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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Discussing the Jury & Votes

***Videos and more recaps added to end of post.

Boogie: I was kind of hoping that tonight would illuminate one way or the other, but now it's more mysterious than before. One of the fencesitters that went the other way was Janelle.
Erika: I know I never really thought I had Janelle. The questions were very mysterious.

Erika: You could edge me out, with some of those questions. James asked me, "Why should I vote for you, if you deplored Alison's strategy, which was hooking up and floating?"
Boogie: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think there's one f'ing person who's gonna decide it. George.
Boogie: I think I'll get James, Janelle, and Will. You'll get Dani, Howie, and Marcellas. George is up in the air.

Erika: Can we please have some wine?!
Boogie: Do you think you said everything you wanted to say?
Erika: Yes....I took out the biggest player... both of them...
Boogie: Marcellas, although, I think is such a random long shot. I wanted to kind of appeal to him, as in, you're the face of the game, you host Housecalls. I wanted to say I gave everything a chance, I want him to vote for the best player. He clearly has a better relationship with you, and should vote for the best player.

Erika: Janelle's gonna look like a jealous, stupid girl.
Boogie: She sounded like that girl at the club who you're trying to calm down...
Erika: She's like, you're prettier than me! I'm like, OK, calm down, chubby girl!
    ***bite me, skeletor.

Erika: She asked me, "Was ass kissing and throwing comps part of your strategy?"
    ***Go Janie.

Boogie: Out of this whole group, no one should speak badly about throwing comps. We ALL did it.
Erika: She's a hypocrite.
Boogie: They're all hypocrites.

MUCH more to come... I'll attach it here beneath this post. Check back.

Boogie: These were some shark ass MFers up in here. They're all hypocrites. Dani has no f'ing right to question me... If she doesn't vote for me, that's fine. But don't use that as an excuse. I'm f'ing happy with what I did, though. I hate watching reality shows at the end, where, like, people retreat. I lied to everyone up there, but George and Will, and the only reason I didn't lie to George was I didn't have to. I talked to him about the game maybe 15 minutes total, the whole season.

Erika: The only person who really went off was Janelle. She's jealous.
It'll be a good finale. Janelle's just pissed because she didn't get what she wanted.
Boogie: Yeah, for the second year in a row....

Here are a couple of videos... (and more recaps beneath)

Boogie: Janelle was f'ing nuts. Just like, AAAHHHH, hold on, I'm not done!!
The dude was like, hold on, we're not done, there's a delay....

Erika: That was weird, Boogie! They like, hate me! I'm like, what did I DO!?! I was the nice one!

Boogie: I did feel like, no offense to you, that the tone of the group was more in my favor. Your game play, your style, if you will, it's quieter, so it sneaks up on people, and when it happens, they're f'in bitter, they're like oh, she coasted. Someone like Will who feels like they worked their ass off then you came in and made one move...

How Erika made it to the Final 2

Just want to send a shout out to immunegb5, who created this video! I found it quite amusing and very accurate :P

The Jury is Out

The feeds are back. Boogie and Erika are talking about the jury questions. Time to turn em back on folks. This is actually good.

The Tip Jar

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Please do with it what you will, and know that we've loved doing this blog all summer and we're looking forward to many more seasons of BB with you all!

And please don't think of the donation tab as an obligation, by any means.

Also, I'll be posting preliminary thank you's to all the donators in the comments section of this post, so if you see some random stuff in there, referring to things that aren't evident.. that's what that is. ;)

Audio of the Jury

It's now 10:05pm BBT, and the feeds are still on flames, which means the Jury Q&A is still going on. We'll let you know when anything happens... By the way, both Will and Dani's voices were definitely on that audio clip, so it doesn't look like they've been dismissed from the jury for sneaking out. Also, Howie, James, Marcellas and George could all be heard, so the rumor of someone being kicked out for fighting is just that, a rumor.

Original Post:
The lunatics are back to the asylum. ;) The Jury that is. We couldn't see them, but this is what was audible, before the flames came on... and the Jury Questions to the Final Two began. Worth noting, is Janelle was not with the group yet. Before they cut the feeds, it was unknown to the jury members who the final 2 were.

For those with youtube issues:
7:35pm BBT
Dani: I don't wanna go first.
Dani: Somebody else go first.
Will: Heads up.
Howie: I farted.

Crew: Stand by...Action

Will: ... not laughing.

From the sound of it, they are entering the jury area, and the crew is filming them.

Marcellas: Not gonna take that over.
Howie: Hey Georgie.
Chicken George: (laughing) James always has the same look on his face.
Dani: I can't help it.
Dani: I'm ready for these people.
Howie: I'm glad I'm not here in my underwear. It's freezing out here!
Unindentifiable HG Voice: Dude....I wish you would just strip down dog (sounded like Jase)
Crew Member: Does anyone have gum?
Dani: Do I have to spit it out?
Howie: Spit it over the fence?
James: Give it to me.
Howie: I have to take a pee.
Crew: Walk them back around, and check the lighting.
Crew: Do you want us to stop and spin around? Checking your faces...
Howie: Can I pee in the bushes real quick?
Will: Yeah, pee dude
Will and James are both encouraging Howie to pee in the bushes.

Crew Member: I'll take you to the bathroom after this shot.

Howie: I think I stepped in dog shit.
Dani: I need a tissue. My nose is running.
Will: Howie's gotta take a dump guys.
Howie: I do! Nerves...
Will: Ladies, remember to look mad.

Janie's Mom Speaks

What its really like to be the Mother of an All Star
by Ann Pierzina-Killian

Truly, I can only speak for myself. But I can only imagine what the other parents went through also. Many of the same things. I will start by addressing CBS; I believe we should have had the contact numbers or emails of the other parents from the get go, or at least a private chat room for venting and support. Here goes

As an All-Star Mom, were pros at this now right? This is our 2nd time around. Yikes!! For four of us, its pretty fresh.
Lets go back to round one. When I was first told by my kid, that she was going to be on a reality show, I asked; Whats that? All she said was; Oh Mom, just watch it on July 6. Youll see me there! When she entered the BB house last season, it was my very first episode of Big Brother. Lets set the record straight. This is not a reality show. This is an UN-reality show!
And Oh Boy, Did I ever see her there! And in 15 million other places on the internet.
For the first 2 weeks I was totally stressed out! It dawned on me that 2 million people were watching every move my kid makes, and picking her apart like a rag doll.
I was shocked into reality when I browsed all the BB sites!
I wasnt warned about this!

I did not want to see my child slandered, made fun of, or hurt in any way.
Being a spiritually deep woman, I gave her to God. It dawned on me real quick, she would need His love & protection in this crazy & hostile environment. I also started asking others to lift her in prayer. I started seeing a change. It was a good change.

When it was announced once again, she would be going back on the show, it was like Oh boy, here we go again.. Get ready for the emotional roller coaster.

Watching the feeds:
(And I'd be surprised if there was a parent who did NOT subscribe for the live feeds.)
Lou Gordon hit the nail on the head last year when he said; It was like getting my kid back for the summer! He was right. For me it went a bit further: it was like really getting to know my kid as an adult for the first time. You raise these children to the best of your abilities; they go off into the big bad world. You really have no idea how they truly turned out. All you can do is hope for the best.

The feeds were a bit addicting( to say the least.) It was very comforting to watch your child sleep. It was funny to see many of the same habits & characteristics they had as children surface in the house. It is very endearing to hear them talk about you, and realize you mean more to them, then you could ever of hoped for or imagine.
Seeds planted, and tended with care, build strong roots and bear beautiful fruit.

It is agonizing to see them hurt. There is nothing you can do. When your child is hurt, scared or sad, you cannot reach into that screen and surround them. You just have to sit there and feel it too.

When your child cries. You cry.
When they are lied to and betrayed, you feel betrayed. You get angry. When they are scum-bagged, you do not like that scum bagger. When they are played, you do not like that player. When they are lied to, you do not like that liar.
How many times do we have to keep telling ourselves; Its just a game! Its just a game! Its really, just a game!

It is with great pride, when you see the person they've become. When they are real. When they are genuine. Polite. Generous. When they are true to themselves and their alliances. When they win competitions, or help their alliances win. It brings joy to see such a competitive, winning spirit.

It is with fear & apprehension, when they might do, or say something that you do not want the rest of the world to see or hear. Including everyone in your hometown, your whole family , your co-workers and just about everyone you know. When they get too sippy, (BB, you really need to watch the alcohol allotments) you want to reach right in there and say ok! Youre cut off kid. Remember now youre on National TV!
What about their hormones?? And yes, this age has more then they know what to do with! OMG! This is waaaay more then a mother ever needed to know about. Please maintain your dignity in there, oh child of mine! Wheeeew!

It can be a bit annoying, to have to talk BB with everyone you run into, and feel you have to explain to them what is going on. Like go to and figure it out! Puuuhleeze!

The Big Brother House lurks in your conscience and your sub conscience the whole time they are locked within those walls. How many times have you awoken in the middle of the night and said; I wonder if they are all right? Or wondered what they are doing?
It has a trickle down effect in all other aspects of your life. The longer they are in there, the more power that house has over you. And I am speaking from two FULL SEASONS right down to the last 3 days. (BOTH TIMES dang it!)

When they leave that house, it is with great relief. Uh huh. It is. . . Your protective mode can finally come down. What an exhausting state to be in for 3 months.

It is with great surprise, and pride and joy to see the support from the million trillion fans. This show is bigger then I could ever imagine it to be. WOW!
The fans have picked me up and carried me when I've been hurt or down more than once.
The fans have celebrated with me and loved on me. Thanks be to them!

It is with fascination, as I watch the bond that these houseguests have made for life. That for the most part it was just a game in the BB house. Outside of it, they have built many friendships for life. I find myself forgiving the other houseguests for the awful things they have said and done to my child. Especially when they are looking you in the eye and are remorseful. They don't have to ask for my forgiveness.

Again I'll say I needed and longed for the other Mommie-Mommies of the BB All Stars during this time. More than once .

This beautiful letter from Janelle's mom came from the forum at, and was sent to us by one of our readers.:

Erin Looks Pretty Happy

Mayor Gavin Newsom arrives with one-time reality show star Erin Brodie. Brodie, who works for a software company, flew in from New York. She is wearing a Marchesa dress and was among the few women who wore knee-length dresses to the traditionally white tie event. Chronicle photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice
    ***Yes, he's straight, and a millionaire.

Patrons brave chilly night for S.F. Opera gala
Carolyne Zinko, Chronicle Staff Writer

Friday, September 8, 2006
(09-08) 19:53 PDT -- The San Francisco Opera's 84th opening night gala may not have had the weather in its favor with blustery winds whipping carefully executed hairdos and elaborate gowns, but there were warm feelings all around from more than 3,000 attendees who ponied up hundreds, and in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars, to attend the dinner and show.

The event, one of San Francisco's more important civic events and arts fundraisers, drew social and political luminaries from international socialite Lynn Wyatt of Houston and Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Paul, to bigwig Democratic party donors Markos Kounalakis and his wife, Eleni and even Rosemarie Bravo, the top executive at Burberry fashion house, who came from London.

Opera General Director David Gockley, marking his first season-opener with Verdi's "Un Ballo in Maschera," starring soprano Deborah Voigt, spent 33 years as the general director for the Houston Grand Opera. Wyatt was one of a contingent of Texas friends, including world-famous pianist Van Cliburn, who formed a home team of sorts to fly in and lend a reassuring touch to the big night.

"I was very sad to see him go,'' Wyatt said. "San Francisco is very lucky.''

Some 800 patrons paid up to $5,000 each or up to $50,000 a table to attend a cocktail party, performance and a 10 p.m. dinner-dance following the performance. The dinner featured poached Maine lobster in a Cardinale sauce, held in a tent adjoining the opera house. Younger supporters of the opera had dinner at City Hall.

    To read the complete article, which does not mention Erin Brody again, please click the author's name.

Erika - Boogie "Tribute"

This very funny "tribute" vid, set to the tune of "The Addams Family" was created by ImmaMeanGirl! I saw it earlier this morning, and was hemming and hawing on putting it up, but per your requests... here it is. Enjoy!

Classic Janie Tribute

Digging through the vaults this Saturday afternoon... This video put together by BigBroWatcher last year in honor of Janelle is terrific! It's set to a country tune called "Unbelievable," and it's non-stop fun! Enjoy! :)

Reality Check

Just a little trip down memory lane to last summer, and all the romantic hopes from the feeders for Kaysar and Janelle - and that was without the hardcore flirt game. ;) Whatever happens to Janelle and her men: may they remain the best of friends... Check this one out... it's a great way to put things into perspective.

"So Much for My Happy Ending"

An Erika Update

9pm BBT, Friday night
While Boogie is outside soaking in the jacuzzi and congratulating himself on the volume of his belching, Erika is pacing the length of the house, back and forth, talking to herself and the internet.
    ***blissfully unaware that the vast majority of the live feeders turned off the feeds thursday night at 9pm EST.

Erika: Oooh! That's such a good speech! I love it.
Erika: I had his best friend put up by his girlfriend! You know I deserve it!
    ***We know nothing of the sort.

Erika: I'm the new puppetmaster.
    ***whatever you say, crazy girl.
    Just step away from the sharp objects.

Erika: Will was dangerous. Very, very dangerous. Unbelievable... He never had to win a comp and he got to the final four. Unbelievable.
    ***Didn't think it was possible, but liking her even less now.

Erika is sitting atop the dining room table, swinging her legs back and forth now, practicing her speech.
Erika: Who's the puppet master now, Will?
Erika: And you, You are not the strongest player. You are just the one most seduced by the puppet master. I seduced the puppet master's ally.
Erika: (addressing the internet) You know who the real winner is, don't you. Yes! you do, you do, you do!
    ***yeah.. uh huh.. we do... she's sitting by herself in a hotel right now.

Erika: Now I see verrrrrrry clearly, but I still like the puppet master's ally. he's kinda cute.

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Bible Quote

I was just checking out one of our myspace friends profiles, and in her blog, she had the following quote from the bible. It was so apropos to Big Brother, and specifically the final 2, I had to post it here... I'd love to know your thoughts on this:

    "For people will only love themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control; they will be cruel and have no interest in what is good. They will betray friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. They will act as if they are religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. You must stay away from people like that." 2 Tim 3:2-5

Perhaps the real winners are long since gone from the house. I know I can think of a couple...


***This is not a rumor. This is fact. If you'd like to see the video, we have the link at the end of this post.

According to our sources, Will and Danielle and possibly other sequestered houseguests were spotted outside of the sequester house. According to the rumor, which our sources now say is confirmed, they were seen at a local Karaoke bar in Palm Desert, CA, playing golf and singing karaoke. The producers found out about it and took them back to the house.

Our source has spoken with some highly placed individuals and has confirmed this to be true, as well as the existence of photographic evidence.

The news station that reported it is Channel 2 News, KPSP in Palm Desert, CA. The website is We've yet to see any picures up on their site yet. We'll be on it.. and we'll let you know as soon as we hear any more.

John Harrington at the breaking news desk for CBS 2 Palm Springs News informs us that the story is not on the website, because it was not a part of the nightly news report. It was, in fact, on a PM Magazine type show, produced by the station called "Eye on the Desert"

Add this to the rumor about someone being thrown out for fighting, and it seems there may be a reason for the public to vote after all. Here's that link to vote again:We, The Jury. Lol.. this could be the most interactive season ever, after all.

Here is a pic!!

OOOH! I found the video!!

to view it on the cbs affiliate site
(from whence it came)

Here's the voiceover from the video:
"The all-stars from the hit CBS show, "Big Brother", are secretly shacking up in our town... Or maybe not so secretly, thanks to our Eye on the Desert spies. The "Big Brother All-Stars" have been in town for about a week after hurricane John forced them to abandon their original location, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

The reality stars were sighted at a restaurant-bar in Indio, singing karaoke, playing some golf, and well... from the picture, as you can probably tell, drinking. But they weren't there for long... Once the producer of "Big Brother" found out what was going on, he put a stop to it."

DishChicks Do Survivor!

Come one!
Come all!
The Dish-chicks are doing
Doing it right!

Please come visit our Survivor myspace at
& send us your friend requests!!

There's a teeny tiny little bit up on the blog already,
if you wanna check that out too.


Please remember to bookmark us!

Janelle Housecalls Clip

Janelle Tells What Will was Whispering!! ... a little bit, anyway... ;) AND she looks and sounds MUCH better than she did on the brutally Early Show this morning.
Go Janie, Go!

Janelle Rocks

C=Venus strikes again with this glam chop of Our Lady Janelle, a la Marylin Monroe. The Winningest (yes, that's really a word) Competitor in Big Brother History - Long may she reign.

Marcellas' REAL Reaction

Now that Janelle is gone and only Boogie and Erika are left, the feeds are quite boring. While searching for something entertaining to post, I stumbled across this video. I know Marcellas was the first to the sequester house and this is old news but this was Marcellas' real reaction to his nomination. True Marcellas style!

Janelle on the Early Show

For all of those asking, here is the video of Janelle on the CBS Early Show!

The Full Interview

Here's Janelle's full interview with TheSlug:

Nooooooooooooo! Janelle Pierzina, the houseguest The Slug officially endorsed as America's Choice back in June, was the final person evicted from the "Big Brother 7: All Stars" house last night after she failed to win the final Head of Household competition. That leaves Mike "Boogie" Malin and his bedmate Erika Landin as the final two players to vie for jury votes Tuesday. Our weepy post-eviction interview with our favoritest player ever after the jump.

LISTEN: What would've happened if Dr. Will kissed Janelle on the lips?

The Slug: Hi Janelle. How are you?

Janelle Pierzina: Hi Derrik. I'm great. How are you?

TS: I'm not very good.

JP: You're not?

TS: I'm very upset. You got evicted!

JP: I'm sorry. I couldn't do it again.

TS: Yes. As you may or may not remember after this crazy summer, you were officially endorsed by me at the very beginning of the season.

JP: Yeah, no. I remember you. Of course.

TS: What happened? What went wrong?

JP: It was completely my fault. The last competition was a fluke. Whatever. I switched hands. So I couldn't compete in the final. The other competition was the car suspended from the air or whatever. That was a physical competition. There was no way I could beat that. It was kind of geared toward a male, I think. Whatever. I knew I was toast.

TS: Well, you did make a power play there at the end and win back a lot of respect, I think. What happened with Will? Was that all game? Did you really have feelings for him?

JP: I think it started out as game. Obviously after Howie left, I knew I kinda needed him. I think for him he was all game and toward the end, I think because we had spent so much time together, I was starting to get a little bit of feelings for him. We couldn't really talk about it because we didn't want it on the Internet. You know what I mean? It was weird. We couldn't talk about it. But yeah, I had feelings for him.

TS: What did you see in him?

JP: Who knows? It was the environment. In the house, you get to know people so well. There's even family members I don't spend that much time with. I think being in the house with someone for three days is equivalent to dating someone for three months. It's just so intense because you're always together. I liked him as a person. I thought he was funny. He was really smart. He interested me.

TS: Why did it take you and Erika so long to figure out you were being played by Chill Town?

JP: There were several indications. I just couldn't put my finger on it. I started to realize it when I put "Chicken" George and Erika up and Boogie was not voted out and "Chicken" George was. I think it took us so long because the boys had pinned us so far against each other. I was hating her in the game. For me, I just wanted to hang out with Will and didn't want to see anyone else in the house. And he kept it that way. He never left me alone. So I never talked to Erika. The game was over for me so it didn't matter for me to spill a few secrets. I asked her if Chill Town asked her to be a part of Chill Town and she said "Yes!" and that's when we realized it.

TS: If things had gone further with you and Will, would you have taken him to the end?

JP: Obviously, I was targeting Boogie for several weeks. I think if I would've gotten Boogie out, I probably would've taken Will to the final two. I wouldn't have had another target.

TS: Why didn't y'all get rid of Chill Town earlier? Everyone knew they were a threat.

JP: We knew they were aligned. We could've gotten rid of them in the end. And in the end I would've been dealing with Nakomis and Jase. You can only take people out one at a time. And I think at that time, competition-wise, Nakomis was a bigger threat — and so was Jase, who's, you know, psycho. The thing is we didn't want the floaters to float. We wanted them to play.

TS: Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?

JP: I would've got rid of Boogie week six. Instead of putting Marcellas up, I would've put him up. I could've said I was putting him up as a pawn. I'm sure the guys in my alliance would've much rather gotten rid of him. That was a huge, stupid mistake for not putting Boogie up.

TS: How do you feel about going into sequester?

JP: It's really sad. I don't really get to go see my houseguests. They're making me stay in a hotel room by myself. I really wanted to go see Will and Howie and Marcellas and hang out with them. They're not gonna let me see them until the round-table where we ask the final two questions.

TS: Since you basically witnessed everything that happened, what are you going to say to the jury?

JP: I think I'm going to discuss with the jury what Erika and I had discovered. I don't know who I'm voting for yet. It's 50/50. I don't know who I want to try and persuade the jury to vote for. I want to vote for the best player.

TS: How does it feel to be evicted at the same point in the game as you were before?

JP: I have mixed feelings about it. To make final three with the huge target on my back was extremely hard so I feel proud. But getting third place? It's not fun. You don't get any money. You know what I mean? It's so close. It's just like I was last year. I guess everything happens for a reason.

TS: Well, Janelle. Thanks for answering my questions. I was rooting for you all summer. It's sad, but it was fun that my official endorsement got this far.

JP: I know, right? That's awesome. Thank you for your support.

TS: You're welcome. You didn't really need my help.

No Sequester for Janie!

Why aren't they letting Janelle go to sequester?????

The Slug: How do you feel about going into sequester?

Janelle P: It's really sad. I don't really get to go see my houseguests. They're making me stay in a hotel room by myself. I really wanted to go see Will and Howie and Marcellas and hang out with them. They're not gonna let me see them until the round-table where we ask the final two questions.

    ***Unbelievable!! Talk about adding insult to injury! I really hope everyone's voting, and not relying on the next guy to take it on...

    To Vote for Janie: Text the number 7 to 81818. Surely our girl deserves your 50 cents.

A Million Thank Yous

I would be remiss to not thank all the incredible folks who capture the videos all season long for our pleasure and enjoyment. What follows is the list of my youtube video subscriptions. These people absolutely rock! Please join me in thanking them for a season of excellent work.

  • TheRealDeal2000 aka TRD2000
  • immunegb5
  • Destiny357
  • xx2000xx
  • rtvchickscafe
  • BigBroWatcher
  • aldav
  • auntjulie
  • Cryssandria

Without them, we would have had a much less enjoyable season here on the blog. Please show your love for these wonderful folks, and check em out on youtube!

Jun's Take

Check out past BB winner Jun's take on the finals... and the game as a whole.

"I have Boogie to win 6-1.

For those of you out there who have emailed me saying Erika's better than Janelle...I ACKNOWLEDGE Erika's finesse in joining Janelle at the end. HOWEVER, it was best for Janelle too to get rid of Will. I did the same thing with Ali and had her boot Ratbert...but it was too her benefit also.

So don't tell me Erika's better than Janelle at anything besides skeeving people...and scaring infants...

I'm glad it's almost over because I really can't stand much of Erika and Booger anymore...BUT I'm sure we will be treated to one or two more "Champagne on me...Dolce/Les Deux/Wherever..." from Booger. GOD, it irks me when he does there aren't enough DECENT places people could eat...please, free food with bad company just gives me diarrhea..."

TRDs Last Video

The Last Big Brother Video of the season from the amazing and talented TRD2000 - The Real Deal. It's long... and it's worth every moment of it. Watch and Enjoy!

Will Jury House Video

Ask and you shall receive... Here's the clip of Will arriving to the jury house.
    Unfortunately this video has been removed from youtube. We are aware of the issue and working on finding a replacement.

And Mike's so sad solo call to Will in the Diary Room,
immediately post Will's eviction.
We miss him as much as you do, Boogie.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jack's Take

Jack - Revenge of the Houseguests (CBS)
9/7/06 10:33 pm
"Erika went into the finals with the player she had the most chance of beating. Still, I think that Boogie will have more votes in the jury after Will convinces the other jurors that his turkey friend is really an eagle.

Let me see,which has more appeal? Boogie winning BB7 or getting a root canal? Excuse me while I get a root canal.

The vote (I'm the only voter) is in for the Emmy awards for the BB7 All Stars.

For best performances in the Diary Room: Will and Boogie together, Will alone, and Will with Janelle. Honorable mention in the DR: Boogie for his lonely attempt to call Will after Will's eviction.

For best late night harangue while under the influence: Danielle.

For best performance without a strategy: George

For the couple most fun to watch having sex: No winner.

For best entry on the Revenge of the House Guests Blog: Jun, questioning Erika's judgement in exposing herself to the bacteria in Boogie's mouth. "

You, The Jury

"In the event that one of the jury members is unable to perform their duties, which of the 2 finalists would you vote to win Big Brother Allstars?" So goes the question posed on the cbs website. I wonder what they have up their sleeves now... if anything.

In any case, there's no charge to vote. Just click here:You, the Jury

Big Brother 8 Application

Here's the ad copy from

"Are you an outgoing, intriguing, competitive person who would make the perfect BIG BROTHER HouseGuest? Are you up for anything and everything? Are you ready to live inside the BIG BROTHER House with a group of strangers while multiple cameras record your every move and sound 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Are you willing to compete for half a million dollars against other participants as aggressive and ambitious as you are? If you can answer yes to these questions, you just might qualify as a contestant on BIG BROTHER. "

Well? Who's game??? Please let us know if you apply and how far along you get in the process. We'd love to be your built in cheering section! :)

Here's the link to get the process started: Big Brother 8 Application pdf

Janelle Tribute Video

Let the Janelle video tributes begin. Lord knows she deserves it, and so much more!
This one is set to "Faith of the Heart." There will be more.

Will-Janie Tribute Video

One of our myspace friends just sent this new Will - Janie Tribute video. It's gorgeous. Enjoy. :) Here's to our favorite pair getting some off camera time in the sequester house... there's always a silver lining. ;)

Boogie & Erika Celebrate

Boogie & Erika are the final 2. No matter your feelings about the players, or our disappointment with the lack of Janie, it is what it is, and as the good sports we all are (myslef included), we need to acknowledge the win, congratulate them and move on.

To their credit, they're both being very introspective and having a nice re-hash of the whole season... including very high praise for Janie and most of the rest of the cast. And they are both in complete shock to be where they are... humbly so. At the moment, they're in front of the memory wall giving praise all around. For those of you who have turned the feeds off already... Give 'em another shot. I think you'll like what you see.

Boogie: "This is the craziest thing..."

Boogie on Will's feelings for Janelle

Who will get who?

Survivor Dish

As soon as BB Allstars comes to its conclusion, we go into high gear on Survivor and The Amazing Race. Can you believe Survivor begins on Thursday the 14th!?! Please join us for more blogging fun into the fall.

Here's the link for Survivor: SurvivorDish. Bookmark it! And make sure to join our bb7dish friend's list on myspace, so we can give you a heads up on all the BB, Survivor and TAR details to come.

Live Show Spoilers


The Winner
Part 3 of the HoH Comp
Final HoH
for BB Allstars is
Mike "Boogie" Malin
As HoH,
Has elected to take
to the Final 2


has been
from the BB house.

PreShow Chatter

3:50pm - 4:15pm BBT
All the HGs are in separate areas of the house. Janie's in the Workout room primping for the live show. Erika's lying down, blinking, fighting back tears, and looking very agitated and upset. Boogie's lying on the floor with a t-shirt over his eyes. The only sound on the feeds is the squeak of Janie's curling iron.

Suddenly, Erika's up like a shot, and moving around. Kinda manic. She fixes her hair in the mirror and leaves the room, making her way through the living room, the kitchen and into the workout room with Janie, where she settles to join Janie in the pre-show primp-a-thon.

Workout Room - Erika & Janie
Both are getting ready for the live show... putting makeup on.
Janelle: At least if I go to the sequester house, I get to be with Will.
They are talking about what Boogie has said to each of them.
Erika: He's just being really nice.
Jani: He asked me who I would vote for. I said, "the best player."
Erika: I wish you had won last night.
Janie: PLEASE win tonight.

Boogie up and walking around. He pops in to the workout room, and asks for some eye concealer stuff, then goes to take a shower.

4:05pm BBT
WORKOUT ROOM - Erika & Janie
Janelle: Do you think what Boogie said about Will was true? That he didn't do a shout-out to his girlfriend because he really cared? Or do you think he just said it to get my jury vote?
Erika: Do not believe anything.

Hope springs eternal: Janelle is still wondering what could be with Will.
The girls move on to discussing Danielle. Wondering if Dani knew about Chilltown, and how they were operating.

Janelle: I'm worried that Chicken George might feel I betrayed him.
Janelle: I had a deal with him.
Erika: (smiles) I had a deal with Chicken George too.

Harbinger of Doom?

OK, Boogie's no Sampson, but Janie's definitely Delilah. Here's hoping this haircut is the final harbinger of doom for Chilltown. Go Janie, Go!

Holy Hell

OMG! OMG! OMG! F my damn perspective - There is hope!

It appears my hopes may be on the mark. Erika just came out of the DR, and is sitting by herself at the dining room table, while Mike and Janie are off in the bathroom, cutting his hair.

Janie fans... Listen up!

Erika: I gotta win this HoH.
Erika: I gotta evict MIke. he has got to go.
Erika: Janelle was the Competition girl, and I was the go-to pawn Girl. Nice going, boys.
Erika: (looking directly at camera) Will, I am the master manipulator. Not you, kiddo.

My 2 Cents

Coffee & Perspective

After a strong dose of Cuban Coffee, and another for the road, I just took the opportunity to take a little drive around the beautiful little island I call home, and which I've seen far too little of lately, and put it all into perspective. Here's what I've come up with:

As far as this game goes, Janie has a few flaws: 1. She's too easily influenced, 2. She's too trusting, 3. She's too quick to anger where matters of the heart are concerned. She'll be the first to admit it. In the outside world, neither of these is gonna kill ya, but in the big brother house, it just might... especially when you're so damn good in every other aspect of the game. Strategy and mind games are, however unfortunately for Janelle, a larger part of the game... especially since, even Jedi Janie loses every now and then, and when she does... Look Out!

Taking a moment to step back and think objectively, absolutely everyone who entered the house did so with the hope and intention of winning this game, and they should and will do everything in their power to make it happen. It's both foolish and short-sighted to think anything else. This isn't an ethics seminar, it's Big Brother. Deceit is the mandate.

For the above stated reasons, as much as I would love to see Janelle in the final two, I don't see it happening. It's BB suicide for both Boogie and Erika, and they both know it. Bringing her almost guarantees both Mike and Erika a 2nd place spot, and no matter how much we root for one player over another, we can't honestly expect someone to roll over and play dead so Janie can win. Against eachother, Mike and Erika are on pretty equal ground.

Janie's only hope at the moment, is if Erika is playing the hell out Boogie, so he'll feel overly confident going into the final round of the HoH comp, and so subsequently, she can win it and send him into a worse shock than when Will was evicted... by choosing Janelle over him for the final 2. Can you even imagine the look on his face, if this is the case? I have hope, which was bolstered when Erika, leaving a conversation with Boogie said, "Such a prick" under her breath this morning, after a brief encounter during which he was blowing untold amounts up smoke up her skirt.

I have hope. But not much. As Erika also said to Janie how much she wished she could have beaten him in round 2... which I took as a pre-cursor to what seems the obvious. Here's hoping Erika is not planning on tanking the comp, and is instead just setting Mike up for the ultimate betrayal. Hey, it's all I got.

All we can do now is watch and wait and hope.. and remember that this is Allstars, and every minute, every word, every game and every little bit of strategy counts. The best against the best... and may the best man or woman win.

New C=Venus Chops

I have nothing nice to say, and I need coffee, so while I go get it, have a look at C=Venus' new chops, and I'll be back in a few with the morning update. As always, C=Venus rocks chop-world.

Sequester House Video

By popular demand... Here's the video of the sequester house, and the escape from hurricane John. The house is gorgeous. The rest: not so pretty. It's like something has snapped. Perhaps Dr. Zachary would like a nice little trip to whereever the sequester house is?

Erika Scumbags Janie

I'm seething... but I'm not surprised. The ultimate floater, indeed.

The following 2 videos take place around 2:30am BBT, and show Erika telling Boogie everything that's been discussed between her and Janie. Boogie swears on some family members that he'll take her to the finals. And, it's not in either of these videos, but... Erika kisses him. I want to puke.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

HoH Part 2, SPOILER+

HoH Spoiler
The winner of the 2nd part of the
Final HoH Comp
for Big Brother Allstars
drumroll please...
ok, i'll stop being a bitch
The Winner is....


One more part to go
tomorrow night on the live show
and the new and final HoH
of the season
will be known to all.

09/07/06 12:20am BBT
Boogie's in the DR - in addition to winning the comp, he won a car.
The girls are in the Kitchen.
Janie: What are we going to do?
Erika: We have to win the next one.
Janie: This sucks. I think they want him to win the whole thing.

Erika: Who do you think Boogie will take to the finals if he wins the final HoH?
Janie: It doesn't matter. He will win anyway. He told me he would take me, but I don't know for sure.

Janie: (talking about the comp) It was totally geared for him to win it. For guys. Total upper body strength. There was no way I could have won. He was a full 2 minutes faster than me.

Boogie come out of the Dr and Janie heads in.
Boogie is now talking to Erika.

Boogie: I'm definitely taking you to the final 2, if I win. There's no way Janelle can be beaten in the finals because she has all her friends there.

Erika: I was planning on taking you all along. I told Janelle that.

Erika asks Boogie to throw her the last comp, so she can evict Janelle. Boogie declines the offer.

Boogie: Why would you want me to do that?
Erika: You pretty much asked me to do the same thing.

Boogie stutters and dances around it.

Janie comes out of the DR and Erika goes in.

Janie: What did Erika say?
Boogie: She asked me to throw the last comp.
Janie: What?!
Boogie: I said no. I'd rather call my own destiny.
Janie: So what are you going to do.

Boogie wont give her a straight answer.

Boogie: I have to think about it... see who's my best chance... I'd rather see you win, but I have to think about it. Even though I can't win against either of you...
Boogie: Erika is very persuasive... and she has a good relationship with the jury... and you're like a Demi-God.
Boogie: I hate this game.
Janelle: Me too. I'm sick of eating this food!

Meschel Our Belle

We knew our readers were awesome, but never did we know there was such talent. Check out Meschel's first ever Big Brother chop, and show the woman some love!!

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~Google Ad~

Hey Will Cap

Just discovered another hot one - CapGirl! I loved the sentiment of this one, and had to share her with you. You can see more of capgirl's work at

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A day to Remember

There are days in my life that I will remember forever! Particular events that were so shocking, I remember where I was, what I was doing, at the moment they happened. Well, yesterday was NOT one of those days!! However, Boogie will always remember!

Mike and Chicktown

The Feeds went to FLAMES 30 minutes ago at 9:45pm BBT... We're 99.99% sure the second part of the HoH Comp is going on now. Here's a good conversation that preceeded it.

Janelle: Do you think I made the right decision?
Boogie: Yeah, if you want to eat the whole "bread" yourself.
Janelle: Huh?
Boogie: If you want to bake the "bread" yourself, you made the right decision.

Boogie: Now that he left, everything came to focus. I realize you made the right decision. But, it will give me second place...
Janelle: The jury house really hates you guys.
Boogie: Yeah, 2nd place isn't so bad.
Janelle: You don't think you'll win? Do you think Erika will vote for you?
Boogie: Hmmmmm I don't know - I saw a different person yesterday. When she said "checkmate."
Janelle: I know. I was Will's friend. I can't take her.
Boogie: She didn't do anything. You oughta take me.
Janelle: I know, I think I have a better chance with you. Who do you think you'll get?
Boogie: Maybe James, maybe Erika. I can't get 4. George idolizes you, Howie idolizes you, Danielle said she'll vote for the best player.
Janelle: She'll have to vote for me.
    ***"So when did you know you were confident?" ;)

Boogie: Yeah, I scumbagged all those people. Will told me, "you get these people out, Boogie, you've never been here before, you hope for the best at the end."
Janelle: Yeah, but Will set the jury house up for HIM to win.
Boogie: Yeah. But not for me. He knew I was the rah-rah guy. Whenever I won, he didn't really celebrate. When I lie in bed and think about it now, replaying everything in my head, he just- in the big moments - he wanted me there, he wanted me in the finals, but.....I was just concerned that she (Erika) had you fooled, that she had convinced you to take HER to the Final 2
Janelle: No, not at all. I think I would probably lose to her. Yeah, but she is so WELL LIKED
Mike: huh?
Janelle: She is so well-liked!
Mike: Yeah....I think you've put yourself in a good position to take the whole thing. If you win tonight....
Janelle: Yeah, I'll beat her tomorrow, and then I'll take you. (smiles) But do you think I can beat her though? Tomorrow?
Mike: In the questions? Yeah.
Janelle: But she's been throwing them! She's always said, well, I'll win HoH when I need to.
Mike: You are the competititor of all time.

Janelle: I can't believe you jumped off!
Mike: You're a big favorite. Just do what you always do, relax.
Janelle: I think Erika thinks she can beat me.
Mike: She could, you know. She didn't do any of the dirty work. She kept her hands clean. The only dirty work she did was get rid of Danielle.
Janelle: Danielle will get over it, she's gonna vote for Erika. They were in the alliance of the misfits, you know?
Mike: She'll get over it, but she'll still vote for the best player.
Janelle: She will?
Mike: Just get up, and answer everybody's questions. You weren't really a bitch to anybody, you know like "bye bye bitches."

Janelle: (a little sad) What do you think Will is going to tell the jury house?
Mike: Will has a real life. He probably moved on 20 minutes after left here, he's not Howie. They're probably having a good time.

Mike: I'm dying to see him... if he wanted to save his relationship, he had the perfect opportunity to do so, and he didn't.
Janelle: What do you mean?
Mike: When he said to Julie, we'll be friends, he ended it. He could have said right there on live tv... his girlfriend is definitely watching... "I love my Girlfriend," but he didn't. I think that more than he wants to admit, he has real feelings for you.
Janelle: You really do?
Mike: I really do. He's a player. You think, is this guy for real? There's no doubt a portion of it, was for the games... On both sides. I think it started out that way, but the last 2 weeks he hasn't spent any time with me at all. I think he's into it really deep with you. Maybe I have a little bit more perspective now, because I talked to Dr Zachary about this last night, but I think he, deep down, wanted his girlfriend to see that show.
    ***I knew it!!! There was no other way he'd have come out of the DR so calm!

Janelle: You do?
Mike: I think you both entered into it, on a game level, but then you realized, wow this person is really cool. The thing is, with his girl, he's really cool. He's really impeccable. He doesn't carouse around. He's really a good boyfriend. In here, you guys sort of dated for like a month, and I couldn't believe it. I was just staring at him right there, like are you not going to take this moment and just say something to Erin right now?

Janelle: We could never talk about anything, because um..... (indicates the cameras)
Mike: Well, very soon you'll be able to talk about it, and we can all laugh about it. What was unique about the Final 4 and refreshing for him, it was cool to be here with people that, you know, have a life outside of the house.
Boogie: I feel bad about James. He's somebody I'd be friends with outside of here, but he was a threat. You just have to hope that people understand.
Janelle: He was a huge threat

Enter Erika.

Erika: Can I join you?
Janielle: Sure. We're just talking about Will. I miss him!
Erika: Willy! Willy!
Mike: He'll be ok. He has a life to go to after this. I'm sure he's having a bunch of laughs right now with those guys.
Erika: Yeah... He's a gamer.

Janelle: Do you think he would have thrown the competition still?
Mike: The endurance? Let's see... It would have been you, me and him? Yeah, he probably would have figured that you would stay up there forever. I didn't want him later going on, like, "Who's Alison?" I can't take that.
Janie: Yeah, like he's saying Who's Jenifer Aniston? C'mon Will!

Mike: Most likely, he would have chucked it... I put him on the spot one day, "Are you trying to win this without ever winning a competition again?" He swore to me deep down he wasn't, but I think he wanted to say he went 30+ times, never won, and won the game twice. We'll never know..

Will on HouseCalls

First things First.. Will talks about his phone call with Erin. All is not hunky dory, but since she's been on and won a romance based reality tv show, he feels there is hope.

Next up... Will discusses the flaws in his game play with regard to the Janie flirtation. "Janelle wanted to kiss me... It was my downfall."

Chick Town Epiphany

Erika and Janelle are in the bathroom talking while Janelle looks like she is getting ready for the second part of the HoH competition. They just put it ALL together! They now know that the game plan was to make everyone think that they were in Chill Town...James, Danielle, Janelle, Erika, Chicken George and so on.

Girls, I could have told you that weeks ago!!
What took ya so long?!!
Or, should I say, better late than never!!

Janelle: I wonder why Danielle didn't warn us more, unless she had something with them. (Chill Town)
Erika: She was with them. I tested her when I was HOH.
Janelle: I bet she thought she was part of Chill Town too.
Erika: OMG, she did!
Janelle: Yep, she thought she was sooo safe, so did James.
Erika: Damn, damn!
Janelle: They're good!
Erika: Yea.
Janelle: They had Danielle thinking she was part of Chill Town.
Erika: I was testing her when I said if Janelle wins veto and I put up Will, she said she'd keep him and get rid of Chicken George.
Janelle: Oh God, we've got to win this one or he (Boogie) will win the game. You know Will will be telling them "yeah, we played you guys".
Erika: Danielle as part of Chill Town. Shit!
Janelle: She was!
Erika: That's why her and the HOH. I won, she felt safe.
Janelle: Why would she tell Chicken George we had a truce?
Erika: Oh my God!
Janelle: We definitely took out the best player in the game.
Erika: Oh God, they played us so good.
Janelle: And everyone else, too!
Erika: Danielle as part of Chill Town, James was part of Chill Town, and they couldn't control Chicken George.
Janelle: They knew that he (CG) wanted to keep you and me in the game.
Erika: Oh my God! Holy shit those boys are really smart.
Janelle: Really smart!
Erika: We figured it out in tmie. Oh my f'in God! Now I want to have his baby. He didn't bank on the fact that we figured it out last night. They kept the hatred between us growing by telling each of us that they hated us. Damn that's good! Oh my God, that's really good!
Janelle: Will must be saying "how did my plan not work out?"
Erika: He didn't think I'd figure it out. He underestimated me. I might not be the most intelligent person but I can sometimes figure things out.
Janelle: Danielle was part of Chill Town.
Erika: Oh God! James and Danielle thought they were part of Chill Town, too. That's good, really good!
Janelle: Out of all those people they trusted, we would do what they wanted.
Erika: That's why they were both put in here. I'm in awe.
Janelle: Me too! That's why they always told everyone they were safe. Because everyone thought they (CT) were on their side.
Erika: They did not bank on me winning that veto. They were sending me home.
Janelle: Yep.
Erika: They were shocked! I should have seen it earlier. I was too busy flirting with him.
Janelle: Didn't you wonder why i was putting up Chicken George and not someone from Chilltown?
Erika: Yea, I should have seen it. I could have put it together but it was the fast forward week. That's why Danielle thought she was so safe!
Janelle: Yep.
Erika: You know what else was an indicator to me? You voted out James.
Janelle: Yep. Why would I vote out my own alliance?
Erika: I should have put it together ealier. I'm so f'in stupid.
Janelle: We got played!
Erika: It's good, it's really good. I've got to give it to them.
Janelle: They probably had James in on it early, too because James was in on voting out Howie.
Erika: That's why they wanted Howie out. Because they knew they couldn't get Howie and Marcellas, too. It's good!
Janelle: He (Will) was always like "Janelle, I'm crazy like a fox and you are like a bunny." He thinks he's so smart and they underestimated me!
Erika: They didn' think I'd figure it out. That's why he's (Boogie) trying to convince you I was playing him the whole time.
Janelle: Boogie isn't as good as him (Will)!
Erika: He never thought the 2 girls would get together.
Janelle: Oh my God! Will's goodbye message...
Erika: They are really good at this game!

HoH - Not Yet

In case you're wondering, the second part of the HoH comp has NOT happened yet. As soon as it does, we'll be here with the results. In the meantime, think happy Janie thoughts. It's been workin' so far!! ;)

EW Article

Is There a Doctor Out of the House?

"On ''Big Brother: All-Stars,'' the at-risk Erika convinces Janelle that Chill Town is playing them, and Janie sends Will to sequester by Lynette Rice

We interrupt our regularly scheduled content to bring you this special bulletin: Janelle Pierzina is the freakin' bomb and is just one week away from winning the cash prize she deserves.

Now, to any reader among us who is not enlightened enough to ride the happy train to Janie-town: I suggest you get off at the next stop and bid this summer's all-star edition goodbye. You never did appreciate Janie's brilliance when you polluted our message boards and were too stubborn to even consider what Janelle had that everyone else didn't: the courage to look stupid, act like a bimbo, and continue to chow down with reckless abandon even though the house (and the world) was calling her fat. And yet she still played the game with gusto and aplomb. Even Will couldn't muster a negative word about Janelle in his otherwise brilliant exit speech — other than to say she'll regret her decision later. Yes, she probably will regret it — regret that she didn't shout, ''Got you, you smug little twit!'' when he walked out the door.

Don't get me wrong — I will miss Will. As I said Thursday, this season wouldn't have been the same without his delicious string of lies and deceit, but that got old real quick last night after he threw yet another competition and participated in more misogynistic banter with Boogie about how the ''bitches'' don't control the game. Now I didn't hear Will utter quite as much antichick rhetoric as Boogie, but McPasty did encourage the ''bros before hos'' banter and was even more egotistical than Boogie with his daily declarations about manipulating the house. Frankly, I just got tired of Chill Town's treatment of those gals, even if I didn't really like Erika up until this week. (A special shout-out to the anonymous poster who called Erika a ''bone rack with water balloons'' on our boards Tuesday. You people are genius.)

Sadly, I'm also realistic enough to admit that it probably wouldn't have ended up this way — Janelle and Erika doing high fives and Mr. ''Class Act'' Boogie pouting like a big baby — had Will actually closed the deal with Janelle. You know what I'm talking about, people. Call it whatever you want (but please, oh, please don't let me hear ''showmance'' or ''flirtmance'' ever again), but Will (like Boogie with Erika) did manage to keep Janelle in his clutches with the constant attention and faux affection. Would he still be inside the house had he given Janie the kisses and cuddles she craved? We will never know the answer, because Will kept it chaste for the girlfriend back home and probably sealed his fate because of it. Oh, well! On to his next pursuit: intimidating Chen 3000, who clearly swallowed some air when Will said they ''shared chemistry.'' The man didn't break a sweat during his grill session with Julie, even after he got royally duped by a woman with half his education. (Ah, man, now I'm back loving him again.)

[Read Jessica Shaw's interview with Will.]

I'm not really sure whether I want to devote any more space to Booger. Before, he was the annoying sidekick; now, he's just a flat-out jerk who needs to be snuffed. The look on his face when his buddy got booted stands out as the glittering jewel of the entire season — and the only thing that could top it is if that loony bin of a sequester house realizes how Janelle made the play of the season by ousting Will and, as a result, justly rewards her with the cash if she makes it through this all-important head-of-household competition. As mind-boggling as Boogie's behavior was last night (throwing the first phase of the game because he was convinced either Erika or Janelle would take him to the final two), I don't think he'll be arrogant enough to throw the second phase — and I can't even begin to imagine what life will be like should he actually win the final HOH and get one step closer to the cash. All I can say is, that Bone Rack better be true to her word, fight the good fight in the HOH competition, and take Janelle to the end.

What do you think? Will Erika and Janelle's alliance hold? How will the jury vote? And is there anyone out there actually rooting for Booger? "

Part Quote, Part Tribute

"He treated me better than any boyfriend "


From this morning's CBS Early Show, here's the "secret footage" of Will doing his Mandana thing.

And here's Will's Early Show interview.

Part 1 of HoH Comp

Last night after the show, I was doing my rounds in the chat rooms. Of course, a lot of the chat was about Will's eviction and Janelle making it happen. Also, many people were discussing the HoH competition. Some did not see Janelle let go of her key. A few were claiming, the video shown after the commercial break, was footage at the start of the comp when Julie asked Janelle if she was ready. Janelle seems to think that was the only time she let go, too. Janelle actually let go of her key when Boogie jumped off the volcano. To take a line from Danielle....the proof is in the pudding! Here's the video...

3 New Chops

What's your favorite?

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Boogie's a Wankster

With his constant rapping and hip hop style, Boogie clearly fancies himself a ganster of sorts. A gangster from New Hampshire - now there's a twist. Janelle has a new title for him.

Boogie's a Wankster

Housecalls Video Clip

As of 9:45am BBT, the remaining HGs are still sleeping. While they snooze, here's a veddy interesting clip from housecalls yesterday. Remember, this was yesterday afternoon, before the live show, before Will was evicted. You'll never guess who now wants Janelle to win...

Girl Talk

Apart from a tiny bit of chat time with Boogie, which I covered last night, as it was happening, Janelle and Erika spent the night together talking. Here are the more pertinent excerpts. Line breaks indicate the passage of time...

11:40pm BBT
Janelle and Erika are searching the house...
Erika: Big Brother, we're missing competition gloves that are imperative. We need Jedi Janie's gloves.
Erika: Maybe the asshole (Boogie) took them.
Janie: Nah.

10 minutes later...

Janelle still can’t find her gloves…
Janie: That’s so weird. Do you think Boogie took them?
Erika: If he did, I’m gonna have to kill him.
Jani: I’m gonna go shower.
Erika: Ok I’ll be here, licking my wounds.
Janelle goes off to shower

12:45am BBT
BACKYARD - Erika & Janie
Erika: Did you ever kiss Will?
Janie: (laughs, blushes) I can't tell you.
Janie gives Erika a look, and she's blushing.
Erika: (laughs) How many times? Was it under the covers?
Janelle good-naturedly ignores the question, and simply says
Janie: I feel so stupid.
Erika: (re Boogie) We need to pour a bucked of water on him.
Erika: We need to f'in torment his ass.
Janie: They loved messing with us. It was a big game to them! That was their entertainment for the day - to screw with us.
Erika: You were so good tonight, dude. You were awesome.
Erika: Did he kiss you goodbye?
Janie: Twice. He was really sweet when he left.
Erika & Janie reach out their hands to eachother simultaneously and say, "Good Game!!"

1:40am BBT
BACKYARD - Erika and Janie
Erika: I just loved watching Boogie on the couch today, like, let's lay down like this! Yeh!!
Janie: They were so cocky!
Erika: Cocky, arrogant f-cks. When they threw that bank thing in there, I was just like, if that was any indication, I mean, if you were wavering at all! They were just helping my case! I was just like, you boys!
    ***huh?musta been flames on - i have no clue what she's referring to.

Janie: I wasn't wavering. After what you told me last night, about how you were in Chilltown, and they had told me the exact same thing, um, at that point, I just wanted to play Will.
Erika: You were good today, too, so good.
Janie: I was throwing up a storm today, too! I was like, "we'll celebrate tonight, we'll be final 3!! I'll still take you to final 2!" He was like, "You will?" I was like (batting eyelashes) "Of course I will! You're my dream man!"
Erika: I wonder if they feel played. They were so played.
Janie starts singing "How does it feel"


1:45 AM
Janie: I think Boogie is really hurt.
Janie: He's so hurt that Will is gone. He didn't think we were capable of that. He is totally shocked. Last night, I was telling Will "Oh I always trusted you more than James!"
Erika: I could see your shift when he came out here, he was like, come to bed Janelle and tell me your secrets and stories! Scumbag.
Janie: They were scared of Danielle, because she could see through them.
Janie: They weren't afraid that she'd win, but they knew she saw through them. I hate them!!! Ewww!!!
Erika: Boogie is such a brat when he loses. Like in the pool. I kicked his ass.
Janie: Would it just be wrong if I wore my tiara to the final two?
Erika: It would be wrong if you didn't!
Janie: Would they take me serious though? Hi, guys!
Erika: We have to get really dressed up.
Janie: It will be so awesome if I win tomorrow and we can do this!
Erika: You so will. You're gonna win. I'll distract him all day, just bug him, and sing. How can we drive him totally crazy? We have to plan it. What would drive him totally nuts?
Janie: Sing country music.
Janie: I can't believe I evicted Will tonight! He's never been evicted.

2:10am BBT
Still in the Backyard...
Janie and Erika have vowed to take eachother to the Final 2, but they'll each tell Boogie they knwo they can beat him, so they'll take him.
Janie: I'll just tell Boogie that I know I can beat him, no way will I take you to the Final 2.
Janie:(sadly) Will told me I pissed off a lot of people in the jury.
Erika: Who did you piss off? One person? Marci? I voted off more people than you did though... Will was a good one!
Both Laugh
Erika: Oh My God! I can't wait. Will has to take that tape with him!
Janie: OH MY GOD!!
(they both laugh)
Janie: He has to take the tape! He won't want to. He'll have to show it to everyone, "I vote to evict... you, Will!"
Janie: Even in your speech, they didn't see it coming. You're like, "I respect your decision." They're thinking, like, "Whatever, Erika. Just shut up and go home!"
Janie: They didn't see it coming... even at the end.
Erika: So confident. So confident.

3:00am BBT
BATHROOM - Janie and Erika
Janie: I'm so embarrassed. I wonder what our family and friends are thinking now.
Erika: They're thinking, "why aren't those girls seeing what's going on?"
Janie: I was always with Will. I never talked to Boogie. I didn't need to. It was "the Big Picture," that's what really got me. Oh, my God - They piss me off.
Erika: They would have never split it with us, either.
Janie: I really believed them.
Erika: I didn't.
Janie: You didn't?
Erika: I mean, I was worried about it, but I didn't.
Discussing who they'd have brought to F2...
Janie: I would have gotten rid of Will, he was more a guaranteed win than Boogie. I mean, if I was in the final 3 with them. I think Will thought I was taking him to the Final 2.
Erika: No, he didn't. I asked him. You know, he does that little (shrug). He's such an asshole.
    *** I'm hating Erika right now. :(

Erika: You're going to win today, Janie.
Janie: This one's for Howie.

3:15am BBT
Janie: I can't stop thinking about Boogie's expression.
Janie: That will make me smile for years!
Erika: (quoting Jan's speech) "I know I've made a lot of mistakes. So, well... "

Janie is in hysterics.

Janie: Will's an asshole.
Erika: So is Boogie. Let's break their glasses.
Janie: I'll never forget his expression. I'll always smile about it.
Erika: You want your boyfriend's key? Paging Doctor Delicious!
Janie: Paging Doctor Delicious! At least we get our keys back tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Final Will & Janie Tribute

I miss Will-Janie time already. For anyone else who's jonesing for it... enjoy this gorgeous tribute put together by BigBroWatcher.

New Janelle Tribute Video

A brand new Janelle tribute by TRD2000: The Real Deal.

Who's The Bunny Now

Janelle and Erika are doing the girl power thing, and Janie remembers Will always saying, "You're the bunny and I'm the fox." Watch the clip:

Boogie has PWD

After Boogie's initial shock, pouting, general Post Will Depression, and a very long DR session, he remembers he's playing the game and comes to talk with Janelle, telling her Will does feel for her, and that she shouldn't feel bad, because he wont hold it against her... among other things.

He comes across as the most human and vulnerable we've seen him on the show. In fact, when he initially came out of the DR, the girls asked him if he was ok, and he said, sniffling, "No, not really. I've never been here without him before." Sounds like Doctor Zachary was on stand-by tonight.

Here's the clip:

Fastest Ever

LMAO. That was the fastest endurance comp
in the history of reality tv!
Mike eliminated himself instantly and intentionally.
Janie was out a couple minutes later.
All done.

Erika has won
Part 1
of the 3 part
Final HoH Competition

Live Show Eviction Spoiler

If you're not on the east coast,
and you just gotta know,
scroll down,
and all will be revealed.
Eviction Spoiler
By Janelle's vote alone,

Dr. William Kirby

was evicted from the
Big Brother Allstars House
this evening.

Boogie was open-mouth stunned.
The feeds just came back on.
He hasn't said a word to the girls yet.
He's slamming doors and such.
A real class act.

Thoughts on Will

The Live Show begins in 4 minutes, and I'm torn. Of course, I want Janie to win, but I am truly sad to see Will going, and if you've been with us since the beginning, you know that is a complete about-face for me. Like many others, I made the mistake of judging him based on a chatroom happening that he didn't even attend.

I know it has to happen sometime, but I, for one, will be sad to see him go. I was looking forward to a Janie - Will final 2, which likely wouldn't have happened anyhow, but I wanted it, just to see the 2 absolute best players, from both sides of the spectrum, pitted against eachother for the Allstar crown. Alas... unless Will was able to create a miracle today, that is not going to happen.

Twice yesterday, on separate and private occassions, Will stated very clearly to both Mike Boogie and Erika, that he absolutely adored Janelle. He said further to Boogie that no matter what, he did not want to see Janelle hurt, so no celebrating if they were to win final HoH, by some miracle. I prefer to remember the positive, and this is the best example I can think of. For me, it stands out as much more of an indicator of the man, than a flippant comment made before he really knew Janelle.

Chilltown Must Die

Tonight the feeds are going to be insane. Boogie's going to go nuts.. and more importantly, the hoh comp... If you're one of the last holdouts, now's a great time to check 'em out, and see what we've all been going on about all season.

Here's the link to watch the feeds for free till the season comes to a close: 2 Weeks Free! Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass. When it's all over, the choice whether to keep it or not is yours. I tend to call the day after BB ends, tell them to cancel, and they give me a free month. Go figure. We'll be posting some helpful instructions on cancelling too... Not that you really need them - it's easy.

Here's the first of the new chops. This one comes to you from a chop artist known as BigBroWatcher7. It's on the small side, but quite poignant.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Last Pillow Talk

4:20am BBT

Erika has gone inside, leaving Will and Janie.
Will and Janie go inside, brush their teeth and go to bed in the red room.

Janie: Let's make the pillow barricade... so you don't try anything.
Will jokes about being gay.
Janie: I'm not tired.
Will: You can talk to me. Tell me about Janelle Pierzina.
Will: (joking)There are three internet nerds watching - here's your big chance to impress me - think of it as an audition.
Janie: I don't want to talk about myself.

Janie: I was a nerd, had braces, wore glasses.
Will: (joking) You're still a nerd
Janie: (smiling)Shut up, Will.

Will: I think you have a not very accurate perspective of who I am.
Janie: Why?
Will: I think a lot of people are very much themselves on this show, and there are very few of us who are very different on this show.
Janie: I think I know you very well.
Will: I feel like every day I'm becoming more and more the character I play in here, and forgetting who I am.
Will: No one is this uber-hyper-cocky-arrogant person that I'm being for the show.

Will: I really hope we can be friends when the show is over.
Janie: I hope so too.

Will: Ask me stuff & I'll tell you..
Janie: I don't know what to ask you, Will.
Janie: Do you really think the eviction is tomorrow?
Will: Well, yeah, but the weird thing is why would they give you your suitcase?
Janie: I know.

Will: What if there's a twist, like if someone came back?
Janie groans at the notion.
Janie: Who would you want back?
Will: (no hesitation) Chicken George.
Janie: I would want Howie.
Will: He's your pet.
Janie: He's my friend...

Will rags on Howie a little -
Then move on to Marcellas...

Will: Didn't you feel that Marcellas was sort of preying on you? Like he was sort of a leech?
Janie: What do you mean?
Will: The second you didn't win HoH, the second that Danielle won... he was with her...

Will: You are a very forgiving person. Once someone shows me that they can't be trusted, then I don't trust them anymore.

Will tells her what jerks James and Dani were towards her.

Will: I couldn't tell you directly how bad they were, becuase they would have come after us, but I kept coming up and saying James can't be trusted.
Janie: I always trusted you more than James anyhow.
Will: Good thing. I mean, look where it got you.
Janie: umhmmm.
Will: Was Erika being nice to you tonight?
Janie: Yeah. (lying) She knows she's going home. She's cool with it.

They have a lapse in conversation, then start talking about dating...

Will: I'll bet you have the same problem I do, but I don't want to say it because the internet will just blast me.
Janie: Just say it.

They both talk about how their dates fall in love with them much too quickly, and Will and Janie both know that these people can't really be in love with them. They are just infatuated. They don't really know them, and in a few weeks/months they won't really like them anymore.
Will: You're like the "trophy girl."
Janie: Men try to give me gifts, and act like they can buy me. I get really offended by it.

Janie: I've never met a guy I wanted to impress. Never.

Will brings Erika back into the conversation.
Will: Her last boyfriend was 7 years younger than her... it's weird. It would be like you dating a 19 year old... or me dating a 40 year old.

Conversation really wanes after this... They're sharing the bed, but there's no hand-holding going on tonight... by 5:30am, both are sleeping.

2 Women Scorned

Normally, when I begin the overnights, I've actually slept. Tonight that's not the case. It's 6am here on the east coast, 3am BBT. After watching Janie and Will in the Red Room for a couple of hours, torturously silent, early to bed, but neither of them sleeping. Janie got out of bed around 2:15am BBT. Will asked her if she'd bring him some water. She said sure, and as of 3:10am BBT, he's still waiting, still awake, and still very aware that she's not lying next to him.

Janie and Erika are in the backyard, where they've been having a very illuminating chat for the past 45 minutes. Here's an excerpt:

Erika: I'm so f'in pissed. I was had by a couple of f'in boys.

Janie: I'm gonna be like, "showmance this." (flips a bird)
Erika: I'm livid.

Erika: Well. Now you know that I'm completely on your side. I want both of those f'ers gone.
Erika: I'm just so embarrassed, Janelle.
Janie: You are? I am.
Erika: I'm so stupid. I feel really stupid.
Janie: I feel really stupid too.

Janie: How long have they been doing this though? Since like.. week 6?
Erika: That's when it started? After Kaysar left?
Erika; I just wanna throw shit. I'm really pissed off.
Janie: I'm not pissed off. I'm just really embarrassed. The way I was tricked. I't's just not fun.
Erika: This (indicating the two of them) is chilltown.

Erika: F-k. Alright, well, at least we got together in the nick of time.
Janie: Just think...
Erika: They'd be out here f'ing dancing.

Janie: The Big Picture?
Erika: (screams)
Janie: They offered it to you too?
Erika: Yes!
Janie: Like 150 each...

Erika: Oh - My - God. I'm fuming right now.
Erika: I hate them.
Erika: Oh my God. I'm so livid right now.
Janie: I'm just embarrassed that I believed this garbage.
Janie: When did they offer it to you?
Erika: When Danielle won HoH.
Janie: They offered me week 4.
Erika: They were like, you wanna invest in Dolce restaurants, don't you, Erika?
Janie: They were like, you can do a waitressing seminar and we'll just pay you really well.
Janie: It was so tempting.

Erika: We're smarter than this Janelle. How did we fall for this? The internet is going nuts right now. (correct)
Janie: They were telling us the same things.
Erika: And keeping us against eachother.
Janie: I'm so embarrassed.
Erika: I want to strangle them right now.

Erika: Lie to them like they lie to everyone else... You're safe, you're safe, you're safe.
Erika: We should do a dual diary room right now.
Janie: Will'll hear us.
Erika: Is he sleeping?
Janie: No, he told me to go get him some water, and I was like, ok.

Janie: I'm so embarrassed. But it's better that we found out now.

Erika: I'm so stupid.
Janie: Well, it's not a total f-k up. We got rid of a lot of people (lists them)... and for the final 2, we'll have it in the pool.

    ***As Chilltown was planning to do!
Erika: Oh Janelle. How did we ever let those 2 boys come between us?
Janie: People must have been laughing at us for the past couple months.
Erika: We have been played big time.
Janie: Good thing you were smart enough to talk though.
Erika: They really believed they could keep us apart.
Erika: It is BB Allstars.
Janie: They almost got away with it.
Erika: They almost got away with it.

Janie: Like Will would ever step down...
Erika: I can't believe I trusted them.
Janie: I had no one else to work with.
Erika: Of course.

Erika: We did all their work.

Will just got out of bed and came outside to get water... It's gotta be pretty stinking obvious to him now. The girls are sitting there together and he knows they've been there for quite some time now. he goes back inside.

Janie: He looks pissed.
Erika: Doesn't matter. he can't do anything.

Will's in the bathroom, comes out uses his mouthwash... janie goes in.. Tells Will she'll be in in another 5-10 minutes. She's just not sleepy and she doesn't want to keep him up.

Erika: Those Mother f'ers.
Janie: Can you believe what they've done? They ran the same game on both of us.
Janie: It's not so bad though. We can fix it.
Erika: We can beat Boogie.

Janie: I am so embarrassed. I have nothing to say for myself. It' s just my personality. I need someone and Will was there for me.
Erika: I know. Me too! That's why they wanted to get rid of Danielle so bad.

OK, it's now 3:30am BBT, and I don't see the gist of this conversation changing any time soon. It looks like Chilltown has taken on a new gender... and Will's a goner, unless he can pull a miracle out of his butt.

Will comes back outside a few minutes later. He's exhausted, but hanging out with the girls. Erika's not leaving. At this point, I can't imagine him being able to fix the damage.
    ***C=Venus! We need a new chop! The final 3 one may need a sex change operation.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Erika convinces Janelle

Janelle is working out and Erika comes in the workout room to plead her case one last time. The conversation goes on quite a while. The following videos show only part and they are from the beginning of the conversation.

Part 1

Part 2

Workout Room

Erika: If Will wins the final HOH he's not taking you.
Janelle: I feel like no one is going to take me.
Erika: So why would you take Will over me?
Janelle: Because I feel like I can trust him.
Erika: It's going to be endurance, he's good at that.
Janelle: I know you are excellent.
Erika: I did the cage for 6 hours, you did 9 hours.
Janelle: I just think I have a better chance at beating them, you are smart and good at competitions.
Erika: I know that Will is going to turn it on at the end, I hate to see you get 3rd again. I know you really like him and he likes you but I don't think I can vote for you if you take either one of them. I think he's been throwing compettions and he's the smartest person in this house janelle.
Janelle: I believe I can beat him and Boogie.
Erika: You don't think you can beat me?
Janelle: No, you've won 2 HOH's, you won vetos, you pretty much won the endurance, it's a tough decision but...
Erika: I can offer you soemthing that will can't. If he does win which he might he's not taking you.
Janelle: No one is gonig to take me and I feel like they aren't well liked.
Erika: I think Danielle and James. I know that they will vote for Will,
Janelle: I know you are well liked. You and Danielle were really close. Can you understand my reasoning?
Erika: I can but I want to warn you that he is a doctor and he's smart and he threw all the competitions. He's a doctor, he's smart and he's athletic and in shape. I hate to see you get out 3rd.
Janelle: Here is my thing, if you win the final HOH why in God's name would you take me?
Erika: I'd want to go up agasinst the best, and they are both fuckin' millionaires. Doestn' it make you pissed off?
Janelle: I know your situation.
Erika: They are both so confident, especially Will. I just want you to throw him a curve ball so bad. He came out after the shower video, he was bragging. He said all band girls are sluts. He called you a slut on National TV.
Janelle: He did?
Erika: He said it in the diary room...every band needs their slut. I told him I was campaigning.
Janelle: He told me he called me a groupie.
Erika: No, he said every band needs their slut. He said slut! You have a doctor and a restauranteur planning their wrap party. I honetsly on my mother would take you. I want to go up against them best. I wouldn't take Boogie. I siad in my season I would have taken Robert of Alison. I probalby couldn't have beaten Robert.

Erika: I'm trying as much as I can.
Janelle: You never told me if you won the POV that you would keep me over Will.
Erika: I'm trying to stay in this house. I'm pleading to you.
Janelle: I'm scared that if I go against you and you win the endurance...
Erika: I will throw the endurance to you. I promise you I will not take Boogie to the final 2. What am I going to do? I want to stay. They are planning their wrap party. Janelle he called you a slut on National TV. He's playing you Janelle. He has a girlfriend that he's in love with and he's playing you. What can I say? I won't take Boogie. I will kick him out, I promise you.
Janelle: I just want to be in the final 2 Erika.
Erika: I promise you Janelle. I promise on my mother and I don't make promises on my mother.
Janelle: It wouldn't be smart for you to take me.
Erika: I don't have any votes on the jury. If I betray you I will have nothing. I know it woulnd't be the smartest move to take you but I'm not the greatest strategic player. I play with my heart. You can't get a guarnatee from them especially Will and you don't know what the comeptition will be.
Janelle: I'm just so nervous.

Erika: I would hate to see you walk thru that door third again. Neither one of them is going to take you to the final 2.
Janelle: You promise?
Erika: I promise on my mother. I dont'want to be a villain.

Janelle: I feell like I can beat them.
Erika: You can't beat Will, he's played a great game. Danielle said she was going to give it to the best player, she won't vote emotionally.
Janelle: I don't know if I can beat you at the end Erika.
Erika: I'm promsing you, I would much rather go against you and take the 50.
Janelle: You have Will, Boogie and Danielle and maybe Chicken George.
Erika: I don't have Dani or Chicken George, he told me he'd vote for you.
Janelle: What about Marci?
Erika: You will have Howie, Will, James, Chicken George and Marci. You have Chicken George for sure.

Erika: I've never said a bad thing about you in the diary room.
Janelle: You were trying to kick me out weeks ago.
Erika: Because I can't beat you.
Janelle: People lie in this game.
Erika: I'm not going to lie to you. I told you that to your face.

Erika: I don't want you to leave this house 3rd and be like fuck I should have kicked them out.

Erika: He's in love with a girl? What is he doing with you? He has been with her over a year!
Janelle: I don't know.

Ericka keeps repeating that Will and boogie have plenty of money.

Erika: I can promise you on my family, that's all I can do. I'm not a dirty player in this game I never have been. I'm not going to gang up on you, I'm going to help you.
Janelle: I'm scared.
Erika: Boogie has been my friend I'm on the rebound I'm pretty emotionally fucked up too, but i would hate to see you leave 3rd again and I'd hate to leave fourth again.
Janelle: You don't think I can beat 'em?
Erika: Will is a doctor, he's very atletic and in shape, he's not trying. Janelle think about it, he's a doctor, he threw every competition. That's his game.
Janelle: You think he threw the POV?
Erika: Yeah, because he knew you'd vote me out. I don't think he thinks I'm better than you, he knows I'm not, if Will thought I'd vote you out. It kills me that they've pitted us against each other. Why are we doing this when we should be against them? I have no problem sending the two of them to jury. I would much rather take the 50, I'm not a scumbag player.
Janelle: What about Danielle?
Erika: The pressure is not from Boogie, it's from Will. Will slept in my room that night. I don't want to leave this game. They don't need the money, we need the money.
Janelle: Yeah I hear you.
Erika: Neither one of them need it. He's a doctor. It's just aggravating to me.
Janelle: Oh God I don't know what to do.
Erika: He never slept in the same bed as you until you won the POV. He's playing both of us. He wanted to make sure that if I won veto I'd kick you out and you'd kick me out. He called you a slut on National TV and kicked out all your friends. I'm just telling you it like I've see it. I'm 36 and I'm pretty knowledgable, have you not thought aobut it already?
Janelle: I have I just wanted to believe the best.
Erika: He's very charismatic but he came out and said ,yeah every band needs a slut.
Janelle: Who was there?
Erika: Danielle. He never slept in the same bed as you until you won the veto, think about that.
Janelle: You're right.
Erika: Are you that naive that you can't see it? I don't want you to look back on it and say damn I should have taken her, think about it, think about it. We can beat Boogie, I'm telling you on my life that I will take you to the final 2. I'll take the best.
Janelle: I don't want to go out there.
Erika: Let's turn the tables on these 2 guys. He got you to put up Marcellas. I went after you, you went after me let's stop that. Let's get them! I swear to god I will totally help you. He lied to you about Marcellas and Howie being safe. Look how many times he's lied?
Janelle: Oh god it's so tempting.
Erika: Let's do it!

Erika: Send the best player out of this game.
Janelle: You like Boogie though.
Erika: I will kick him out. I am tired of these guys playing us. He's going to play with you and touch your leg. Women to women I'm giving it to you straight. What more can I say? We are not going to let these 2 guys play us anymore. Let's do it Janelle, come on, 2 girls...2 girls in the final 2.
Janelle: Boogie will come at me.
Erika: Fuck Boogie, fuck Boogie, he doesn't want him here either. He knows he can't beat him. Trust me Boogie knows it. I told Boogie I was going to tell you everything that will said about you, and he told Will.
Janelle: That's why will was telling me things.
Erika: Yea but he called you a slut. Come on Janelle let's do it.
Erika: Whatever let's just fuckin' get them. They have to vote for you. Look how great you've played this game.
Janelle: I think you're right.
Erika: Janelle let's just fuckin' get these boys out. I promise you on my family they are playing us hard. They are so fuckin' confident out there, I'm not going out without a fight. I see that you really like him. When I asked you if you'd date him you changed like 8 shades of purple so, I was like should I tell you? I was like no...

Janelle and Erika go outside and rehash the entire conversation. A while later they move inside to the kitchen and are now opening a bottle of wine and talking. Will is watching them from outside.

Will: I'm going home, they are hugging and opening up a bottle of wine.

Meanwhile it looks like the girls have decided to work together. They shake on it, toast with their wine glasses and once again Erika promises on her mother.

Boogie is saying that Will needs to threaten Janelle, saying that if he leaves Chill Town will not vote for her.

Will: Erika is coming from her at an emotional...


Janelle: I knew that Boogie was playing you but I didn't think Will was playing me.
Erika: Do you think that someone not playing you is calling you a slut?


Boogie: She's a fuckin' idiot and she's still going to leave with 30 grand. I'm fuckin' piss in her face if she votes you out. I'll turn into a fuckin' animal in this mother fucker, watch, I'll pimp slap both those bitches!
Will: With my nuts!


Janelle: I'm an emotional player.
Erika: Me too.
Janelle: Will has been my friend.
Erika: It's all game play, it's all fuckin' game play.


Boogie: Ericka will tell me what she said.
Will: Come into the red room and tell me in front of Janelle that Erika told you all these ways she's trying to trick Janelle.
Boogie: What will be good will be the packing thing, too. Tonight he's fucking with your livlihood. Ericka is fuckin' with your livelivhood. You need to think like no one fucks with you. This is our fuckin' show and these bitches think they are going to fuckin' steal if from us.
Boogie: If I had the choice who would I take if you are gone? Erika right?
Will: Yea.
Boogie: I don't know if I can win. I think I have a better chance with Janelle.
Will: I dont' think you can beat either.
Boogie: I can beat Janelle. James is a gamer. I know this sounds crazy, if I kiss Marcellas' are the best player, you do housecalls. He might want to vote for the player that people don't expect him to. I think I can linguistically pull that off, I think James is the veto, veto, veto...
Will: If they kick me out you might be next.
Boogie: If they are dumb. Why face each other in the finals. Keep in mind that Erika's weaponry is that Will gets to the finals people will vote for him, part of her selling point is that you are the puppet master. That's not applicable to me.
Will: I don't have control over her.
Boogie: Lot of time left, 21 hours left. Say she spends 2 more with her, she sleeps 5 or 6...
Will: If Janelle says don't sleep here, I'll sleep in the ant room it's like wrap city. I will have to turn it up but I'll do it in the morning.
Boogie: You are on TV to challenge you mentally and emotionally ain't going to happen. This is everything. It's coming to a head.
Will: You never know she might be like Erika talked my ear off.
Boogie: She could.

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