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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Veto Spoiler



Feeds finally came back and Janelle is wearing the POV necklace!!!

Details to follow soon!!


Howie Tribute Video

While the HGs are napping, please enjoy this tribute video TheRealDeal put together for Howie. As usual... TRD rocks!

The Set Up

Videos from a bit earlier today of Will and Boogie setting James up... Privately they've discussed wanting him out this week. They want to help Janie stay so she'll go after Dani and Erika.

And now with Janie... she's doing much, MUCH better today. :)

Nomination Spoiler


Janelle and James have been nominated.

James' comment: "This has got to be a new record, I've been nominated 2 times in 2 days."

The Veto Competition will be held tonight!

Veto Comp Tonight

At 2:20pm BBT, BB came over the intercom and was audible through the flames, saying "the Veto Competition will be played tonight."

From this I'm assuming the nominations have already been made, but we haven't had anything but the above announcement for a while now.

Will Boogie Video

Will and Boogie talking privately in HoH... Good Stuff!!

Will's advising Boogie...

Marcellas interview

Thought you'd like to see Marcellas' EW interview... He's surprisingly less bitter than I thought he'd be...

"Marcellas, the latest ''Big Brother'' evictee, talks to Jessica Shaw about Janelle's betrayal, the perils of being the gay sidekick, and who's the house's hottest guy

It's gotta hurt when your secret alliance member puts you up for eviction, promises you won't go home, and then can't deliver on your safety. Such was the fate of Marcellas Reynolds, the bald bombshell, who got unanimously voted out of the Big Brother: All-Stars house this week. We couldn't talk too much about house intrigue since he's sequestered and CBS won't let us tell him anything about anything, but we did get to catch up on why he's at peace with Danielle and why James is hotter than Will.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Marcellas, clearly there were things going on that you didn't know about because Janelle told you you'd be safe. What do you think happened?
MARCELLAS REYNOLDS: Girl, there had to be more secret alliances than you could shake a stick at.

Did your secret alliance with Janelle go bad?
Here's what I thought was brilliant about it — the fact that we had an alliance within her alliance of the two divas. Because of the rift between the [season 6] four, it became this secret alliance where we were supposed to not like each other. I thought that was brilliant because here I'm talking crap about Janelle and she's talking crap about me and then we're in the gym saying, ''I gotta go so people don't see us talking.''

So what went wrong?
The Will factor. I just think Janelle is one of those girls that loves the attention of men. They're always going to be the undoing of the gay sidekick. The gay sidekick can't compete because he's not wooing the girl. He's helping her do her hair and helping her decide what shoes to wear, or in Janelle's case, what shoes not to wear. She always wanted to wear those natural-looking ones so it looked like you weren't wearing shoes. I'm like, ''Who wants to look at you going barefoot?''

You think Will is working Janelle?
That week when Mike Boogie was put up and then she put up Erika, I was like, ''Your target is Mike Boogie. Put someone up that's going to weaken him.'' But she wouldn't do it. I was so frustrated. It echoed back to my season with Amy and Roddy. No matter what I said, how Roddy is the devil, she wouldn't stay away from him. No matter what I said to Janelle, she wouldn't stay away from Will. Roddy is no Will. Dr. Ill is the king. He's like that worm that gets into your colon and you can't figure out how to get it out.

I'm sure he'll appreciate the comparison. Anyone you'd guess was working a secret alliance?
I think Danielle was closer to Erika than I thought she was. Part of my strategy was to create these alliances that were not alliances to get to the final two or the final three. They were alliances based on camaraderies. I tried to create them with James, Danielle, and Erika. You cry a little, you laugh with them, you tell them how great they are. If I was ever in peril, I was guaranteed a certain amount of votes. I even tried it with Chicken George.

I can't believe he didn't vote for you after you gave him that slop pass.
And then did you see his goodbye speech? He has the nerve to ask me to give him the pass. To paraphrase Danielle, ''You're gonna pee down my back and tell me it's raining?''

Danielle said she promised she was going to tell you if you'd be going home. Did she tell you?
Danielle never told me she was going to vote me out. Janelle came up to me and said Mike Boogie and Will told her Danielle was not going to vote for me. Right after that I went to Danielle and said, ''Chill Town told Janelle you're not voting for me.'' So she did pull a fast one on me. That said, I did do this thing with Danielle where I was like, ''You have to do what's right for you, what's best for you.'' Technically you could say I gave her an out, but I didn't mean for her to vote me out.

I loved what you told Julie Chen after getting voted out that you were just happy for making peace with Danielle.
Yeah, Danielle and I had sort of a bad relationship for four years. There were moments we were nice to each other and moments we'd be at the same place and not even look at each other. For me, getting closure to season 3, to that unhappiness where she was concerned, was major. I had this moment with Danielle the night before my eviction where I said to Danielle, ''Listen. I came for revenge. I just wanted you out. I can't believe I came here and found forgiveness.'' We started crying and laughing. We wasted four years when we could have been friends. That crap is profound.

So now you're headed to the sequester house. What does it look like?
I'm not allowed to talk about it, but you know how spoiled I am. No matter how good looking it is, it's not going to be good enough. I'm gonna be like, ''I hate those sconces!''

Since you're the first person on the jury. Is there anyone you're not going to vote for to win?
I could give you entire list — it's everyone left in the house with the exception of Erika and Danielle. Well, I'm going to give everyone their shot and listen to what they say. I don't like the game Dr. Ill is playing. I don't like the game Mike Booger is playing. I don't like that Chicken George maintained this ''I'm floating and getting far'' thing. I don't like that Janelle put me in danger. I don't like that Howie is an abrasive bully. But if they make it to the final two, they got there somehow.

Anyone you kind of want to see win?
I'd like to see the buxom blonde win — Janelle. She came in with the four people in an alliance, made an alliance with me, nominated Diane out of the blue, put the entire house on cold water and cots, put two people in her alliance on slop, and flirted with Will within an inch of her life to the point where she doesn't know if she has a boyfriend on the outside. This is the riskiest game in Big Brother history.

It's funny to hear you say all that because you were harsh on her in the diary room. You picked on her roots, her personality. You called her fat.
When did I call her fat? Oh, no, I said I wasn't going to do that this time. That's why I spent so much time alone. I don't know, after living with the Sovereign Six, I feel like calling up the Nerd Herd and apologizing to them. I think those people made those other people hate them. I think Howie's bad behavior made them hate him. I could say the same thing about Janelle and the Iraqi peach. He was no peach. He was a little depressed; he always seemed angry. If people weren't behaving like he wanted, he seemed angry.

I thought you loved Kaysar.
One thing I'm saddest about was something I said about him in passing that got bastardized. He's one of those people who's so good looking, kind, charismatic. He's the Muslim Virgin. If you get to the end versus him — I don't care how good your game is — you're going to lose. You can't beat him. There's a halo around him. That got bastardized to say I don't want a good person to win. That's not what I said. Playing Big Brother is about picking the right person to get to the end with.

Which is why I think it's crazy people want to vote out Janelle and Howie. Anyone can win against them.
Why on earth do you think I was trying to tie my wagon to Janelle? That's the person to take to the end. The other person is Will. But you can't take Will away from Mike Boogie. You tie your wagon to Janelle and you're $500,000 richer.

So why is everyone so stupid?
Because this isn't All-Stars. This is Preschool Brother. It's the craziest season I've ever seen. These are basic concepts.

Do you think Janelle wanted you out and was lying to you, or did she really want you to stay? I know the answer, but I'm not allowed to tell you.
No. She wasn't genuine in wanting me to stay. The thing about deals is once you make the deal, if the deal goes sour, you have to figure out a way to get out of the deal. One of the things Janelle said to me was ''My alliance wants to put you up, but I don't want to.'' I was like, ''What? I'm supposed to be closer to you than your alliance. I'm going to vote them out for you. That's part of the deal.'' When she said that, I knew she wanted out of the deal.

Anything else you have suspicions about that may or may not be going on inside the house?
I think James is in bed with Chill Town, and that's smart. He's the low man on the totem pole with the other four. I was the town crier since week one about Chill Town, but nobody wanted to hear it. I certainly wanted to do Mike Boogie, but doing Mike Boogie is very different than giving him the game.

Really? Mike over Will?
I don't find Will that attractive. He's charismatic. He's good looking. But I don't like too attractive. I like imperfect because I want to be the cute one.

But by the end I was in love with James, physically in love with him. He tries to be this Baby Will, but he was so adorable with how much he loves Sarah. James spent a lot of time alone in the yellow room, and I spent a lot of time alone in the red room. We would have these moments like, ''I can't believe we're here.'' And he showed me his butt one time, and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen."


Flames since 1:30pm, and it's now 2pm BBT. Methinks Nominations are afoot.


12:30pm BBT
BACKYARD - James, Will
Sitting on the Red Couches

The Legion of Doom meeting will now come to order!
    ***Just kidding.

James: You are in here for the long term again. I don't know how you do it.

James is wondering why George didn't put up Janelle.

James: Maybe because he didn't want to backdoor her?
Will: I don't know.
James: If that's it, I think that was very noble of him.
    ***I agree 100%

Will: I didn't even tell Boogie it was going to be Howie. I thought Boogie would flip it. I wonder who did tell him.
James: Danielle.
Will: I did tell George to put me up, but then thought I could be gone.
James: Not. Janie and Howie would have voted for you to stay. Janie really trusts you and Boogie.

Will: She still trusts you too.
James: She has no choice now. But it's too late.
Will: If Erika wins the next HoH, she will put up me and Boogie.
Will: I'm trying to make a point, but I forgot what it was right in the middle of talking to you
James: Nothing in here is a good point.
Will: Right. It's all luck with a little bit of skill.

James: This is so funny. The first 2 weeks I tried to get them ,S6, to get rid of you and Boogie.

James: How long have you had an alliance with Danielle?
Will: Danielle really bridged the gap.

Will: I was never in an alliance with Danielle until the Legion of Doom.

They're discussing how the Legion of Doom came about.

    ***Boogie came to Will and said I got Danielle, and she can bring James.

Danielle joins them in the BACKYARD.

Will: How did Legion of Doom come together?

She reminds them.

They all remember it differently, and they're laughing at each other.
    ***very Rashomon.

They're all very proud of themselves and laughing at everyone else.

Danielle: It took a lot of good acting.

Will croses his arms and looks very pleased.

James: I told Janelle, "they do not dislike you as a person. They are just scared of you."

Dani and Will laugh.

They call a shout-out to Kaysar, "What up Kaysar?"

James: This season has the 3 most evil BB players ever.
    ***referring to himself, Will and Danielle.

Erika joins the group.

End of "honesty."

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Real Trust

11:35am BBT
Will & Boogie
Will: I told Janie that it will be her and James on the block this week... and that she'd be safe.

Will: Dude, you can't tell Dani anything else EVER. Dani is with Erika and James. Will: We're going to have to set a trap for Dani.

Boogie:(referring to Janie) Do you really trust this chick?
Will: More than anyone else in this house.


11:45am BBT
RED ROOM - Chicken George
He's making some changes to the RED ROOM and referring to it as his new apartment.
He's decided to change the name of the room to "The Tiki Hut."
Chicken George: No more voodoo room.
    ***he must have a death wish.
    Good luck in there, George.

HoH ROOM - Janie, Will, Boogie

Will: James wants to be the last season six person left in the house.

They told Janie that she'll be going up on the block, and now they're counting the votes to save Janie.

Janie's trying to get them to take her off the block and replace her with Dani, to make sure James goes home this time.


Noon BBT

BB: Danielle, Please come to the Diary Room.

HoH ROOM - Boogie, Will, Chicken George
After summoning George to the HoH Room, Boogie and Will tell him they're talknig to everybody to see what they want to do.

Chicken George: Well it really doesn't look like you have much of a choice here. You should nominate Janie and James.

Chicken George: You have to do what's best for Mike Boogie.
Boogie: Clearly, I'm not stupid, Doc and I will be target number 1 soon...
Boogie: What happens if Janelle wins POV?
George: Then it has to be one of us! You have to decide who you can beat in the end. You may have to think about the Doc. You love to compete, and you know who you have to take out and that is what Mike Boogie has to do. I know you're close friends, and you'll part as close friends...that's a great thing that you brought in...
Boogie: We both know that it can't last forever in this house.
Boogie: Any one of the seven left can take it all the way. It's luck, it's the competitions...

George: I just don't want Janelle to feel ostracized or anything like that. She would have been up here in HoH again, if she hadn't slipped up that one time.

George leaves.

A Side Note

In my "spare time," I've been working on putting together tribute pages to each of the Season 6 players. As you can imagine, spare time is an oxymoron around here, but I feel like the first of the pages is at least somewhat ready for a little pre-debut... I'll be adding more to it, and all the others, as time allows.

For now, please have a look at Kaysar's tribute page: Feel free to leave comments. They will be moderated to keep the nasties away - it's a Kaysar Love page.. not a free-for-all for creepies.

Unlikely Alliance

Chicken George and Janelle - Red Room

George asks Janelle how she is feeling today. He tells her that she looks good. They make some small talk about the red room and George says he is redecorating to hide the evil stuff. Then the convo moves to the game.

They talk about Marcellas' eviction.

Janelle: He was a pawn.
George: I was a pawn.
Janelle: You were not up.
George: I know but you talked to me about it.
Janelle: They were going to vote you out.
George: I was played?!
Janelle: Uh huh.
George: Who is making the decisions?
Janelle: Who do you think?
George: The doctor.
Janelle: Yea. I have been played. Howie wasn't suppose to leave either. I feel bad. Marcellas is my friend and he was suppose to be safe. And, Howie...they lied to him.
George: Oh boy! I've been played. Used when they need my vote.

George: One of us have to get this today (POV).
Janelle agrees.
George: If we can just really shake this thing up a bit. I know whats all going on now so lets see what we can do . What a shift in the game that would be. Who would think that you and I would line up together in the end?
Janelle: If we can team up that leaves James and it's either me or James leaving this week.
George: We have to stay alive and make the best of what we have to work with . This is going to be so much fun! If I get POV, I will take you off the block. I don't care if I get voted out, I just want to stir things up in the house.

George explains to Janelle that she has the jury votes to win this.

Janelle: Marci?
George: If I get there first, I will talk to Marci and explain to him.

George: Now I have a reason to be in this house.
Janelle: We can really piss a lot of people off.
George: We can really play. I will play the veto for you and if I win it I will take you off. We can really mix things up. This is really cool, I actually have an alliance.
Janelle agrees. They laugh.

George: Ok I am going to take my shower but you gotta play with everything thats in your heart and soul and I will too, and I will take you off if I get the POV.
If I get to Marci first I will talk to him and tell him everything that has went down to help you .

George and Janelle hug.
George: I will be loyal to you.
Janelle: Me too!

Boogie & Will

11:ooam BBT
Boogie & Will
Will's telling Boogie all about his talks with Janie last night, and how she wants to play the game. They are both in agreement that Dani is working with Erika on the side - in addition to LoD. At the moment, they're thinking to nominate Janie and James, and help Janie win the Power of Veto.... but if she doesn't win it, they'll just send her home.
Will: Janie is a bad-ass bitch.

Coup Power Gone

9:10am BBT
BACKYARD - Dani and Boogie
Openly talking about the Coup Power.

Dani: That's hard too.
Boogie: The other thing too, the POV winner is immune to it, as is the HoH.
Dani: I kept wondering... even if they play POV can you get them then? That's only fair.
Boogie: Today's Saturday the 18th? No the 19th.
Dani: The 19th.
Boogie: They were hardcore about that.
Dani: They said "we all know 2 people."
Boogie: I wanted so badly to have a situation like me and Will up, I would stand up and go "I would like to use the Special Power." That would have been awesome television.

Dani: I want you to make sure you don't tell people that you can't use it anymore.

Boogie: Unfortunately they are going to tell them Thursday night. Yeah. I asked them everything, to the point they were like a couple of the questions.....


    ***OK, so the question is, can he not use it because he's the one in power, and he can't overthrow himself? Or can he not use it because BB stripped him of the power due to his telling people about it? And... are there further complications for him due to this - like getting kicked out completely, as our reader Debbie suggested last night.

Rebuilding Janie

Here are some videos from last night... Game or no game, actually, Game Off. Simple humanity. I'm convinced that both Will and James are genuine in the following videos, caring and trying to get her out of her funk. In the first video, with Will, the sound is very low for the first several seconds, then improves.

I can rebuild you...Stronger, Faster, Better

James Attempts to Console Janie
Warning: There's a LOUD sound gitch at the end.

What do Girls Hate??
~Great Clip~

Fear of Chicken

7:40am BBT
BACKYARD - Boogie & Dani
Boogie: James guessed the power dead on, with the power being to replace the noms. It was a stressful 2 days, but I couldn't chance it. There are a few ways to go here, but obviously its getting trickier.
Boogie: James' selfishness has balanced him with erica. I trust them about the same, not much. But I don't think Erika would try to pull a big move.
Dani: It's ok.
Boogie: I want to hear your thoughts. Will wants to have his cake and eat it too... he needs to play with the team and not within the team.

Boogie: We should nominate Janelle and James.
Dani: (very quickly) That's what you should do.
Boogie: Then if Janie wins the pov.. whats the move? Do we put up Erika?
Dani: Chicken George needs to go. He doesn't think clearly. When he was HoH, he told me to my face he may put me up. He's been lying. There is lying, theres deception, and he is downright lying. I told Chicken George everyone knows that he went to both nominees and promised them his votes.. kaysar AND howie.
Boogie: It makes me less of a target if I put Chicken George up... but only if Janie wins pov. If she doesn't win PoV, she goes.

Dani: Chicken George was only HoH for one day, and he wreaked havoc on the house. He is the scariest player, cause we cant put anything past him.
Boogie: That makes it easier for me.
Dani: If Chicken George wins hoh, you don't know who he will put up.

Dani: The thing with Erika, she said she wants to play my game, she wanted to play that way in season 4, but she couldn't cause her ex was there.
Boogie: You don't want her to go this week?
Dani: Not really. She has potential.
Boogie: Chicken George told Janie about us wanting her out.
Dani: That brings out the competitive Janie... wtf?

Dani: I told James that he will probably be nominated with Janie. He said that was fine.
Boogie: If we put cg up with Janie, and we don't get houseguests choice, Janie will not pick James, and she will probably win it.

Boogie: Where are you with James?
Dani: He's lining up the votes.
Boogie: Will doesn't trust him. I want to stick with the commitment, but I keep playing out different scenarios in my head. I don't know what he would do if he won hoh.
Dani: I think he will throw the HoH.
Boogie: I'm scared that if Janie doesn't go, and both James and Erika chuck the HoH comps... that scares me.
Dani: I don't think Erika willthrow the HoH, and her number one target is Janie. What concerns me is Erika's relationship with George. Chicken man is kicking me to the curb. He feels some kind of betrayal.
Boogie: Erika's relationship with Chicken George is worthless if he doesn't listen. You dont know what he is going to do.
Dani: That's the scareiest thing since he came this far.

Dani: I don't want to be sitting with Chicken George at the end, 'cause people may give him the game.

Boogie: If Will and I are in the final 4 situation, and we get nominated, Will will go to the jury, and he is ok with that. Will has to start playing. He has to win HOH to get us to the final 3.

Dani: If Erika is in an endurance comp, no one will outlast her. She's a pitbull. Boogie: You think we'll have another one?
Dani: In the final 3, if we get there. I think it will be a very uncomfortable challenge.

Boogie: It's hard for Will to trust casue he played such a lone wolf game last time. I told him that he has to trust others this time.

Boogie: I do NOT want Erika with me in final 3.

Boogie: We have to ask ourselves if it is worth keeping Chicken George around, for 'just in case.'
Dani: I'll respect your decision, I think you ought to talk to Will first.
Dani: Don't scare James when you tell him.

Boogie: I've been playing with Erika that it's us to the final 2.
Dani: She thinks she has you and Will in her back pocket.
Boogie: She has no idea about James and you...

Boogie: If you were to win HoH, would you send out Chicken George or Erika next week?
Dani: Chicken George. He is like Lisa. People are busy underestimating him. I need George gone.
Boogie: I don't mind that. He's older. He has perspective. If you send him out, he is not going to hold it against you.
Dani: He knows it's a game. And obviously, he can't be influenced.

Dani: Chicken George has no idea how much I've been pulling for him... I was hurt. It was definitely game on.

Morning People

Erika left the HoH room around 5am, to ask for something for her headache... She didn't return there to sleep after though.. Perhaps for propriety sake? She went to bed in her normal room.

7:15am BBT
Boogie is up and doing his morning ritual - putting in his contacts, playing with his hair. He opens the door to the HoH Room, looks out over the railing and surveys his domain. All the serfs in Boogie-dom are still sleeping. Boogie goes down to the kitchen, then the Storage Room, getting his mic ready for the day.

7:20am BBT
Boogie brought down his cereal from the HoH room. He fixes himself a bowl, and goes outside to the Backyard to enjoy it.

Janie, very restless. She sat straight up for a second, then back down again.
    ***looks like she either had a bad dream, was hoping it was all a bad dream, or just woke up suddenly and didn't know where the heck she was.

Backyard - Boogie
Boogie has now finished his cereal, and is stretched out on the couch.

7:30am BBT
Bathroom - Danielle
Dani just woke up. She does her morning ritual - ablutions ;), washes her hands, brushing her teeth, puts her robe back on, she grabs her Bible and heads to the Storage Room, gets her mic ready for the day.

BACKYARD - Boogie and Dani
They're talking about Janelle crying all night last night.
Dani: Will was with her the whole time..
Boogie: That's good.
Boogie: I just wonder how much of that was Howie, and how much was her stand in the game now.
Dani: I don't think its that, cause last season there were 3 against her with the nerd herd, and she didn't cry. Janie said to me last night that if she was nominated, I should vote against her. I never know who's trying to play reverse psychology, so I never give an answer.

Dani and Boogie both agree it's too early for Janie to be going.

Dani: So who are you thinking of nominating?
Boogie: I didn't want to start in on you as soon as you came out.
Dani: Hell no. Let's do it.
Boogie: I'm only having this conversation with you and Will... I do not trust James.
Oh.. and now I can tell you about "the power."


    ***Seems BB disagrees, Boogie.

Janie's an Onion

3:15am BBT
BACKYARD: Will & Janie

Janie: Nominate me with James.. I will throw the POV, and then you send me home. You can do this with James, I wont do it with you.
Will: You're the boss.. I will call your bluff.
Janie: Good.
Will: You are not serious.
Janie: I am serious. Nominate me with James, and send me home.

a few minutes later...

Janie: Erica will go after you, and you will be sorry you got rid of me.
Will: But you are still here.
Janie: The house wants me gone.
Will: How about this.. you stay one more week, then you can come after me?
Janie: I never wanted to come after you.

Will: Do you want to play cards
Janie: yes
Will: See, you are a competitor.

Janie: I want to smoke my cigs and write letters to my boyfriend

Will: I know you are scared to talk with Boogie alone, but he is a great guy.
Janie: I get along better with you.

Will: I'm introspective.. I have alot of demons..I think we are alot alike.
You do not see your own potential.

Will: You are an onion.
Janie: Why is that?
WIll: I tell very few people that.
Janie: Why do you say that?
Will: You have multiple layers.. you have to peel off the layers.

3:25am BBT
Will: America.. please give Janelle a new America's choice to validate her so she will play.
Janie: No
Will: Why?
Janie: Because you are my choice.

Will: Lets go to bed.
Janie: no
Will: You are a night owl. Can I go to bed?
Janie: It's only 1.
Will: It's closer to 3.
    ***it's 3:30

Janie: Send me home.
Will: Why should I believe you are serious?
Janie: My 3 friends are gone. Kayser is gone, Marci is gone, Howie is gone. I am alone now.. I am done.
Will: You know what is funny? We both know you are not done but we will play this little game tonight.
Janie: I am done. I am completely depressed.
Will: Me too.

Janie sings "Maybe I'm Crazy,"
and we get

When we come back from flames a few minutes later, Janie's alone in the Backyard having a smoke and deep in thought. A few minutes later, she goes inside to join James and Will in the Bug Room and get to sleep... at 4:00am BBT.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Janelle wants to leave

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Janelle is still extremely upset. Will has continued to console Janelle. Most of the house seems worried about her. Danielle suggests that James goes to talk to her.

James: Janelle, I know you can deal with better than this, you're one of the strongest fucking people I know. Did this happen to you last year when he left?
Janelle: No.
James: So what's different this year?
Janelle: This year no one likes me.

Will walks by them and tells Janelle to go to the DR

Will: Maybe they'll give you something to help you.
Janelle: A shotgun? I can't take it anymore.
James: If you keep talking like this BB will send you to a shrink.

Janelle and James enter the bathroom

Janelle: James, I have to leave.
James: You're not leaving. You're too much of a bad ass bitch to leave.
Janelle: I'll take a voluntary exit.
James: No you just need to talk to Dr. Zachary.

Boogie's HoH

Boogie invites the HGs to see his HoH room. The room is really nice this time.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

But the question is...who are the people in his pictures?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Apparently, BB made a mistake and put pictures of Howie and his family in the HoH room. There was one pic of Howie with his grandparents and another of Howie with a lightsaber. LOL! This is too funny!

Howie had an outburst!

Since the feeds were off during the eviction, we do not know exactly what happened. However, there must have been a verbal altercation Howie started with Boogie.

Danielle: I have never seen such anger before.
James: That is why I got Howie's bag for him. I wasn't going to open the door and act like I was kicking him out, but I knew Howie wasn't mature and was going to explode, so I was trying to help him out easy. Howie really trusted us.
Boogie: I know, but I couldn't allow Howie to explode like that if he had been told earlier. We would've had to go to the producers and tell them to calm the mother f'er down. What was done had to be done.
James: It was a good decision by Chicken George.
Boogie: Howie wasn't mentally able to handle the game.

James: I have to go check on my Janie girl.

***Now that's acting!!

James enters the red room

James: Are you feeling better?
Janelle: No.
James: Please do not take this so hard. I have never seen this side of you. You aren't a super woman, you are human. Is there is anything I can do to make you feel better?
Janelle: NOTHING will make me feel better.

She is curled up with a blanket covering her head.

Janelle: I feel like I was depressed, and now there is no way I can ever be happy again in that house.
James: No one will be happy in this house. My emotions are like a roller coaster. This game breaks everyone down at every level.
Janelle: I feel ill.
James: Can I get you some Sprite.
Janelle: No.
James: No one knows why Chicken George put Howie up. It made no sense.
Janelle: Erika makes me want to puke. She is so annoying.
James: Howie is the only person who was nice to Chicken George.
Janelle: I want to go home
James (in his Howie voice): You're cute Janie.

***Can we say ass kisser? I knew you could!

James: What did Will say?

Janelle tells him a little of the convo she had with Will but is careful with what she says.

Janelle: Howie sent himself home.
James: Yea, Howie didn't do himself any favors by getting in Boogies face and throwing his hat at Boogie.

Boogie's HoH room is ready. James and Will are trying to get Janelle to go see it. She doesn't want to because she has been crying for hours and thinks she looks horrible.

James: You have so much natural beauty. It doesn't matter what you look like.
Janelle: Are you sure?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Will get on his knees but Janelle cannot see for the blanket still over her head.

Janelle: I can't get up.
Will: James and I will help you up the stairs.
Janelle: I can't do it.

Will gets her a pair sunglasses to wear and she gets up to go see the HoH.

Post Eviction

Chicken George believed that Howie was safe. He is visibly shaken.

George (in disbelief): I took out Howie Gordon. I really took out Howie.

Cut to Ant room

Boogie: Janie, can I talk to you? I'm really really sorry it went down like this.
We felt like he was a loose cannon. It really bothered me that it hurt his feelings...that he was so mad. It was a difficult decision.
Janelle: But why? Why did they do it?
Boogie: It's hard.
Janelle (crying): I feel so horrible.
Boogie: I know. I'm getting judged for what Will does. We are looked at as a duo. I feel horrible. I am sorry I celebrated like that. I couldnt hold it in. We got scared of Howies...
Janelle: What about James?
Boogie: James voted to keep him. Listen I care about your feelings. We all have lives out of here. Only one person is going to be happy and in the end that person will not be so happy. I appoligize Janie.

Exit Boogie, enters James

James: What did he say?
Janelle: I dont want to be here anymore.

Will comes in

Will: Do you want me to go away?
Janelle: No.
Will: I dont expect you to accept my apology.

Will: Who is the princess of BB?
Janelle: I dont know.
Will: Who is the princess of BB? You know you are.
Janelle: Yeah right.
Will: Because your pretty, smart, and sexy.
Janelle laughs.
Will: You are looking pretty cute in that.
Janelle: I'm not.
Will: It's ok to cry.

Janelle ask if she and Will can talk privately. James offers to leave but she and Will go into the red room instead.

Will: I completely understand why you're upset. At the end of the day, keeping Howie in here made S6 three strong. Some things that were funny in one way but he also yelled at Chicken George. Chicken George is one of the nicest guys. We're not nice guys, we're sons of bitches and if you had won you should have put us up. What Howie and Boogie did was very uncalled for. Earlier today, no matter what, Erika was gone. Then Howie said he was going to yell at and berate Chicken George. I just couldn't tolerate that. I totally stabbed you in the back.

Janelle: Why didn't you tell me?
Will: Because you would have told him.
Janelle: No I wouldn't, because I know how he gets. Why was the rest of the house cheering when I lost?
Will: You don't ever have to forgive me.

Will: Howie started throwing out who was in what alliances. I am here to support Boogie. I will continue to do that because he is extremely loyal. Is Boogie getting a little power hungry? Probably.

Will: I am embarrassed by my own behavior. But I don't know what else to do, someone has to go. I won't go out angry. If you vote me out I will kiss you on the cheek. Boogie came up to me 20 minutes before the ceremony and said we have to get rid of Howie. He's a liability, he's gonna yell at Chicken George. He could be funny, but he took it too far, with the 'busto', that wasn't right.

Will: I get it, I'm not well liked by the internet viewers, however, outside this house, I think I'm a good person, I'm a good friend, a good boyfriend, a good doctor. I have no remorse in this game. Well, maybe except today.

Will continues to consoles Janelle for about two hours.



The feeds are finally back. Howie has been evicted. Janelle is extremely upset and crying. Erika, Danielle, James and Janelle are in the bug room. Danielle and Erika seem to be crying as well. They were talking about having a girls night! James says he is done. Boogie has won HoH.

Janelle's HoH Blog



Hello Big Brother supporters!

Well I've been in here 44 days and it feels more like four months. The time goes by so slow here. We are running out of things to do and talk about. After Kaysar left I was really sad and really wanted to avenge his eviction. Thank goodness the first HOH competition was broken. Winning another HOH felt great! But it also makes me a little nervous because I know it makes me an even bigger target. The week was very stressful. James basically helped Dani win the Golden Power of Veto so that didn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy......Howie and I are pissed off about it! After Danielle won Power of Veto I had to put up a replacement nominee, and was pressured to put up Marcellas as a pawn. Poor Marcellas! Even though he hasn't been the greatest friend to me in the house I still didn't want him to leave this week. The voting is tomorrow....I hope I can get enough votes to save him. I really hope Howie wins HOH on Thursday otherwise I feel like I'm toast.

So the remaining members of the Sovs and Chilltown decided to make a pact to stick together until final 5. I think Boogie or Will won the special power and I'm curious to see what it is. Right now, if I had to pick one person to go to the end with, it would be Howie. He is the most loyal friend and I know he would never betray me. Besides he's just a beefcake, LOL.

Well the blogs are the only way we can really communicate with the outside world and we really miss our friends and family.

To Big D:
Please forgive me for the stupid shower incident. Nothing happened. I really miss you and think about you all the time. The flirting with Will is all just strategy. Please remember I'm trying to win $. I can't wait to get out of this house and be with you again. xoxooxoxoxoox Muah!

Hello to my family and friends. Mom, Dad, Nick, Travis, Angela, Ron, Naters, Jessica, Dina, Karla, Kaysar and Beau Beau! xoxox

All the supporters out there!

All my love,


Julie explains the Coup d' Etat

There has been some confusion as to the rules of the Coup d E'tat power. The following is how Julie explained it verbatim.

Houseguests, last week we told you there was a new power up for grabs that could change this game dramatically. We gave you three clues to a well known phrase that applies to the Big Brother game. And, I can reveal to you tonight that someone has correctly identified the phrase. That person has won an exceptional power but only he or she knows what it is and they are not allowed to reveal the power until the moment it's used.

Boogie is Power(less)?

The following was sent to us a few minutes ago from one of our readers. We cannot confirm any of it. Take it for what it's worth.


***This is the best thing I have heard all day!!!


As I type this, the houseguests are casting their votes. The HoH competition will be held immediately following the eviction. I will post as soon as I know who is evicted and who the new HoH will be. In the meantime, here are some pics of gnomes practicing for the HoH comp.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Don't Know Jack

I just went to check what the CBS Big Brother site had to say about all these flames... as of right now, they have posted nothing to indicate we will have flames for the duration of the weekend.

While I was there, I came upon the houseguests revenge blog, and just had to post this entry from Jack. He cracks me up.

Jack says...
"Someone tell Boogie that coup d'etat is not a trailer park in Louisiana.Welcome Monica. Your first posting was a roar that got my attention. You blog like you played Season 2: flat out. New York women are warriors.James is becalmed in a tiny sailboat on a sea of his own falsehoods. Don't worry James, you're enough of a blowhard to fill up any sail. So blow yourself away.Erika my friend, hold your nose, sit close to Boogie and watch James disappear over the horizon.Note Will's DR goodbye to Marcellas. In contrast to Ivette's needless DR trashing of Rachel when Rachel was evicted into sequester last season, Will is already playing to the jury by complimenting Marcellas and apologizing for voting to evict him. Will actually sounded sincere. You have to admire that degree of artful cunning. Look at the chocolate stains on Will's hands. He's been taking candy away from babies again."

George & Janie

Janie & George in HOH talking about nominations / votes

Janie: I'm going to vote to keep Howie.
George: I understand... I just couldn't do that to you.
George: It's a game.
Janelle: I think there's a lot of lying going on.
George: You're a smart girl, you can figure it out.....but its just a game.
Janie: I just feel like the whole house is against me.
George: It's cuz you're good.
Janie: It just sucks.
George: You're a champion, I see you downstairs don't deserve to go out that way, you've been playing the've been taking the slack, you've been taking the beatings.
Janie: It's rough.
George: Taking you out that way just isn't the way to do it....then the only one left was Howie.
Janie: I understand...thanks Georgie... I'm not mad at you.
George: What are you going to do?
Janie: Just hope for the best...if i dont win HoH, then i feel like im going home....

Janie: Did Will come up and ask you to put me up?
George: You have to figure that out for yourself. You're a smart girl, Janie.
Janie: At least you spared me. This game is almost over for me anyway. Everyone in the house is against me.
George: I am sorry that it was Howie, but there was no other fruit on the vine.
Janie: Thank you, George. I think who ever wins HOH will put me up.
George: You're right about that, Janie.


1:15pm BBT
BUG ROOM - James & Howie
Howie is now packing.
Howie: I should never have slept in the red room.
Howie: I just have a problem with someone saying your safe and your not .
James: Everyone lies in this game.
Howie: This sucks. It's the 2nd time I don't get to do the morning show.

Buzz around the house - All the HGs are now afraid to sleep in the Red Room.

HoH Room - Erika, Dani and George
Erika: I wish your HoH was longer, so you could eat.
George: All I wanted was a sandwich.

BB: Houseguests! You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other Houseguests.

Everyone, in unison: Will!

Weight Room - Will and Danielle
Will: James told me that he is not voting to evict Howie. I'm not happy about it.
Will: He said that he needs Howie's vote, since he in on the Jury. That's Bull Shit.

Will: Can you talk to him (James) for me? He gets very confrontational whenever I try to talk to him.

Dani leaves .

Live Vote Today

The happy side of the house is Will, Boogie, Dani and Erika. Their feeling is, "at least they are getting one of them out."

James is still working Howie, being very nice to him, while slamming Janie, and letting him know he has his vote... and ofcourse, Janie's.

Will, Boogie and Dani are going to evict Howie. It will take place in about 3 1/2 hours from now. This may mean the feeds will be down until after the show on Sunday - it did last year.

Boogie, of course, will not be using his power, and that will leave him with only one more opportunity to do so: the Thursday night Live show. Then, Mr. Powerful and threatening becomes much less so.

Boogie has lied and told Howie that he and Will are voting to evict Erika.

Howie is still waiting to pack, as the eviction is going to happen later today.

After cruelly making fun of Chicken George privately, Erika and Dani tell Chicken George that "everything is good. You did a great job. Don't worry."

The Legion of Doom plus Erika meet and discuss how they cannot let Janie win the next HoH. She must be the next one to leave. For the moment, they are all very much on the same page, or at least they seem so. It'll be interesting to watch them all turn on eachother next.


The reactions to George's nomination of Howie were shock, disbelief, anger and joy.

Here are the Joyful Boys:

The Angry Howie:

Furious James:

James: "You screwed me, Boogie. He was supposed to take out Janelle."

12:50pm BBT
BUG ROOM - Howie and James

Howie: BB can I get my suitcase!?
James: It's not as bad as you getting sent home by Busto last year.
Howie: I wouldn't mind being sent home by anyone else.. other than Chicken George.
James: George is just another Kent that doesn't smoke.


James: I hope Will cuts Janie a check, because she gave him the game.

More to come, very soon...

PoV Ceremony SPOILER

James used the Veto to save himself.

and in a big surprise move for George
(and the rest of us!)

Howie is now on the block.

I'm floored.

So much for the Jedi Alliance, huh Georgie?

Programming Alert

Due to a Special entitled "Concert for America's Kids" airing at 8pm on Tuesday night, Big Brother will be pushed into the 9:00pm time slot.

Tuesday, Aug. 22

9:00-10:00 pm BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS
10:00-11:00 pm ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA

Further, please check your local listings for this Sunday, August 20th as many areas - especially California - will have changes.

Under Pressure

Here's the latest.
Boogie pressuring George - Georgie not budging....

To see Will's offer to George last night, click here:Will's Offer
or scroll down 3 posts to "Will's offer"


These are from last night, but they're important pieces, so i wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to see them.

1st up is Danielle baring her soul to Boogie about how important it is for her to get Janie out... how important it is for all of them.

2nd is James, immediately following the live show. Talking about Janelle and Howie, and blaming them for his nomination.
James: "Oh, George, you have awoken a f'ing demon. You have awakened a demon."

Changes in Latitude

As of this moment, George has changed his mind, and decided to take Will up on his offer. Erika is desperately trying to change his mind, again.

Here's part 2...

Will's Offer

Will offers himself up as nominee, and his argument is very persuasive, but Georgie doesn't seem to be taking the bait.

"Will is the man..."

A Worse Feeling

Last night, around 12:30am BBT, Erika convinced George to nominate Janelle. She said that Janelle sitting next to her was the only real way to guarantee her own safety, since the vote would be a landslide in favor of keeping Erika.

Boogie came up a few minutes later to seal the deal by throwing in his "whoever has the power" speech...

I felt so ill I went to bed.

Now I'm back, and I'll get right on with checking the overnights... and posting for you.

Here's video of Erika working George:

And Boogie...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Veto Spoiler

OK.. the feeds JUST came back on, so I'm writing as I'm learning what's going on. One thing is certain: Danielle did not win the Power of Veto. The feeds came back with her stating her case to George in the Red Room. He called for James next, and James had to coax him into the HoH room.

James: I know I f'd you in the beginning. I put you on slop.
But you didn't say why you nominated me, and I'd like to know why.

George: OK, I'll give it to you straight. Janelle has cut me slack on.. will you lock the door James? This may sound really strange to you, but I really like your alliance. I like Janie and Howie. Janelle has really cut me some slack. She didn't nominate me 2-3 times.

George: Then, she was honest with me. She told me she might have to, but that she didn't want to... and I was cool with it, because she was honest with me. I hugged her, told you, you do what you have to do.

In my life, I've always gone by what is personal to me, and I'm sorry... You, you were the only one who nominated me. I have absolutely no beef against you whatsoever. What I did James is this: I went back through how the game has been so far.. and nobody has helped me out so far. I went back and thought about who has helped me...

James: I have no idea why you nominated Erika then. I thought you had a great relationship with her. I see you playing checkers with her every day. I believe you nominated her because you thought she'd be safe and people would vote me out.

James: Let's get back to Janelle and Howie .. I'm trying to figure out .. You have some serious misconceptions over why you're here. You are still here because of me, Will, and Boogie, because we knew that you would be voted out by your own alliance. You can thank Will, You can thank Boogie, or you can thank myself for you not being nominated last week.. because we talked her into nominating Marcellas.

It seems James has won the veto...

James: I'm safe for another week now, because I'm not Marcellas. I don't lose vetos.
James: Do you know what all the floaters wanted to do if they won HoH? They wanted to put you up. So I did to take away their safety net, and make them play.

James: Do you want my advice on who I think your replacement nominee should be?
George: Go ahead.
James: Going back to you liking Janelle and Howie.. I don't know why you'd want to nominate someone in their alliance and weaken them.

James: If I were you, I'd bring people up here, and take this as a learning experience. George, if I get HoH next week, you don't have to worry. If I were you, I would bring people up here, and ask them who they think should be the replacement nominee. If you do this right, you can win this. You're a very lucky man outside of here... You can make yourself a very lucky man inside here. Bring people in one at a time, not as groups... Make deals...
    ***I have to hand it to James here. He's being a real mensch with George. A man.

George: I'm getting the picture that your alliance isn't as rosy as one might think.
James: I'm safe. I'm not the person to talk to this week. Right now you've got a lot of people that are nervous down there.
James: And if you bring Janelle up here, ask her, "If Marcellas and you were such good friends, why would you nominate him over me?" This is your chance George, and you have to take advantage of it. So talk to people. Do what you gotta do, George. Think about what your motivating factors are. Erika's your friend right now. I'm sure you want your friend to stay here. I'm serious when I say, no hard feelings whatsoever.
George: Thanks James. You did an awesome job out there tonight.
James: I'm a different person when my ass is on the line.

A Bad Feeling

At 10:50pm BBT, the flames went away. Most everyone's sitting in the living room, chatting about past seasons.

Then Janelle Enters, carrying that tell-tale yellow laminated cheat sheet that signifies she's the Veto Comp Host.

Janelle:(reading the script) It's time for the Veto Competition! I have a bad feeling about this one though...

And ~Flames~

A bad feeling huh, Janie? Hmm... Anyone care to speculate on what that might mean??

My bad feeling is that we're locked out of the feeds, on terminal flames, until Sunday night. I really hope I'm wrong.

Pre Veto Comp

While we wait for the veto comp to begin, everyone and their brother is visiting George to push their individual agendas. From all these meeting, what we have learned is that it actually is George's intention to backdoor Danielle. Unfortunately, he chose to impart that information to Boogie, who will now tell Will and Danielle, to try and make sure she wins the veto and uses it to take off James, thereby insuring the safety of the Legion of Doom, since a Will / Boogie nomination means Boogie will use the coup.

Now why is George wanting to backdoor Dani? Well, he caught her lying to him, and he's really taking it personally, which is understandable given his promises to her, and their understanding with eachother. What lie? Well, yesterday, Dani told George to vote out Erika, that the plans had changed and that's who they were all voting out. Unbeknownst to Dani, George had already spoken to Boogie, so he knew then that she was trying to set him up for some kind of fall.

Dani knows she's in trouble, and she's in the red room now, talking with Erika and whoever else comes in, but mostly trying to figure out how to dig herself out of this hole.

Flames began at 10:25pm BBT when Will started singing. I thought they'd be done quickly, but it's now been 10 minutes, so quite possibly the Veto comp has begun. I'll keep ya posted.

Picking for Veto!

They're picking for who's playing in the veto comp already!! It's gonna be a crazy next couple of days, folks.

George comes out from the Diary Room, and they start the PoV selection...George draws Howie, Erika draws Danielle, James draws Will.

And we have flames...

Flames were done pretty quickly, and the from the HGs we gather that the PoV comp will be held tonight.. soon I hope!

Chicken George's HoH Room

Chicken George's HoH room is ready and he invites all the HGs to come see. I think it is wonderful that he won HoH and finally has his own room. But...I must say, BB this is the ugliest HoH room ever!!! George, however, seems to like it!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

George received pictures and letters from home. He was reading one letter from his daughter in which she mentions "winning the million dollars". As far as we and the HGs know, they are playing for half that, $500,000. Of course, all the HGs start saying "it IS a million" because they have been speculating a larger prize.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Danielle reads a really sweet letter from George's wife. She mentioned how the women she works with watch the live feeds and laugh at Chicken Georges's snoring.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After the Show

6:15-7:00pm BBT

6:15pm BBT
Howie is munching on chips.
George: I hardly knew what I was doing out there.
Janie: You were guessing?
George: No.
Janelle: I was very worried that Danielle would get the tie-breaker.

Janie, Will, and Howie go over the numbers and do the math.

Will: 6,000. George, you were off by thousands and thousands.
Howie: I knew you had it when I saw Dani's answer.

Chicken George is silent ... still stunned.

Janie: Why didn't Marci hug anyone?
Will: He was a hyprocrite, and he showed his true colors.
Janie: I thought he would at least want to say goodbye to me though.
Howie: He didn't say goodbye to you?
Janie: No, he did not.
Howie: Janie, you look as hot as hell. You working out?
Janie: No.
Howie: Your legs look awesome.
Janie: I've been eating chocolate ice cream and M&Ms.
Howie: I would devour you now.

Howie:(to Chicken George) You are owning this game, Georgie! You won one HOH and a Veto. I think I taught you too much, and now you'r going to strike me down.
George: Howie, you're a badass bitch
Howie: Eat something, George.
George: Are you sure I can?
Janie and Will assure George he can, but tell him to check with the Diary Room.

George: I wish they didn't do that so fast.

6:30pm BBT
Ant Room - Will, Janie, Howie
They say how surprised they were that James was nominated.
Will and Janelle were sure it would be them.
Will: Now we can bounce Erika.

Will: George winning isn't great, but it's acceptable.
Janie: James threw it. He got questions wrong on purpose.
Howie: If he wants to throw events, this will happen.
Will: James was wicked pissed.

Howie and Will sit on the bed and Janie walks out. James comes in...

Will: Erika asked George why she was nominated. George said that he owes Janelle and Howie, and now they aren't going up, even if Power of Veto is used.

Will advises Howie to not use POV.

James: We all fought to send Marcellas home this week, even though Janie didn't want it. We should tell him to put Janelle up, and if he doesn't, slop will be the best thing that happened to him.

Dani & George
George: I'll be able to explain it, and when I do, you will understand.
Dani: Are you planning to back door me?
George: No. That was never my plan.
George: Who is in the Weightroom?
Dani: Erika, James, and Boogie.
Dani: Be careful. You don't know who has that power, and you don't know what it was.
George: I didn't even want to win, and all of a sudden I'm HOH, and I can't believe it.

Janie joins them.

George: At least you guys get to see a season 1 picture.
Dani: That will be good.

George: I've been alone this whole game...

Janie: I think it's pretty cool that you won, Georgie.

BUG ROOM - Howie, James, Boogie, Janie
Howie: The double eviction week is a blessing for us.
James agrees. They want to get rid of Erika Sunday, and they love CG's putting her on block.
Howie: I think we've got the votes. And if James wins POV, I think we can get Chicken George to throw someone else up there against Erika that will guarantee she goes home.

James: I feel like I'm being asked to put my faith in Chilltown. No offense, but it's scary.
Janelle: I have to change.
James: No you don't. You look pretty.
Janelle: Yes, I do.

Howie: Only 2 people won't be playing for the veto. If you (James) end up there against Erika on eviction night, we're going to keep you. This past week everyone wanted to keep her, but that isn't so now.

Howie: We have to keep "them" on our side, bro.

Dani and Erika enter.
They're talking about how Marci was picked as the biggest whiner in BB7 House, instead of James.
James: I can't believe I was even in the mix.

Whatta Show

Wow! Whatta show that was! I knew it was going to be a great one, but I wasn't expecting the drama at the end... and I certainly wasn't expecting Chicken George to win HoH!! Good for him! The man deserves some pampering and some respect...

At the moment, James is wasting no time threatening him both to his face and behind his back, so I better get back to updating. It's gonna be a hot next 3 days!

West Coast Spoiler


BB live show just ended for the east coast and central time zones. If you have not seen it yet....Boogie was the winner of the Coup d' Etat, but did not use it this week. Marcellas was evicted with a vote of 6-0. The HoH was held in the backyard and the questions were based on questions asked on the CBS most likely to... whatever. Before the HoH comp started Janelle was crowned Prom Queen, as she received the most votes! Chicken George won the HoH! He immediately had to nominate 2 people because this will be a double eviction week. George nominated James and Erika. Sunday another houseguest will be evicted!

Almost Showtime

Hard to believe it's only been a week since Kaysar was evicted (prematurely) from the Big Brother House. It feels more like a month... Everything has been so different in the house. BB time just doesn't seem based in reality.

I'm really hoping tonight doesn't offer any more decimation of what's left of the sov's. My fingers crossed for Janie's longevity especially, since she's EVERYONE's target. Whatever your feelings about her, you've got to admit she keeps the show entertaining. Hard to imagine it without her...

That said, for me, this season is an education on how the game of Big Brother is best played. I'd like to congratulate ALL of the All Stars... and thank them for giving themselves to us for the summer.

Erika & Boogie Update

Spamgirl says: "I've gotten word from one of Erika's family members that, as far as they know, Erika and Josh didn't break up in January and that Erika and Boogie were only friends before the show. They said they don't know 100%, though, as they don't really involve themselves in Erika's love life :)

According to the feeds, Josh dumped Erika in January before moving to Florida. That means that Erika and Boogie hooking up in March ("Just for the show", as Boogie says) is possible.

I haven't heard anything back from Josh yet about it, so I don't have confirmation. I can say that around Christmas, 2005, they were together, but that's the last time I talked to either of them about their relationship indepth."

Diane's Ebay Auction

I picked this up from her forum, After reaching over $500, ebay pulled the auction. Here's what Diane had to say:

"Sorry about the ebay auction guys......I didn't know that you can't really raise money on ebay for charity, which makes a lot of sense.....especially for those saying they are raising money and end up just keeping it for other purposes. Lindsey and I are looking into working with the psoriasis foundation and maybe starting up a little fund for Michael. However in the mean time I will put the phone calls back up along with some other items, I just can not make any references to Michael or his disease with them. Thank you all so much to everyone who wrote in with their emails and stories, and especially their advice for him. You guys are more wonderful than you know, and even brought Michael to tears. Talk to you soon

and in another post to her group...

"Hey guys,
Wanted to give ya'll the scoop first on future auctions. The response to the phone calls is just overwelming and that's why I just adore my fans. But I know they already know that which is why I do my best to make myself as reachable and easy to talk to as possible. I am gonna sell more things in the future, probably some more phone calls, I had some requests for autographed pictures, and some items I have from the my BB duffle bags from this year and season 5, a devil...angel and the fanelle pink duckies, lol......and many more goodies. So keep an eye out and I will always keep ya'll posted. Thanks to everyone for being so amazing at this time and always as usual.

Love Diane (and Lindsey and Michael)"

All You

OK kids.. time for a little more audience participation.

1. Who's winning HoH tonight?
2. Who's intentionally tanking it?
3. Will tonight be a double eviction?
4. Who's going home?

Thank you in advance for your responses, and please remember all comments are moderated, so just give me a few minutes to get them up - no need to re-send.

Naughty me

And.. cue the cheezy 70 porn music.

HoH Comp SetUp

The art department's nearly all set up for the HoH competition, and production's getting into gear with a run through, complete with production assistants acting as stand-ins...And they're showing us on the feeds... which is pretty surprising.

Actually this has been the most flame free Thursday yet. Sweet.
    ***ok PA's, which one of you is the regular here?
    Fess up.

Don't Will and James look great as women? ;) I guess eye-line's aren't so important on this show...

Anyhow, the comp looks like a doozy! Check out the photos below.


Weight Room - Will & Boogie
Will: I am afraid Janelle is playing me as much as I am playing her..
Boogie: Don't worry. She'll leave before us me!


Red Room - George & Marcellas
George: Just in case, Marci. Just in case.

Random thought

I bet one of the tie breaker questions will be:

Name 3 (or more) of the ingredients found in Big Brother Slop.

It's information accessible to everyone, pertinent to everyone, and I believe every houseguest has looked over the ingredients at one time or another.

It may not happen tonight, but at some point...

Will History Video

Join me on this trip into the video vault, for a history lesson on Dr. Delicious. This one stars Will Kirby, in a very well put together video by xx2000xx.

Glamour Shots

Erika and Danielle: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
    ***No, they didn't really say it.
    Just look at the pics!

They're Up

ok.. well a couple of them anyhow.

9:37am BBT

Dani's been up for a while, looking deep in thought and a bit troubled. Marci got up, went to the bathroom, and spoke to her a few minutes ago.

Marcellas: If things are going down against me, and it would further you in the game, go on & vote however it would help you to stay.

Dani nodded her acknowledgement, and went back into deep thought.
Marcellas went back to bed.

    ***This has been the extent and tenor of most of their private conversations throughout the game. If Marcellas does get evicted from the house tonight, I cannot wait to see his interview with Julie!! I want to know, once and for all, what alliances he walked into that house with... the whole truth.

Movie Downloads. 100% Legal. No membership fees.


We've had flames for a while... now back... the feeds have thursday-itis.

10:50am BBT
James is working out.
Erika's coloring her hair some more.
Howie's being Howie, telling Erika he likes her rack.

Dani, Boogie, and Howie are eating in the kitchen.
George is watching them eat.
George: They've been working in the backyard all day.
George: (to Howie) If the 70's ever come back, you've got it covered.

Final 2 Video

Up in HoH with James, Howie, Janie and Will, discussing game play and who they'd vote for in final 2 scenarios. James let's slip that he doesn't like Will... Will acknowledges George as a serious player.

Every Inch

2:30am - 3:00am BBT
Feed 1: Howie studying the pictures on the wall.
Feed 2: Janie coming out of the shower in HOH
Feed 3: Marci still laying awake in red room .. still tossing and staring
Feed 4: BUG ROOM - James, Boogie, and Will asleep.. Will is restless

2:45am BBT
Marci gives up on trying to sleep, gets up, and comes out to the Living room, en route to the bathroom.

Howie: Youre cute Marci.

Janie is working on her hair in the HoH Bathroom.

Howie is intently studying the wall...

Janie comes downstairs.

Janie: How you doing Howie?
Janie: How you doing Marci?
Howie: He has a cute butt, Janie.

Janie goes back up to the HoH room, and works on her hair.
Howie goes up stairs and the feeds do not follow him.
Marci's gone from the feeds as well.

Feed 1: Dark empty kitchen
Feed 2: Janie working on her hair
Feed 3: Erika asleep
Feed 4: Bug Room - Will, Boogie, and James are sleeping

2:45am BBT
Janie comes out of the HoH room and sees Howie..
Janie: What are you doing Howie?
Howie: Counting.
Janie: (laughs) Oh Howie..
Howie: You dont think it will be the tie breaker?

They discuss the colors of all the rooms..
Howie quizzes Janie on quantities...

2:52am BBT
BUG ROOM - Sleeping boys
Will sits up, and then lays back down.. he is a bit restless and moving all over

DOWNSTAIRS- Howie and Janie
Howie goes to the bathroom.
Janie gets a drink in the kitchen, then goes and sits in front of the wall of HG pictures. She's mumbling to herself.

Howie: What the f'k did they do to my hair?! Those bozos!
Janie: Calm down, Howie.

Howie goes outside, then leans back in the door..
Howie: Can it be this cold in august?

He goes back inside.

Howie joins Janie in front of the pictures on the wall, and they continue quizzing eachother.

Howie comments on how everyone looks.

Janie: How do I look?
Howie: It doesn't look like you at all.
Howie: who was the 3rd HG in the seance?
Janie: Did you just fart?
Howie: oh nasty

Howie: How many shelves?
Janie: That's a good question.. George will not know that.

Janie: You reek! You smell!
Howie: (laughing) Get used to it!
Janie: You make me want to throw up sometimes.

Janie: Just a word to the wise.. I'm nothing to screw with
Howie: You are cute Janie

Janie goes back up to the HoH bathroom, checks out her hair, cleans HoH tub.
Howie's mumbling as he heads upstairs with glass of water.

Howie: Taking a bath?
Janie: I'm shaving my legs, Howie.. I've lost my mind

Howie inspects every little thing in the HOH room. He's even checking the bottoms of vases.. Studying the pictures...

Howie: (looking in mirror) What a fat pig I am.. I am disgusting.
Janie: (shaving legs) Howie, what are you doing?
Howie: I'm trying to figure out where BB comes in here to change the room.


Howie and Janie
Chatting in the HoH Bathroom..

Jenga Up in Smoke
And James, Chicken George and Boogie
Laughing in anticipation of Howie's Hair

Almost Critical

1:00am BBT
HoH Room - Janie, Howie & Will
Studying for HoH Comp. Discussing pictures.

RED ROOM - Erika & Marci
Erika and Marci are in the big bed together, laughing.
Marci:(imitating internet folks) "I'm going to start a new thread! Let's find out where sequester house is and go there!"
Erika is cracking up.

Feeds 1&2: sleeping houseguests
Feeds 3&4: Janie & Howie, HoH bathroom

1:20am BBT
HOH Bathroom - Janie and Howie. (Will has gone.)

Janie is doing her roots and Howie... Well... Howie's got a new look.

Janie: Would you have watched the show if you were the first one evicted?
Howie: I don't know. I would think you wouldn't want to watch if you weren't on the show.
Howie: I should've hung on to the spider web. That was my HoH comp to win. I really tried.
Howie: All it takes is one person to win HOH, you can get lucky, and the way that Dani is gunning for it, she is sure to win it.
Janie: She probably will.
Howie: I'm due to win it. I'm feeling pretty confident. It's almost critical that one of us gets it to stay.

    Truer words were never spoken... but it's more than "almost critical."

HoH Bathroom, Janie and Howie
Howie keeps farting and it's making Janie mad.
Chatter about different players and what they think they'll do...
Howie: You're cute, Jani!
Janie: Thanks, Howie!
He farts again, she complains...
Howie: Screw you, Jani!

Marci and Erika asleep now.

1:40am BBT
Kitchen - Howie & Janie
They're eating ice cream out of coffee mugs... Counting things for the HoH comp. Janie: Nachos would be good right now.
They're just chatting mostly... discussing which of Howie's family is watching the show/have feeds.

2:20am BBT
Howie is wandering around the house counting everything.
Janie is in the shower, washing the dye out of her hair.
Marci is awake and very restless, with good reason. His eyes are open, and he's staring at the ceiling... then tossing and turning.

Howie's going from room to room, reviewing everything in the house.
    ***Big Boy wants HoH, Bad!

Live Show Day

Good morning! Happy Live Show day!

I'm so excited for tonight's show... and so curious to see how they're going to fit everything in. Tonight is going to be HUGE.

First there's the Prom bit to do - king, queen, most likely to fart in public, etc...
Next up ought to be the Coup d'Etat - calling in the winner & explaining the power.
Then the live vote...
Followed possibly by some coup d'etat action...
And then the HoH comp.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there, they'll want to show footage of the hot tub spin the bottle sequence - with emphasis on the Erika/Boogie "showmance", and hammock time, and bed time chats between Will and Janie... And if they can squeeze it in, perhaps a little of the prom night prep, with everyone dying Howie's hair and 'stache - otherwise that footage (which is terrific) is lost forever...

OK.. Off to get the overnights together, I am.
    Yoda style.

Make sure to check out the posts from late last night... I'd love your input.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More on the Coup D'Etat

As you sow, so shall you reap... Used commonly in reference to tithing, this quote comes from the Bible, Galatians vi. 'Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.'

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the producers are actually using the correct order of the phrase, Janelle's guess is actually closer than Boogie's... and given the order the clues were given in, this may well be the case.

We shall see...

Howie Selleck

In preparation for the Live Show Thursday, and Prom Night, Howie decides to pull a Chicken George and get all done up - via the peroxide route. Everyone got into the act of dying Howie's hair, adding highlights, and then, creating a handlebar mustache. Here are lots of pics from the past 30 minutes... Most of the HGs were in there watching,either participating in the transformation or having a good laugh. I'm hoping Howie comes out of this looking ok... That stripe down the middle is troublesome.

Manic in HoH

Around 8:20pm BBT
HOH ROOM - Will & Janie
Janie's been sleeping most of the day.. between slop and game pressure, she's just bummin'. Will's doing his thing.

Will: I'm sorry I came on this show.
Janie: I'm sad too.
Will: I'm at a low point
Janie: It just makes you think about bad things.

Will is really worried about his life, his girlfriend, his practice,

Will: Do you want to talk about it?
Janie: I just want to get the hell out of here.

Will: If there wasn't a sequester, there wouldn't be a problem or if you could... I'm at really low point in my life. I have a lot of good things going on, and I don't know why I came on this show.
Janie: Why did you come on?
Will: Because my ego would not let me not do it, I'm embrassed to say it, but it's true, you want to be seen by people and you want to be important.
Janie: umhum

Will: ... and unfortunately I have to have my life justified by strangers... Boogie is one of my friends, and I want to support him, and it's amazing I met people like you and Howie and Dani, but I shouldn't have done this.
Janie: you hungry?
Will: I'm starving and you?
Janie: I've been sleeping all day. I'm just depressed.
Will: Tell me why you're sad. Lets talk about it.
    ***I don't know how much I can take of Will as Mr ideal boyfriend.

Janie: I'm sad that My boyfriend is going to break up with me.
Will: Is he though?
Janie: I have no idea.
Will: I'm really hopeful that my girlfriend understands this it's just a show... 4 people in a shower... it's no big deal.

they're both lying on the bed. They kay their in silence for a few moments... Both really do seem a bit melancholy.

Janie: Do you think it's a dancing contest? It's so stupid.
Will: It's retarded, I don't even care, I have very little will left to fight.
    ***oh please.

Janie: Did you work out today?
Will: No. Too sad. I'm a loser.
Janie: You're not a loser.
Will: I know... it's just I have a lot on my mind and I'm so worried.
    ***...and I'm trying ever so desperately to identify with you on whatever level I think will work today.

Comfortable silence...

Will: I sequester totally stressful?
Janie: No you just sit around. It's not stressful at all.
Will: Is everyone cool or bitching?
Janie: No everyone was really nice.
Will: If you could go back like 2 months ago, would you do this show again?
Janie: I don't know.
Will: Why? Is it too stressful?
Janie: No, it's too boring.
Will: What would you be doing? Working?
Janie: Yeah...probably in Miami.

a knock on the door

Will: Come in.

It's Erika.

Will: This is the depressed room.
Will: We're just really depressed.
    ***is it just me, or do you agree it's really bad for for the HoH and a safe HG to complain about depression to someone on the block?

Will: Erika, I'm really sad... really sad worried about my occupation, my family, Erin.
Erika: You'll be fine.
Will: My life sucks, being on this show, trying to cheer myself up, it just sucks, the highs are highs, the lows are lows and there are alot more lows than highs... I swear you guys will like me so much more as a person outside of this house, you will say 'that Will is a really cool guy and a good friend.' I don't even like myself here.

Janie: I never slept so much in my life.
Will: Erika, hop in bed with us. Join the depression.
Erika: I'm leaving. I just came up here to tell you about the dinner.

Dani's cooking, and it looks delicious. They can all eat at 9pm.

Will: Cheer us up.
Erika: Dani's making a Turkey meatloaf with spinach and cheese.
Will: It sounds really good, you don't have to leave.
Janie: We are depressed.

Erika: What do you want me to do?
Will: There is nothing you can do.
Erika: We can shower together later>

they all laugh.. a little

Erika: There were lots of smiles in that shower.

Will: I think the reason I'm so depressed is that that will really hurt Erin, and I don't want it to, it was light, it was a joke and no big deal but I don't want to disrespect her and hurt her. No, no disrespect to you guys but I should't have.

Erika: So do you want to shower later?

she laughs

Will: Janie just wants to get the hell out of there and call her boyfriend.
Erika: it's all going to be good.

They talk about the HoH Comp tomorrow night, dpeculating on whether it's going to be a dance off, a crap shoot...

Will: But it's a prom, I have no will to fight.
Erika: That's the problem. The show is too long.

Will: The last time I did this show, I had nothing to lose, no problems, it was fun.
Erika: It will be fine. Everything will work out.

Will: I might have to call you guys in 5 weeks so you can talk to Erin and explain things to her...
Janie: Will you talk to my boyfriend?
Will: Absoutley.
Erika: I'll call both of them.

Coup d'Etat Survey

There's so much plotting and whispering going on right now, my head is about to explode. As an alternative, I choose to make another little audience participation (you!) poll...

OK... Assuming that Boogie has won the Coup d'Etat, do you think he will use it tomorrow night during the live show, and if so, who do you think he will put up for eviction?

Please remember, per the rules stated by Julie Chen on last week's episode, the winner of the coup d'etat has the option to hold onto the power for 3 weeks.

Please leave your answers in the comment section here... and remember that all comments are moderated, so just give me a few minutes, and I'll make sure you get posted.

Prom Night

Will, Janelle and Erika are discussing sequester again. Will says he depressed and homesick, and disappointed how the show has turned out. He says he was promised All Stars would be amped up with great prizes. So, far it has not been that way.

***So did we Will!!

BB tells the HGs they are on an outdoor lockdown. The plan for today was for everyone to sleep until midnight, when they would get real food again. That does not happen now they are outside.

Once the lockdown is over, the HGs go inside to find a rack of clothes. The clothes are all retro. The houseguest are going to the BB Prom and are picking out their Prom clothes.

George selected a silver sequin tuxedo jacket. He looks like a disco ball!!
Erika looks really nice in her sequined dress.

Janelle tried on a beautiful red satin gown and a green gown.
Marcellas: That looks kind of crazy in a 'Dynasty' sort of way.

Danielle selected a pale pink dress. She really looks great!
Boogie is wearing a pale blue tux.

Boogie: BB is finally listening to some of our ideas, the show's finally starting to heat up.
Will: When you told me I wasn't a producer, maybe I am. You guys are using my ideas.

Will wants to try to talk Howie into wearing a dress.

They continue to try on outfits. It must be a 70's themed prom becasue they keep saying things about the 70's and James pants are bell bottoms. They are saying it would be cool if some 70's band would perform and yell SHA NA NA!

***Sha Na Na? WTF? That's not 70's music!!

Here area a couple video clips...not sure what is up with the sound, but I will keep looking for others.

***Here is a much better video!

Sloffles and Carbuncles

11am-12 noon BBT
BACKYARD - everyone but Janie and Howie

Will is pissed off at the producers.
Will: They literally f'd with me. They got me thinking we were doing voting and other stuff today, and I go into the DR to ask what we're doing today, and they said nothing.
James: Yeah... they get us up early to tell us we're voting tomorrow. Now what are we gonna do the rest of the day?
Will: They keep f'ing bs'ing me.
    ***lol.. perhaps they're just a bit tired of being told how to do their jobs by someone with zero television production experience, Will.

Howie joins the group.
He shows everyone this big bad boil on his butt.
Howie: Will, you gotta do something to it ASAP.
Will: I can't. My insurance wont cover me to work here.
Howie talks him into it...
Will gets his gloves and is going to help Howie out, inside.
Thankfully, they didn't show it.
    ***ok, they did show it, and there is video, but there will be no pus on this blog... and that is my final answer!

James: Well that was good for 30 seconds. Now what?
James: It's 12 1/2 hours till food bitches!

James and George go in to cook up some slop waffles.

Howie and Will...
Will: Your problem is called a carbuncle. It's a name for a very small abcess, and it's an inflamed hair follicle.
Will: You should stop shaving back there. If you quit messing with it, it should be fine. Or it could get f-cking big, if you keep picking at it. Just use alchohol and antiseptic.
Will: (addressing Big Brother producers) I really need someone to call my office and let them know, that if I get evicted, I'll be going to the sequester house.

They're talking about how long someone spends in sequester.

Howie: You'll get evicted Thursday, go to the hotel, Friday go on The Early Show, do interviews at CBS for a few hours, then Saturday you'll go to the sequester and be there for a month till the finale.
Will and Boogie: NO!

George brings Boogie some slop waffles.

Will is folding clothes and doing laundry.

Janie and Marci are still asleep.

Boogie is eating the sloffles now.

Boogie: It isnt too bad with syrup.

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