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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Kaysar says "Meet me in NY!"

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On 06.27.06 Kaysar has an Appearance in CBS's Early Show Plaza, New York, NY. You lucky lucky tri-state folks! :) He'll be across from the Plaza Hotel at the The Early Show plaza at 59th Street and 5th Avenue.

Here's a map for those who may need it:

This should be a blast! Make sure to come back here and comment if you're able to attend.

Midnight Voting Tally

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And the Scores for our dear HGs for today, Saturday June 24th are...

From (where you can vote in about 150 windows at a time)
Vote Totals: (13,597,314 Total Votes @
Howie 1,963,596 14.44% -Woah!! Way to take the lead, Howie!
Kaysar 1,688,319 12.42%
Janelle 1,575,438 11.59%
Nakomis 971,524 7.14%
George 845,573 6.22%
Danielle 795,717 5.85%
Erika 788,729 5.80%
Diane 780,975 5.74%
Ivette 631,308 4.64%
Will 628,607 4.62%
Boogie 489,878 3.60%
James 489,041 3.60%
Bunky 358,955 2.64%
Michael 308,337 2.27%
Monica 307,718 2.26%
Lisa 277,159 2.04%
Marcellas 231,999 1.71%
Jase 225,445 1.66%
Alison 147,992 1.09%
Dana 91,004 0.67%

And from

KAYSAR votes 494579 - 8.9% -And Kaysar in the Lead here... Finally overtaking James!
JAMES votes 488730 - 8.8%
NAKOMIS votes 470620 - 8.4%
JANELLE votes 469035 - 8.4%
HOWIE votes 465281 - 8.3%
DANIELLE votes 446909 - 8%
ERIKA votes 399509 - 7.2%
WILL votes 360017 - 6.5%
LISA votes 269096 - 4.8%
MICHAEL votes 254749 - 4.6%
DIANE votes 249652 - 4.5%
GEORGE votes 241843 - 4.3%
IVETTE votes 187837 - 3.4%
MARCELLAS votes 181819 - 3.3%
DANA votes 170013 - 3.1%
ALISON votes 114018 - 2%
JASE votes 102757 - 1.8%
MIKE votes 80910 - 1.5%
MONICA votes 74238 - 1.3%
BUNKY votes 50646 - 0.9%
TOTAL: 5572258

Botox Head

I'm watching the re-run of the Top 20 candidates on CBS right now... looking at Dr Will and wondering, how much botox is in that forehead??? Sheesh. I've seen babies with more expression lines in their foreheads. The man is not right. I can't even bare to post an accompanying picture. Blech.

Hats off to Howie

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I gotta say, hats off to Howie. Our hunky hero is doing some serious politicking on myspace and beyond. Way to go, Jedi Master Howie. ;) As a nod in the H man's direction, I've put together a little photo gallery of sorts.

First, we have Howie the Flirt.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Clearly, gender is not an issue when 500K is at stake. lol. You go Howie.

Next up, a little Jedi warrior action with our girl Janie...
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And to complete the nod, here's a couple of video clips I found from last season. He's such a hoot! Here he is explaining where "nerd herd" came from - The first several seconds of the video are on Rachel, but fear not, Howie lovers, it's all about him after that.

This next one cracks me up. It's Howie showing Janie his penis, and the ensuing conversation about size with Howie, Janie, Beau and James... too funny.

And this just in from Howie... if anyone out there missed the top 20 BB Allstars show, or if you just wanna see it again, it's re-airing tonight at 8pm on CBS, ofcourse.

3pm Voting Tally...

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Here are the voting tallies from and Of course this doesn't take into account all the folks that are voting over at, but it should serve as a pretty good indicator.

At 3pm Saturday, June 24, 2006
Cybonica shows:
Vote Totals: (3,739,673 Total Votes @
Kaysar 1,352,279 36.16%
Howie 851,874 22.78%
Janelle 619,516 16.57%
Will 200,203 5.35%
George 139,485 3.73%
James 110,745 2.96%
Jase 105,088 2.81%
Michael 100,747 2.69%
Bunky 73,222 1.96%
Nakomis 53,866 1.44%
Erika 43,500 1.16%
Diane 42,878 1.15%
Marcellas 15,852 0.42%
Lisa 15,572 0.42%
Alison 6,082 0.16%
Boogie 4,493 0.12%
Danielle 4,271 0.11%
Ivette 0 0.00%
Monica 0 0.00%
Dana 0 0.00%

lol.. poor girls at the bottom! my, my, my.... Frankly, I'd have expected more votes for Danielle, but I really think she's a producer's pick, so if my feeling is right, it ought not matter so much.

OK.. and here are the totals from I FINALLY got on there after refreshing the page 6 times!

JAMES votes 447120 - 8.9%
KAYSAR votes 433738 - 8.7%
JANELLE votes 404171 - 8.1%
DANIELLE votes 399807 - 8%
HOWIE votes 397329 - 7.9%
NAKOMIS votes 396417 - 7.9%
ERIKA votes 381197 - 7.6%
WILL votes 325646 - 6.5%
DIANE votes 245397 - 4.9%
LISA votes 241033 - 4.8%
GEORGE votes 239724 - 4.8%
MICHAEL votes 222833 - 4.5%
IVETTE votes 169614 - 3.4%
DANA votes 164435 - 3.3%
MARCELLAS votes 146853 - 2.9%
ALISON votes 106346 - 2.1%
JASE votes 100168 - 2%
MONICA votes 68601 - 1.4%
MIKE votes 68094 - 1.4%
BUNKY votes 46781 - 0.9%

TOTAL: 5005304

As you can see, both Kaysar and Howie voters have made a tremendous dent in James' lead over the last couple days. Well done! At this rate, about 3:1, Kaysar should overtake James in the next couple of hours. As long as all 3 of em end up in the top 3 males, I'm happy.

Chat with James

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI just got word from James that he's hosting a chat tomorrow night. You can join him Sunday night, June 25th at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern on

He's very friendly and open in these chats, so I strongly recommend tuning in and saying hello.. and whatever else is on your mind. Got a burning question that wont undermine his gameplay? Give him a shout! :)

He was on last night and someone hacked it trying to stop the chat... Sunday night should be just as interesting.

Kaysar and Janelle

For those of you who just can't get enough of Kaysar and Janelle... like me!, here's a snippet of their first serious conversation. OK, 10 minutes isn't really a "snippet" per se, but I'm pretty sure you'll want to hang out watching till the end....

And for a nice treat, here are a couple more videos featuring the unrequited love-birds... ok, never love birds, but didn't we all want them to be?!?!? he just seemed to be sooooo what she needed.. so grounded.. and swarthy!

And here's another talk about romance between our favorite twosome. This time, they know eachother a bit better, so the conversation flows much better, and they're able to really have fun with eachother...

By now, you've gotta be jonesing for the live feeds... sheesh.. get here already July 6!! So, here's a link to hook you up... 2 weeks free, and you get all the action inside the house from start to finish! Can't wait!!!

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Voting our Asses off!

Much like the rest of you, my friend Carla and I have been voting our asses off for the HG's we want back in the house. At the moment, between the 2 of us we have 17 windows open and voting via Gotta love technology... lol...

In the interest of even further speculation on the potential for BB7, I offer my picks. Here's who i think will be voted in by the public, and who i think the producers will put in, just to be evil.. er.. to make for good television... Please let me know your thoughts on this.

ok, first off, let's talk about the producer's picks. they get 6 and we get 6. I have it on good authority that janey will be in the house, no matter what. fortunately for the producers, it looks like she'll win via the vote too. so they get to pick another. i believe evil dr will is a producer's pick as well, and i believe he'll stay that way. i just hope the other hg's oust him at the first opportunity that presents itself. (i was in the kaysar sponsored chat with dr will a couple weeks ago... and he was a miserable pompous cretin) for the moment, my last thought on producer's picks is danielle - she's a great player, so i think they'll want her in there, and the only way to achieve that with the short memory span of the viewing audience is to place her themselves.

ok, my next 3 picks are our vote-ins... Kaysar, Howie and James. All VERY popular, and all from last season so they're still fresh in everyone's minds.

Who are your picks? Do you agree with the above? Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts... I'll be posting again soon on this topic to complete the 12.

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