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Saturday, September 02, 2006

2 Questions

Now that Janie's won the Veto, 2 questions:

  1. Who do you believe Janelle should vote out?
  2. Who do you think she will vote out?

And can I get an Amen?!!?!?! ;)



Janelle has won the veto!!!!!!!!!! She is in the final three!!!

Pre Veto Strategy Session


8:45pm BBT

Janie's downstairs doing her makeup...
The boys are up in HoH...

Will: Even knowing everything, she'd have to send Janelle out.
Boogie: Yeah.
Will: I mean, I'm just thinking about her perspective. Even if Erika sent me out,
she'd have to know that you and Janelle would be gunning for it. Whereas, this way, at least she has a calculated risk of..
Boogie: Janelle can't be beaten...
Will: Oh. Mmm. By far.

Will: You wanna quiz me or just stay in your own world?

They begin quizzing... but not for long.

Boogie: Erika was like... "yeah I was in the green room, and they were in the ant room, and Will was quizzing her." I'm all, "well, she probably asked him to. what's he gonna say?"
Boogie: Tell her (Janelle).. you guys have to be a little more careful...I mean, we're almost there...
Will: Well, it wont matter after 3 hours from now.
Boogie: It's just twice in the last 24 hours... I know she wants to be like (inaudible), but you know...
Boogie: Yeah, the thing is, if something gets f'd up in the last hoh, and one of us is sitting next to Janelle... (referring to votes - as in, they'd still have Erika's)
Will: Ok, ok.
Will: What was Erika saying, just she heard us quizzing eachother?
Boogie: Yeah, and then that storage room thing... it was just like.. just make sure you guys know where...
Will: Does Erika know that Janelle is definitely sending her out?
Boogie: Yeah, she's like, I gotta beat her. I gotta win or I go home.
Will: Does Erika feel comfortable that if I win it, I wont send her, even though I will?
    ***Speaking on behalf of the Janie lovers, You f'in better, Will.

Boogie: Oh yeah... but, I mean, it'd be much better if Janelle did it.. you know?
Will: (emphatically) Oh yeah... it'd be great.
Boogie: ...but we can't chance that.
Will: God, we gotta make this happen tonight.
Will: I don't wanna get crazy, but... lets just worry about this.
Boogie: Don't worry about me. I know I can get ahead of myself. I'm like a fantasizer and stuff...
    ***gee boog, we're shocked to hear that, especially since you've jerked it in every room in the house

Will: I mean, we can be... If we can do this, we can be in the final 2.
Boogie: Yeah! maybe! The odds would be there
Will: MMmm Hmm
Boogie: This is a big step tonight. This is a big hurdle. It's basically a 3 step process at this point, with a 4-3 be.. If we can get by tonight, and then we can't get her out in the first 2... you know, if we can't lock that up, then we still have one more chance.
    Do you speak Willboogie? yo no hablo

Will: MMhMM
Boogie: ...and Howie and Marcellas can be as bitter as they want. We just gotta make this happen tonight.
Will: Yeah, I mean...
Boogie: Put your Queen on.. Get fired up.
Will: I wanna know what to wear.. it's obviously an acquatic one.
Will: Freddy Mercury, I am ready to rock.
    ***God I miss him! Love love love Freddy Mercury. Such an incredible talent he was...

When's Veto?

We're getting this question quite a bit. Sorry, kids. We don't know either. What we do know is that the HGs have been on lockdown inside for HOURS now. Quite a bit earlier, one peaked through the glass and saw a kiddie pool, and got excited about it.

Everyone's in the Bug Room right now. Boogie's doing his Kaysar impersonation - not bad. Mostly, they're rehashing the season and having a good laugh together.

Will just commented a moment ago that he thinks the Veto Comp is tonight, mostly because the lockdown has been so long, and they usually get warned if they're going to be locked in all night.

OK, they've all just left the Bug Room, and Will headed to the DR,

Will: Hey. What's goin' on? We need an update.

Then BB cut that audio...

A couple moments later, Will reported back to the other HGs: "...she's like, 'that information is given on a need to know basis.' "

They're definitely all quite alert now... Time to turn on the feeds. :) The nightowls are all perked up and ready to party.

Here's the free feeds link: 2 Weeks Free! Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass

Will's Rant Backlash

Nancy, the moderator of Will's myspace posted this in response to all the hate mail he received after his rant from the hot tub...

"Friday, September 01, 2006

WTF??? Backlash over Will's Behavior Last Night

On this site we get literally thousands of posts per day, most every day since the HG's have been in the house. I read them all and sort them and then post a small portion of them. During this time we have had very few negative posts less than 50 and most were not coherent or publishable due to language or images. Imagine my suprise today when I opened the inbox and it was flooded with negative comments and they have kept coming all day long. Then we have had a lot of people quit their friends status. They were all saying pretty much the same thing - so I had to go check it out. When I did I had to admit I was bothered a bit myself but I had to distance myself and decide how to handle this issue in light of what has happened and how Will would want it handled. Here is what I came up with.

What appeared to have happened is this - last night after the HoH competition all the HGs were drinking and celebrating in the Hot Tub and something Will said pissed Janelle off and then she got moody and he got distressed and then they kept having little tiffs for the rest of the evening.

What about? Will appears to be upset because Janelle is being pissy with him and that she is childish in her desire to have immeadiate gratification and everything her way. Another problem Will is very concerned how his "showmance" is being portrayed by the producers and how Erin will react. Janelle is upset because she feels Will is keeping her at a distance now that they are at the end and she thinks she might be getting used. To make matters worse after HoH Will confides separately to both Erika and Janelle the exact same thing but with Erika that she is the one being kept and with Janelle she is the one. Erika then tells Janelle later that Will said they are taking Erika and Janelle is very hurt and upset. She confronts Will in the Storage Room and he seems upset that she has so little faith in him and their friendship and he swears to her that he and Janelle are in this together and Erika will be voted out. She seems pacified for the moment.

Will, however, gets more and more upset and tells Boogie and Erika that he thinks Janelle will rape him if left alone with her. He laments to Erika that Janelle is psycho and nuts and ruining his life, his career and his future happiness with Erin, his girlfriend. Will also rants to Internet about the same thing and says some pretty mean things about Janelle.

Most of the actual content is available on Jokers and in You Tube Videos.

The things Will said and his demanor a lot of people found upsetting and many have chosen to comment on it - hence the negative comments. As I said I was a bit taken aback myself. I was not sure what to make of it. I decided to take a wait and see attitude. Will is human and subject to irritation, depression, pain, bad judgement, alcohol and BB strategy and I do not know if I could be under the pressure they are and not blow occasionally.

Until Will is out I am in charge of this site and I am going to allow some of the negative items to be posted because I think Will would not have a problem with that. Everyone is entitled to an opinion even if it is a wrong one. Couple of things you might want to keep in mind before responding. One, this is a game- keep that in mind. Two, we are dealing with real people and real lives not actors and scripts. Three. I am not going to allow crazy negative posts just like I don't allow crazy positive ones.
Nancy- Will's Webmaster "
    ***The portions that are in bold are my doing, not hers. On these points especially, I agree with her 100%.

Will's Awake

6:30pm BBT
Will's up! He just joined the girls in the living room. He's not quite coherent yet, but he definitely has a pulse, so things are getting fun again. Will should have won that "Life of the Party" award on prom night.

Before he arrived, Janie and Erika were discussing their past loves... and Erika told Janie that outside of the house, she'd never be with Boogie - "his lifestyle just isn't conducive to mine..."

Also worthy of mention: the HGs have been on interior lockdown for eons!

We're Here

Hey Everyone. :) We're here.. they're just not really doing much. As of 5pm BBT, Boogie and Erika are doing jedi training, Janie's sleeping, and I'm pretty sure that lump under the covers across the room from Jani means Will is too. As soon as someone fun wakes up, we'll let ya know.

In the meantime, I've been saving this chop I found for a special occasion, but now seems like a good time to bust it out. This is another by the chop-goddess C=Venus. Enjoy. Use it as a focal point. Meditate happy Janie power thoughts on it. ;) As you wish...

5:22pm Janie's awake & out of bed (bonus)... and the lump known as Will is stirring. yayyyy!!!

Janie's got munchies... Erika's in HoH stretching, Boogie's napping (ignoring Erika) in HoH, and Will's still a lump.

    ***Time to wake up and play with Janie, Will. Do something, BB!

George and Danielle on The Early Show

In case you missed the CBS Early Show Friday morning, they featured an interview by Julie Chen with Chicken George and Danielle following Thursday night's show. Who do these former houseguests think will win Big Brother All Stars?

Subtle Slamming

Excerpts from Danielle's Entertainment Weekly interview, where she ever so subtly slams Janelle and Erika...

The final four are essentially two couples. Do you think it's a disadvantage to play this game as a married person, which eliminates flirting as a strategy?I don't know. I'm thankful to be married. I guess if I was single and I was gorgeous and had a hot body, I probably would have used that to my advantage, too. But speaking from a woman's point of view, I prefer to be known as someone who's smart and who used strategy than someone who used my good looks or my sexuality to get further in the game. That's just me. When you look at past reality shows, and past winners, that's the gist. Women are either supposed to be this young sexy thing and win it, or quiet coattail riders. I like a woman to win this show that's just balls-out playing the game hard and smart.

Does it frustrate you that flirty behavior keeps getting rewarded?It kind of does. But it's just what society deems women...when you're a woman who's strategic, conniving, scumbagging, you're considered a bitch. But when a guy does it, oh, he's a mastermind. It's just sad that that's the way society perceives women. But I prefer to be known as a strategic player than to be known for this vixen, dolly, cutesy, sexy woman that got my way through whatever, through flirting with people.

In season 3, it was the evicted contestants seeing all your trash talk about them in the diary room that lost you the game.
Yeah, that and the live feeds, and people who saw them influencing the ex-houseguests' votes. This time, I don't know....When Erika said, ''Everyone's scared to death of you, no one can beat you in the end,'' it was a slap in the face. Damn! I gotta go stab somebody or slap somebody!

Other than winning more HOH's, is there anything you could have done differently that might have kept you in the house longer?
I don't think I could have done anything differently. A lot of people said you knew Chill Town was gonna do this or that, but Chill Town kept me in the game longer than I needed to be. They threw that POV for me, we worked together, we got Will to do some conniving, so it really helped me get far in the game. I'm not gonna curse my blessings.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE

They're Up!

9:30am BBT
BUG ROOM - Will and Janie
Janie and Will are awake, kinda.
Will: Hi.
Janie: Hi.
Will: Are you ok?
Janie: Yeah
Will: Where are you going?
Janie: To the backyard.
Will: Oh, ok.

FLAMES (3 minutes)

Janie goes to the backyard, checks on her laundry, finds what she's looking for and comes back to bed.

HOH ROOM - Boogie
He's awake, lying in bed listening to music.

Creepy Feeling

Hey Everyone :) It seems as if the whole internet has gone kaflooey this morning... In terms of site meters, which is how people like me check site hits, to make sure we're not talking to ourselves. Since you guys have been coming in droves - just about 5,000 yesterday alone - that's not really such a worry anymore, but... the meter shows nothing since 4am... creepy. I checked some of the other top 20 bb sites, and they are all having the same issue, so at least I know we're not alone in this. Do me a favor, take a minute and leave a message or a comment... it's the only way we know you're actually here and reading until the glitch works itself out.

Thanks :)

Mini Report

Will and Janie were up talking till a little after 4am... just nice amiable stuff, with the occasional flirt thrown in for good measure. At the moment, 7am BBT, everyone is still sleeping. The following clips are just for fun...

Will Spins Janelle and Hugs her from behind...
Yeah Will... It's all in her head. Where does she get the crazy notion you want more?

Janie Hops into bed with Will...
He freaks, as usual.

With less than 2 weeks left, the rest of the season is free on the feeds. Now's a great time to get your feet wet, so to speak, and give the feeds a try. You'll never watch Big Brother without 'em again. When the show's over, the choice is yours whether to continue or not...

Here's the link:Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass!

Apples to Oranges (or grapefruit)

Will has an apple and a grapefruit layed out on the counter in the storage room letting it symbolize his and Janelle's relationship. The apple is the game and the grapefruit is their personal relationship.

Will takes the fruit and goes to the kitchen and puts it on the bar. He picks up the apple.

Will: This apple is a joke. I really dont care about the apple. And what more can I do to help you understand that I will help in the game. The grapefruit is another story. I didn't know I was go to have such good grapefruit in the house.

***What I get from this convo is..he could care less about the game but the personal relationship he does. He promises her he is voting out Erica and so far this seems to be the one truth he has told, but who knows!

You listen and be the judge!

Outside, I can hear Erika and Boogie

Erika: What do you think Erin is gonna do?
Boogie: Everytime, they say they ( Will and Janelle) are just whispering, but it's more.
Erika: If you were Erin would you understand?
Boogie: You have to give him the benefit of the doubt. You know that's part of Will's schtick.
Erika: I have a feeling her boyfriend doesn't even know she's on the show.

Back in the kitchen

Will explains what he has done behind Janelle's back.(Well, some of it!!)

A while later...

In Will's infinite wisdom, he asks Janelle to come up the HoH and take her shower while he is taking his bath, and keep him company.
They start up the stairs and he says, "don't get weird on me".

***Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this the same woman he called crazy for chasing him last night? If Janelle gets out of Will's site, he goes crazy!!

Will puts on a puppet show in the bath. Even Boogie comes in to watch for a while. Then, the houseguests decide to go to bed early the one night I can actually be awake to watch!!!

Janelle and Will are in the bedroom.

Will: Tell me a story.

Janelle tells him a story about a trip she took to Greece.

Will: Tell me about the best entertainment job you ever had.
Janelle: I played the role of a hot girl in a movie with Jennifer Aniston. It was a very small part but I was included in the credits and was paid well.

She asks Will to tell her an entertainment story. He tells her about the Dr. 90210 show he is doing. He says it will resume filming as soon as he gets out of the house.


When the feeds return, it looks like all of the HGs are in bed except for Erika. She is outside by herself on the red couch. She doesnt look happy at all.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ho Ho Ho


Will: I want to win and make a great show.(think he is referring to the PoV)
Boogie: Do you want to win it or Janelle to win it?
Will: I want to unless you want Janelle to win it and we send Erika to the jury?
Boogie: Yeah I think that would be good.
Will: Yea then I take Erika out and you don't look like the hitman, the diary room is like are you worried about Boogie putting you up, when Erika won HoH I told Erika to make you sweat and then I looked at you and I said I don't know man.
Boogie: I'm like WHAT?
Will: That was funny man!

Boogie: Another reason Erika needs to go is that she's an endurance freak, she was like "I can hold it for a month".
Will: You never want to tell anyone that.

Boogie: Can you imagine if we send Erika home and then I act all surprised and make it look I had no idea. Then you flirt Janelle off the last HoH comp endurance thing.
Will: I know, once we got Kaysar out the door we kicked butt.
Boogie: We came in with shirts and hats.
Will: This was not a secret alliance you had every opportunity to get us out. We told you we hated you to your face. You guys kept Will , nine to nothing, and he didn't even campaign for a single vote.

Will: I think we are getting a little ahead of ourselves and getting a little cocky.
Boogie: I'm not.
Will: We seem to be gloating, what happens if we leave for the POV (thinking they Will go to football game) and they talk and figure it out?
Boogie: You haven't won a thing, everyone is in awe of Janelle.

Now Will is saying that he thinks they are leaving for 2 days of football.

Boogie: Janelle fuckin' hates her and she won't spill anything to Erika.

Janelle comes out, Will goes over and whispers in her ear again, she goes inside.

Will: We are going to be roasted by the press and the fans. It doesn't affect your life.
Boogie: It doesn't , you have a perception of that, you are anonymous in your world.
Will: You are thinking I'm anonymous in my world... my world is so bland but the tiny sprinkle...
Boogie: It's two fun guys.
Will: I think my infomercials are running nationally, hopefully people forgive funny.
Boogie: That's exactly what it is.
Will: Danielle looked like a psycho, you don't want people saying in the DR that you are a psycho and showing the ringing the doorbell.

Erika comes out.

Will: I'm worried about my career and life out of here.
Erika: Based on what?
Will: The diary room. I'm hoping it's being skewed funny and not malicious. How was the diary room?
Erika: They don't want me. (BB called her to the DR earlier, but she was asleep)
Will: You were sleeping.
Erika: They don't want me now.

Erika leaves.

Will: In the diary room they said what do you want for Christmas? I said I already got a trampoline and 2 gorgeous girls with big breasts on the trampoline what more can I ask for? Then I said HO HO HO...I guess I hit my mark on that one.

They laugh about calling the girls Ho's. Here is a short clip.

Will: Internet where are your picks now? Oh Boogie I didn't think of that, America's picks vs producer's picks.
Boogie: It's good vs. evil.
Will: That's my eviction speech. You wanted good vs. evil, you got it. You're evicted.

***Updated with new video clip!

Boogie: What does Janelle think is going to happen if you win HoH?
Will: We haven't discussed it. She doesn't seem to care if we get rid of her.
Boogie: She's competitive by nature.
Will: But her strategy is weak. She says James went against us 3 times if he does it 2 more times...
Boogie: Do you think the glory to her doesn't matter?
Will: Yea it doesn't. Of those two, Erika will hold the key for a week but Janelle would much rather have a doctor boyfriend than the money.
Boogie: That's why Erika really has to go tomorrow.
Will: I would rather this be Chicken George or Diane but it can't be any other way. I'm worried about Erika seeing the show.
Boogie: Oh and her brother, you know. Erika genuinely wants something after this.
Will: If you win you are going to have something after this. I'll make sure of it, you guys move to Atlanta.

Boogie: I think this is going to be, if one of the girls goes nicely if we can send one out. I feel the jury will vote for the best player. Howie and Marci are ho's. No one can fuck with us on q/a. The Howie eviction was the best thing that could happen, it diffused onto the others,
Will: I think that PoV is worth discussing. Let's focus on you getting married to Erika. Tonight is the time you tell her that I will bow out of 3rd place.
Boogie: I told her what is cool about Will, he just wants to go back to his girlfriend.

Erica's Blog

I want to start off my blog by thanking all the people that voted me back into the BIG BROTHER house. I was truly shocked and very flattered that you wanted to see me as part of a BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS cast. I really appreciate you all giving me this opportunity again and I hope that I have not let you down.

This has been a very difficult season for me....MUCH harder than the first time around. My rib injury set the tone for how difficult this was going to be for me. I was in pain for a good two weeks, plus I was also on SLOP which made it much more difficult. By the way, The SLOP is HORRIBLE!!!!! I have lost a tremendous amount of weight because of the two weeks that I was on it. To make matters worse this week we are only allowed to eat meat this week which will only make me lose MORE weight!!! UGH!! I can't win!! :(

I really miss my LIFE. This house really gives you a greater appreciation for all of them. I know my brother Derek is probably going crazy!!! I know how stressful it must be for him to continually see me on the block!!! I know he is my number one fan along with my mom and I ALWAYS think of the last thing he said to me before they took me away. He said, "Go win it this time." I really hope I can.

Well, I know I don't have to explain any of my strategic moves to you all since you see I'm signing off!!

Thanks again!

Ice Cream Treat

Boogie has been alone in the HoH, listening to music.

Will, Janelle and Erika are hanging out in the kitchen.

Janelle is getting ice cream. She tells Will that she wants to eat it off his abs. Will declines and asks her why. Janelle says because he has the best abs in America. Janelle asks Will if Erika would join her if it would be ok. He pretends he doesn't want to, but you can tell he is thrilled with the, of course....he gives in.

Boogie comes out of the HoH room and sees them! He looked sad that he was left out!

***Is there anyone that would want to eat ice cream off Boogie's abs?!! Ewww!

***Video Just Added!!***

Nomination Spoiler


Not that it is a shock, but Boogie has nominated Janelle and Erika! Or at least that is how it appears. Since the feeds came back on, no one has said a word about the nominations. Erika looks extremely pissed! If I am incorrect, I apologize...but I seriously doubt I am!

Will She or Wont She

2:35pm BBT
We've had flames for the past half hour now, so I *thought* nominations were afoot. Apparently, I thought wrong. Flames cut out to reveal Janie, in between Will and Boogie in the HoH bed, and Erika downstairs in the Red Room, also napping.

There's no hanky panky going on, just a bed built for 3... ;)

FYI, Will and Janie appear to be back on very level ground. While the boys seem to have been working both sides of the fence today, keeping Erika happy, they also seem to be more truly alligned with Janie... Especially when talking about Erika, the new name Will created for her, while in a DR session with Janie last night, "Scrubika" ... and mostly, Boogie talking about his DR session where's he's like, "I'm going to hell... this chick thinks she's gonna have my baby... she wants to move to Atlanta with me... I'm goin' to hell." Also, the boys likely feel that Janie is Will's only true ticket to safety after the Veto Comp, so it's in their best interest as Chilltown to keep her over Erika.

Here's what I'm wondering. Should either of the women win the Veto, will either of them do what's truly necessary to break up Chilltown, once and for all? Boogie's game would crumble without Will. Frankly, I'd hate to see Will go, just for sheer entertainment value, as well as the incredible game he's played, but in order for Erika to stand a chance in the F2, and to a lesser degree, Janie too, Will has to be removed. Not that I think either will do it.

The only way I can see it happening is if Erika wins Veto, and gets more nervous about being taken to the final 2 in the "bro's before ho's" scenario, than she is about Janelle being a competition goddess.

And you?

By the way.. it's now 3pm BBT, and they're all still napping.

3:15pm, Will got up to go to the bathroom, went downstairs to do it, and crawled back into bed... but in the Ant Room.

Erika Heard It All

BACKYARD - Will, Boogie, Janie, Erika
12:55pm BBT
They're talking about possibility of football game as luxury comp....
Erika goes inside, in search of food. After waiting a couple minutes to make sure she's in to stay a while....

Will, Boogie and Janie talk about the conversation/argument between Will and Janie in the storage room last night that Erika overheard - listening intently at the door.

Will: SO Erika heard that whole conversation.
Boogie: She said something to you?
Will: yeah.
Boogie: What'd she say?
Will: She was like, "I heard a lot of that...
Boogie: Does she have concerns?
Will: Yeah, she was just like, look, I know you guys are trying to get me out...
Will laughs.
Janie giggles.
Boogie: But, I mean, did she say it in the context of all 3 of us?
Will: Nah.. I was just like, well.. I don't know what I said...
Boogie: Did you tell her you were just saying that?
Will: I was like, we were drunk, we were having an argument...
Boogie: When was that?
Will: Last night.
Boogie: I mean when did she say it last night?
Will: (inaudible)

With less than 2 weeks left, the rest of the season is free on the feeds. Now's a great time to get your feet wet, so to speak, and give the feeds a try. You'll never watch Big Brother without 'em again. When the show's over, the choice is yours whether to continue or not...

Here's the link:Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass!

And They're Up!

11:30am BBT
KITCHEN AREA - Erika, Boogie, Will, Janie
Erika and Boogie have been up for a while now.

BB just woke up Janie and Will.

Will: (to Janelle) Do you know who cleaned the kitchen counter?
Janie: (shakes head no)
Will: When are you going to where this, Boogie.

Will is referring to the leather Chilltown outfit that BB has left for Boogie...

Boogie: probably a few times over the next week. POV maybe.

Will wandering aimlessly from room to room, searching for something...

Janelle: did you find it?
Will: No... I blame it on you. Are you mad at me today?
Janelle: No...

Janelle brushes her teeth.
Erika just went downstairs (carying something pink??)

Will: Boogie, did they send you anything else from Hi Lo?
Boogie: There was some stuff in the room last night, and they brought some more stuff this morning.
Will: The producers can say whatever they want, but if you come into a show with your own alliance, and you bring a leather outfit, you are in the final four.
Will: Please tell me you have't worn that in the past 5 years.
Will: Erika, what do you think of the shirt?
Erika: I love it!
Will: It's hilarious, no?

Janelle just came outside with her cereal.

BACKYARD - Will, Janie, Erika, Boogie
They've been sitting silently on the couch together for quite a while now.
Boogie and Erika are by the hot tub.
Janie: Hi Will.
Will: You were mean to me yesterday. I'm still sad.
Janie: I wasn't mean to you. You were mean to me.

And silence... neither looks mad though... just a bit hung over and kinda mopey.

Boogie and Erika are rehashing last night.. still bowled over by the whole thing.
Boogie: That was a very impressive move by prod'n.
Boogie: I guess they figure the shock value impresses the audience.

12:14pm BBT
Will: How're you doin'?
    ***he sounds exhausted still...

Janie: I'm gonna smoke a cigarette.
    ***happy tone to her voice
    they're both tenderfooting around eachother this "morning."

Will: You Wanna play? (cards)
Janelle: yeah... But only if you want to...
Will: With you? Always. (pause)
Janelle: Thanks, Will
    ***aaahhhh... it may be bs, but i'll take bs flirting and niceness over war and agression any day.

Janelle: I hope there's America's Choice this week.
Will: Me too. I can't wait to go somewhere with you.
Janelle: You might get it. They like you, Will.
Will: If there's America's Choice, you've got it, hands down.

Female Insomnia

Janelle had a very rough night last night. Even after finally going to bed around 3am, having made peace with Will - to some degree - she woke up again at 4:30am, and went outside to sit and smoke and do some solo Jedi training. You could hear her mentioning the names of every HG that was evicted, in order, what the votes were, how many comps each won, etc... Occassionally she'd shake her head no, and correct herself.

This goes on for an hour and fifteen minutes. Finally, at 5:45am, Janie goes inside and gets to bed.

So from 5:45 to 6:20am, we have nothing but sleeping HGs.

At 6:20, Erika wakes up, and goes through pretty much the same routine as Janelle just did - trying to prepare for the veto comp... sitting on the couch outside smoking, staring at the memory wall, etc...

Each of these women has her Chilltown boy-toy, but both also know deep down that all they really have is themselves, and whichever one of them loses veto is going home...

More Videos...

Pretty Dope Final Four...

Final Four Toast...

Final Four, Getting into the Jacuzzi...

The beginning of the Will/Janie Fight...

Janelle Leaves the Hot Tub.. now Will
s Pissed...

The Night In Video

Here is the post HoH comp night in video... Next up: transcribed overnights.

Will and Janie talking about Veto, after Boogie Wins HoH...

Will talking to Boogie and Erika about their future baby...

Janie and Erika bonding over baby names...

More baby talk...

People getting frisky in the hot tub...

Will and Janelle talk it over in the shower.

Will and Janie in the Storage Room Making up, Part One...

Will and Janelle, Storage Room Make Up, Part 2...

Will Reverts

***Transcript added below.

Good morning. I just woke up... Before I get going with the written Overnight's, I feel the need to do just a bit of foreshadowing via this video clip... just so you're all prepared.

This is not the entire rant... but quite a lot of it.
Will - alone in the backyard, after his fight with Janelle (minor fight, really), which led to her getting out of the jacuzzi, sitting silent on the couch for a while, then going inside.

"It's like, I can't even fake a showmance with her, because she's so crazy, she refuses to accept no for an answer. Agreed, I'm incredibly likeable, but she refuses...

Honestly, I'm not that likeable.. What is she doing? She's ruining my life. I have an amazing life, an amazing girlfriend. She's trying to infiltrate my life. She's trying to ruin my life! Not maliciously, but...
Janelle has lost her mind. Oh my god!!

Am I being punked? Is this the most elaborate punk'd in history?
There is no way you guys put in a crazy psychotic blond woman in here to try to ruin my life... Operation Double Date was a joke! It was a joke! Oh my god, I started a joke that set the whole world crying.

____ ___ ____. I hate myself."

    ***I've listened to the last 2 sentences far too many times now... And I can't make out the second to last. Can you?

Thursday, August 31, 2006

How To Cancel Superpass

How to Cancel Your Live Feed Subscription

First, make sure to cancel before the end of your billing cycle.

Call 1-866-212-1343 to cancel, or...

We recommend using: Live Chat
1. They will say, "How can I help you today?"
2. Tell them you'd like to cancel your superpass subscription.
3. They will access your account, and ask you the reason you are cancelling.
4. Give a reason. I always say, "Big Brother's over. See ya next year." :)

It takes just a moment for them to process the cancellation, and then you're all done.

Quite soon after you've finished the above process, you'll receive a notice to your account saying:
"Your membership is currently active and, as you requested, will be cancelled at the end of the current billing period. You can continue to enjoy your Member benefits at Real Guide until then."

And you will receive a confirmation email.:
"Thank you for contacting the Real Customer Support Center. This e-mail confirms the cancellation of your subscription to SuperPass as of 09/06/2006. Please note that although your subscription will remain active until 10/01/2006, you will not incur any additional charges from the date of cancellation."

If you encounter any difficulties at all, please call:
Customer Support at 1-866-585-4541
During regular business hours.

New HoH Spoiler

HoH Spoiler
Mike Boogie
is the new HoH

Oddly enough, he still looks shell shocked.

Odds on, hell nominate Janelle and Erika.

May the best woman win.


Wow, what an incredible live show. I've been sitting here stunned for the past 2 hours now... The HGs are shell shocked, but they're starting to come out of it. Just starting.

The next HoH comp will be tonight. It will likely begin at around 9:00pm BBT.

8pm BBT
Boogie: Are you guys not still a little jittery.
Will: Yeah!
Erika: Yeah!
Boogie: Just wanted to make suire it's not just me.
Erika: My heart is still pounding.

The HGs don't think Janelle can play for HoH. Here's hoping BB throws them one more curve ball tonight. ;)

8:25pm BBT
BB (Michael): Hey Houseguests.
HGs: Michaaael.


Methinks an HoH comp is afoot. I'll keep ya posted.

9:30pm BBT
Can't be too much longer now.


West Coast
and Unbelievable Preemption
Spoilers Below!!

1st Eviction Spoiler

By a vote of
3 to 0
has been Evicted.

HoH Comp Spoiler
Has won the HoH Competition
Janelle nominated
George & Erika

The Veto Comp Winner is
Erika has opted to use the veto
to take herself off the block.
Janelle has nominated
in place of Erika.

The second HG evicted this evening is
Chicken George
by a unanimous vote

The final 4 HoH Winner is...
Not gonna happen during the live show!

to be continued...

it Takes All Kinds

15 minutes before the LIVE show airs, and one of our younger myspace friends just sent us this message: "ok, who won? "

We're good, but we're not that good! lol.

Just wanted to let everyone know we will be posting spoilers as they happen tonight... Check back often, and tell your friends. ;)

What's Your Take?

With 2 hours and 15 minutes to go before the live show, what's your take on the evening's events? Please leave your numbered responses in the comments section here on the blog.
  1. Who will be evicted first?
  2. Who will win the 1st HoH comp?
  3. Who will win Veto (assuming that's how it's gonna go down)?
  4. Who will be evicted 2nd?
  5. Who will win the HoH at the end of the show, thereby ending up with an HoH room?
  6. Do you have a different idea of how tonight will play out? Please share it here.

Pre-Emptions Reminder

Pre-emptions reminder. If you live in any of the cities listed below, now's the time to make arrangements. If you live elsewhere, please check your local listings to be sure.

If you are going to miss the biggest show this season, now would be a great time to take advantage of the 2 weeks free from real, and get Superpass for free for the rest of the BB season. When you load the player, just enter the chat rooms, and get the play by play of the live show, as it's happening... someone's always doing one. Funny, most of us consider it an annoyance, but tonight, those transcribers are going to get applause. Here's the link for the free feeds: Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass!

KBSD Dodge City, KS - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
KBSH Hays, KS - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
KBSL Goodland, KS - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
KCNC Denver, CO - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
KCTV Kanasas CIty, MO - will instead air on Friday at 12:37 AM
KEYC Mankato, MN - will instead air on Saturday at 10:35 PM
KEYE Austin, TX - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
KGAN Cedar Rapids, IA - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
KHSL Chico, CA - will instead air on Saturday at 7:00 PM
KSPS Palm Springs, CA - will instead air on Thursday at 10:00 PM
KWCH Wichita, KS - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
WBNS Columbus, OH - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WFMY Greensboro, NC - will instead air on Friday at 2:30 AM
WFOR Miami, FL - will air on WBFS (UPN33) on Thursday at 8:00 PM
WHP Harrisburg, PA - unknown airing time
WIBW Topeka, KS - will instead air on Friday at 1:37 AM
WIFR Rockford, IL - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
WJMN Escanaba, MI - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WNEM Saginaw, MI - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WSBT South Bend, IN - will instead air on Saturday at 7:00 PM
WSEE Erie, PA - will instead air on Friday at 3:07 AM
WSPA Spartanburg, SC - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WTAJ Altoona, PA - unknown airing time
WTEV Jacksonville, FL - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WTVH Syracuse, NY - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WUSA Washington, DC - will instead air on Friday at 2:37 AM
WHP Harrisburg, PA - will instead air on Saturday at 7:00 PM

More on Evacuation

MSNBC News Services
Updated: 3 minutes ago
LOS CABOS, Mexico - Luxury hotels sent foreign tourists home Thursday as powerful Hurricane John took aim at Mexicos Baja California peninsula, and the government ordered 10,000 local residents into shelters.

At least three hotels in the posh Los Cabos resort, popular with U.S. tourists and famed for its beaches and golf courses, arranged flights home for tourists before the storm hits on Friday.

We are evacuating everyone, said Mithza Velazquez, concierge at the beachfront Hilton Hotel in Los Cabos.

John is a Category 3 hurricane, packing sustained winds of 125 mph and stronger gusts. The U.S. National Hurricane Center forecast the storm will make a direct hit on the resort.

We are trying to evacuate as many guests as possible, said Martin Guillen, spokesman of the Casa del Mar hotel, next to the Hilton in Los Cabos.

We are trying to convince people that they should leave for their own safety, he said in an interview. The vast majority have changed their flights and are leaving today.

Mexican residents of low-lying areas of Los Cabos will also be evacuated from their homes on Thursday, by force if necessary, said Jose Gajon, head of civil protection for the state of Baja California Sur.

Those who do not want to leave will be taken away by the army, Gajon said. The number to be evacuated could rise.

Will Gumby Chop

C=Venus strikes again with another terrific chop. This one features Boogie and Will as Pokey and Gumby. Will's Gumby, dammit. I know how much you've loved seeing these chops all season, and I have great news: you can support the artist! For BB merchandise & signed Janelle chops go to:

What's Goin' On

Happy Flame Day, everyone. Since we're only getting the occassional break from flames and trivia today, here's what I've seen lately...

Georgie's packing... again...

The rest of the HGs are playin' cards.

Meanwhile, in the backyard... A quick glimpse of the HoH or

Veto Comp set-up.


These 2 photos have nothing to do with today.. I just thought they were too pretty not to share.. These were taken yesterday when Erika was doing her HoH pics. Will and Janie hamming it up for camera...

Sequester Evacuation

As Hurricane John grows in strength and intensity, it seems the HGs in the Sequester House will very likely be evacuated quite soon, if they haven't been already. The storm is forecast to strike Friday as a Category 3 or 4 - it's very serious. We wish the houseguests and the people of the peninsula godspeed.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Please see Carla's earlier post on the Sequester House for more information on the location and specifics. FYI, the sequester house is a 20 minute drive from Cabo San Lucas.

On a side note, I'm really hoping not to see a single inch of footage with Marcellas complaining about the new accommodations - no matter what they are. A girl can hope, right?

Dead Man Walking

As of 10:00am BBT, all the HGs are still sleeping, so here are a couple of video clips from last night. Enjoy...

Will is Ruthless.

Hogs Go to Slaughter
Dead Man Walking

Make sure to check your local listings for tonight's episode. It's being pre-empted in so many markets, it's nuts - biggest show of the season, and 1/2 the fan base can't see it?! For those of you who have the feeds, people tend to transcribe the whole show in something of a simulcast in the chat rooms while the show is on - so at least there's that. If you don't have the feeds and want them, they are free at this point, after all - here's the link: Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass!

He's Probably Lying

Will owns the t-shirt: I'm probably lying. At this point, the question is, to whom? Here are the overnights from last night. Will did a good job of smoothing things with Boogie... but I still wonder if he's lying to him, even though he addressed the internet on the subject directly... he did it in front of Boogie, so...

10:35pm BT
HoH ROOM - Will and Boogie
Boogie: I'm concerned about your relationship with Janelle.
Will: I understand... but it's important that we be sweet to the girls. We've worked hard on operation double date. We can't stop now.
Will: I trust Janelle 100%, because Janelle thinks stuff is happening after the show.
Boogie asks what they whisper about.
Will: I say things about after the show, but when it goes too far, I say I can't talk about it.
Will: Sorry internet. I love Erin Brodie, I'm sorry, it's just a strategy, baby. Will: Erika says she might need to go after me later on, whereas Janelle says she wants Erika out and then Chicken George.

10:44pm BBT
Will is still trying to convince Boogie that Janelle is the best one to keep.
Will: Janie is 100% with us. She will take us to the final 3.
Boogie is worried about it.
Boogie: I think she'll flip.
Boogie: I want to work with Chicken George.
Will: I don't think Janelle will flip for any reason.


Boogie: I asked Erika if she wanted me to be with her like you are with Janelle... She said "no, because what we have is real."

Boogie laughs at the idea of that.

Will continues pushing that they need to continue to work the girls, but that Janie is the keeper.

    *** As much as I'm hoping Will is working Boogie at this point, I feel deep down that is not the case. Uch.

Everyone's together for a few hours, so no more strategy till...

1:43am BBT
BACKYARD - Janie, Will, Boogie

Will: If James was your friend, why would he throw the veto comp?

Will and Boogie are very critical of James & Kaysar's game. Janie is

Will: When we said we were voting out Howie, James said, "Cool, I want to throw him a vote." I said, "whatever dude".
Janie: Wait, why would he do that?

    ***Remember this moment, Janie. It's the first time they've let on about the legion of doom, and likely the last... Remember it, and use it.

Will recovers, glosses over his gaffe, and continues rehashing other evictions.

1:50am BBT
Will tells Janelle, foreshadowing...
Will: remember, I was voted the heartbreaker.

They do a bit of Jedi training, drilling eachother about the pre-show questionnaires:
favorite movies, colors, authors, etc.

They begin discussing how the other HGs will be so surprised that Janie is working with Chilltown.
Will: Marci, Howie, and James will be shocked when Dani walks in the door of sequester.
Will: It will slowly dawn on people... just a little too late. Marci will begin to realize it, and be shocked.
Janie: I think we should make the announcement in the last DR before Final 3.

Will: Did you know Howie was dead weight?
Janie: I did, but I didn't care.

Will and Boogie explain why Kaysar got voted out instead of James.
Janie: Why did Chicken George tell Kaysar that he was going to vote for him?
Will: Probably because he'd never been approached for his vote before, and he just didn't want Kaysar to feel bad.
Will: Boogie and I would have voted for Kaysar to stay, but without one more vote, we didn't have the votes. Dani controlled all the votes against Kaysar, because she wanted James to stay.

2:06am BBT
Discussion has moved to the mances: homance, showmance, etc.
Boogie: Did you say in the DR that Erika and I were a Ho-mance?
Will: I don't use that term, because it's mean. I used fauxmance instead.
Janie: Do you call our relationship a fauxmance too?
Will: Ours I call a flirt-mance.
Someone asks what a homance is anyhow.
Janie: Amanda.
Will: It's girl who hooks up with a guy, and the guy doesn't even vote for her.
Janie: Why are you smiling, Boogie? Have you had sex with Erika?!
Boogie: To me, sex and fondling of genitals is the same thing.

    ***no need to go any further with this conversation. You get the picture. With his willingness to use and trash Erika, Boogie is the human embodiment of what people hate most about l.a.

2:18am BBT
BACKYARD - Will, Janie, Boogie
They're rehashing old Howie and James stories. The rest of the house is asleep or falling asleep.

Dani walks out, gets a glass of gatorade and goes back inside.

Will: Dead man walking.

They go back to making fun of James, especially his tapered pajamas.

Will: I just wish that he had been as cool as he was the last night he was here.

2:30am BBT
They're talking about how much Dani and Erika are smoking, and how badly Dani's going to be edited, since she's hiding behind the couch.

Will: I wonder if Janie's no longer America's Choice, now that she's friends with Chilltown.
Boogie: Maybe it's the other way around... that people like Chilltown more now that Janie is working with us.

    ***Bingo, Boogie. Just don't hurt our girl,
    and everything will be fine.

Will: (to Janie and Boogie) I am ruthless inside the house. I am very loyal to my alliance. This alliance is tight.
Will: (to Janie) Outside the house, if you need a favor or anything, I am always willing to help.
Will: Inside the game, however, I am ruthless.

The discussion moves on to how people behaved as they were leaving the house.

Will: I totally respect James saying good-bye by shaking everyone's hand and telling them that they got him.

Will: I was wearing my "I'm probably lying" t-shirt when Kaysar asked me if I was voting to keep him. I told him I was, and when he walked away, I turned to the camera and pointed to my shirt.
Janelle: Stop making fun of my friends.
Will: It's just to make a good show.

Will, Janie and Boogie head inside to go to bed...

After about 20 minutes, they're all sleeping. Then Erika wakes up.

She's the only one up in the house and she's awake for hours. Erika's gonna have a rough time with the POV coming tonight...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Janie's Up!

8:30pm BBT
Backyard - Everyone
Yayyy! Janie's up. Time to turn on the feeds!
Janie's just gotten up from her nap. Will, George and Boogie are in the hot tub. Erika, Danielle and Janie are on the red couches. As everyone's together in the same space, there's no strategizing going on just now, but here's a clip from last night. Seems I missed something after all.

This is Will and Janie, last night, right before they went to bed at 3:30am BBT...

A Will Sandwich

HoH picture taking with Erika, Will, Janie and Boogie. Very cute, fun video.

How bummed is everyone going to be if Will maintains loyalty to Boogie and somehow gets rid of Jani... They are so fun to watch.

Time's Running out

3:00pm BBT
HOH ROOM - Janie, Will, Erika
Janie and Will are under the covers, Erika's sitting on the side of the bed. They're playing cards. They look so good together...

BACKYARD - Boogie & Danielle
Boogie's whining more about Janie and Will's relationship. Dani's thinking she's safe.

Here's the link to
get the rest of the season free
on the feeds:
Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass!

When it's over, the choice is yours, whether to continue the subscription or not...

Secret Video Tribute

The Real Deal strikes again. This tribute to Will and Janie is set to the Beatles. Make sure you listen all the way to the end... funny stuff.

Mid Afternoon Report

1:10pm BBT
BACKYARD - Will, Janie, Boogie
They're talking about Dani going home. Boogie and Will tell Janie not to listen to anything Danielle says tonight. They're certain she is going to be running around causing havoc. No doubt she'll make Erika cry again.
Boogie: Just ignore anything she says.
Will: Just tell her you're coming after Chilltown next week.
Will: As long as Chicken George doesn't win HoH, we'll all be fine.

Erika comes out to take some pictures. She sets up the shot with Will, Janie and Boogie, but it isnt' to be...
Boogie: i don't want to be in it... Not even in the background.
Erika: I'm just setting up the shot, Mike. Geez. Calm down.

Dani, behind the couch.
    I didn't see her come out, so i don't know if she was there all along, but she's far enough away from Janie and the boys, that she wouldn't have heard them anyhow...

George is on the couch. He gets startled by her.

George: You should hide there and wait for people to come out and talk strategy...
The next all stars wont be until 2025...
Danielle: I would never do this game again. You couldn't pay me enough. My stress level is through the roof. I can't take it anymore. I just can't.


2pm BBT
Upstairs outside
Cards, Flirting, and whispering...

HoH Bed

Guess who. ;)

Boogie Jealous?

11:00-11:30am BBT
BACKYARD - Dani and Boogie
Dani: Are you guys keeping me?
Boogie: Yeah.
Dani: You would tell me if you weren't, right?
Boogie: Of course.
Boogie: Is it the Wednesday nervousness?
Dani: Yeah. That's what it is.

Boogie's worried about Will and Janie's relationship.

Boogie: I know how it started with him, but I think he really likes her now.
Boogie: I don't think he would do that to me.
    ***I do... at least I hope so.

Boogie: It's just that they are becoming more & more detatched from the rest of thehouse.
Dani: Yeah. They're becoming closer.

Will is up and moving around.

Chicken George is cooking in the kitchen.

Boogie and Dani are still in the backyard.

Boogie: It would feel right if me, Will, you or Janie won the game. I just don't feel like Erika or Chicken George should win.

They talk about the jury.

Dani: I really don't think Marcellas will hold things against Chilltown, because he told me before he left, that if he goes out then at least he goes out by the best.

Boogie: I'm playing for 2nd. If I get first, that's the icing on the cake.
Dani: That's what I did in my season.

Dani: Janelle asked me if she should trust Chilltown. I don't understand why.

Boogie tells Dani about last night up in the room, with all the whispering right in front of him... – he doesn’t get it.

They discuss Chicken George...
Dani: Janie and Erika are both taking him to the final 2. Erika is positive she can beat Chicken George in endurance, but i told her, no chance.
Boogie: Erika would be crazy to go against Janelle in the finals. No one is going to beat her in the finals.
Dani: If Will is in the finals, then he is going to get a lot of votes. If Janelle is in the jury, and if Will and Boogie are in the finals, she is going to vote for him.
Dani: Will is playing the exact same game that he played in season 2: manipulating people and not winning competitions.
Boogie: Will could be playing me. I don't know.

BB: Houseguests. This is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass doors.

End of Game talk... for now.

Wednesday Morning

Seems I went to bed only a few minutes before the HGs last night, so I really didn't miss much, and neither did you. ;) At the moment, 9:45am BBT, Boogie's awake and in the backyard working out. He looks a bit disturbed. Probably still sore about last night - he got rather insecure about all the whipering. Can't really blame him though - considering his BB history with Will. Erika got up for a couple minutes, then went back to bed. All the other HGs are still sleeping.

As you will see by the posts below, last night was HOT in the BB house. With less than 2 weeks to go before the show ends, I can't think of a single reason not to take full advantage of the 2 weeks free from real, and watch the rest of the season on the feeds for free! Can you?

Here's the link to
get the rest of the season free
on the feeds:
Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass!

When it's over, the choice is yours, whether to continue the subscription or not...

Matchpoint Chop

While I check through and organize anything I might have missed when I went to bed at 3am BBT, please enjoy the latest photo-chop from C=Venus. She's terrific at what she does!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

4some in HoH Bed

Will and Janie laid down and were having a little snooze in the HoH bed... all that flirting must be exhausting. Then Erika and Boogie came in and told them to take off. Instead, they said they'd scoot over... This worked for about 2 minutes... So, there were 4 in the bed, and the little one said....

Ultimately, Will excused himself to get some water, and when he was gone more than a couple minutes, Janie left the bed to give Mike and Erika some privacy, which they took full advantage of - but i'm not posting that video. Anyhow, Janie went out to the backyard to join Will, drinking water, George and Dani. A little while later on, Janie good naturedly confronts him about deserting the 4some bed... And here's that video:

Last but certainly not least, a nod where it is due: TRD2000 has been on fire tonight! As we always say here on bb7dish, TRD ROCKS!!! We're both VERY happy and fortunate and grateful he's still doing his thing...

Secrets VIDEOS

Janie and Will in the HoH bed... for quite a long time... during which there were flames. My only question is this: before flames, Janie was in her Silky Grey PJs. After flames, she's in red. What happened in between?

Boogie wont go away, and he's become VERY jealous and insecure... hopefully, with good reason.

Boogie's still annoyed, but better.. He fills them in on Erika's telling Dani about Janie's supposed alliance with Erika... Janie and Will are impossibly cute together.

HoH Cuteness continued. Janelle reveals what she said to the producers about Will pre-show. It dawns on Will they've been there 60 days... Both Boogie and Will told work they wouldn't be away more than a couple weeks. Boogie bursts Will's NPH bubble, or tries to.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Must See Videos

These 2 are absolute must see videos!! If you're into the whole Will/Janie "flirt-mance," this is time well spent. Tonight was HOT!!! omg. This takes place immediately following the 5 star dinner... Upstairs outside of the HoH room... which they later enter together for some more privacy.

Dinner VIDEO

10 minutes of video from the 5 star dinner tonight.


Reason # 549 it's nuts to not take advantage of the
2 free weeks of the feeds --
there's only 2 weeks left to the show!!!

Here's the link to
get the rest of the season free
on the feeds:
Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass!

5 Star Dinner

Will and Boogie went up to get Janelle and Erika for their date. Janelle is in a beautiful red dress and Erika looks very nice in a black dress.

Boogie: Where did you get the dresses?
Erika: They are Janelle's.

Will: (to Janelle) You're hot!
Janelle: Thanks Will.

Arm in arm they go outside. Danielle is George's date.

The table is beautiful. They are feasting on steak, lobster, mashed potatoes, salad, bread, wine, champagne and desserts.

Will serves everyone champagne.

Boogie giving a toast.

Boogie: The women look lovely, this has been an incrediable, twice in a live time experience, it's been a rollercoaster, but we have made friends and that's what this game is all about.
Will: I couldn't ask for a better final 6.
Danielle: I love all of you.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the meal. There has been very little conversation other than idle chit chat. Danielle is extremely quite now.

Will: Everyone is on their best behavior because the internet people will be like...uh!
Janelle: Do you think the internet is on right now?
Will: Probably not.

***Sorry Will, you are soooo wrong!
How else would I be blogging and posting these pics?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Caption This

Mike Boogie does present us with some interesting images. 30 minutes before Tuesday show time. How would you caption this one? ;) Bonus points if you remember when it was taken...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wake up Will!

2pm BBT
Janie has just woken up.
Haven't seen Will at all yet.
George is cleaning the kitchen.
Dani & Boogie are out in the backyard playing the movie game...
Erika was with them until a few moments ago.

    ***Wake up, Will!!! I'm dyin' here. Give a tropical storm shut-in something to write about. Sheesh. Come on, Janie. Go snuggle up in bed with him, or something. That'll get him to jump out of his skin - and bed. Idiot. Faithful, but idiot. No... I don't really think he's anything short of brilliant. I'm just bored of Dani and Boogie and the movie game. Wake up, Will!!!

On the bright side, tonight's the 5 star dinner. Everyone's going to get all gussied up, and go as eachother's dates. Should be very fun.
    By the way, I'm using the blog as storm distraction today, so if the posts stop, it's because I've lost power. Fingers crossed.

To be fair, they're all on slop for the day, so the plan was always to sleep it away. I suppose I should be grateful for the folks that are awake.

New Plasma Image

There's something new on the plasma screen. It's like a moving kaleidescope image, or something you'd see at a laser light show... Anyone have any ideas what it could signify?

Here are some images of the HGs looking at it this morning.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I haven't a clue. What do you think?

Crouching Dani, Hidden Camera

The HGs are stirring, but the only one up is Dani, and she's in a bit of a state.

10:15-11:00am BBT

Dani's wearing her robe, sitting in the backyard on the red couch. She's staring off into space. She takes her robe off.

10:20am BBT
Erika just woke up. She exited the HoH room and looked over the railing to see if anyone is up and about - most likely scouting for Dani to avoid another scene. Seeing no one, she goes downstairs and into the Storage Room to change her batteries. Leavng the Storage Room, she peeks out the door in the backyard, then goes back upstairs to the HoH room and bed.

Dani puts her robe back on. She's sitting there with her hands over her mouth. Dani gets up, grabs one of Janie's cigarettes, and goes to her hiding place behind the couch.
    ok, Danielle. We'll play along. We can't see you. Actually, we can, and it looks much weirder to be crouching there - very Alison hiding in the planter feeling.

Danielle is smoking and crying. She's wiping her eyes with her robe. When she finishes the cigarette, she returns to sit on the couch. She's crying really hard... really bawling. She takes off her glasses. She is reading... very likely the letter from her mother, which makes her cry that much harder.

Dani: I have to get the cry out in the morning.

Dani: I can't believe I'm in this position. No one wants to take me to the end in this game. I just can't believe it.

She is crying again, staring up into the sky.

Dani: Well, this is Christmas.
Dani: Sorry, Sarah. I tried to save him, but I couldn't. I tried, I begged.

She sneezes, sniffles. She lays down on her back on the red couch.

11:00am BBT
Perhaps BB is waking up the rest of the House...

11:09am BBT
All feeds show sleeping HGs, although Will and Janie can be heard mumbling to eachother. Nice try BB, no cigar.

Dani is still up and outside.

The Overnights

Good morning! Before you start reading the overnights, I just want to call your attention to the 3 posts after this one.. they're new too... since 5:30am today - I woke up brutally early and decided to go on a video hunt... hard to believe but the HGs were all sleepin' by 2:20am, including Janie!

Oh, also, if there's anyone reading this blog who hasn't gotten the live feeds yet.. What on earth are you waiting for?! Especially now... with the 2 week free deal, the rest of the season is on the house. After that, it's up to you to continue your subscription or not. (me, personally, i call and cancel the day after BB's over, and they always offer me a free month more... go figure) Anyhow, here's the link: Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass!

11:22pm BBT
Continuing her questionable behavior... she speaks to the camera
Dani: Why aren't you calling me in the diary room? Because I'm going home?
she mumbles...

Dani lights a smoke and takes up her smoking spot behind the back of the couch.

    ***where we can't see her. lol. kinda like the boogie man theory i guess... when you were a kid and hid under the covers because the scary things in the night couldn't possibly breech such armor.

She mumbles, "I have to get HoH, so I can evict Erika. "

Poker Game... The HGs enjoy a poker game together from around 12 -1.

Dani: Boogie, come outside with me. I have some good info for you.

They go out.

Dani: When I talked to Erika about how she thinks she can get ahead in the game by putting me up, Erika told me that "This old dog has some new tricks."
Dani: Then she said... She's in a secret alliance with Janie.
Boogie: Awesome.
Dani: Is Chilltown voting to keep me?
Boogie confirms they are.
    ***anything to avoid another night like Sunday!

They go inside.

Boogie finds Will and in the bathroom.
Boogie: (whispering) Dani just told me that Erika and Janie are in a secret alliance. What do you think of that?
Will: Erika is a blabbermouth.

Chicken George walks by. They stop talking and move to the storage room to continue.

Will: I told Janie to go make Erika think that they are in an alliance.
Will: Erika is a blabbermouth. She has to leave next week.
Will: Janie is 100% solid with us.

Boogie and Will agree that it's best if Janie wins HOH this week. Then Chilltown, Chicken George and Janie can go to the final four.

They leave the Storage Room, and Boogie goes to bed.
Will goes to the Bathroom to wait for Janie to finish showering.

08/29/06 01:09 AM
LIVING ROOM - Couches - Will & Janie
Will: ...if we're in Final 3, I'll just walk away.
    ***and I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you...

Janie: You obviously want to be F2 with Boogie.
Will: Just promise me if I step away, you'll win.
Janelle: I promise.
    Then they go crytpic...

Will: Just promise whatever else...
Janie: Just tell me now.
Will: No.
Back and forth, and so on...

1:10am BBT
Living room with Will & Janie, cont'd)
Will: The last few weeks will be hell on earth, because it's people you hated, but we'll have fun... just working out and winning stuff, big wrap party.
Janie: What did you tell Erika?
Will: That she's safe and we're going after you next week.
Will: I don't think she has any idea that everyone is against her, especially Boogie, but he is so annoyed by her. Today he said, "Why is your showmance hot and fun, but mine isn't?"

Talking about how Boogie and Erika got started...
Will: She came to Boogie's and came onto him 2 months ago, and I said DO IT, and nothing happened, and now it's convenient, and now he's crazy. He's going with her and he likes it. Well, I'm not even going to get into it. She's using him and he's using her.
Janie: She's going to be pissed at him when she figures out... (inaudible)

Will plots ahead to next week and calling out Erika on the things they set up...
Will:...but isn't it funny that we had a fight today. Right after, I went out to the trampoline, and said "She is such a bitch (meaning Janie) and so boring about Kaysar."
Will: I'll bust her about the secret deal with you, and you can bust her about secret deal with Chilltown.

1:20am BBT
Will: (smiling at Janie) It's so cool that we were able to fake our fight today. Janie: (smiling back) Yeah. What did everyone say?
Will: I went out to the trampoline and told everyone that you were so pissed with me about my Season 6 remarks.
Will: (he spares her the rudeness and says) They don't think we're as close anymore.

Will: Are you going back to Minnesota after the show wraps?
Janie: Yes! My dog's there.
Will: How soon will you be leaving? Like rigth after?
Janie: As soon as I can, since Bear's in Minnesota.
Will: Will you be coming back to L.A. to hang out?
Janie: I'll come back.
Janie: What are you going to do?
Will: What's best for me is to jump right back into work.

They flirt back and forth in secret Will-Janie language, hoping they each want what the other wants, and what they are going to do, with neither one saying anything specific enough to grasp onto.

Will: You just have to wait 3 weeks, and I'll tell you.
Janie: I think you should tell me in the toilet stall or in the DR.
Janie: It's so annoying that you won't tell me now.
Will: I think it's fun.

They keep smiling at each other... and finally decide to play cards.

Will: You like playing games. You're the best at playing games, eveything is a game to you.
Janie: No it's not.
Will: Yeah it is. Why do you think you're here? You're awesome at playing games.
Janie: Not mind games.
Will: Me either.
Janie: Liar. You're a joke.
Will: That is why I'm here actually. I'm terrible at competitions, but I'm great with mind games.

Will: Goodnight Janelle.
Janie: Goodnight, Will.
Will: Mmm hmm
Janie doesn't respond, so he says it louder.
Janelle: Mmmmmm. Unh Uh.
Will: A little?
Janelle: Mmm Hmm.
    ***I'm pretty sure this MM Hmmm back and forth is referring back to the whole "you have a crush on me" thing.

They both roll over to go to sleep.

Bouncy Hand Holders

Flirting and bouncing and holding hands... guess who? ;)

Monday with Will & Janie

It all started off quite nicely. Will woke Janie at like 3pm from her nap, feeding her shrimp in bed, and sharing their family stories...

Yesterday afternoon -yeah, I'm playing catch up - Will and Janie got into it over Season 6. Will's stance is that most of them shouldn't have been allstars - nice people, just not allstars. Janie says he's just jealous, because they were so popular. The argument was pretty good natured, but hours later he was still apologizing for it... and Janie took it very much as a personal attack on her friends... or so she would have Will believing.

It all started on Sunday when Will recalled Neil Patrick Harris telling him that he couldn't bear to watch season six...

50 Cent Whore

I woke up crazy early this morning, and as luck would have it, the HGs are all asleep at 2am BBT. When does that happen?? In any case, before I put the overnights together for you, I like to go on a little video hunt. Here's what I just found. This just happened tonight, right before Will and Janie went to bed.

After a big scare yesterday, TRD is back to posting his fabulous finds... Here is the latest. The one we've all been waiting for: Janelle confronts Will about the "50 cent whore" comment.

Monday, August 28, 2006

More Pre-emptions Tuesday and Thursday

Tuesday - Big Brother will be pre-empted in Baltimore for baseball. It will air Tuesday night (or early Monday morning) at 2:05am. If you are in Baltimore you might be able to get D.C.'s CBS affiliate on channel 9.

Thursday - Check you local listings to be sure!

KBSD Dodge City, KS - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
KBSH Hays, KS - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
KBSL Goodland, KS - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
KCNC Denver, CO - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
KCTV Kanasas CIty, MO - will instead air on Friday at 12:37 AM
KDKA Pittsburgh, PA - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
KEYC Mankato, MN - will instead air on Saturday at 10:35 PM
KEYE Austin, TX - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
KGAN Cedar Rapids, IA - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
KHSL Chico, CA - will instead air on Saturday at 7:00 PM
KSPS Palm Springs, CA - will instead air on Thursday at 10:00 PM
KTVT Dallas, TX - will air on KTXA (UPN21) on Thursday at 8:00 PM
KWCH Wichita, KS - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
WBNS Columbus, OH - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WFMY Greensboro, NC - will instead air on Friday at 2:30 AM
WFOR Miami, FL - will air on WBFS (UPN33) on Thursday at 8:00 PM
WHP Harrisburg, PA - unknown airing time
WIBW Topeka, KS - will instead air on Friday at 1:37 AM
WIFR Rockford, IL - will instead air on Friday at 1:07 AM
WJMN Escanaba, MI - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WNEM Saginaw, MI - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WSBT South Bend, IN - will instead air on Saturday at 7:00 PM
WSEE Erie, PA - will instead air on Friday at 3:07 AM
WSPA Spartanburg, SC - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WTAJ Altoona, PA - unknown airing time
WTEV Jacksonville, FL - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WTVH Syracuse, NY - will instead air on Friday at 2:07 AM
WUSA Washington, DC - will instead air on Friday at 2:37 AM
WHP Harrisburg, PA - will instead air on Saturday at 7:00 PM

Veto Ceremony SPOILER

Veto Ceremony Spoiler

Janelle has taken herself off the block,
and Erika has nominated Danielle in her place.

an explanation

greetings everyone.. sorry for the lack of posts today... i live on a barrier island off the coast of florida, (just below "south beach" and we're currently under a hurricane watch, so preparations are under way... i'll get back to posting a bit later, but for now and since noon, gotta batten down the hatches, so to speak...

hope everyone's enjoying their day... please enjoy the videos i posted this morning.. there are tons.


Janie & Will VIDEOS

OK, more Janie and Will cuteness is definitely in order. Whatta stressful night last night was. These two videos ought to calm you down and bring you back to your happy place. ;) For me, the funniest part is how Erika's watching them eating popcorn, like they are her personal entertainment - she even heckles from the audience, telling them to please kiss already...

***Just added one more video to the end. Don't miss it!

There's only two weeks left till the end now. With the 2 week free trial from Superpass, you could watch the rest of the season for free! What have you go to lose? Try out the feeds now, and see what you've been missing.

Here's the link:

Will & Janie
Have You Ever Been in Love
Tribute Video

This one, put together by BigBroWatcher is just phenomenal. Truly superior image choices and editing. With apologies to Will and Janie and their significant others... I offer this video for everyone else's enjoyment.

Danielle Rant VIDEOS

Ask and you shall receive. This is for those of you who've sent messages asking for the videos. For the rest of you, at work, the transcript is covered below, in the Overnight report. The videos below cover the Dani rant and doorbell craziness, Will comforting and protecting Erika and parking himelf in HoH with her... where he sleeps.

The rant in the backyard...

Will comforts Erika in HoH.. Brings her back to reality... and saves his own butt from nomintion in the veto ceremony, hopefully.

Ringing and knocking...

We hear you knocking, but you can't come in...

Still Ringing.. Jani, Boogie and Chicken George's Reaction

More with Will and Erika in the HoH Bathroom

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