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Friday, September 15, 2006


Calling all Will Fans & anyone who can appreciate truly superior video editing. Man, if you tube had awards (do they?) for best tribute videos, this one would get my vote, hands down. Created by Moonlight09 and set to Queen's Don't Stop Me Now... Settle in and get ready for an amazing ride down Dr. Delicious lane.

Chilltown Diary Rooms

This is a wonderful clip from the Live Show Finale. It includes the much requested Chilltown Diary Room sessions, as well as my personal favorite quote from Nakomis at the very end. I love that Janelle and Will got the same respect and recognition from the ousted HGs as from the rest of us... perhaps even moreso.

Housecalls Clips

Here are a couple of clips from the final Big Brother Housecalls for the season. As we find more, we'll be posting more, as well as exclusive interviews with your favorite houseguests. In the meantime, Enjoy!

Mike lays into a caller.

Will Drops by at the end (no sound except for music)

From Janelle's Local Paper

Janelle's mother, Ann, was interviewed by a local paper shortly before the show ended, and she divulged that CBS is already talking about getting Janie on another reality show! Yayyy!!! Here's the article.

Hometown girl is finalist on Big Brother
Britta Arendt
Last Updated: Friday, September 08th, 2006 04:43:25 PM

She may have been evicted Thursday from the CBS hit reality television show Big Brother 7 All Stars, but Grand Rapids native Janelle Pierzina has gained millions of fans all over the world and helped the show top the ratings this summer.
“Our hometown girl is America’s choice and America’s sweetheart,” said Janelle’s mother Ann Pierzina.

A 1998 graduate of Grand Rapids High School, Janelle first became a national star when she acquired a spot on Big Brother 6 last summer. As part of the show’s premise and popularity, Janelle lived with a group of strangers in a house equipped with cameras and microphones that monitor their every move and word, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for three months. On season six, Janelle proved to be a tough contender competing for the rank of Head of Household and the right to stay in the house for the chance at winning up to $1 million. After spending 75 days in the house on season six, Janelle was one of just three remaining house guests before she was evicted.

This June, CBS asked America to decide which former Big Brother house guests from all six seasons they wanted to compete in the Big Brother All Stars and Janelle received an astounding number of votes and became one of 13 for this summer’s show. Surviving the manipulation, secrets, backstabbing, and betrayals that come to play with the game of Big Brother, Janelle lasted nine weeks in the house winning Head of Household several times and proving to be a very powerful player. In fact, it was her play of the game that eventually became so much of a threat that it drove the two remaining house guests to evict her.

“She’s rockin’,” said Ann. “Many have said she’s the all-time best reality competitor. She’s true to her spirit and honorable and that is what makes her the best player ever.”
Game and fame aside, Janelle’s family is very proud of their small-town girl as family, friends and local fans alike came to tune into their television sets every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights to spend the summer with Janelle, whom many fondly know as Janey.

“You’re always at awe with your first born child but now I’m even more at awe and amazed at the woman she has become,” said Ann who has watched her daughter grow and mature before the eyes of millions on national television. “She is so loyal and has so much goodness. She’s inspired people from their death beds, inspired people to go to college. She’s even inspired people to read the Bible after they’ve seen her read it in the house. People love her.”

What’s next for Janelle? She is now a member of the Big Brother jury that will vote for which remaining house guest they want to win $500,000. Ann said CBS also has approached her about continuing her reality television career, possibly on a future reality show.

He Said, She Said article:
Mike Boogie, the winner of ''Big Brother: All-Stars,'' and Erika, his jilted house romance and runner-up, talk to Jessica Shaw about the consequences of playing evil

It's hard to rejoice about Mike Boogie winning $500,000 on Big Brother: All-Stars for basically being one of the most despicable human beings ever to stand in front of a camera. Nonetheless, the guy won fair and square, with a near-unanimous vote in his favor. Of course, he's got his due, by having to fly coach (!) with Erika (!!) all day the Wednesday after the finale. The former lovebirds spoke with by phone before their flight back to L.A. took off. At least we kept them from killing each other for a few minutes. (In fact, Erika at first didn't want to talk to us, but in the end, she decided to take our call and set a few things straight.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling about yourself today, Boogie?
MIKE ''BOOGIE'' MALIN: I haven't slept yet. We went right from the show to the airport. That was a little stressful ride, with Erika. Then we went to Rosie [a.k.a. The View], and she raked me over the coals. I think I have an idea of how the show went down.

Are you saying you don't remember anything you said?
Everyone needs to remember this is a game and a reality show and it's television. What are you going to do?

That's one way of looking at it. But back to the car ride to the airport: Describe the stress between you and Erika.
It was definitely an icy ride to the airport. Her whole family wants to kill me. We didn't talk really until we almost got to New York on the plane.

And then what happened? You went to sit next to her to beg forgiveness?
No, she moved into the seat next to me. We talked it out a little. It's the one show where you don't tape it, go home for three months, and watch it. So you're relying on a lot of other people's opinions. You don't know how you've been edited.

What did you tell Erika when you spoke?

I just told her to reserve judgment for when she watches the show herself and to always keep in mind that my feelings were true. I said to think of it like the movie Grease. You have this thing with a guy and he goes and shows off and plays it down to his buddies. It just so happened my buddies were the American public. It's not the best example, but I do admit to being a bit of a showoff. But at the end of the day, we were playing a game. I didn't do anything unethical or immoral. I'm sorry her feelings are hurt, but I was there for myself.

Any regrets?
I regret that she feels bad. But Will and I are very adept in providing entertaining television. That show doesn't work well when people sit around and are nice. Five years ago I was nice and didn't get anything out of it. At the time I was making a lot of those statements, I was under the assumption that she was doing the same. I thought for sure people were saying bad things about me as well.

It's interesting to me because at first I thought Erika would win. But then when I saw how the jury was talking about her, I thought she was so hated she didn't have a chance.
What people need to understand is the people who were in the house and closest to what really went on have those feelings about her. It's kind of like, ''Don't cry for me, Argentina.'' She was doing things with me to advance herself in the game as well. It's just because she's a girl that people are making her look like an injured party.

I guess Rosie really went into you today.
I guess I should have known going on a women's program that it was going to be like that. It's very hypocritical because Janelle up to the last second told Will he was staying. That's okay, but I can't hook up? In the end my actions spoke louder than words. I promised to take her to the end, and I did. Anyway, this is Entertainment Weekly. I think you should go with the ''partner of Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, and Wilmer Valderrama wins Big Brother: All-Stars'' approach.

Okay, tell me about those alleged restaurants you're investing in.
You know, I just saw Ashton on The View. He was taping something, and Ashton was like, ''Dude. You were harsh. But I was happy seeing the Dolce shirts on there.'' We have three restaurants we're doing in Atlanta with Ashton and Danny and Wilmer and Chris [Masterson] and Laura Prepon. I'm going to reinvest the money in those projects.

Did you and Will have an arrangement before the show in which you agreed that whoever won would simply invest in joint ventures?
You can't have arrangements like that because of the FCC. But Will is also an investor in the Atlanta project. You know what I'm saying. Everyone wins.

Let's talk about Will. What was up with you crying hysterically after he got voted off?
My dream was for Will and me to go to the finals, even if I would have lost to him. People want to paint me as a bad person, but I was willing to lose to Will if to honor Chill Town. It was just such an ambush. That's what's so funny — all the media are coming at me like I'm this bad guy, but those girls schemed and lied and kicked Will out. They're just as guilty.

You keep getting interrupted by fans at JFK Airport. Are they loving you or hating you?
It's half and half.

Do you think any woman will ever want to go out with you again?
I guess I'm not too popular with women right now. But the great thing about America is everyone loves a winner. That's a good one. You can quote me on that.

Okay, done. Did you consider giving the Aruba trip or something to Erika as an olive branch?
No, not at all. I'm going to give the car to my mom. And the trip to a friend of mine who's been out of work for a while. The plasma TV is going to my business partner. I did this to share with my family and friends.

What was the last week in the house like?
It was a little awkward. I mean, I think she thought she would win. I don't think she knew I was going to smash her like that. I knew the worst case it was 5-2 me. I thought Howie or George might vote for her.

I understand you and Erika went out a bit before the show. Was that strategy as well?
We went on a couple of dates before the show. That was real. I genuinely enjoyed her company. I didn't think I was going to get on the show, to be honest. When we both got on, it was an added bonus.

What did Will say to you last night after you saw each other?
Will just said, ''Man, you have no idea what's going on. We're really hated but also really loved.'' We had a good laugh.

It's interesting because Will seems to be the Teflon half of Chill Town. No one blames him for anything, and yet people are ready to murder you.
Will has this kind of way about him. That's what inspired me to be like this. Five years ago I was the nice guy, and he acted like this, and everyone forgave him. This year I was like him, and I got vilified. It's like damned if you do, damned if you don't. At the end of the day it's about my friends and my family. I'm not going to allow strangers to judge me.

Were you surprised by how the voting went? I never expected Howie to vote for you!
I totally predicted the voting. Out of the jury there were six all-stars and one jaded queen. The all-stars voted for the best player. Maybe it's because he wasn't around long enough to see the actual game being played, but I played the best game out of anyone. Erika played a great second-place game. Will and I played circles out of anyone. I respect Howie immensely for putting his personal feelings aside.

Did you ever consider for a second taking Janelle to the finals?
Janelle has the same qualities as Will in that she can do no wrong. With her competition numbers she would have been impossible to beat. All she would have to do was stand up and say, ''Look how many challenges I won.'' I respected her as a player. If I knew I'd win no matter what, I would have taken her.

Janelle seems to think Erika threw that final HOH competition. Did she?No, she didn't. I think Janelle might think she did, but Erika tried. She didn't know for sure that I was going to take her.

What did the show psychologist make of you when you had your obligatory post-finale meeting?
Obviously I was on cloud nine. I told the lady I might be calling her later, but they had just handed me a check for $500,000. I didn't need to see a psychiatrist. I needed to see an accountant.

To read the rest of the article, Erika's half, please go to She Said.

Will does YR

The BB/YR connection continues. Last year was Kaysar, this year is Will. Someone at TV Guide hasn't been watching their BB, though, and it shows... peanut butter & Dr. Evil, indeed. Hmph. Darling, it's slop, and as for Will, he's new and improved... Dr. Delicious, if you please.

Here's the article:

Big Brother Bad Boy Feels Young and Restless
"Reality TV troublemaker Will Kirby (Big Brother 7: All-Stars) taped a cameo appearance at the Young and the Restless set today.

Kirby (a.k.a. BB's "Dr. Evil") plays a businessman named, oddly enough, Will Kirby. On October 23, you'll see him sharing a conversation with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) in the hallway at Newman Enterprises.

What are they gonna do, form an evil alliance to force their enemies to eat nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a week? Seriously, I never got the appeal of Big Brother. Of course, I'll still watch Will's episode because I never miss a day of my Y&R!"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Survivor Tonight!

Survivor starts tonight! Please come on over to our SurvivorDish blog, and let us know your thoughts... Also, if you'd like to receive bulletins when we post there, and just have a nice way of communicating with us, please go to, add us as a friend and we'll keep the dish comin'!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More Interviews

Would you like to see exclusive backstage interviews with Janelle, Boogie, Will and Arnold Shapiro and Julie Chen conducted during the wrap party? Click Here Once you get to the page, you'll need to navigate the videos on the right side of the page. Find Julie, click on her, and all the raw interviews are within that one.

The View VIDEO

Janelle, Erika and Boogie on The View! Rosie's a crack up. Both she and Elisabeth rag on Boogie non-stop. Actually, Rosie barely even acknowledges him.

Behind the Scenes VIDEO

If you've ever wondered what it all looks like behind the scenes at a live show taping, you've got to check out this video from last night's Big Brother All-Stars finale. BackStageAtTheBBFinale! Shot by a local LA news station, KCAL (housed right next to my old office at Paramount), it's a rare treat into the world of television production. Enjoy! :) hehe... Get ready to be completely devoided of any perception of glamour.

Previous Posts Fixed!

I may be the only person who noticed the Previous Post links haven't been working for the past week, but after staring at html code till I'm cross-eyed, I've finally figured it out, and am very happy to report the previous post links are working again. Ahhhh... ok, back to work I go.

Post Show Group Pic

Housecalls 9-13

This is great stuff! Ya gotta check it out! :) Guess who's back on Housecalls?! All is right in the world. ;)

Part One

Part Two

To check out the rest of the clips, painstakingly put together by xx2000xx, here are the links to get you there...

Still Whispering!

These 2 pics are from the wrap party, immediately following the live show last night. As you can see, our favorite twosome's lookin' pretty cozy, and Will's still whispering...

What we wanna know is, what on earth did he say to get that response from Janelle?! Check out the expression on her face in the pic below. She looks absolutely floored.
    *** Pardon me while I do the happy dance. Go Janie, Go!

The Money

A lot of you have been asking how can it be that Janelle actually walks away with more. Here's your answer:

With the exception of 1st and 2nd place, who receive prize money but forfeit their stipend, the Houseguests all receive a stipend of $4,000/week for being in the house, and $5,000/week for being in sequester. When you do the math, you come up with the following for Janelle:
9wks x 4,000 = 36,000
1 wk x 5,000 = 5,000
Prize Money = 25,000
TOTAL = $66,000

Having to forfeit her stipend, Erika's total take from the show was 50k, which, if you really wanna get into the nitty gritty is even less, because in terms of taxes, it's all "prize money," and not "earned income," like the stipend money... and so it is taxed much more heavily.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Reminder

**UPDATE - As of 10:08pm BBT, The Feeds are On! When the interviews will begin is anyone's guess. At the moment, it looks like we have a full house.. and according to the real tech support folks, the feeds are now showing highlights from the season.**

Well, It's nearly 9pm BBT, so the feeds and whatever it is they have in store for us tonight ought to be back on very soon. I want to take this opportunity to thank you yet again for coming and being a part of our blog this season. We're looking forward to next season already, and we hope to see you all back here aghain for more BB fun!

Also, please come and join us for our Survivor and The Amazing Race blogs... We've already begun the Survivor one, and TAR is soon to follow. Both sites are, however, already live and viewable... and here are the links:



And if you'd like a little reminder whenever we post a new blog, as well as a terrific way to communicate with us, please send us your friend requests and join our myspace's for each site. :)

Janelle Video Tribute

As we wait for the HGs interviews to start on the feeds, the video tributes keep on comin', folks! This is BigBroWatcher's final tribute to Janelle for the season, and it is fantastic! The music is "I Feel Like a Woman" and it includes some really terrific footage, including some of your favorite moments: Will and Janelle in the DR together and singing in bed. Enjoy!

Live Feeds

**UPDATE - As of 10:08pm BBT, The Feeds are On! When the interviews will begin is anyone's guess. At the moment, it looks like we have a full house.. and according to the real tech support folks, the feeds are now showing highlights from the season.**

This Just in: The Live Feeds Will be re-broadcast in their entirety on Superpass! If you'd like the link for the free 2 weeks, here it is!! It's a great way to check 'em out, no strings attached!

2 Weeks Free! Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass

Also, tonight on the live feeds, they will be showing never before seen interviews with the Houseguests!!

The Final Spoiler

In a vote of
6 to 1

Mike "Boogie" Malin

has won
Big Brother All-Stars

Marcellas voted for Erika
All others voted for Mike!

America's Favorite Juror
Awarded the
$25,000 Prize...
And making her monetary
winning's greater
than those of the
2nd Place HG


C=Venus Rocks!

Imagine my surprise and delight when I just now discovered these brand new chops by the lovely and incredibly talented C=Venus. I knew she wouldn't let us down! Last night of the show, and she's still cookin'!

First up: The projected winner of BB Allstars...

And 2nd, C=Venus makes her pitch for Janelle & Will in "Dancing with the All-Stars." I wonder how they'd fare with the judges. ;)

More Feel Good Stuff

When the RealDeal2000 does it, he always does it right. Please join us for a trip down BB All-Stars memory lane in this terrific piece put together by the one and only TRD2000, with Taylor Hick's sounding glorious (and so much like Michael McDonald it's unreal) as he covers the Doobie Brothers tune, "Takin it to the Streets."

May the Best Player Win

When all is said and done tonight, Big Brother All-Stars will have a newly crowned king or queen... Whether we like it or not, Janelle and Will are not the final two. Like many before them, they were evicted. True, their evictions were harder to take, and Will's was applauded as a great move by many (myself not included), but in the end, Boogie and Erika are the last two standing, and prior less lucid comments notwithstanding, they deserve their positions. They may have achieved them by virtue of less popular game tactics, but they achieved them nonetheless.

In the spirit of gamesmanship, which I will freely and ashamedly admit to having lost over the past week, and all that is holy (or unholy) in the BB world, I wish the finalists the best of luck tonight, and in the next few weeks as they de-compress, normalize and re-enter the world.

BB Fans, It's time to re-group, get over the hostility, and remember

Hate the Game,
Not the Player

In that vein, please enjoy this video. It's a wonderful compilation set to "I hope you had the time of your life," and it includes MANY of your favorite moments.

*** I'd be remiss not to include these two videos as well. The first is this morning's CBS Early Show. Following that is a Housecalls clip about the final 2.

Housecalles:Choosing between Erika and Boogie is like...

Post Show Will & Janelle

Here's what eonline has to say with regard to Will's feelings for Janelle from a post eviction interview:

"I talked to Dr. Will on Friday, who seemed pretty happy with how long Operation Double Date lasted. He told me his main goal was to create buzz around him and Boogie, so that The Amazing Race would consider them a worthy team!"

& with regard to Janelle:

"He said he has no hard feelings about the eviction, but apparently he has no real interest in her...although his real-life girlfriend, For Love or Money winner Erin Brody(!), isn't totally convinced of that. She's not happy with him and his Janelle antics in the house, and their relationship is in trouble because of it. He seemed genuinely concerned, telling me he loves Erin very much. He said she's really confused, because Janelle is nothing like her, and nothing like the women he would normally be attracted to: 'Erin is an adult--professional, poised, classy. Janelle is superfun, boisterous and voluptuous, but she's someone I would've been interested in 10 years ago.' "

Favorite Moments

Here's another of our favorite moments.. per your request. This has got to be one of the funniest clips from the whole season.. Will losing his mind, cybering the internet, in 2 parts.

Part One

Part Two

Can't We All Just Get Along

Instead of dissolving into who hates who most and why so-n-so is a big ho, etc., etc., how about we all just try to get along and unify in our common love for Big Brother? (I'm writing this as much to myself as everyone else - yes, that's right, I'm human and get overly involved in it occassionally too) I think we all just need to take a few steps back right now and say: It's been a great season... It's just about over... And I for one, would like to look back on it with fondness.

I'll be posting more of your favorite moments this afternoon when I get back from the dentist (which i'd completely forgotten about till my phone just reminded me!). Have a terrific day! Please feel free to leave more of your favorite moment requests right here in the comments section of this post.

The End Is Near

Hard to believe it's all coming to an end tonight.. truly hard to believe. Frankly, I'm speechless, and when does that happen?! I thank you all so much for coming and suporting this blog all season long. As a first time bb blogger, I couldn't be more thrilled... Hey! We made it into the top 15 - maybe even the top 10 once it comes back on line - on the bbtop100, and that's next to sites that have been in existence for YEARS... I'm honored and humbled.

We will, as always, be posting the spoiler here on the blog tonight, for the west coast folks that need to know.

And that will not be the end of us. :) As time progresses, we'll be interviewing select houseguests from this past season - checking in on their opinions of the season, their lives and such.

We're also really looking forward to hearing back from those of you applying for bb8 on how that process is going... Is the next bb allstar already among us?? Here's the link to apply: CLICK HERE!

If you haven't already, please bookmark the site, and add us on myspace, so we can keep you abreast of what's up 'n coming. FOr those that are wondering, yes, we are doing Survivor and Amazing Race blogs... and the links for those are in the sidebar! We look forward to seeing you there!

This post sounds final, and it's actually not... I just need more coffee. ;) I plan on going out this season with a bang - not a whimper - no matter who the final 2 is! Sheesh.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Erika's Psychic

10:18pm BBT
Erika and Boogie in shower, separate stalls.

Erika: They hate us Boogie
Boogie: Who...WHO???
Erika: The fans
Boogie: What?? They love you. They voted you in.

Stupid Girl Video

The Erika love just keeps growing and growing. The youtubers are getting creative with it now. Check out this video put together by auntjulie... excellent editing and a really nice flow. I'm guessing this is not one that Erika's family is going to want to watch though... before you slam me for posting it, please remember, these are her actions, and how pleased could her family have been watching her "actions" on the feeds?

BB Allstars Finale Preview

According to the CBS promo for Finale of BB All-Stars, Erika will find out tomorrow what Boogie was saying in his diary room sessions all along:

Just for Fun

My Final 2... ah, well. This is about 6 minutes of my favorite moment. ;) Hope you enjoy it... I think ya just might. :)

Quote of the Day

"The single most important thing we did all season was Will befriending Janelle."

-Mike "Boogie" Malin,
speaking of Chilltown.

Know Your Role

5:50pm BBT
BACKYARD - Boogie & Erika
Erika is sitting on the big red couch, annoying Boogie, who is playing pool by himself, and seems like he would truly welcome the opportunity to strangle her at this point. Gettin' a little tense in there. Bet he's wishing he'd brought Janie now! :-P

Erika makes some random non-sensical references, then...
Erika: (laughing) Just kidding BB, I'm just grouchy today.
Boogie: (dripping condescention) You've learned a lot, Erika. I'm very impressed. You've learned a lot this summer from Will and I. Just the right amount of facetiousness. It's great. Great delivery. Making demands. You're really making the most of it... your last 24 hours.
Erika: Well I've been a good girl all season.
Boogie: I'm not... I'm not gonna listen to this. MUSIC!

Erika: (laughs) I figure I've given them tons of bikini, a hook up. Ummm... What else did they need from me? I mean, basically that's what I'm cast for, right? I knew my role, I did it...
Boogie:(hating her) Yeah, you did everything. (yells at the pool table)ough! I'm so full of gas.
Erika: I mean, I didn't fart on any mikes or anything like that, but...
Boogie :ugh, Leave that to me...(yells- still cussing at the pool table) ya f-ck!(whispers) bastard!
Erika: (laughs)
Boogie: (yells) I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY MOM!!!

Meanwhile, In the BB House

Erika says she's losing her F'ing mind...

Erika:(speaking to internet) I will talk to you since I have no one else to talk to. This is what happens when you put someone very social and very active in a house...and we lose our minds. I am going crazy. I am losing my mind. Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true. This game is so f'in' hard...I guess I am in the final two, so that is some consolation.
    ***I'm glad she said this. It brought back to mind something I was pondering last night, which is, I wonder if Dr. Zachary is working on publishing something on the psychology and psychoses of confinement as it applies to the non-criminal, otherwise "stable" population... or if she already has... She's certainly an authority on it now, if she wasn't already going into this.

    Publish or Perish...

C=Venus Chop VIDEO

What a delicious treat! Aldav put together a wonderful tribute to C=Venus and the whole season of BB7. This is a must see. :) Enjoy!

Favorite Moments

Wow! What a season it's been. Hard to believe it's only really been since July the 6th... It feels like a year already. Along with everything else that's running through my head today, I started to think about my favorite moments from the All-Stars season. There have been so many, and heaven knows, we've blogged about most of them.

So... my all-time favorite moment from the season is: Janelle and Will being complete goofballs, bouncing with childlike abandon on the trampoline.

What's yours?

If you need some help figuring it out, there's a blog full of moments for you to peruse right beneath your fingertips. ;) Check out the "Archives" in the sidebar on the left side of the blog.


7-day Free trial of Napster!

Here are a few of your favorite moments already... Please keep letting me know in the comments section, and I'll keep adding 'em.

Meemma's Fave:

For Pennylope:

For Me:


For the three Erika fans that read blog...I apologize but I am trying hard to find something to make me laugh today! This video did the trick!

Much more faith in you

I keep seeing new avatars of "9-11: Never forget" and thinking, how could anyone, possibly, ever forget? It's a part of our national conciousness - and it's never going to go away. I haven't decided how I will personally memorialize the fallen this 9-11... All I know is that, in their honor and memory, I will do something special...

I encourage anyone reading this to do the same - to set this day apart somehow. I will not, however, tell you not to forget. I have much more faith in you than that.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Survivor and Amazing Race

Yes!! Carla has created 2 gorgeous new myspace pages for our fall & spring blogs: SurvivorDish & TARDish. Please drop in and send us your friend requests there so we can keep you up to date on all the Survivor and TAR... DISH! ;)

Here are the links:

SurvivorDish on Myspace is

Our Amazing Race 10 on MySpace is:

We look forward to seeing you all there. :)

Strange Woman CHOP

And from the woman who needs no introduction, but could likely use sleep about as much as Carla and myself, the very latest chop from C=Venus. I'm sure I'm not alone when I keep hoping each new chop isn't her last for the season... but I'm pretty confident, she'll end with the face she loves most, so for the moment, we're in the clear.

How Will the HGs Vote?

OK... Boogie has the popular vote by a landslide! so far, 47 for Boogie and 3 for Erika. That pretty well covers who the public wants to win. Now the next question is:

How will the evicted HGs vote?

Please answer in the following format:

Boogie: Will, Janelle, James, etc...
Erika: Marcellas, George, etc...
FINAL JURY VOTE = 6-1, 4-3, etc...

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Who Has Your Vote?

OK, BBFans. It's down to the wire, and after last night, I've actually grown an opinion on who I'd like to see win out of the final 2. So I thought it might be fun to do an informal poll and see... Who you would vote for to win the 500,000, if you were on the jury?

Please leave your Vote, Simply "Mike (or Boogie)" or "Erika" in the comments section here. I'll go back in later on, tally it up and post our bb7dish results. Also, please vote only once. All comments on this blog are moderated, so it will not show up immediately, but I will get it, and publish it ASAP. Lastly, Anonymous folks, please put your initials or something - the name of your first pet? - so we have a clear picture of how many voters there are...


Again, please refrain from aggression therapy and excessive exclamations in the comments. ;)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Saturday, September 9th

Since not too many people are really watching the feeds anymore, I thought it apropos to give a full day recap for yesterday.

The day started out with both Boogie and Erika very nervous about the questioning from the jury. Mostly, it was Erika that was on edge, and Boogie was just taking it as is comes. Even at this late stage of the game, his actions and words today have him growing on me...

Boogie: If any of you saw Erika's speeches all season, I gotta think you like my chances. I don't gotta say anything really. I could probably just stand up and say "go ahead and vote for the best player guys, thank you for your time" It's wrap city.

After this little tidbit, there was nothing interesting to report for about 4 hours. Erika showered, changed and did her hair, and re-did her hair, and re-did her hair... then paces and put on makeup and picked at her face.

Boogie, meanwhile, spent this time listening to music and napping... until we heard the blessed voices of the evicted HGs coming over the feeds- how we've missed them!
They were chatting outside, being directed by production, and then the feeds went to flames for about 2 1/2 hours.

When CBS doused the flames, our final 2 were discussing the evening of quesitoning from the jury, and doing some pretty intense bashing, mostly of Janie, and mostly from Erika.

Erika went on and on about Janelle saying that Janelle was jealous of her. Both Boogie and Erika suggest from their comments that Janie really did a number on them.

Sensing that the tension was now over, since now their fate was completely in the hands of the jury, Erika attempts to rekindle the romance.

Erika: Now we can kiss.

They start going at it, but Boogie's just not into it. They go into the storage room to see if there's any more wine for them...

Erika: Are you sick of me?
Boogie: Not you the situation.

Because it's convenient and a good way to stay off the topic of their Homance, they go after Janelle again, calling her crazy and saying she sounded drunk.

Erika: The pretty girl was sitting in the spotlight, and Janelle was jealous of that.
    ***Erika, what color is the sky in your world?

Then Erika and Boogie dissolve into an argument, caused mainly by Erika's delusions of grandeur.
Erika: It was me that got Howie out.
Boogie says it was him.
Erika: Will's not going to be able to sway any votes for you.
Boogie: I think I have Will, Janelle and James. Howie's up in the air. It just depends of Janelle can sway his vote, or if his manhood gets in the way.

Erika's delusions continue:

Erika: Are you going to ask me to marry you?
Boogie: No. I didn't think you wanted me to do that.
Erika: Well, not on the finale anyway...

Then they got into a discussion of all the alliances, and Boogie tells her about almost everything, including "the Perfect Storm" with Howie and Janelle, which only lasted a week... Then he tells her about the "Legion of Doom," which has her cracking up at the name. He doesn't mention "Operation Double Date," yet.

Erika's response to all this is...
Erika: Well, that's why I had to vote out Will.
Seems she forgot who voted that week.

Erika gets hungry again and fixes herself more Ramen with creamer, "to make it creamy." Gross.

The mix of alcohol and MSG from the ramen must have caused further imbalance in Erika's brain. She goes on a rant, insisting to Boogie that if it was her and Janelle in the final 2, she would have won.

Erika: If it was Janelle and myself, I would have won. No way Marcellas would have voted for Janelle. George, Danielle, you and probably Will would have all voted for me. That would have been 5 for me, 2 for her.

Erika goes on and on, congratulating herself about being the best player in the game. She takes credit for all the evictions, including Howie and James, and ofc ourse, Danielle. She tells Boogie she knew about all the Chilltown alliances, even as she continues to ask him about them. Boogie's still not saying anything about Operation Double Date.

Erika: (again!) I took Will out, and I fell for the puppetmaster's best friend.

Boogie and Erika talk more about the evicted HGs.

Boogie: Jase thought we threw him under the bus.
Erika: Everyone thought CT threw them under the bus, they did.
    ***a moment of clarity??

Erika: Except for me, because I persuaded that f'ing blonde bitch to vote Will out instead...and now she's being played by Will in sequester.
Boogie: (calling Erika on her crap) Oh, I thought she was straight jealous.
    ***this was Erika's previous assessment.

Erika: Yeah, she's that too.
Erika: Janelle wanted all the women out, so she could have all the guys around protecting her.

Erika goes away for a moment, and Boogie seems quite greatful! He asks the control booth:
Boogie: Should I tell her about Operation Double Date now?
The camera doesn't respond to him. He was looking for a nod.
Erika comes back... and Boogie totally calls Erika on her bs, and rises 20 steps in my personal estimation:

Boogie: No offense, but if Janie were in the final two, she has that thing that you don't.
Erika: That thing?
Boogie: The same kind of thing Will has that I don't, that je ne sais quoi, that makes people want to be around them and like them.

Erika holds tightly to her little blanket of denial, still convinced she could have beaten Janelle.

Erika continues to bash the jury, and mostly Janelle.
Erika: Why are they mad at me?? They're all just flip flopping till the end.
Erika: Janelle's jealous of my hot body. The reason I have such a hot body is I've never had a baby and I've danced for 25 years.
Erika: I wish I hadn't done allstars... It might taint our relationship.

With this, Boogie's had enough. He tells her about Operation Double Date.

Boogie: It was all in fun, but it will definitely be something you hear about.
Erika: What else? 'Cause my brother is big, protective and really into Martial Arts.
Boogie: Which in particular?
Erika: Nunchucks... he is one of the world.
Boogie: Oh Great!
Erika: Whatever, we were playing you as much as you were playing us.

Boogie laughs his butt off.

Nonplussed, Erika launches her tongue back down Boogie's throat. Boogie's words and actions make it quite clear, he'd rather be eating slop.

Erika's delusions continue well into the night, and extend well beyond Janelle. At 2:30am, here's what she had to say. lmao.

Erika: Will never protected you, Boogie, I did.
Boogie: You're making this point that Will played me. He didn't play me, I let him make me look the the hitman. Well, we'll see Tuesday.
Erika: Yeah, well, I took out the master.
Boogie: I could tell from thier tone of voices... I hate to break it to you.
Erika: But I took out the brains of Chilltown.
    ***lol! ok, i actually agree with her here, inasmuchas Will was the brains, heart and soul of chilltown, but it's not an offensive I'd advise launching whilst trying to get a guy.

Boogie: Are you sure? Watch the show.
Boogie's had enough. He's pissed, and he can't hide it anymore. He leaves the hot tub.
Erika: Why are you mad?
Boogie: Because you are insulting me.
Erika: Obviously after tonite I don't think I am going to win. Why are you mad?
    ***ok, sybil

Boogie: I don't have to be in his shadow.
Erika: But people who do the work don't get credit, it's the strategist.
Boogie: (indicating the two of them in the final 2) Why do you think this happened?

Erika: Boogie, come on. I told Janelle I would take her, 'cause I thought your game was better. I did not want to go up against you.
Boogie: So when did you decide? When did you lie to me? What would have happened if you won last part hoh?
Erika: I had decided I would let destiny decide. If I lost it was up to you, if I won I would decide then.
Boogie: Right then and there? So it was a little bit of a relief to lose.

Erika: Boogie!! Come here... Don't be mad at me, Boogie.
Erika: Boogie, Why are you mad at me?
Boogie: (decides to take the high road, for now) It's just a wierd position we're in and I'm buzzed and I had that turkey burger...
Erika: It's not weird. It's over.
Boogie leaves.
Erika: Brat. Fine. Go do your thing. Such an asshole.

Shortly, Erika goes in and takes a shower. Then she finds Boogie and tries to get him to talk to her, playing the "poor me" card.
Boogie: Listen, we are both buzzed. Let’s talk about it tomorrow at lunch.

Boogie goes to sleep. Erika, pissed she's not getting any, goes outside.

Erika: Piss off, Boogie.
Erika: We hate eachother.

Erika then goes on a mad hunt for a cigarette butt. She finds one, smokes it, then goes inside, stands over Boogie's bed, he's either sleeping or ignoring her, paces, takes a pill and goes to bed.

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