the first ten minutes of the show. To get a Real SuperPass go to

Where's Will?

So... We just got a message on myspace asking if we knew what happened to Will's myspace page. Apparently, it's gone... which I should have known since I had myself in a Will/Kaysar sandwich on our own myspace page, but, I didn't notice.

No clue here as to what happened. Do any of you know?

The real reason for flames

Hey everyone! Gosh I've missed you guys! Many of you may have wondered why they cut to flames when the houseguests start singing. Well, we found the reason, and it's not what we thought originally... ya know.. costs, ASCAP, and all that... Check this out. Unless you have perfect pitch, in which case, let me save you the pain.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cancelled Dodge Commercial

OK, this has absolutely nothing to do with BB7, but it's very funny, and I thought you'd get a kick out of it, so here ya go! :) Enjoy this cancelled commercial... gotta wonder why they pulled it out of circulation.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Will & Boogie Interview

Can't get enough of Chilltown? Here are the videos from their interview on real, shot last week. Enjoy!

Part One:

Part Two:


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Sequester House Clips

I just came across some funny clips of the sequester house put together by sweetspaces. Check these out. More proof of why there ought to be feeds from the sequester house... Sheesh! On the one hand, I can see the logic: they've been kicked out - at least allow them some privacy now. But, on the other hand, if you wanna keep people watching the feeds, and not have a mass exodus, as there was the moment Janelle got the boot, give the people what they want. When all the favorites are in sequester, it only makes sense!

This next one includes some great still shots of the HGs in both sequester houses, as well as having fun the wrap party! Appropriately titled "BB7 No Showmance Video!" hehe. The backlash begins.


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Kaysar's Chatting Today!

Sunday Sept. 24th - Kaysar Chat
This coming Sunday, Kaysar will be having a chat on his website! Don't miss out! If you are new and would like more information regarding his chats, please read the chatroom guide on the board. The chat will begin around 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern. If you are unable to attend, the transcript will be posted shortly after.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


For help connecting to the chat, click here: Help Me!

Vote for the Next

Howie, James & Jase are the 3 choices for the next interview on, and we decide who gets interviewed! Click on the link below and vote for your favorite! The Poll is on the bottom left side of the page.

Vote for who gets interviewed!

Friday, September 15, 2006


Calling all Will Fans & anyone who can appreciate truly superior video editing. Man, if you tube had awards (do they?) for best tribute videos, this one would get my vote, hands down. Created by Moonlight09 and set to Queen's Don't Stop Me Now... Settle in and get ready for an amazing ride down Dr. Delicious lane.

Chilltown Diary Rooms

This is a wonderful clip from the Live Show Finale. It includes the much requested Chilltown Diary Room sessions, as well as my personal favorite quote from Nakomis at the very end. I love that Janelle and Will got the same respect and recognition from the ousted HGs as from the rest of us... perhaps even moreso.

Housecalls Clips

Here are a couple of clips from the final Big Brother Housecalls for the season. As we find more, we'll be posting more, as well as exclusive interviews with your favorite houseguests. In the meantime, Enjoy!

Mike lays into a caller.

Will Drops by at the end (no sound except for music)

From Janelle's Local Paper

Janelle's mother, Ann, was interviewed by a local paper shortly before the show ended, and she divulged that CBS is already talking about getting Janie on another reality show! Yayyy!!! Here's the article.

Hometown girl is finalist on Big Brother
Britta Arendt
Last Updated: Friday, September 08th, 2006 04:43:25 PM

She may have been evicted Thursday from the CBS hit reality television show Big Brother 7 All Stars, but Grand Rapids native Janelle Pierzina has gained millions of fans all over the world and helped the show top the ratings this summer.
“Our hometown girl is America’s choice and America’s sweetheart,” said Janelle’s mother Ann Pierzina.

A 1998 graduate of Grand Rapids High School, Janelle first became a national star when she acquired a spot on Big Brother 6 last summer. As part of the show’s premise and popularity, Janelle lived with a group of strangers in a house equipped with cameras and microphones that monitor their every move and word, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for three months. On season six, Janelle proved to be a tough contender competing for the rank of Head of Household and the right to stay in the house for the chance at winning up to $1 million. After spending 75 days in the house on season six, Janelle was one of just three remaining house guests before she was evicted.

This June, CBS asked America to decide which former Big Brother house guests from all six seasons they wanted to compete in the Big Brother All Stars and Janelle received an astounding number of votes and became one of 13 for this summer’s show. Surviving the manipulation, secrets, backstabbing, and betrayals that come to play with the game of Big Brother, Janelle lasted nine weeks in the house winning Head of Household several times and proving to be a very powerful player. In fact, it was her play of the game that eventually became so much of a threat that it drove the two remaining house guests to evict her.

“She’s rockin’,” said Ann. “Many have said she’s the all-time best reality competitor. She’s true to her spirit and honorable and that is what makes her the best player ever.”
Game and fame aside, Janelle’s family is very proud of their small-town girl as family, friends and local fans alike came to tune into their television sets every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights to spend the summer with Janelle, whom many fondly know as Janey.

“You’re always at awe with your first born child but now I’m even more at awe and amazed at the woman she has become,” said Ann who has watched her daughter grow and mature before the eyes of millions on national television. “She is so loyal and has so much goodness. She’s inspired people from their death beds, inspired people to go to college. She’s even inspired people to read the Bible after they’ve seen her read it in the house. People love her.”

What’s next for Janelle? She is now a member of the Big Brother jury that will vote for which remaining house guest they want to win $500,000. Ann said CBS also has approached her about continuing her reality television career, possibly on a future reality show.

He Said, She Said article:
Mike Boogie, the winner of ''Big Brother: All-Stars,'' and Erika, his jilted house romance and runner-up, talk to Jessica Shaw about the consequences of playing evil

It's hard to rejoice about Mike Boogie winning $500,000 on Big Brother: All-Stars for basically being one of the most despicable human beings ever to stand in front of a camera. Nonetheless, the guy won fair and square, with a near-unanimous vote in his favor. Of course, he's got his due, by having to fly coach (!) with Erika (!!) all day the Wednesday after the finale. The former lovebirds spoke with by phone before their flight back to L.A. took off. At least we kept them from killing each other for a few minutes. (In fact, Erika at first didn't want to talk to us, but in the end, she decided to take our call and set a few things straight.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling about yourself today, Boogie?
MIKE ''BOOGIE'' MALIN: I haven't slept yet. We went right from the show to the airport. That was a little stressful ride, with Erika. Then we went to Rosie [a.k.a. The View], and she raked me over the coals. I think I have an idea of how the show went down.

Are you saying you don't remember anything you said?
Everyone needs to remember this is a game and a reality show and it's television. What are you going to do?

That's one way of looking at it. But back to the car ride to the airport: Describe the stress between you and Erika.
It was definitely an icy ride to the airport. Her whole family wants to kill me. We didn't talk really until we almost got to New York on the plane.

And then what happened? You went to sit next to her to beg forgiveness?
No, she moved into the seat next to me. We talked it out a little. It's the one show where you don't tape it, go home for three months, and watch it. So you're relying on a lot of other people's opinions. You don't know how you've been edited.

What did you tell Erika when you spoke?

I just told her to reserve judgment for when she watches the show herself and to always keep in mind that my feelings were true. I said to think of it like the movie Grease. You have this thing with a guy and he goes and shows off and plays it down to his buddies. It just so happened my buddies were the American public. It's not the best example, but I do admit to being a bit of a showoff. But at the end of the day, we were playing a game. I didn't do anything unethical or immoral. I'm sorry her feelings are hurt, but I was there for myself.

Any regrets?
I regret that she feels bad. But Will and I are very adept in providing entertaining television. That show doesn't work well when people sit around and are nice. Five years ago I was nice and didn't get anything out of it. At the time I was making a lot of those statements, I was under the assumption that she was doing the same. I thought for sure people were saying bad things about me as well.

It's interesting to me because at first I thought Erika would win. But then when I saw how the jury was talking about her, I thought she was so hated she didn't have a chance.
What people need to understand is the people who were in the house and closest to what really went on have those feelings about her. It's kind of like, ''Don't cry for me, Argentina.'' She was doing things with me to advance herself in the game as well. It's just because she's a girl that people are making her look like an injured party.

I guess Rosie really went into you today.
I guess I should have known going on a women's program that it was going to be like that. It's very hypocritical because Janelle up to the last second told Will he was staying. That's okay, but I can't hook up? In the end my actions spoke louder than words. I promised to take her to the end, and I did. Anyway, this is Entertainment Weekly. I think you should go with the ''partner of Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, and Wilmer Valderrama wins Big Brother: All-Stars'' approach.

Okay, tell me about those alleged restaurants you're investing in.
You know, I just saw Ashton on The View. He was taping something, and Ashton was like, ''Dude. You were harsh. But I was happy seeing the Dolce shirts on there.'' We have three restaurants we're doing in Atlanta with Ashton and Danny and Wilmer and Chris [Masterson] and Laura Prepon. I'm going to reinvest the money in those projects.

Did you and Will have an arrangement before the show in which you agreed that whoever won would simply invest in joint ventures?
You can't have arrangements like that because of the FCC. But Will is also an investor in the Atlanta project. You know what I'm saying. Everyone wins.

Let's talk about Will. What was up with you crying hysterically after he got voted off?
My dream was for Will and me to go to the finals, even if I would have lost to him. People want to paint me as a bad person, but I was willing to lose to Will if to honor Chill Town. It was just such an ambush. That's what's so funny — all the media are coming at me like I'm this bad guy, but those girls schemed and lied and kicked Will out. They're just as guilty.

You keep getting interrupted by fans at JFK Airport. Are they loving you or hating you?
It's half and half.

Do you think any woman will ever want to go out with you again?
I guess I'm not too popular with women right now. But the great thing about America is everyone loves a winner. That's a good one. You can quote me on that.

Okay, done. Did you consider giving the Aruba trip or something to Erika as an olive branch?
No, not at all. I'm going to give the car to my mom. And the trip to a friend of mine who's been out of work for a while. The plasma TV is going to my business partner. I did this to share with my family and friends.

What was the last week in the house like?
It was a little awkward. I mean, I think she thought she would win. I don't think she knew I was going to smash her like that. I knew the worst case it was 5-2 me. I thought Howie or George might vote for her.

I understand you and Erika went out a bit before the show. Was that strategy as well?
We went on a couple of dates before the show. That was real. I genuinely enjoyed her company. I didn't think I was going to get on the show, to be honest. When we both got on, it was an added bonus.

What did Will say to you last night after you saw each other?
Will just said, ''Man, you have no idea what's going on. We're really hated but also really loved.'' We had a good laugh.

It's interesting because Will seems to be the Teflon half of Chill Town. No one blames him for anything, and yet people are ready to murder you.
Will has this kind of way about him. That's what inspired me to be like this. Five years ago I was the nice guy, and he acted like this, and everyone forgave him. This year I was like him, and I got vilified. It's like damned if you do, damned if you don't. At the end of the day it's about my friends and my family. I'm not going to allow strangers to judge me.

Were you surprised by how the voting went? I never expected Howie to vote for you!
I totally predicted the voting. Out of the jury there were six all-stars and one jaded queen. The all-stars voted for the best player. Maybe it's because he wasn't around long enough to see the actual game being played, but I played the best game out of anyone. Erika played a great second-place game. Will and I played circles out of anyone. I respect Howie immensely for putting his personal feelings aside.

Did you ever consider for a second taking Janelle to the finals?
Janelle has the same qualities as Will in that she can do no wrong. With her competition numbers she would have been impossible to beat. All she would have to do was stand up and say, ''Look how many challenges I won.'' I respected her as a player. If I knew I'd win no matter what, I would have taken her.

Janelle seems to think Erika threw that final HOH competition. Did she?No, she didn't. I think Janelle might think she did, but Erika tried. She didn't know for sure that I was going to take her.

What did the show psychologist make of you when you had your obligatory post-finale meeting?
Obviously I was on cloud nine. I told the lady I might be calling her later, but they had just handed me a check for $500,000. I didn't need to see a psychiatrist. I needed to see an accountant.

To read the rest of the article, Erika's half, please go to She Said.

Will does YR

The BB/YR connection continues. Last year was Kaysar, this year is Will. Someone at TV Guide hasn't been watching their BB, though, and it shows... peanut butter & Dr. Evil, indeed. Hmph. Darling, it's slop, and as for Will, he's new and improved... Dr. Delicious, if you please.

Here's the article:

Big Brother Bad Boy Feels Young and Restless
"Reality TV troublemaker Will Kirby (Big Brother 7: All-Stars) taped a cameo appearance at the Young and the Restless set today.

Kirby (a.k.a. BB's "Dr. Evil") plays a businessman named, oddly enough, Will Kirby. On October 23, you'll see him sharing a conversation with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) in the hallway at Newman Enterprises.

What are they gonna do, form an evil alliance to force their enemies to eat nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a week? Seriously, I never got the appeal of Big Brother. Of course, I'll still watch Will's episode because I never miss a day of my Y&R!"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

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