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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nakey Howie Video

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Oh Howie... hehehehehe... I can't stop laughing

Videos of Food Comp

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Yeah, I know we already covered this, but I just found the videos... so here ya go. :) I guess this is a bit of a spoiler, but since you actually have to click PLAY to see what happens, I'm not doing the usual song-n-dance around it.

Part 1
OK, I know I'm just sick-n-wrong (and *human*) for announcing this, but pay close attention to the lower right corner of the screen in the first few seconds, and don't be shy about using rewind. If Jase's body holds no interest for you, ignore the above...and have your eyes checked. ;-)

Part 2


Part 3


Many thanks to KellyWorthAWiggle for posting this to her awesome myspace group:
Big Brother 7 All Star Fans
and saving me the YouTube search time!!

PoV Confirmed


If you do not wish to see the spoiler, this is your last chance to turn back.....or click this link and get the live feeds!!

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***It is confirmed, Erika won PoV!!! Yeah Erika!!


1:15pm – Feeds come back on. In living room, Diane, Nakomis, and Marcellas. None look too happy. Marcellas is being a diva, saying “This isn’t the way it was suppose to be. This is All Stars, we’re suppose to be winning glamorous prizes, competing for cars, catered meals, foot massages, drinks served to us by boys in white jackets…”

Appaently the PoV had something to do with golf and they wore golf attire. BB had provided over-sized golf clubs yesterday to the HG’s. Diane is talking about the comp, saying it was a game of luck and not fair to the ones on the block. At this point, no one has mentioned who won PoV.

1:30 pm – Danielle enters the living room. In the background you hear the others talking. Something to the effect of, have they decided, yet. Danielle says, “Not yet”. I think maybe there is a question as to who actually won. Diane is calculating how much money she has made so far.

***Possible Spoiler***

They mention something about “she” winning. All I can conclude from this is it could be Erika – she was the only other “she” competing.

I will confirm the winner and keep you posted!

Oops! Diary Room Audio

At 9:45am, BB announces to the houseguests that the Veto Competition will start in 90 minutes. At this time, the only HG’s awake appear to be Danielle and Nakomis. They are discussing which competitions they are good at playing. Danielle say she is bad at any comps that are timed but physicals comp she is good. They discuss Diane’s wins of HoH in her season and agree she is good at endurance comps.

By 10:15, all the HG’s are awake and most of them are sitting at the kitchen table. About 15 minutes later, BB calls Boogie into the diary room and we can hear the audio. BB has asked if the HG’s will be sick from eating slop all week. Here is a clip…

Stay tuned for the POV results. I will post as soon as I know!!


The veto Comp has just begun, and the contestants are:

Host: Golfer George

We'll be back soon with the results....

James is playing, so ... lets see if he adds another notch to his veto belt. ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

2am-6am Team America

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2:15am BBTime
James, Janelle and Howie.
James is telling them that Marcellas would drop them in a heartbeat, that Marc keeps calling them "the 4". james believes Erika is a bit more solid with them than Marcellas. ...and that Will and Boogie are scary.

Janelle thinks that they should take Nakomis off and put Boogie up (backdoor him). They are counting the votes to see if it would be possible. James says that Danielle will vote with them.

James feels good to compete tomorrow... but he's not so sure how he'll feel by the end of the week (with the slop diet).

James: If one of us win the veto, do you think Kaysar would take Nakomis off the block and put Boogie up?
James: Danielle thinks that if someone comes off the block, Jase should go up...she thinks he is a sleeper. I don't agree with the whole backdoor concept, but....
Howie: So what?...they are chilltown... who cares about backdooring them?

James: If I was HOH, I would have a very hard time backdooring, but I'm not HOH, and if Kaysar will do it, I have no problem with it.

They all take note and comment about Jase's interrupting them every time they are speaking privately. They agree that Danielle may be right, and possibly Jase should go up if Nakomis comes off.

They say that next week they absolutely have to go after Chicken George.
Janelle: I wonder why Kaysar didn't go after Chilltown. I think he didn't want to be targeted. I wont be afraid to make a bold move.
James: We have to make the right moves at the right times.

They discuss why Jase didnt go along with the idea to disagree with Janelle last week if he is a part of Chilltown, and James says that Danielle says that by diagreeing with Janelle, Jase would have put a huge target on his back, and once Danielle put it to him the way she did, it made perfect sense to him. He says that Danielle REALLY knows this game, and that they should really talk to her, because she knows what she's talking about.

James asks if they are sleeping with Kaysar tonight, and they tell him that they are. He says to run all this by Kaysar tonight then, and see what he thinks. They all touch fists and say "Team America, yeeeaaahhhh".

Janelle: I have a lot to think about tonight.
Howie: You dont trust Jase, do you?
Janelle: I used to, but not as much anymore.

Howie starts to tell her she is wrong, but James tells Howie to let Janie think it over on her own, because its important that they all have their own thought processes and opinions, and then work these things out together as a collective. James and Howie both agree that they think that Jase is "with" Chilltown, though, even if Janie is not sure.

James: Tomorrow, I'll talk to Diane and Nakomis about the Chilltown alliance, and Jase.
James: Now I know what you felt like last year when you thought that he was with the Nerd Herd.

Janelle in HOH with Kaysar.

Janelle: James and Howie told me they think that Jase is with Chilltown, but I sort of still trust him.
Kaysar: I am telling you. Jase is NOT with them.
Janelle: If thats the case, then putting Jase out of the house shouldn't be a big deal then, because noone will care and noone would come after us for doing that, and also we can save Nakomis at the same time.

Kaysar: James just wants Jase out of the house, and if thats what he wants, he can do it himself. I am not putting a huge target on my own back for James. James is pissed at Jase over the food comp...and James is stuck eating crap now.
Janelle: Maybe you should talk to James.
Kaysar: No, I'm not talking to James...let James stew. If James ever finally gets HOH, then James can do what he wants to do. I'm not listening to anymore of James' boneheaded ideas.
Janelle: This is just what Howie and James said. I'm just the listener.

Howie rings the bell and comes in.

Kaysar: Every week, we throw out different names of people who are coming after us, and we have to stick to a plan...if we deviate from the plan, then we will fall apart.
Kaysar: Its not about who to take out, its when to take them out, and we dont need to take Jase out now. I think Nakomis is underestimated in this house.

Howie agrees.

Janelle: Howie, if you agrees, then why did you agree with James downstairs that Jase should go this week?
Howie: I did agree, but now that I'm thinking about it, I think differently.

Kaysar: its not even a matter of leadership, every person serves a perpose, but Jase is like their James, Boogie is the funny social guy, their Howie.
Kaysar: My point is that in a team, each person has to hold their own weight. Nakomis has brains, she has to go. The other people dont really have any leader holding them together. At some point, we WILL have to take out Jase, but just not right now.
Kaysar: We can't just change our strategy because people say "so and so said this, so and so said that...". He says that if we do that, then the same thing will happen this year as what happened last year.

Howie: Janelle doesn't think that Jase is with Chilltown.
Kaysar: We dont really know one way or the other.
Janelle: That's all I was saying, that we dont know for sure.

Howie wonders why Jase doesnt talk to him at all this week, so totally different from last week.

Kaysar: Last week, Jase had to play differently because he was co-HOH with Janelle. Now Jase is positioning himself.

Howie is talking about how they cant eat this week, and they wont be as good to compete next week for HOH. Kaysar says that they cant always win HOH, so what are they going to do then, just take a hit? He says that what Janelle and Howie are not thinking right now is that they also have Marcellas and Erika also competing, but then again, they really dont have any kind of loyalty and could just as easily justify putting up someone from BB6. So he says they need a plan, because statistically speaking, they cant possibly win HOH every week. He says they just have to wait until next week and see what happens. He says maybe Boogie or Danielle will get HOH and hopefully not put them up, maybe Erika or Marcellas will get HOH and hopefully not put them up, maybe even James will get HOH next week, and who knows what he would do if he got HOH? Howie says that James would not put them up, but he would sell them out.

Kaysar: This is All-Stars, so if someone is coming after us, then we have to do what we have to do to stay in the house... so if two of us get put up against each other, then go ahead and campaign...negotiate to try to keep ourselves in the game, because none of us are MORE deserving than any of the rest of them to be in the house.

Kaysar: If we have this agreement in the beginning, then there should be no problems and issues later if it should happen, and we can continue to stay friends outside of the house.

Kaysar: Hopefully, the nominations will stand as is.

3:00am BBTime
The cameraman is being a pervert and zooming in on Erikas boobs, tush and v-jayjay while she is by herself.

Kaysar: Diane and Nakomis probably think I put them up just for voting for Ali. Janell: No, they dont.
Howie: Why did they vote for Ali?
Janelle: Nakomis said she gave her a pity vote.

Howie: I think Nakomis is the strongest player in the house... besides you two. Kaysar: There are a lot of strong players in the house.
Janelle: Boogie is just as good.

Howie: This is business. Don't ever feel bad or guilty about what you have to do in here...I gave Maggie my vote, she won all that money, and has she ever even thanked me? No, but so what?
Janelle: At least Ivette thanked me.
Howie: Just dont ever get caught up in this pity party. These same people that you're feeling guilty about (Nakomis) are the same people that down the line are going to turn around and betray you.

Howie: All these people in here are probably multi-millionaires and dont even need the money, so go after them.
Kaysar: We should leave the impoverished people in the house, and all the really rich people, and let them fight it out.
Howie: (to Janey) Who told you that Diane is living out of her car?
She says Marcellas did.
Howie: (sarcastic) So what should we do, get evicted from the house, so Diane can have the money?
Janelle: No, I think Marcellas was just talking about sequester (so Diane can at least get the money from getting as far as sequester).
Kaysar: Hm. Should we let her stay in the house long enough to get to sequester then? So that she can have a chance to take us out of the house later down the line? Howie and Janey: Hell No!

Howie: Do you think James cares if anyone here needs the money? NO way! He's here to win, and he is going to do what he has to do to get there.
Kaysar: I feel bad for these people though, I cant help it, its just human.
Howie: I don't care if Jase has 9 kids to support. This is business, we need to go after them. Go hard or go home, he says.

Howie: None of us are going home this week. Kaysar, you're sharp, and Janie, tomorrow, we should start hard-core training.

4:00am BBTime
Janelle's gone to bed. Howie and Kaysar are still in the HOH room, Kaysar's got the headphones on, and Howie's laying down staring off into space. After a while, Kaysar gets up to take a shower and Howie goes to sleep (in HOH).

When he got out of the shower, Kaysar sat on his bed reading his Quran for a while, but is now laying down with the book closed on his chest and he is just relaxing, looks like he is falling asleep.

Looks like the house is quiet until tomorrow

6:15am BBTime
Kaysars alarm clock went off and he woke up to hit snooze, but then fell right back to sleep again.

A few minutes later, it goes off again and this time he gets up to pray, gets a drink of water, shuts the light off, and goes back to bed.

7:15 Marcellas is up, tidying, showering and talking to himself. Chicken George gets up briefly and goes back to sleep.

Overnight Report

1:00am BBTime
EXT:Jacuzzi - George, Boogie, Will, Jase, Erika

They're seriously trash-talking Season 6, and how they must unite againt them.
The talk turns to how tough a competitor Janelle is, then turns to degrading her -how she is a cocktail waitress.

Boogie: She pretends she doesn't work there and then sits down with rich guys...

Earlier Boogie said that while he was in the Diary Room they asked him something about season 6, so that confirmed to him that they were an alliance.

Jase: Janelle thinks we're cool, but we're not.

Will: I don't want to go to sequester. I want to go back to work. I don't want to listen to Howie go on about how white I am all summer.

Will: Season 6 have no idea what they're in for. They are just rookies thrown in with NBA all-stars.

**ok, Botox Boy, keep talkin'.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

INT./KITCHEN -Janelle and Howie
Trying to make the best of a gooey situation.

Howie: Oh Janie your boobies are so nice, they are so big and strong..
Jannie: Oh thanks howie..
Howie: Right now those cookies look better than your boobies
Howie: What up Kaysar!
Howie: This glob is better than P*ssy ...
Howie: Im sleeping with you tonight Kaysar
Howie: I'll kill for HOH, Ill eat somebodys leg for it..

MARCELLAS enters kitchen, saying he cannot sleep because the food is so bad..

Howie: Im going to fry some flour
Janelle: Howie!
Howie: Im gonna take a leak Marcel, tell me if my flour is ready

Janelle is trying to mix in whatever she can to make something edible with what they are allowed to have.. Howie just cooked a flour/sugar mush... trying to get marcel to eat it..He is refusing..

JAMES enters kitchen.

They are cracking up over the different ridiculous combinations..

CUT TO: Diane and Nakomis in Bedroom

Diane: Can't believe I did this.. one of us needs to go all the way if one of them goes

They are hoping that Nak can win veto, and Chicken George gets put up..

Diane trying to count votes for her to stay vs George..

Diane: Worst case scenario, I'll get a tie.. then maybe Kaysar will kick out George, because he feels so bad for putting both of us up

Nak: This sucks

Diane: Ya, why us.. we werent riling stuff up, we were just kicking it..

Diane: James came to me and told me that we arent going up on the block.. then came back and apologized.. said Kaysar wanted to put up floaters..

Diane: Hey one of us may win the veto and go on to win the game

Nak: Ya... that would be great..

Diane: Janelle was up every week in her season. I'm not gonna give up.. let just pray that we play against chicken george.. or vs Erika because of the broken rib

**Bruised Rib...

Nak: I'm prepared to go, I dont wanna leave.. but I've accepted it.. I'm leaving, even if my name doesn't come.

Diane: Huh?

Nak: I'm just so prepared to go..

Diane: If I go home, I'll be watching you on the computer.

Now they are complaining about how many BB6 people are in the house..

Diane: It's not fricken fair.. James or somebody had an alliance before the game even started.. it's so funny, i'll remember the day i got the phone call, did you get a call

Nak: Who from the guys behind the walls..

Diane: Ya

-Fire (what a shocker)-

Diane: I went to the storage room and there was Howie and Jannelle talking, so i left without saying anything.. then i went outside and people were talking.. F*** x 5

Diane: I just really want to make sequester.

Nak: We will. We just need to win the veto.

Diane: Did you practice some more or did you just say F*** it..

Nak: F*** it..


Diane: Let me ask you something for shits and giggles... during ceremony Kaysar said something about making the house 'more comfortable,' it sounded like he was trying to get rid of a few people to make the house more comfortable. So does that mean "we" make the house un-comfortable?

Diane: He meant it in the best way.. I dont even remember what he said, it sounded like he said something about getting rid of people to make the house more comfortable.. He tried to explain it,

Nak: Just makes him look like a jerk

Diane: good way to think about it..

Diane: well if either of us ends up talking to Julie Chen, say something witty about going home on this day..... you can, throw some people up.. then hope that someone gets the veto

Diane: If we both stay and I get hoh, I'll put up Janelle and Howie.. and if one gets the veto, I'll put up Kaysar

Nak: yup

1:40am BBTime
Jase, Kaysar, Janelle, Howie, Marcellas, Boogie and James in kitchen

They are debating if peanut butter is considered a condiment.. Howie thinks that Jelly is the condiment

Howie and Janelle: Team America - F- Ya!

Looks like they made some sort of Flour/Sugar/Butter/Syrup combo which they are trying to pretend is pancakes..

Boogie: This tastes like gruel

Kaysar: Just imagine this is World War 3

James gags..

Kaysar: Did you go in the hot tub

Boogie: Ya, for a little bit.. it's getting old

Marcellas: You guys aren't even hungry its the boredome that makes you wanna eat

Marcellas: THEY WONT BREAK ME! IM STRONGER THAN THIS!..don't turn the waffle iron off


Howie: I would sign a contract to just eat PB&J the rest of the season.

Janelle: I would too

Howie: I'll never eat oatmeal outside this house ever again..

Janellle: Ya you ruined it BB.

Howie: Alison I wish I was with you now, I bet your eating right

Janelle: Team America F- Ya

Marcel: You wont break me BB... i can do this standing on my head

Friday, July 14, 2006

The BIG Boot

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe 'Big' Boot
''Big Brother: All-Stars'' evictee Alison tells Lynette Rice about why she went so early, who she thinks is a ''friggin' moron,'' and more

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Did you expect to be out this early?
ALISON Absolutely, because I'm good. And they are stupid if they have me stay.

EW What was your first mistake?
ALISON Going back to the house! I knew I was going to be first — it wasn't even a shock. It wasn't about mistakes this time; they're gonna go after the big guns. Danielle, Will, and I are the top dogs right now.

EW You have to admit you made it easy for them to evict you by talking strategy almost immediately.
ALISON Yeah. Danielle came up with this awesome plan. I did the dirty work, and guess who got busted? Me.

EW Who did you think you had early alliances with?
ALISONUm...Nakomis and Diane, and that's about it.

EW Do you really want us to believe you didn't flirt with any of those guys? Girlfriend, I think I only saw you in a bikini, and it looks like you're in the best shape ever. Why not use that to your advantage?
ALISON You know, that's my boyfriend's body — his and his only to deal with! It's private property now.

EW How long have you been dating Jason?
ALISON A year and four months. We're in Columbus, Ohio, but we're moving to Orlando. He's a doctor in sports medicine.

EW Marcellas compared you and Danielle to gonorrhea and the clap. Never mind they are the same thing.
ALISON I didn't hear that! That's funny, though. Oh God, it's Marcellas. I could give two s---s about what he says. Please.

EW Tell me about the recruitment process. Were you one of the players whom CBS guaranteed entry to? If not, who were?
ALISON There were no guaranteed entries. If they wanted you back, you came back.

EW Do you know which former houseguests were approached but declined?
ALISON There were rumors, but I think it's a bunch of s---. There are not too many people who wouldn't do it. I think there were people who were approached, and they went through the interview process, tried out, and they just didn't make the cut and they didn't take it too well.

EW And what about that interview process — what did they ask you?
ALISON Why should you be an all-star? Why you over anyone else? What makes you stand out? There are 100 different contestants trying out for 14 positions. What would you do differently? And, Do you even want to play a game?, because they didn't want people in there who were going to sit back and have a relaxing summer.

EW I was surprised more people from your year, BB4, didn't get in.
ALISON Yeah, I was very shocked that Jun wasn't in there. She was good. I thought it would have been fun to compete against her again.

EW Who in the house doesn't deserve to be there?
ALI Chicken George. He is the most annoying person I have ever met in my entire life. He's a friggin' moron. He might be the dumbest older man I ever met. It's almost impossible to have a discussion with him. He really is a retard.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

EW Julie called you on the carpet for your comments regarding Janelle. Did that embarrass you, or did you mean every word?
ALISON I was embarrassed that I said all those things, but it was pretty cool to have Julie Chen say ''fat-ass'' on TV, because she's very conservative. I mean, it's all fun and games in the house when you're stressed out and making fun of someone else, because humor relieves stress. But when [your words] are all taken out of context and put together in one sentence, you're like, ''Oh God, I sound so evil!''

EW Dude, how do you take ''fat-ass'' out of context?
ALISON [Laughs] It's to relieve stress. I don't really know how you take ''fat-ass'' out of context.

EW You certainly got a last dig in at Janelle about gaining weight. You really don't like her, do you?
ALISON I don't know her as a person outside the house. I don't think she's a bad person. But I know she was competition — and I'm sorry, but I'm not going to like my competition.

EW Where do you see the natural alliances?
ALI I think it's all a bunch of crap. I think it's all going to get torn apart in two weeks.

EW Who do you think Kaysar will nominate for eviction?
ALI He might go for two options: either Danielle and Marcellas, or maybe Nakomis and Diane.

EW Why not Will and Boogie?
ALI I think that Will and Boogie took their votes over to Danielle's side [and evicted Alison instead] to kind of make a deal with the season 6 alliance, so I think Kaysar will honor that.

EW Who do you think stands a chance of winning?
ALISON I know who I would like to win: either Danielle or Diane.

EW What will you do next?
ALI I have an awesome job as a medical sales rep. I'll transfer that down to Orlando.

EW You did lose weight before coming into the house.
ALI Honestly, it's just about me and my boyfriend. We love to be outdoors, I walk the dog all the time, and I got rid of the beer-drinking weight from college.


Friday Night Report

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As I gaze upon the splendor of the King... he's deigned to share his (recently arrived) hookah with the serf's, who are all gathered 'round, outside by the pool, upon the couch.. trying to make smoke rings... rather unsuccessfully - except for Erika, who's a wiz.. Quite amusing though.. to see Will making puff faces, and succeeding only in looking like a choo choo train.

Diane and Kaysar just had a lovely little private chat as well... but before I get into that, I need to back track a bit...

This afternoon, Diane and Nakomis were nominated for eviction... Diane's reaction was tears. :( Nakomis didn't look far from them. Now they're both doing a lot better.. and Nakomis has died her hair to match the nomination chairs... Something like a sunburst - red and yellow...

Will mentioned earlier to that he believes this is all a set-up to backdoor him. We'll just have to wait and see about that.

So, getting back to Diane and Kaysar's little chat - he said he felt very badly when she broke down in tears... they made nice-nice... Then she went into the bathroom with Nak and said, "It just insults my intelligence to be nominated before Chicken George."

Nak seems actually to be taking it all very much in the spririt of the game - i.e., not a vengeful psycho. She's really growing on me. I was always intrigued by her, but now actually watching her and learning her (as much as you can from someone you only watch on feeds & tv), I'm becoming a fan. Given the choice between the two, I'd rather see her stay, but in terms of strategy - she's strikes me as the stronger player, so perhaps the better choice for eviction, though I'd be sad to see her go.

Afternoon Report

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

They're back. Diane and Marcellas and Nakomis are talking on the couches.

The Nomination Ceremony hasn't happened yet, so they're talking about who will they think will get put up. Marcellas thinks Will/Boogie.

Nakomis reminds them that Kaysar pulled Boogie and Will into HoH after the food comp.

Diane says she tried to get info out of Boogie, but all he told her was that he thought that the 6ers were just trying to info out of him, and that Kaysar refused to make any deals.

Diane: I can't believe anything that comes out of Boogie's mouth.

Howie's attitude...

Marcellas: If we needed one sign of what's to come, it was the celebration after Kaysar won HOH.

Diane: It just takes one celebration and you know.

Marc: They tried to come over and hug you (to Nak), but that was just an act...too late. Happy to stay; happy to go. The days are SOOOO long.

Nak: I would like to make it to sequester, but these days are really long.

Marc: Is there like an ear thing that you can give us? Like an irrigation thing or something?

Diane starts talking about her ears too ...
Marcie moves on to work talk...
Marcie: The thing with being a stylist is that when all my accounts receivable come in, then I'm flush. But at other times, it's like...You need to pay me bitch.

Nak asks whether all his clients pay him on the same day of the month. Marcie explains that for the clients he is personally shopping for, they pay him after the session....

Marcellas talking about how crazy Alison was...Nakomis said she wanted Ali to stay and she had her reasons, but then Alison started to use her name and things changed.

James comes out and they talk about his oatmeal.... **lol - no game talk in front of 6ers?

Marcellas: Jases body is like's like anatomy's almost too good...

**agreed. :)

Nakomis: I'm not into it.....

** freak

Cut to:
Boogie, Danielle and Will:
Danielle tells them you better hope you see your names on that wheel. Will thinks he's being BackDoored. Dani vows to take one of them off if they are nominated and she wins veto. She's surprised the 6'ers have not tried to get Boogie and Will in their alliance. Dani wants to know where Jase stands. Will said he doesn't think Jase likes the 6'ers.

Boogie: If I'm in there and you're not, that's what it is...

Danielle: It's backdoor

Will:I don't mind going home, that's the difference.

Boogie: What happens if the backdoor doesn't work and I'm up there with someone else..

Dani:You're gone

Boogie:Not necessarily

Will:Season Five is together, difference is they don't talk

Dani:I'm telling you right now if either of you are on the block and I get veto I'm taking you off....

Boogie:I don't think necessarily if I was up there... I don't know if 6 thinks of me as big of a problem as Will.

Dani:I'm surprised 6 hasn't approached you to go on their side

Boogie: I'm actually shocked they don't even want to...if I was them that's the first thing I'd do...they can't grab others and know they're with can't compare Jase and Nak to me and Will

Dani: Where's Jase stand? Is he with them or not?

Boogie: I don't think he likes them at all, I think he went along b/c of Janelle.

Dani: The thing when I brought up that plan... I needed to know where everyone stood...before Ali left she said if I were you I'd stick with Nak and Diane...I knew when she said that that they were a clique and Jase was part of it......say a name and she wouldn't give me a name and instead of giving me half truths and insulting me... it's like be up front with me.......that's why they were all freaking out last night thinking it was five and five

Boogie: Oh God, I need some peace and quiet....

(Howie being LOUD in the background now)

**Looks like Howie was taking the direction James and Kaysar gave him to break up talks he sees...

Cut to James and Diane (when everyone leaves him and Diane alone):

James: From what I've heard, you have nothing to worry about. Hope that helps you rest a little easier.
Diane: Thanks. I...



10:45am - The food competition begins. Kaysar reads the rules: "It's feeding time in the BB barnyard. The first food competition is like no other? The era of peanut butter and jelly is over! There are rats in the slop. Today's challenge, get rid of the vermin."

They are divided into two teams. The Red Team: Jase, George, Will, Erika, Diane, and Boogie. The Blue Team: Janelle, Howie, James, Danielle, Marcellas, and Nakomis. The houseguests are chained in pairs ,with one leg chainded to their partner's and one arm behind their back, they must use their mouths to pull rats out of the slop. First pair exits corral and go to the slop. Using only their mouth, search the slop for rats (fake) and return to corral. Once back in next team can go. First team to retrieve 12 rats, is awarded food for the week. The losers will feast on slop!

The Red Team wins. Kaysar, as HoH, will be allowed to eat real food this week, too.

Jase reads the ingredients in the Big Brother Slop. It's 290 calories per serving, loaded with protein, 40 grams of carbs,a little fat,and high in fiber. The slop has a consistency of oatmeal. They are allowed condiments as always. Nakomis is happy they are not eating bugs for the week.

***Editor's note - Erica bruised a rib during the food comp. BB let her see a doctor and has been advised to rest.

Petulant Boy

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9:40am HGTime
We're back. Will is lying in the center of the dining room table.

BB:Will, stop that.
Will: I'm not violating any rules.

BB: Will, at least put on your microphone.
Will: No.

Nakomis spins Will on the lazy susan in the middle of the table.
BB: Stop that.
Nak spins again and then they stop.
BB: Thank you.

Early Morning

BB wakes up the HGs at 7:30 am... These are the feed re-caps from 7:30-9:20

Marcellas is in the kitchen wearing his white robe. Will preens in the mirror. Nakomis is sitting on a stool watching the others. Boogie joins her.

James,Erika,Kaysar Nakomis, Danielle, George, Mike and Will in Red room
James is talking about camping while they wait for the food comp. They don't look happy to be up. Everyone's pretty quiet, except James... who is talking about someone killing a rattle snake

Boogie and Will-
Boogie - "This girl came into the restaurant for an interview she says 'I'ts not exactly rocket scientry.'"
Will - Rocket scientry? Did you hire her?
Boogie - Yes

Nakomis is giving Howie a spiky hairdo. Everyone talking about George's snoring.
Howie saying they should blame everything on James.
Howie likes his hairdo.

Howie - "I'm a bad ass bitch"
Will - Well your half-right
Howie - all 12 hgs are safe except me

Kaysar and Erika in kitchen. Janelle walks in.

Kaysar: Did you see that mess that just walked by you?
Janelle: What?
Kaysar: Did you see what he was wearing?
Janelle: He's nasty! What do you expect?

**I have no idea who they're referring too.

Erika: I think today will be a nap day.
Kaysar: Yeah.
Kaysar: Looking good Howie.

Flames again.

Howie, Kaysar, and Erika discuss the possible set-up for food comp and wondering if Kaysar will participate or not. Erika thinks that it may be whole house. Kaysar says, "No, it will be two teams."

Flames again.

We're back. Danielle making fun of Howie's cut-off jean shorts.

Howie: 2006 is the new 80s.

Dani and Kaysar urge him to cut them off even higher.

Marcellas and Diane dressed but in bed in red room.

Kaysar, Howie, and Dani still in kitchen.

Kaysar:They woke us up at 7:30 for what reason?

Dani: Coffee and to get pretty. I think they want us to look nice.

Janelle in bed in bug room. James is getting dressed. Jase now in kitchen.

Flames again.

Boogie working out - grunting.

Diane and Nakomis in red room.

Boogie joins the others in the kitchen.

Howie does his sex routine with Boogie.

James, Jase, and Janelle in bug room.

James: You'll have your chance to get back at Ali at the wrap party for the weight comment. Just like Kaysar had a chance to say something to Jen last year.

Jan: Yeah, and Eric tried to interrupt. He tried to interrupt everyone.

James: I hope the comp is something fun but it probably won't be. We've had it easy so far so they will want to torture us. We're ready BB. Bring it on!

**We're ready too, BB!! Let's do it!

Good Morning

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Good Morning, BBFans :) Before I begin, allow me to do one more little happy dance for Kaysar.... You can join me if you like... ok...

Our HGs are up early this morning - 8am, and everyone's getting ready for the food comp. Primping, eating breakfast, etc. I'll have details up for you soon, but first.. a comic from this morning. I saw this and it reminded me so much of the backyard kickball games, I had to share. Imagine combining kickball and the water slide... hmmm. Sounds like summer fun in the BB house to me.

Janelle and Jase are bloggers too!

Each of the HoH’s get to post a blog before their reign is over. Here are Janelle’s and Jase’s…


Hello everyone! What a crazy week! The first night was insane. With two HOH's, Big Brother really changed the game. If I hadn't won with Jase things would be very different I'm sure. Oh and before I forget Thank You America!!!!!!!!! Putting up Danielle and Alison for nomination was a difficult decision but one that Jase helped me with. (Thanks Jase)

Getting to know everyone has been really fun. We talk alot about past seasons and spend a lot of time outside by the pool. It's really fun. Well, the entire house seems to be after BB6 but whatever.......I'm not that worried. Whatever happens...... happens.

Take care love you all!

Thanks to the people at Jokers, Sucks, TVClubhouse, Morty's TV, and a shout out to my Mom, Dad, Nick, Travis, Angela, Naters, Jessica, Bridget, Rachel, Beau, rest of the Sov's that aren't in the house. Dina, Ashlea, Joey, Joely, Emurph, Jayne, Cassidy, Nece, Taylor and Zack. And for the guy that I spoke to before I got on my flight, I think about you all the time. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo



heidi, heidi, just a girl named heidi... (ohhhh and america)

honey eye am in hell. I knew it would be rough, but this is crushing me completely and caleigh girl are my life, you’re my other wing and eye can not fly without you...I promised caleigh so I stay and I fight, even though it is killing me.

eye so want my phone to ring and its you talking about any random thing… can I just tell you? honey, eye really think eye can pull this off this time, its like it was meant to be...

honey, eye hope you’re taking your vitamins... did ya see the jason blaine shirt? Well its official eye am crying on tv while typing this, they got me... but its ok it turns out, because of you eye do have feelings, just needed you to show me that eye did...

honey... you’re here with me and…eye have on the ring for good luck. it’s working.

At any moment when you see me on the show know that eye am thinking about you, its a constant...

heidi, you're my best friend, thank you for loving me,

my etam luos
l6ve, l6ve, l6ve, l6ve, l6ve, l6ve

HoH Room = HOTT!

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The wait for the HoH room was a long one, but well worth it for Kaysar! Omg….it looks like BB hired the gang at Trading Spaces redecorate the HoH bedroom!

All the HG’s went to check out Kaysar’s HoH room. Once they left, the strategizing begins! The BB 6ers get straight to the business at hand and start talking about nominations. James voices that he thinks the Will, Boogie, and Jase alliance is very dangerous. He says he know that Marcellas and Erika would never target the SOV. Howie and Jase do not trust Jase. They also touch on the fact that Nakomis is a good player. After James and Howie have left the room, Janelle and Kaysar talk about the Mr. & Mrs. Smith alliance. At this time, seems the nominations will be Nakomis and Diane! Wow! Wasn’t that my suggestion?!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What up Kayyyysar!!

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I suppose I'm meant to have a bit of journalistic integrity and distance, but this is a blog.. not a newspaper.. so.. Woooohooo!!! The season 6ers are safe for another week!!!! Yayyyy!!!!

I actually screamed out loud when Kaysar won - like I was watching a championship football game and my team scored the winning touchdown in the last second. In a way, they just did. All hail the quartback, Kaysar.

Why am I so darn happy about this? Well, beyond the obvious, I'm just happy for Kaysar - he seemed to have a really rough time last week, barely ever smiling, keeping to himself, etc. Heck, he only got into the jacuzzi once, as far as I could tell (and the rats controlling the feeds only showed it for like a minute before they put all 4 cameras on one dumb conversation inside the house.) .

Being HoH will let him loosen up a bit and enjoy himself some more.

OK.. who should Kaysar nominate? I have a couple of theories -

Carolyn's Nomination Recommendations:

  • Will and Boogie - one has to go...and then the other

  • Will and James - ok.. hear me out. This actually has some merit. If James is nominated, James will get to play for the Veto, and when James plays for Veto, he wins. So, James wins veto, and uses it on Boogie, so that way definitely one of the 2 go home. Either way, if Will or Boogie goes, and alliance of 3 (including Danielle) is paired down to 2... it's a win/win. But this does put an awful lot of pressure on James to win, perhaps unnecessarily so... still it's the only way to guarantee that one of the 2 headed beast is out.... and at the same time, if James wins, it furthers him as a solo player, un-allied with the sov-4, in terms of house perception.

  • Will and Chicken George - lol. This one makes me laugh... Who would the HG's vote to evict if the veto wasn't applied. By the same token, this suggestion could replace the Will/James... providing someone from sov 6 plays and wins for veto.. and puts boogie up.

Carla's Nomination Recommendations:

  • Jase and Diane - to split up the Mr.and Mrs. Smith alliance

  • Diane and Nakomis - for voting against the house to keep Ali.

  • Although I would love to see Kaysar nominate Will and Boogie, I do not feel that it would be in his (or any of the bb 6ers) best interest for those two to be nominated just yet.

What are your thoughts? For the moment, I'm just so thrilled. Can't wait to see the HoH room.. I'm hoping they give Kay his hookah.

    Flames & Trivia

    There've been an awful lot of flames this afternoon...


    Trivia Questions seem to be on a loop on the feeds. Seems to only be BB1 and BB2 trivia, though... At least that's what they're showing. At first I thought it was a big glitch. I couldn't imagine they actually want to be showing us tht HoH comp questions... but thinking further on it, I think they're just giving us an alternative to flames. Especially since it says "the houseguests will be right back" in the lower left corner of the screen.... doh!

    In any case, I've entered and whited out all the answers, so you can test yourself. Highlight the area to the right of your answer and see if you're correct. :) If nothing shows up, it's incorrect.

    Who was the first person evicted in Big Brother history?

    A. Chicken George.
    B. Will "Mega" <-- correct


    What type of pet did the Houseguests of Big Brother 1 receive?

    A. Puppy <-- correct
    B. Kitten


    What was the name of the pet the Houseguests received on Big Brother 1?

    A. Chiquita <-- correct
    B. Banana


    Who saved the Big Brother 1 pet from drowning on a live show of Big Brother 1?

    A. Josh <-- correct
    B. Eddie


    Who tried to convince the Big Brother 1 Houseguests to walk out of the house as a united group?

    A. Chicken George <-- correct
    B. Eddie


    Who wore a space suit and attempted to launch out of the Big Brother 1 shower?

    A. Brittany
    B. Chicken George <-- correct


    Chicken George's wife united his hometown by creating a voting campaign in an effort to evict Brittany from the Big Brother 1 House.

    A. True <-- correct
    B. False


    Houseguests received messages from fans via banners attached to planes during Big Brother 1.

    A. True <-- correct
    B. False


    The Houseguests were offered $250,000 to move out of the Big Brother house on season 1.

    A. True
    B. False <-- correct (they were offered $20,000)

    What was the name of the woman who would have moved into the Big Brother house in season 1 had one of the contestants taken $20,000 to leave the game?

    A. Becky
    B. Beth <-- correct


    The Houseguests wrote and sang lyrics to the Big Brother theme song in season 1. What was the name of the song?

    A. "Into Our Hearts"
    B. "Into Our Lives" <-- correct


    Who was the winner of Big Brother 1?

    A. Chicken George
    B. Eddie <-- correct

    Who was the first person evicted on Big Brother 2?

    A. Sheryl <-- correct B. Shannon


    Contestants from Survivor competed against Big Brother 2 Houseguests in a competition.

    A. True <-- correct
    B. False


    What was the name of the boy-band the houseguests of Big Brother 2 create(d)?

    A. The Big Bros
    B. Too Hype <-- correct


    Which two Houseguests became engaged on the season finale of Big Brother 2?

    A. Mike Boogie & Krista <-- correct
    B. Sheryl & Kent


    What type of pet did the Houseguests of Big Brother 2 receive?

    A. Monkey
    B. Pig <-- correct


    What was the name of the pig the Houseguests of Big Brother 2 received?

    A. Juliet
    B. Ophelia <-- correct


    Will from Big Brother 2 was known for shaving his entire body.

    A. True <-actually, not positive about this, but he did shave a LOT B. False


    On Big Brother 2, who's toothbrush did Shannon use to clean the toilet?

    A. Hardy's <-- correct
    B. Mike Boogie's


    Who won the car in the first competition of Big Brother 2?

    A. Autumn
    B. Kent <-- correct


    What was the name of the alliance comprised of Will, Mike Boogie, and Shannon on Big Brother 2?

    A. Chill Town <-- correct
    B. Hot Town


    What did Big Brother provide the Houseguests of season 2 with in order to contact a ghost in the house?

    A. A Psychic
    B. A Spirit Board <-- correct

    What toy did Dr. Will receive as a result of America's Choice in season 2?

    A. Trampoline <-- correct
    B. Volleyball Set


    Which Big Brother 2 Houseguest was known for her phrase "It's on!" pronounced "It's awn!"

    A. Monica <-- correct
    B. Nicole


    Who won Big Brother 2?

    A. Nicole
    B. Will <-- correct


    Mr & Mrs Smith

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    There has been lots of talk of the Diane/Jase alliance called "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Apparently, Diane had a falling out with her roommate, Toni (Love Cruise, Paradise Hotel) Ferrari, and Toni decided to "out" Diane's alliance to every BB HG on earth. Supposedly Diane wearing black/white on the first episode was to signal Jase that the alliance was a go. Seeing as everyone knows about it, it doesn't seem to have worked out. :)

    Diane's Twin Sets the Mr. & Mrs. Smith Gossip Straight

    "I just wanted to let everyone know that the "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" idea was brought up by Jase and Diane before the show but they never actually confirmed that they were indeed going to do it. Toni Ferrari is a very selfish and shallow individual...and I am stunned she had the audacity to do what she did. She is just upset because her and Diane had a huge falling out and Diane did not want to be her friend anymore. I mean...honestly...I think Diane would have told me about the "black dress situation" HELLO I am her freaking twin sister for crying out loud. But, if indeed I am wrong and they are in an alliance, I will definitely be surprised myself. So I just wanted to set the record straight for all the BB fans out there." - Lindsey Henry

    Source: spamgirl
    Big Brother 7 All-Stars Staff Writer

    Photo Finding Goddess - Carla

    HoH Comp Clue

    At 2:40am, there was an interuption on the feeds. On all 4 feeds the words
  • B. Pig

  • came up... then a question...
  • What was the name of the pig the BB2 HGs had?

  • 2 choices for answer and sure enough, B. is Ophelia.

    So it looks as though BB has given us a clue about the HoH comp. It seems it may be questions about past BB seasons. We shall see. Shame Janey can't compete! She's a wiz at these. Who knows though, maybe that'll be another twist, one I'd LOVE, everyone may compete for HoH... Hmmmm...

    Uh Oh - SPOILER

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    Under the heading of "be careful what you wish for," I have another spoiler for you.

    Two actually... If you prefer to be surprised, please click on this link->CLICK ME which will take you to the next post, and out of harms way...

    Read on. ;)

    First, a little one: With regard to adding HGs to the house, it's very likely not happening. They are not sequestered... at least not Cowboy. He's been seen at home.

    And now, the biggie...

    Will, Danielle and Boogie is HOH room:
    Danielle and Boogie just confirmed that the 3 of them are a secret alliance!
    Boogie and Will lied to everyone that they were voting to keep Ali! They plan to go after Jase and Diane if they get HOH.

    Boogie: To tell you the truth, it was a blessing in disguise you going up the first week. She (Ali), got volatile and erratic, people were not into that...she hid in a POT for two hours...

    Dani: Wait till you hear my diary room..hilarious...I've never been nom'ed before...I didn't know what to do...(laughing, happy)
    Boogie: The first one? The worst, you are there an extra three or four days.
    Dani: And when Janelle won POV, I said I'd appreciate you would use it on me.

    Will: (**beyond snide) Yeah, but the S6'ers...they are like, there are things here going on that you don't even know about...I was like, so tell me...they were like, we can't..
    Boogie: Howie and Kaysar won it once each last season?
    Dani: She is the competition guru...and she is smart
    Will: she is...
    Dani: Howie is...out of it though
    Will: I agree with you there.
    Dani: he is confused...Nakomis is really smart...extremely smart.
    Boogie: the whole, "i'm down with that" thing will float her for a few weeks.
    Will: I'm going to go have an alliance with the bathroom now.
    Dani: Every morning we sit and talk (Nakomis)...she wouldn't tell me who she was voting for.
    Boogie: that is why I sat it was such a landslide, and Alison just kept talking.
    Dani: Yeah, I was just going to chill, because the more you talk....But if I stay, I don't know until the time comes.

    Boogie, Will and Dani are definitely in an alliance.

    Will: Are we still in a lockdown? Are we going to be able to see it tonight, do you think? (referring to what's being built outside)
    Dani: I don't all depends.
    Boogie: Now that we are on a regular schedule, when are noms?
    Dani: Friday, I think...You all didn't have POV, did you?
    Boogie: It's nice to have an out if you are nom'ed then....What would be the harm in EVERYONE playing?
    Dani: it takes up more time...and if there is a big alliance, nobody else has a chance...that happened in S4, with Nathan and the box game.
    Boogie: It should be that everyone can play, but every nom can strike one person that can play...that would be interesting.

    Will: I want to go home.
    Dani: I think this is the most fair way to do is all strategy, alliance...a lot of it is luck.
    Boogie: you can't win this w/out luck...
    Dani: I'm straightening up, but she has so many products.

    Will: Do you think Janelle talks in that baby voice in her every day life?
    Dani: That girl is a Diva.. (**am I the only one hating Dani right now?! respecting the game-play, but sheesh!)
    Boogie: That girl is laid back though, I thought she would be crazy.

    Talking about S6.

    Boogie: I didn't see the episode where Janelle got to go to 2 and 1/2 men.
    Dani: Yeah, and that is when the Friendship was just like, they didn't get it...they didn't understand why she kept winning.
    Boogie: I don't understand what America's fascination with Janelle is...
    Dani: She did what America wanted to do...she said what we wanted to say to the Friendship....

    Just Boogie and Will now.. still talkin'
    Will: I've got to get out of here...I'm going home this week.
    Boogie: No, just stay one more week.

    Marcellas enters...

    Boogie: Don't ask to be voted out...please....
    Will: I'm getting nominated next week, one way or another.
    Boogie: Marc, will you tell him, stick around for a while?
    Marc: Please, Will (not so sincere)
    Will says if he's gets HOH he's going to purposely disagree so he gets put up. He really doesn't want to be in the sequester house and wants to go early

    Interesting insight to HG treatment following 9/11:
    Will says that after 9/11, they got them lunch and dinner...they let them have special orders. Will also says that they let them watch DVDs at night on the screen. "This shows pretty cool!"
    Will said it was like the little kid during a family emergency that gets everything but doesnt find out what happened

    Happy Thursday!!

    Good Morning BB lovers. :) And a Happy Thursday to you all. Not so happy for one HG to be booted this evening, but as I look out the window to palm trees, blue sky and ocean, all feels right in the world. Taking a moment to be happy I'm not stuck in a soundstage in the Valley... ok... On to the important stuff.

    Yesterday your visits to the blog surpassed my personal goal for the week! :) For this, I'd like to thank you very, very much. It's really gratifying to know that you're diggin' on what we do here. Know that we will continue to work diligently to earn your visits... We really want you to keep on comin' back.

    To that end, I wanted to get each of you a little gift - to show my appreciation. The internet being what it is though, delivery could be a little difficult. So I went looking for something I actually could give everyone, as a thank you. Something useful, personal even... and here it is... a clickable giftie:

    Get 30 Free Digital Camera Prints + FREE SHIPPING on those prints at Snapfish! Use code - HPFREESHIP

    I think it's pretty cool, actually.. and I hope you'll all go 'n use it. :) It's a no-strings-attached freebie, and the link's only good for a little while, just so ya know.

    OK.. time to start bloggin'! I should be done with the first one by the time you get your free pics ordered. :)

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    Pot Head

    LMAO! I had to post this before going to bed! This is the funniest thing I have seen this season!

    If We Were BB...

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    For the past several days now, Carla and I have been talking about ways we'd mess with the HGs, if we were the producers, cuz to our way of thinking, there needs to be a lot more of that going on. Here's what we've come up with so far:

  • Send them all outside on lockdown, and steal all their underwear.

  • Hide all the toothpaste, deodorant and soap.

  • Steal all the makeup - but since this would only really effect 2 people we really like, maybe not.

  • Randomly turn on their microphones on the public address system when they're in private conversations, so the whole house can hear what they're discussing.

  • Turn up the heat, literally

  • Turn off the hot water supply.

  • Cut off the water supply completely while people are in the shower...

  • Put the showers on a 90 second timer - 90 seconds of hot water, then freezing cold.

  • Sleep Deprivation Torture: from 2am-7am, anytime someone starts to nod off, BB sounds a blaring siren until every HG is up and moving. And don't let them sleep during the day. Continue this for a 48 hour period, preferably the night before a comp.

  • Hold a really long endurance luxury comp for a brand new convertible, and give the winner a matchbox car.

  • Being All-Star HGs, all luxury items have been delivered to them on a silver platter, we'd like to start removing luxury items, one by one, starting with the microwave, and then maybe the jacuzzi, and the pool table... etc., etc.. and not tell them it's happening, just take it away while they're on lockdown.

  • Screw with their spatial relationships to the house. For example - send them out on lockdown, and when they get back, the door for the workout room has been replaced by a brick wall that shows no sign of ever having been an entrance to anything.

  • Those are our thoughts. We'd love to know yours.

    Mid Afternoon, Wednesday

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    If this is your first stop in today, you'll want to be sure to see the Spoiler Blog. Either scroll down a couple, or choose Spoiler from the Previous Posts listing on the left column.

    3:10 pm BBT

    BB: Jase, knock it off!

    BB: Houseguests, this is a lock down. Please go out to the backyard and stay there.

    Cam 1/2: Howie/CG at the pool

    Cam 3/4: Girls and Marcellas on the couches chatting

    Marci, Kaysar, Diane, James, Nakomis, Will, Janey, Erika, Danielle are sitting on the couches...nobody's talking. Makes for a really exciting feed.. and blog. Howie and Jase are walking the yard. CG is in the pool. No sign of Alison... perhaps she found a pot to hide in.

    Marcellas is hoping that there will be a surpise for them inside. They're asking if anyone broke anything. Will thinks he knows what they're eating: crickets. Now they're talking about a restaurant that specializes in insects. Some are talking about fasting for that week.

    Will says that if they get eating restrictions, he will eat anyway and take a penalty nomination. Will asks what might happen if everyone did that...we couldn't all go up for eviction?

    Janey and Erika say they will not eat crickets. Will says he wouldn't eat live ones. Marcellas believes animal rights activists would have a fit.
    Nakomis: Crickets are people too.
    Will: I won't eat bull penis.

    The girls are pondering starving.

    Marcellas thinks they'll have to eat "Vegemite" (SP?) Will asks why he thinks that. Marcellas says it's disgusting enough, and it has enough nutrients to keep them alive and healthy. They discuss the nutrient value of the "spread".

    Alison went to school with Savage (Scott: Season 5). She called out all his half-truths. They're now talking about his Playgirl spread. Marcellas called Playgirl to request the photos, but they wouldn't let him show the photos on House Calls.

    Apparently Marcellas was approached to do Playgirl. He was offered $10,000. He called his mom to ask what she thought, but they wouldn't meet his demands. They wanted Roddy more, but he said no way.

    Howie asks James if he would do it for a million cash? The guys are agreeing that for a million bucks, they'd do it. Marcellas says that once you do it, the photos are always going to be out there and you can't get away. He says that Playgirl doesn't do a lot of airbrushing. LOL!

    Marci says that Savage was paid $1,250 for his spread. They're wondering just how hard up he was to do it for that little. Marci says you get paid more to open grocery stores! LOL!

    Diane: I have to check this shit out.

    Looks like CG and Boogie in pool. Alison may be sunbathing. Nobody is really talking or saying anything. With all of them together, no plotting is going on.

    At 3:37 pm on all feeds. Briefly cut back on at 4pm BBTime... for 2 seconds... Then back in the house at 4:03pm BBTime.

    We haven't learned what the lockdown was for yet... But there's still food in the house... people are in the kitchen eating right now... and Howie (i think) is actually swimming laps in the pool.. all 10 feet of it.

    Reality Star affecting BB7 game

    The "Big Brother" producers never envisioned this twist.

    According to several current All-Star players, another reality series star tried to tamper with the game before it even began.

    On the "Big Brother All-Star" 24/7 live feeds Tuesday night, several members of the Jedi Council (Season Six) Alliance spoke about phone calls they received from Toni Ferrari, the star of "Paradise Hotel," "Love Cruise," and "Kill Reality," prior to them appearing on the series.

    HouseGuest Janelle Pierzina explained how Ferrari and "Big Brother – All Stars" player Diane Henry were roommates but had a falling out. After Ferrari moved out, it is claimed she called "All-Star" players revealing Henry’s strategy of setting up a pre-series alliance (the so-called Mr. and Mrs. Smith Alliance) with Jase Wirey and possibly Alison Irwin and Nakomas (Jennifer) Dedmon. Others in the Season Six Alliance agreed that they too had received similar phone calls and spoke with Ferrari.

    The rumours about the calls have made Diane and Jase targets in the eyes of some HouseGuests.

    In the house, the revelations about Ferrari have grown into a theory that there are two HouseGuests playing the game as a couple who will be awarded a bonus if they make it to the final two.

    While it has not been played up on the series, it is common knowledge that some of the players are good friends on and off the series and probably conspired before coming onto the show.

    On this Thursday’s live show, either Danielle Reyes, the property manager from California, or Alison Irwin, the medical sales representative from Ohio, will be evicted and a new Head of Household will come into power.

    By JOHN POWELL -- JAM! Showbiz

    HUGE Spoiler

    OK, If you do not want to know who's going home on Thursday night, now is your chance to click on any of these links, which will take you further into the blog, so you wont see what i'm about to spoil...

    OK.. and just to make sure you don't see something you don't want to, here's a picture... Scroll below this picture, and you will see the spoiler... last Warning.

    According to a very hush-hush conversation between Boogie and Nakomis in the backyard after voting....

    By a Unanimous vote, Alison is OUT.

    Boogie said that he was asking everyone as they came out, and it seems the whole lying to peoples faces and spying by hiding in the pot episode sealed Alison's fate for everyone. He went on to say that he told Danielle, and asked her if she'd mind him throwing Ali a sympathy vote, and she said she wouldn't want him to, but it was of course up to him. Further, he bemoaned his 3 days of campaigning to keep her, but once it became clear the other side had the numbers, there was just no point dividing the house.

    Is it all true? We'll just have to wait and see. I will make every effort to get the video up for you all to see with your own eyes....

    Talk amongst yourselves.

    Late Report, Part 2

    James: I asked Danielle who she would put up, and that she told me that she would target an obvious pair.
    Diane: Will and Boogie?
    James: yeah.
    Diane: Will hasn't really even talked strategy at all.
    James: He doesn't have to...he's a smart player.

    They agree that Boogie, on the other hand, is talking strategy with everyone.

    Diane: I don't know... I don't want to think that Alison would nominate me, but Ali has lied so much, i just don't know.
    James: Ali has just lied so much... and she'll tell anyone what they want to hear, but she will be so quick later to throw anyone under the bus...
    James: I'll be interested to see how the voting goes.
    Diane: Do you have any idea how the house is leaning?
    James: I think the house is pretty divided... pretty even down the middle.
    Diane agrees.
    James: It's funny that Janelle was the one that wanted to nominate Danielle, and Jase was the one that wanted to nominate Ali, and now it seems like they are wanting the opposite person to stay.

    **That's brand new info for Diane - **well done James :) - rock the boat!

    Diane: Are you sure that Jase wanted to nominate Allison?
    Diane: I wonder if Jase will tell me if I ask him.

    James: Do you know why Nakomis went right after me on the meteor competition?
    Diane: It was the first night. I think that Nakomis just saw that there were 4 BB6 people, and percieved immediately that they would be a threat, so thats why she probably targetted you.

    Diane: I'm tired. I want to go to bed,... but I'm worried that Alison isn't asleep yet, and I don't want to deal with her.
    James: I've seen Ali, and she wont go to sleep until the last person in the house is asleep. I just wish she (ali) would have talked to me about whatever her issues are with me. She told me that she had the votes that she needed, so I didn't know why she wanted my vote? It just doesn't make sense.

    James: I wouldn't be surprised if like Jase or Will or someone like that put me up, but like if you put him up, I'd be floored.
    Diane: I don't think Nakomis would put you up either.

    Ali pops her head out the door...(**EKE!)and They both say goodnight to her.

    James: See?! She needs to know where everyone is.
    Diane: Ali is just messing up her own game doing things like that... she'll go up to HOH now to see who's up there. Danielle is definitely playing it smarter.

    Diane: Janelle and I havent spoken one word about the game - at all. There are so many people that I don't even talk to.
    James: I haven't even talked to Kaysar at all this time around.
    James: Kaysar talked to me before we came into the house, and he was making a comparison between being in the house with the corporate world.

    James feels like Kaysar gave it way too much weight, that no-one gets homeless in the house...he says that he and Kaysar just have to agree to disagree.

    James: I just don't want the house to be divided into 2 sides this year... it was so bad last year, a person from one side goes, then a person from the other side goes the next week, it just goes back and forth.
    James: I don't think America appreciates that either. BB should be about wheeling and dealing, not about one side against the other.
    Diane: I don't want the house divided like that either.

    Diane is getting ready to go in to bed. She thanks James for talking to her.

    Diane: There are just certain people that you just can't talk to, so its good to have someone to talk to. Like Howie...when you're sitting there talking, Howie always feels the need to come by, and Allison doing the same thing.
    James: Chicken George does the same thing.
    Diane: I hadn't thought about that, but he's done that to me too....popped up at inopportune times when I've been talking to someone.

    **Plant the seeds James - :)

    James talks about voting out Chicken George, but qualifies it with the fact that they would have to put someone up that would have enough votes to keep them safe. He says if they put up someone like Howie against CG, all the girls might rather vote out Howie. So they would have to put up someone that would have no chance of getting voted out.

    James: Before today, I didn't really care one way or the other who went home this week. I didn't feel threatened by either Danielle or Allison, but now I definitely feel unsafe with Allison.

    JASE walks out, sees them, apologizes for interrupting, and turns to walk back inside. Diane invites Jase to come sit down and talk to them. Jase says no, and goes back inside.

    Diane: Jase wont talk to me. I'm starting to think I should be worried about it, actually.

    Diane talks a little about her season, then Jase comes back out and sits down with them.

    James: What is that red spot on your nose?
    Jase: I don't know what it is, but I'm glad you brought it up actually, because I wanted to have Will check it out. It's been there forever.

    James: Can't sleep tonight or what?
    Jase: I was asleep, but the snoring woke me up. Nakomis had been asleep too, but she woke up when I did. The snoring was coming right through the wall, it was bad.

    Jase: (to Diane) Do you remember you, me and Drew hanging out in the hammok together?
    Diane laughs.
    James: Did you really ever do that?
    Jase: No, not the 3 of us. ...(Jase says, in another voice) "I feel like now that Jase is gone, I can really be myself."

    James: Did Diane say that?
    Diane and Jase: No, Drew said that.

    Chatter about upcoming indignities..

    Jase: (to James) How's Kaysar going to deal with food comps? With his special diet. James: Last year with Kaysar, and with Maggie being a vegan....
    Jase: "Maggie was a vegan?"
    James: yes.
    Jase: "How is she so fat if she is a vegan?"
    James: Maggie just wouldn't eat the things she couldn't eat, and Kaysar got lucky with his food comp that he got tuna, which he could eat.

    Jase complains that they never shut off the tarantula light until EVERYONE is in bed, and Kaysar doesn't go to bed until like 5am.

    James: It will be nice when they give us something to do.

    The three of them agree that it is probably because they have all been here before. They agree that it just doesnt have the same excitement as it did the first time around.

    Jase: It doesn't even feel like a game to me right now. It just feels like a whole lot of sitting around.

    They discuss having another kickball tournament tomorrow.

    Diane: I'm used to staying up until like 4am. That's what happens when you don't have a job.
    James: "You dont have a job?" (in such a tone, i'm reminded of 'Inconceivable!' - from Princess Bride)
    James: how are you supporting yourself without a job?
    Diane: I take jobs when they come around, promotional modeling stuff, and then things pop up like BB, so I've been getting by okay.

    James asks Jase what he does for work? Jase says that the place he works for teaches OSHA compliance in the industrial sector...mostly confined space rescue. He says its pretty good, and he likes teaching.

    James says that this is one of the things he missed out on last year...he didn't really get to hang outside with anyone talking and really getting to know them.

    They are talking about people strategizing. James says that he just tells people this time around "hey, I'm talking here, can you come back in a little while?" Diane agrees.

    James asks about Jase's girlfriend, and Jase makes it very clear he wants to protect her and her privacy completely. James is cool with that - no g/f talk.

    Diane and Jase tell James about Alison hiding in some pot - hiding and listening to people.
    James: That is crazy.
    Diane: When I saw Alison getting in there, I didn't really think anything of it, just thought that Alison was trying to be funny, but then I walked past there again and glanced in, and I was like "Holy shit, she's still in there".
    James: That is so crazy, completely insane.
    Diane: It was sort of funny.
    Jase: (laughing) She put some pillows in there, so she was apparently planning on being in there for a while. You know you're losing it when you start hiding in a pot.

    Conversation shifts to Thursday.
    Diane: (to Jase) If it comes down to a tie, and you and Janelle dont agree....
    Jase: We'll agree. Even though Janelle and I WILL agree, if we didnt agree, then it would come down to Janelle's vote, since she is the veto holder, so she has the ultimate word, but we'll agree though. I'm not worried about it.


    Chatter about how voting starts tomorrow.

    Jase re: BB and Real Friendships - He says he just stepped away from it when it was over. He says that when he was in the military, he was in a real tight group of guys. He says that before he came in the house, one of those buddies drove 4 hours to come and see him, and to him thats just like the real deal, and he just doesnt waste his time with anything less than that. He says hes got that small group of guys that are his real-deal friends, and a small crew of guys from school that he is still close to.

    conversation drifts to Howie...

    Diane: If Howie is so into girls like that, though, why doesnt he hook up with anyone (in general)?
    James: Its just hard to hook up with a woman when you hand out cheesy business cards that say "Jedi Howie, star of BB6", and carrying a lightsaber around. He carries a lightsaber around everywhere in real life for real. I wouldn't let Howie go to the bar with him and Sarah carrying a lightsaber... they would never allow him in with a lightsaber.
    Diane: My friends would really like that part of him...they would love to go out to the bars with Howie. Does Howie drink?
    James: You can get Howie to drink, but he really isnt a big drinker.

    Diane is surprised.

    They all agree that most people could never get away with acting the way that Howie acts, especially when you first meet someone (like attacking all over Will the first day he met him). James says that he's just waiting for someones husband or something to knock Howie out for making comments to their wife or something. He says he cant believe that it hasnt happened yet.

    They talk about Will. Jase thinks that Will is here because he wants to be up in the final 2 just so that he can look at people and say "Well, I made it here AGAIN". James says "And really, what could you say if he did make it again?" Jase says "Amazing". Diane goes in to use the bathroom.

    James and Jase have a non-conversation.. sheesh, they were doing so well.
    James: Do you (Jase)think its going to be a tie?
    Jase: I don't know. What do you think?
    James: I really don't know, but I definitely don't think that anyone should be telling their votes this early. What it comes down to is just keeping in the people who will vote for you, and kicking out the ones that will vote against you. That's all it should be about right now.

    Jase: I want to have the same passion (for the game) I had before.
    James: (agreeing)... that the plotting and scheming is what makes it fun.
    Jase agrees.
    James: We are probably keeping thousands of people awake right now, watching on the live feeds.
    Jase says "And we appreciate it....jut want to thank you all for tuning into the Jase and James late night show".

    **Think nothing of it, Jase... Now take your shirt off. ;)

    They're talking about BB having a logger for each houseguest, who logs everything that they say, every word. James says that Will's logger probably hates him, because he uses huge words all the time.

    Diane hasnt come back yet. James asks if Jase thinks that Alison caught Diane? Jase says she probably popped out of a pot. Jase says that is definitely someone who is in it to win it. Jase thinks that its cool that he and Janelle, two really strong players, are HOH this week. Jase is yawning. He looks really tired.

    James says that he wants to work on being more relaxed. He says that he's really enjoying getting to know people. They decide to go to bed. As they're walking in, they say, "By the way, final two, right here" (joking). They walk towards the bathroom, and Jase points out the pot that Allison was hiding in earlier (its right at the bottom of the stairs). James still cant believe that she sat in there for 2 hours. He is amazed by that.
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Late Report, Part One

    Midnight - 1am-HGTime

    Janelle, Kaysar, and Erika in HOH

    All are in agreement that when the eviction happens, the line will be clearly drawn in the sand, dividing the household.
    Kaysar: Why it would be, though? Danielle and Allison are not like major forces in the house.
    Erika: Yes, but for the 5 that wanted Allison to stay in the house though....
    Janelle: It will create a rift.
    Kaysar I think that at this point though, if Danielle stays, she wont have any place to go, but Alison would. Thats why Alison has to go.
    Janelle: I'm nervous.
    Erika: You shouldnt be. You have me... and Marcellas.
    Janelle: I trust Marcellas.
    Erika: I do too.

    Erika: Marcellas told me that Allison told Diane, Nakomis, and all of them that Janelle, Kaysar, etc. were threatening me...saying 'if she doesnt vote with them to get Allison out of the house, they will go after her.' Liar.

    Janelle: I feel like everyone in our group is going to have someone different that is a threat to them personally that they will want to go after.
    Kaysar: Are you at all concerned that Danielle is working with James?
    Janelle: Yes, somewhat.

    They all agree that next to go has to be Chicken George. Janelle relates what happened earlier about CG saying that he was going to vote to keep Danielle and then going back on his word. Janelle says that he said that last time, he didnt win the game, so this time he has to play the game differently. She says that she told him "so what, you are just going to float every week? whatever."

    BB: "Erika: Move your necklace away from your microphone. "
    Kaysar: "Thanks BB for giving it away that we're talking."

    Conversation shifts to talk of the next HOH comp and what they think it is going to be. They think it will be questions about houseguests...they are discussing how many hg's have kids, average age of hg's, etc.

    CUT TO:
    Diane and James are talking.

    Diane: I can't handle Allison flipping out, having to take zanax...its like, no offense, but like what, am I your babysitter? you know?
    James: (agrees with her) I think its kind of weird that so many people in the house are medicated.
    They go outside to talk.
    Diane: "fuck it, everyone else talks, why cant we?"

    They are outside on the red couches.

    Diane: I just cant stand the way Alison is spazzing out. I know it's hard being nominated, but still.
    James: Alison tried to tell me that I would be safe if I voted to keep her. Then she went on to name the people that she is going after, and when she named Janelle, she was pretty much naming me as well.
    Diane: I don't think Alison would be after you.
    James: She (ali) was also going around telling everyone that Kaysar was threatening everyone to vote Alison out, and that was crazy because Kaysar is the biggest pacifist of anyone.

    James: The thing with Alison is that she is desperate and will promise anyone anything to keep herself in the house, and anyone that will do that will do anything once they are safe.
    Diane: I think Alison really just wants to get Janelle out of the house.
    James: Where is all that anger for Janelle is coming from?
    Diane: Alison hasn't told me this, but I think it's that Alison blames Janelle for being the one that wanted to put her up.
    James: Alison lying to everyone just makes her dangerous.
    Diane: Don't you think that just makes Alison a bigger target for next week?

    James: If Diane and Alison were put up next week, Alison might be a big target, but what if Alison then wins veto? What do you think would happen? After throwing you name and Nakomis' names around all week, Alison would take herself off the block, Nakomis could get put up, then the 2 of you would regret keeping Alison in the house this week.

    James: When Allison started naming all the BB6 people she is going to go after except me, how can I possibly believe that?
    Diane: *ARE* you working with the rest of the BB6 people?
    James: I'm not working with anyone, but of course i want to keep the people in the house that would put other people up before me... over people that would put me up right away.

    James is very uncomfortable with Alison not talking to him today, about telling him that she doesn't want to talk to him about things anymore. He feels like she should have talked to him.

    James: If someone essentially threatens me in a room, telling me that I'm on the "other team", am I supposed to vote to keep them?
    Diane: No, I understand why you wouldn't vote that way.

    Marcellas comes out- doing laundry.

    Diane: Have you talked to Marcellas yet?
    James: No, not about voting.
    Diane: He's probably in the same boat as me regarding voting, and doesnt know what to do. I tried to talk to Howie earlier, just tried to feel him out, but he just blew smoke up my ass. It just made me think....

    Diane: I'm glad I didn't get HOH this week.
    James: I'm glad I wasn't nominated this week. (laughs)

    Marcellas comes over.
    Marcellas: My clothes smell like fish.
    Diane: I think Alison threw one of her dirty shirts in there with your stuff.
    Marcellas: (rolls his eyes) It smells like cod oil.

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