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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Coup d' Etat

There has been a lot of confusion and speculation amongst the Big Brother fans as to when the Coup d' Etat will occur. So much so, that we thought it wise to go back and check the TiVo. What follows are Julie Chen's exact words from Thursday night:

"Join me one week from tonight for the live vote and eviction. Plus, in a Big Brother first, we will introduce the Coup d' Etat. This new twist will enable one person to overthrow the HoH at a moments notice."

There you have it! Make of it what you will! One thing is certain, this new element will bring a new level of excitement to the show. If you have not already done so, click the link above to sign up for your two free weeks of live feeds today!!

Solitary Dani

OK.. Dani went into solitary confinement about 20 minutes ago, at 6:30pm BBT. She immediately spread a pink something on the ground, then lay down upon it to read her bible. Not five minutes had passed before she put down the bible and started crying... I wasn't sure at first whether she'd been reading a particularly sad passage, or if the tears were show related.. till she said, "Damn Game." It's been 20 minutes and she's still crying.

In direct contradiction to her earlier bravado, I really don't think the Solitary confinement is going to suit Danielle at all. Frankly, I'm starting to worry about her. She's crying and blankly staring at nothing... If she doesn't stop in the next couple hours, I hope the producers have the decency (not to mention intelligence) to at least ask her if she'd like professional attention.

True, it could be a ploy on her part to garner such a response, but I really don't think so. It doesn't look like that, and it doesn't look like she's just having a good "girl cry, " if ya know what I mean... Look for yourself...

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The New BB House

This is what the HoH room looks like now that all of the HGs will be sleeping on cots

Erika seems quite comfortable on her cot...LOL!

And, a peek in the green bedroom with cots.

George is taking a peek in the Solitary Confinement room.

James takes a look, too. This will be Danielle's room for the next 24 hours!

Lockdown Do-Si-Do

All the HGs are on exterior lockdown, and they're gathered in little whispering groups. Some, like James, are flitting from group to group with little to no subtlety.

To keep the confusion level to a minimum, I'll break up the posts with spaces so you know when we've gone from one group to another.

5pm BBT
LOCKDOWN - Outside... Everyone
Will and Boogie are laughing together... they won all the good stuff, but they don't want anyone to know, and they're getting their stories straight on who they're going to blame for what prizes.

Erika: I slept on cots last year... it was ok.
Will: I really need to start playing the game this week.

Meanwhile, Janie, James, and Kaysar are in a cluster lamenting the raw deal they've been given by Chilltown.


As we mentioned in the previous post, it appears the veto comp involved winning certain items in exchange for making the whole house miserable.

Will: Let's put it this way... so Janelle, when are we going to Aruba?
Will: Marcellas got the tv and the 5 grand...
Janelle: I feel bad about having to put people on the cots.
Will: No its ok, nobody really cares.
Will: People are starting to think you and I are a team.
Jani: How do you know?
Will: Erika came up to me and said, "Your girlfriend is safe."
Jani: Ooh.
Will: We have to get Marcellas out. He's a cancer.
Jani: Ya

    Janie, your Minnesota's showing. ;)

Will & Boogie
Will: You gotta "step up" the showmance with Erika. I have a theory that she never broke up with Josh... I think she's just using it to create sympathy.
Boogie: Since Diane left, Erika's gotten a lot more "handsy" - she hasn't actually touched my c-ck yet - she's nervous to do anything on camera - but she has massaged my stomach to right above the pubic hair.
Will: We have to keep Danielle thinking that Janelle hates her and Janelle that Danielle hates her -
Will: We've got to convince Dani to get rid of Marcellas... he's gunning for you.

5:30pm BBT
James: If the veiwers want to see us suffer, this is the show for them. This veto comp was nothing but " how can we make the HG's suffer?"

    ***We feel a little responsible
    but not a little bit guilty...
    ok, maybe a tincy bit...

Marci: How is this going to work when we get back into the house?

All the HGs agree that this is just nuts...

Kaysar and Janie want to go in and sleep on their cots
James: I can not sleep on a cot ...they will have to get me a doctor for pain meds

James: Is anyone ever going to go after Chicken George?????
Marci: I'll go after him next week.
James: Janie sold out the whole house this week with the slop for everyone all week. Then she wins the veto, so we can't even get her out this week.


When we come back from Flames a few minutes later, the HGs have re-entered the house...



The houseguests are on yet another lockdown. It appears that it will be a long one because BB has supplied a port-o-potty. And, for the third night in a row, they are eating pizza again.

We are trying to make sense of the Veto Comp. From what I gather it was a competition of temptations, questions, points, and rewards. Some of the prizes were a phone call, $5,000, a flat screen TV, and a trip. They were asked questions to earn points, and I am assuming points were taken if they wanted to bid on a reward. BB also tempted them with points to put people on slop, take away their beds, and hot water. The houseguest with the most points won the veto, which was Janelle.

This is what I do know:

Danielle is being put in solitary confinement for 24 hours. BB is taking every thing out of the red bedroom. The HGs will have to sleep on cots. They will be forced to take cold showers. At least 3 HGs are on slop for the remainder of the week.

I will be back with more information as soon as I get it!

Here are a couple pics of the backyard,from the competition earlier...

And the winner is.....

***Veto Spoiler***

The Veto Comp started at 12:15 bbt. Of course, we had flames the entire time. When the feeds came back, and Janelle is wearing the veto!!!!!

Veto Update

I wanted to let you all know that I have not forgotten to post! The Veto Comp is still going on and we have had flames for more than 3 1/2 hours now. I am hoping that with no feeds for such a long period means the Coup d' Etat has taken place. Hmmm, just a thought! I will post results as soon as we have them. Please check back!

Oooh, just as I went to post this....we have sound but no feeds.....stay tuned!!

Veto Comp Today

At 10:00 am BB announces to the houseguest that the Veto Comp will begin in 2 hours. Most of the HGs are still sleeping except for Danielle and Erika.

Danielle is filling Erika in on the converstation she had with Kaysar late last nite...

Dani: I told Kayser to start playing for himself and not Janie. I was preaching to Kay.
Erika: Be very careful of James he goes back and forth.
Dani: Kay is mad at Janie for not putting up Will and Boogie. Today will be very interesting. Marci wants Kay gone! I think I got to Kayser. He was a little more happier after our talk. Be a man or be a woman and just say it.

***Where did Dani learn English?

Erika: One of them has to go this week or they will pick us all off. Sorry guys, why do we have to feel like we have to explain ourselves??? If one of us leaves at least we broke up the sea6.

*** Yea, Erika, you have done soooo much. Please!

Dani: If you want to come after me you better have an army to back me out that door. I am here to play this game.

***Dani, I think the power of HoH has gone to your head! You were not such a bad ass a few days ago!

Erika: I will never forget this comp as long as i I can't wait to watch the episode. (she said they get to watch it on sunday?!)

I will be posting all day. Keep checking back for results!

Big Day

The house is about to erupt. S6 hates just about everybody, with good reason, and since they're out of power for the week, they're up, and all the former kiss-asses are strutting around and kissing danielle's ass instead.

Janie and Howie were up till around 6am... Perhaps not the best idea for someone playing in a veto comp, but there it is. As long as James, Dani or Marcellas don't win the veto, I'm betting Janie comes off the block.

And then there's the whole Coup d'Etat to take into consideration... I just hope Kaysar or Janie wins it, and puts up Dani and Marcellas... both of whom have very short memories as to why they're even in the house now. I wonder if it'll be a completely separate comp, or if it will be somehow tied into the Veto Comp today...

Also, we can't forget James has that nullify a vote card...

Good Morning

Wow, what a night last night was! Nomination ceremony, followed by a late night choosing of the veto partners (Danielle, James, Janelle, Will, Mike Boogie, and Marcellas - chosen by Janelle), and then long conversations late into the night. Carla covered all the goodies last night, so those posts already exist. Yayyyy, Carla!

While I get my thoughts together, here's a snippet from Amy's blog...

Queen Amy
"Well well well….I should have known when I was interviewed for the Big Brother segment that it would turn out the way that it has. ALL of the questions I was asked by the interviewer were about Janelle and Marcellas, AND the interviewer ASKED me if I thought Janelle looked like a transvestite. Granted I haven’t thought of that in a long while, but when the pictures of the season 6 HG’s were first posted on, my friend Michael and I DID think that she was a transvestite and that it was a twist in the game! Anyway, I just answered their questions honestly…like they asked me to do. Also…the comments that I made were rather edited…example: I called James shady - not Marcellas. Also, I said that Janelle couldn’t hold a candle to me when it came to Marcellas and I being FUNNY. That was edited to say “inner beauty”. I’m not denying that I said mean stuff about Janelle, because I did. I said some pretty mean stuff about Will too, it just didn’t make the show. The regular Big Brother viewers should by now be completely aware of the role that editing plays in the show. And let me add that my interview was done at 12:30 on a Sunday, so I was NOT drinking. The wine that I was holding was of course Big Brother’s idea.Up until now, I have been a regular poster on I did chats with them, and even did a chat one night when Kaysar failed to show up. I really liked that website, and everyone there has always been nice to me…up until now. I have to say that if these people at reality websites expect people who are actually ON the shows to post and chat there, they should try be the least bit nice to the reality people who visit their sites. And I really can’t figure out why people take a reality television series SO seriously. I watch it, and I think it is a good show, but some of the posters get SO angry. It can’t be healthy. Anyway, now not only have the Jokers people said really mean things about me, they have said really mean things about my husband as well. So let me just say a few words to the people who are obsessed with Janelle and think that she is the “end all be all” of the Big Brother game. Give up on the “janellousy” bit. I’m sure that word was created by a 500 pound woman snacking on a box of Twinkies. I am not jealous of Janelle…oh and let me tell you why. You see, I don’t have to parade around in very little clothing peddling drinks to dirty old men in clubs to make a living. For the record, that is what a “VIP cocktail waitress” does. I don’t have to rely on looks and looks alone to survive. And while we’re on the subject of jealously, I have to say that a few of the comments written about me seemed pretty damn jealous to me. Someone posted something about how ridiculous I sounded by saying that I live on vacation. Well guess what?! I do! Why would that sound ridiculous unless you are jealous that you have to get up and go to work everyday? I just don’t see the point…of course I guess I just don’t see the point of many things…like why many of the Big Brother viewers worship a girl who is somewhere between stripper and Hooter’s girl. And for the record, I was a Janelle fan last year. I really wanted to see her win season 6. I thought that she was a really good player up until last week when she sold out her alliance and fell for Will’s manipulation.So there is the story. If you don’t like me because of what I said about Janelle…well…I really don’t care. I have plenty of friends already. I just wanted to set the record straight! Have a great day, because… I am!"

Friday, August 04, 2006

Players Picked for Veto Comp

At 10:15pm - Danielle was called in the DR. She said that there will be an annoucement in a few minutes. As soon as our attention is peaked.....


Feeds returned about 15 minutes later.

Kaysar and Erika are in the backyard discussing the HoH competition. Erika says she wanted to be sure she was safe before she dropped out. She explains Dani wanted it and after being on the block, she wasn't sure if she could trust Howie. And...


Ten minutes later, feeds return again. The houseguests are sitting in the living room. It appears they have had an official meeting and drawn Veto players. I am not clear who all was picked. I did hear Janelle say she got a HG choice, but I do not think she has picked yet. From what I can hear it sounds like (other than Dani, Janelle, and James) Boogie and Will are playing.

Cut to HoH - Danielle and Marcellas

They were discussing how well Janelle was liked last year. Danielle says she loves this show because you can't fake it on live feeds and the internet people see them raw. Then, the talk turns to veto.

Dani: I will put Will up if Boogie uses veto. It doesn't bother me if I go up next week.

Cut to Bug Room - James and Boogie

They are discussing POV and whether or not Will or Boogie will use it.

James: I want you to use it because that is the only way I will feel the block.
Boogie: Lets see who wins veto and then decide.

No mention as to when the Veto Comp will be played. At first, it seemed like it could be tonight. Stay tuned and I will post as soon as I know.


***Nomination Spoiler***

Danielle stayed true to her word and nominated Janelle and James. Once feeds came back on, all of season 6 were in the bug room discussing the nominations. James is acting as though he is really shocked by Dani's noms.

***James, you know Dani told you want the plan was!

To get out their frustrations, the 4 have a pillow fight. Poor Kaysar was getting the worst of it but it was all in fun. They were laughing and having a great time.

Howie apologizes again for not winning HOH.

James: Sarah is going to flip her sh*t.
Howie: Will has been nominated 5 times and never voted out...we have to figure this out.

James said he was going upstairs to talk to Danielle.
Kayser: If you are angry...dont go talk.
He decided to not go.

Will wants Janelle

Will, Boogie, Erika, James - Bathroom

James is taking a shower and Erika is standing in the bathroom with Will. Boogie enters...

Needing privacy, Will and Boogie head into the toilet stall together. Will says he knows Danielle is putting Janelle and James up. Will tells Boogie that he wants to flip the vote and keep Janelle in the game. He wants Janelle in the game to take out Danielle later.

***OMG! Can this be true? Janie could be saved!!!

Meanwhile, another lockdown. I will let you know when it is over and who has been nominated.

Lockdown Over

2:40pm BBT
BB: Houseguests, the lockdown is over. You are now free to move about the house.

The HGs enter looking for something, anything different... to justify such a long lockdown on a nomination day that included the HoH.

Marci: I think there's another box of raisin bran now.


Free DVD

While we wait for Lockdown to be over - since we know there's no strategy talk happening when they're all together! - check out this cool new site I just found. :) New to me anyhow... but hey, I only found myspace few months ago.

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Kaysar & Dani, cont'd.

*Even if you've read this entry, scroll down a bit.. there's more now.

HOH ROOM - Dani & Kaysar
NOW - 1:05pm-1:15pm BBT
Dani and Kaysar are discussing nominations.
Dani says she wants to Kaysar to give her options...

Kaysar: I think last week's move with Janelle, was more about her problem with Diane than anything. I didn't know that Erika was going up. Erika was a decoy. If something happened, then Chilltown would go up.
Dani: I didn't understand your noms either.
Kaysar: We had to do what we had to do at the time... there was no deal.
Kaysar: I felt good, but there was a problem with Diane. I can't tell you about what so and so did. I can only tell what I thought. I say things along the way and whatever happens, happens.
Kaysar: The thing is, it's 4 people and everyone's doing their own thing.

Kaysar: I myself would rather keep things together.... so we're not like 4 people doing things.
At the end of the day, it is what it is. We protect each other.
Dani: People from your alliance were upset.

Kaysar: I realized last week that it's not about going after the big target. I thought Erika and Marci were cool, and George was nothing. Chilltown were doing their thing, but I had to test the waters and see what would happen. Not at any point were the floaters an issue. We held our own, and with 5 right before sequester, we're gonna have all guns blazing, because no one leaves that house.
Kaysar: We didn't make it a point to go after these people, but at a certain point, we had to.


Approximately 30 minutes later...
We rejoin Kaysar and Dani...

Dani: I just want to reassure you that I never tell anyone what we talk about. I don't wanna live in fear. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I have to protect myself. I expect you to be honest with me all the time.

Kaysar: I have been honest, but it's like you're drawing the line, and we're behind enemy lines. I want confrontation.
Dani: Everything I do is business and is strategic.
Kaysar: I know.
Dani: This is not a pretty game, but it can be respectful. I don't have to be anything... I can do my thing, and thats it. If I walk out, I'm gonna know I was respectful and everything I did was strategic.

1:40pm BBT
BB: Houseguests. This is a lockdown. Please go outside...

**This lockdown includes all HGs, so no, Dani is not inside getting her nominations together...

Dani & Kaysar

1:00pm BBT
HOH ROOM - Danielle & Kaysar
Kaysar's not smiling.
Dani: I don't understand yours or Janelle's nominations.
Dani: Did you or Janelle have a deal with Chilltown?
Kaysar: No, there was no deal. We couldn't trust them.
Kaysar: Chilltown was a threat week 1, maybe week 2, but come week 3 they weren't doing anything, and there were other people who were more important. There we no deals.
Dani: I'm only questioning your decisions... I feel like you're being straight with me now.
Dani: Diane said she was going after Chilltown.

The HGs are Up

It's Nomination day, and the HGs had a pretty late night...

12:15 pm BBT
KITCHEN - Will and Janie
Will: If Boogie or I win the veto comp, we'll take you off, and hopefully get James out. But don't discuss it with Howie or Kaysar, because Kaysar would want to do the honorable thing and tell James.
Janie: I won't tell anyone.


Flames for 20 minutes now...

A Real Alliance

2:45AM BBT
HoH ROOM - Dani, James and Will.
James: ...Now that we are in a real alliance...
Will: If anything goes wrong, I really dont mind taking the hit and going home.
Will talks about splitting the money.
James: We have to hurry up, I don't want to be up here too long with the two of you... for appearances sake.

Dani: So the plan is to put up Janelle and James, because Janelle is a badass when it comes to competitions, but James is the veto king.
Dani: Go ahead and take yourself off if you win it, I don't mind.
Dani: Boogie, Erika, Marci, George, and now Will have all said yes (to voting Janie out), so thats 5 votes.

Will: James, why don't you lead a discussion and say that you will volunteer to go up as part of their alliance, and then have them fighting with themselves.
Dani: They know I don't roll that way, so that wouldn't work.
James: I would be the first one that season 6 would cut loose.
Dani: Do you think it's too much of a risk?
James: Right now I do, but let me sleep on it.
Will: You have the votes... You did it for me, I will do it for you.
James: I'll do it.
James leaves.

Will: It's an easy sell... Janelle and James are the two best players from season 6, no offense to Kaysar or Howie.
Will: Who will you put up if Janelle wins veto? It has to be Kaysar, because I promised Howie during the HOH comp today.
Will: This is good... It makes James show that he is really in with this alliance.
Will: I make no secrets that Boogie is my top priority, then you, then James. Hopefully all of us can leave happy. I know we're going to be given a talk soon to tell us we can't split the money, but we can do whatever we want to with the money once we're out of the house.

Dani: I just need to know that I really have you.
Will promises.
Will: I'm really going to try to win HOH next week... If I dont, then the following week. It will be perfect, because then I can tell Howie and Kaysar that they haven't been nominated yet, and I can tell Marci that I was going to put him up, but Howie and Kaysar are closer.
Dani: I want Marci out before then.
Will: I would like to see him out too, because even though I know that Howie and Kaysar will come after me, I trust them...Marci could do anything, I have no idea what to expect from Marci.

Will: What's going to happen when Janelle asks me if I made a deal with Dani tonight?
Dani: Tell her there is no deal. You wont be lying, because there is no deal, there is an alliance.
Will: Okay.
Will: Where does Erika stand on everything?
Dani: Erika's cool.
Will: Erika will jump ship, and she takes credit for everything.
Dani: I don't care about that.
Dani: Tell Janie I'm pissed off that you let go early, and that you keeps saying you want to go home.

Will: I'm going to tell her right now that I know there is going to be the thing to put everyone on slop, and I'm not going to do it. I know everyone will blame me and I have my reputation, but I am NOT going to do it.

Benedict Marci

2:20am BBT
Upstairs Hallway - Janie and Marci

Janie: Do you know what Dani's going to do?
Marci: I don't know where she's going, but I'll be interested to find out.
Marci: Dani wont move against the four... I feel like she is down to just a couple of places she could do, either Chicken George or Chilltown.
Janie: Dani already talked to Chicken George.
Marci: Did she? What did she say?
Janie: I don't know, but I'm assuming it went well.
Marci: How does Chicken George keep getting free weeks?
Janie: Do you know where Dani is?
Marci: She's in the DR.
Marci: (hollers down to Kaysar) Did you or did you not hear us ask you to bring up the Honeycombs and soy milk?
Chicken George: I'll bring it up.

Marci: Have you done anything to Dani?
Janie: I nominated Dani the first week.

Here's a Twist

2:00am BBT
RED ROOM - Boogie & Erika
Boogie and Erika are whispering...
Erika: I talked to Will in the bathroom and asked him when he is going to bring it, and he said "when I have to". It pisses me off that he is relying on you and me to do all the work.
Erika: Will isn't winning the game, right?
Boogie: No, not a chance. The only thing that concerns me is that once it gets closer to the end, someone might try to take Will thinking that noone will give him the money.
Boogie: As the weeks progress, people are seeing us as a threat, and Will... That's what you're here for, to keep me safe.
Erika: You're really good at competitions.

Howie enters the Red Room.

Howie: We gotta showmance...
Erika: more what you'd call a sleepmance.

Will enters the Red Room.

Boogie: We have a little problem we need to talk about.
Will: Everyone has talked to me already about taking money to put the house on slop, and I've already said I wouldn't do it unless I was offered 50 grand.
Will: What's your price, Boogie?
Boogie: 5k.
Erika: Boogie!
Boogie: (laughing)I'm kidding.

Howie gets into bed, and Will leaves.
Howie, Erika and Boogie discuss the HOH comp.

Marci to HoH

1:40am BBT
HOH ROOM - Dani and Marci

Dani: I'm not putting you up , and I'm not backdooring you. I just want you to know that right up front.
Dani: Janelle took out Nakomis and she took out Jase... She took out all these people who she told were safe, and I am not playing that way.
Dani: I have a plan, and it makes perfect sense. Wait until the nomination ceremony, you will see... but even if Janie wins veto, I am not putting you up.
Marci: What about Kaysar?
Dani: I'm not worried about him... I'm not worried about any of them.
Marci: I want to see all of season 6 go one right after another.

Marci: Anything anyone tells me stays with me.... If someone comes back and says that "Marci said whatever," they are either delusional or a liar, take your pick.
Dani: I'm sure "they" (S6) are itching to talk to me.
Marci: You are so far off my radar.
Dani: I was just making sure.
Marci: After we had our conversation, I took it for what it was.

Dani: I told James that noone in his group is safe, including him. James asked me if he should try to secure himself votes, and I told him that he should do what is best for himself.
Marci: I already told James that he would have my vote.
    ***I'm doing my best to not curse up a blue streak at Marci.
Dani: Diane only wanted to make it to sequester, that was all, and she said that she would put up Will and Boogie. I know that Diane would have done it, too.
Marci agrees.
Marci: Diane could not win a competition to save her life... Janelle didn't have to do that to her.
    ***Really, what alternate universe are these 2 living in? Diane talked non-stop about getting rid of Janie.
Marci: Janelle told so many stories about her ex-roommates stealing her boyfriends and doing her wrong, but here she took the word of Diane's ex-roommate?
Marci: If anything, by keeping Diane, Janie would have had a vote for herself, because Diane would have preferred to keep all girls.
Dani: Nakomis was the same way.

Marci: Season 6 is freaked.
Dani: I kept saying when are the 4 of them, excuse me, the 3 of them, going to start playing for themselves and not for their group?
Marci: This isn't season 3, and I'm not going to stand by while the blond slits her own throat...
Dani: It's time for season 6 to choose. It's time for them to choose.
Marci: Had I won HoH, I was going to bring them all in and tell them to hash it out...which 2 were going to go up, that's how sadistic I am.
Marci: I was going to tell them that if they couldn't choose, I was going to put all of their keys into a pillowcase and choose 2 that way.

    *** muffling my screams...
Dani: Howie said to me that I told him he was safe. I looked at him, and told him "I said you were safe, not that I wasn't going to nominate you."
Dani: He just looked at me, and I laughed.

    ***ok, so for Erika's ears, you're an angel of moral ethics, sticking to your word to protect Howie, but for Marcellas, you can be the Queen B?

Bitchfest, Part 2

1:30AM BBT
HOH ROOM - Dani and Erika
Dani: I want James to feel comfortable enough that if he wins the veto, he wont feel like he has to use it, but that I wouldn't care if he did.
Erika: Who would go up then, Howie?
Dani: I guess so.
    ***Lie #? Dani told James she would put Kaysar up. Whether Dani's lying to Erika or James is unclear though... but definitely to one of them.

Dani: I think that Janie thinks that she took out my alliance. I'm pretty sure she thought I was alligned with Jase, Allison and Diane...
Dani: I think that is why Janie thinks I'm weak. Janelle could have had an easy week last week, but she got greedy. I want her GONE.
Dani: Janie threw James under the bus... she threw Kaysar under the bus. When you have an alliance, you don't trash the alliance. James, Howie and Kaysar were all on the same page, and Janie was a wild card.
Dani: I know that you and I are Janie's targets. She's scared to death of us.
Erika: Kaysar tanked the HOH comp. I was watching everyone. Marci could have stayed up there. I think George could have stayed up there too.
Erika: As long as James is comfortable. It's a good plan.
They high five.
Erika: You did good.
Dani: I trust Kaysar... I know he'll be honest with me.

Dani: You should have seen me in the Diary Room! I was PMSing, Aunt Flow came to visit... I was in there calling Janie a bitch. Now I wish I hadnt, but I did.

They discuss S6 being "all about winning competitions."
Erika: They don't understand the game.
Dani: They're rookies.
Dani: What exactly was the deal between me and Howie? ... about not putting Howie up? I don't want to be one to reneg on my deals... I'm going to have to make sure that Howie is safe, since I told him I wouldn't put him up.
Erika: Then you would have to put Kaysar up... as much as I love him, I know that's what you have to do. It's the smart thing to do... Kaysar will have to go sometime.
    ***OMG! OMG OMG OMG!
    Erika, you backstabbing biatch!
    Both of you!!
    S6 saved BOTH of you.

Erika to HoH

1:10am BBT
HOH Room - Erika and Dani
Dani: Would you be okay with it if I picked Boogie to play for veto with me?
Erika: Not a problem. Boogie has the eye of the tiger.
Dani: My thing is I just want to make sure that Janelle stays up on the block. I don't like backdooring people, and if Janelle is up there and wins veto, then she will have earned it, but I want to do everything I can to keep her on the block. Dani: I thought of putting Marci up, but I don't want to do that, because I think he is going to win HOH next week, and if I put him up, even if he is not the target, I know he will put me up next week. And I am NOT putting up Chicken George.
    ***of course not... he's her first guaranteed vote for the win.

Chatter about Marci not wanting to give up the slop pass, saying, "Everyone else agreed on it, but I didn't."
Dani: All I could think was, now this is the Marci I remember.
Erika: It was just so mean that he didn't want to give it to him.

Dani: I have 5 votes to get Janie out. Marci told me that if Janie was up there, he would vote against her, and I want him to.
Dani: I would have the votes to keep James and get Janie out even without Marci's vote, but to me, the proof is in the pudding, and I want to see that he will vote against her.

Dani: (rehashing - quoting Janie) "BB will bring someone back to be an advantage for the weak players like you."
Dani: I was so mad! Janelle doesn't know me.
Erika: Apparently, she didn't watch the season 3 dvd.
Dani: I didn't win a lot of competitions on season 3, because I didnt have to... Season 6 sees strength only in terms of winning competitions.

Erika to HoH

1:10am BBT
HOH Room - Erika and Dani
Dani: Would you be okay with it if I picked Boogie to play for veto with me?
Erika: Not a problem. Boogie has the eye of the tiger.
Dani: My thing is I just want to make sure that Janelle stays up on the block. I don't like backdooring people, and if Janelle is up there and wins veto, then she will have earned it, but I want to do everything I can to keep her on the block. Dani: I thought of putting Marci up, but I don't want to do that, because I think he is going to win HOH next week, and if I put him up, even if he is not the target, I know he will put me up next week. And I am NOT putting up Chicken George.
    ***of course not... he's her first guaranteed vote for the win.

Chatter about Marci not wanting to give up the slop pass, saying, "Everyone else agreed on it, but I didn't."
Dani: All I could think was, now this is the Marci I remember.
Erika: It was just so mean that he didn't want to give it to him.

Dani: I have 5 votes to get Janie out. Marci told me that if Janie was up there, he would vote against her, and I want him to.
Dani: I would have the votes to keep James and get Janie out even without Marci's vote, but to me, the proof is in the pudding, and I want to see that he will vote against her.

Dani: (rehashing - quoting Janie) "BB will bring someone back to be an advantage for the weak players like you."
Dani: I was so mad! Janelle doesn't know me.
Erika: Apparently, she didn't watch the season 3 dvd.
Dani: I didn't win a lot of competitions on season 3, because I didnt have to... Season 6 sees strength only in terms of winning competitions.

George's Plea

And the solo visits to HoH begin... We had flames for a few minutes, so I didn't actually see Howie leave the HoH bathroom, but he's outta there.
HOH ROOM - George and Dani
George: I really don't think that I can make it to the end. The slop is killing me... If you just get me to sequester, you will have my vote.
    ***Oh Georgie, you are so NOT in danger this week! Why make such a promise?!

Dani: You can make it.
George: I'm being straight up with you... I was beat up tonight during that HOH comp... I just really don't think I can compete against these people. I will give you everything I've got.
Dani: I know you will... and you have.
George: I wont betray you.
Dani: Thank you, George. I know you wont.
George:I just want you to know that if you go the distance, and I'm on the jury, you have my vote.
    ***more unnecessary grovelling follows... no need for repetition

Dani's Plan

HOH ROOM- Dani, Marci, Janie, Kaysar, James - Erika has gone to DR
1:00am BBT

Kaysar: Thank God this room is normal now.
Janelle: Shut up.
Dani: I'm going to listen to some tunes now.
James: Is that our cue to leave?
Everyone says goodnight and leaves... except James.
Dani:(whispers to James) Wait...

Howie is still in the bathroom.

James: (whispering) They think that Janelle is going to be put up.
Dani: I have an idea that I don't think you're going to like. I want to put you up against Janelle. You have the votes to stay.
James: I could go home.
Dani: You wont go home. I know it is risky, but I also know that you would have the votes to stay.
Dani: How would Kaysar and Howie would vote if you were against Janelle?
James: I think they would vote for Janie to stay because they trust her more.
    ***Seriously James, can you blame them??

Dani: What if I talk to Kaysar and secure his vote for you to stay?

James: The whole plan worries me. What if Janie wins veto?
Dani: Then I would put Kaysar up.
James: So much stuff happens in the house.
Dani: i just know that you would be safe... I just know it.
James: There is always a possibility that the nominees would have the opportunity to pick who they want to compete for veto with them, and I could compete for Janie and win it and then not use it.
James: I have no problem lying to her.
Dani: Are you you could get Janelle to pick you to compete for her?
James: I think so.
Dani: I pitched this idea to George, Erika, Boogie and Marci, and all of them said that you would be safe.

Dani: What if I don't put Janelle up, and Janelle competes in the PoV and wins it, what then?
James: She is not the same person she was last year. She is a fat piece of shit this year.
James: Talk to the other people.
Dani: i already have, and they are all fine with it... and this way noone will think we are as close as we are. Otherwise, I will have to put one of the other people up, and have you give them your pass. Would you be comfortable with that?
James: F-ck yeah.
Dani: All you need is four votes.
James: I would only need 3, because I have the pass to nullify one of the votes, which would make it 3-3 and you would be the tie breaker.
James: When you to George about it, I want to be there.
Dani: That's fine.
James: I knew something like this might come up... I would take great pleasure in beating Janelle. Alliances are about taking risks.
James leaves the HOH room.
Howie is still in the HOH bathroom.
Dani is on her HOH bed listening to Queen.


I just wanna do a quick little shout-out to all our myspace friends, and the folks finding us because of someone's posts on jokers, some mommy forum, the arena football forum, the article on laist and everyone who's finding us for the first time. :) Welcome Back! We missed you!!!

And to whoever's posting about bb7dish on their forums... thank you!!! lol, I really wasn't expecting that! But it's fun to see it in my site meter stats...

OK.. back to work I go.

No Food Comp

Midnight BBT
HoH ROOM - Danielle, James, Kaysar. Janie, George,
BB: Janelle, Please come to the Diary room.

Janie leaves the HoH in Kaysar and James' capable hands.

Dani: (to James) All of the men in the house should get their women a tacky cheap robe. Chadwicks, cheapest catalog ever, $19.99.
James: I could sew your robe for you.
Dani: No, noone is going to sew it.
Kaysar: We would have to wait 10 years before getting an old robe like that for our girlfriends/wives, because if we bought one for them at the beginning of the relationship, they would leave us for sure.

James: What are you doing, Chicken George?
George: Just looking at all this food.

The conversation shifts to Dani's personal life, being a teen mom, her mom having been a teen mom, etc.
Dani: I was a good mom even though I was young. I went to high school, did my thing, interviewed the babysitter, did what I had to do.
Dani: Amazing, huh?
Kaysar: Yeah, it is amazing. You just stepped up to the plate.
Dani: My friends would tell me they were going to the mall, and I would be like 'you got a carseat?'
James: My sister had her first child while she was still in college. Now she's on baby number three, and her husband is going to Iraq soon.
Kaysar: What did it feel like back when you got pregnant with your first baby as a teen?
Dani dodges the question and instead talks about how it affected her husband...
Dani: ...He worked jobs he hated, but he had to do it to take care of the family. Kaysar: How old were you when you got married?
Dani: I was 20. I never finished college, unfortunately.
Erika returns to HOH.
Dani: My mom didn't finish getting her degree until she was in her 30s.
Marci returns to HOH.

Dani: I get weirded out sleeping by myself... I might give up my HOH bed to someone else. ...George would be floating in the green cloud by himself.
Marci: I left my soap up here when Janie was HOH, and BB took it.
Kaysar: It's in the Storage Room.
Marci is appeased.

Conversation shifts to game... They are discussing the upcoming week. Apparently BB has told them there will be no food comp.
Will: We are not just going to be randomly sitting around doing nothing until Thursday.
James: We are still having nominations tomorrow and the veto comp on Saturday. After week 5 last year, we didn't have any food comps either.
Marci: I bet they're going to be offering people money to put the house on slop.
Erika: I am not taking any money to put people on slop.
George: Me neither.
Marci: They need look no further than the black man...they offer me the right amount of money, you are all going on slop.
Dani: You would be on slop too. You don't have your slop pass anymore.
Marci: I was just kidding, anyway.
Will: I would take $50,000.
James: I would take $50,000 too.
Kaysar: I don't think they are going to offer that much money.
Erika: They will only offer $10,000, $15,000 tops.
James: If we got $50,000 to put the house on slop, and also made it to sequester, that would be more money than the second place winner.
Marci: It would be 3 weeks out of 5 for me on slop.
Erika: I couldn't do it, I would leave.
Dani: I remember George saying... when the other people were on slop at first: "It doesnt look so bad".
They all laugh.
George: It's so bad.

Red Red Wine

This is when I went to bed, so this is where we begin...
11:45pm BBT
HoH ROOM- Danielle, Janelle, Boogie, Erika, Kaysar
Boogie: Where did the pictures come from?
Dani: I sent some of them, and my parents must have sent some, because I didn't have them.

Dani is very pleased with herself. She's surveying her domain with a glass of red wine in hand and an unstoppable grin on her face.

Dani: The chairs are nice... I like them. Are they new chairs or the same ones?
Erika: These are new.

Boogie: (to Janie) Where are you going to be sleeping?
Janie: The red room, if that's okay.

    ***ok, if boogie's question wasn't sad enough, Janie's almost shy response certainly is.. The tides have shifted. No question about it. Better start getting some good rest now Janie.

Boogie: You can sleep wherever you want, I'm good with whatever.
Boogie hugs Dani goodnight and leaves the room.
Dani: Are we going to hang out in my HOH room?
Erika: We might as well... Where else are we gonna hang?

    ***ok, so is the floater alliance official now, or what? atleast janie was able to dwindle their numbers down by one more before this happened.
George returns to HoH from a brief stint in the kitchen -
    ***Incase you didn't know, after a bit of coaxing from the masses, Marcellas graciously gave George his Slop Free pass, so George is off slop, and in heaven, for a week. The noises he was making last night during his first couple pieces of pizza were completely cracking me up - "Oooh.. Oh yeah.. Oh God, that's so good." I'll have to see about getting the video clip for you.
George sees the key with Dani's name on it and asks her about it. She explains to George that it was the one key with her name on it, at the end of her season, the vote cast by Jason.

Dani continues sharing her wine with Janelle.
    Medicating her before she drops the axe?

Danielle's Letter

Here's the letter from home. Danielle read it to the whole house, so I thought you might want to see it as well. The indented bits are Dani's comments whilst reading the letter aloud to the HGs.

"Hi Dani,
Well here we are again, its almost unbelievable you are in the Big Brother house. The first time you were in the house was a chance of a lifetime, and your father just said yesterday you just have been given another chance of a lifetime. Well, I sent you this horrible fashion statement.

    the pink robe you guys, its hideous, I know, and let me put it on because you guys have no idea how gorgeous I am in this thing, it has like stains and stuff on it, says

Please forgive her America and houseguests. Also, the stuffed animal is wanna-be Bubba,

    which is like my dog

so his name is WB. The rest of the family is doing fine. Daddy hasn't made up any new words since you've gone, but I'm sure to keep a list of them and so that I can share them with you when you return home.

    My dad makes up words, its crazy, anyway...

Dani, I was also given a chance of a lifetime some years back, I think it's time to share it with you now. So you see, I was about to become a mother for the first time and I was quite scared and concerned about the future. The most important thing was that I wanted to give this baby was love and everything that I could that would help it become the best person it could become. I wondered if I was going to have a son or a daughter. I wondered if my baby would be tall and strong if it was a boy or delicate and prissy if it was a girl.

    well, you know I'm not prissy, but anyway...

I was scared that the baby wouldn't be healthy. I read everything I could get my hands on concerning new born babies, how to take care of them and what to expect as they grew. I began to search for names for boys and girls because I didnt know what I was having. The boys names were easy because if it was a baby boy, I was initially going to name him Thomas after your father and my father.

    because my grandfathers name is Thomas as well

The girls name had to meet a certain criteria, it had to be a strong name and beautiful at the same time. You see Dani, I believe that a child's name should describe their character and personality. So I am on a mission to find my baby girls name and I bought a book of names and asked friends and family for suggestions. Well, I wasnt hearing anything I liked, and I was beginning to stress and of course the only way that I could calm down was to eat. I decided to make some home-fried potatoes and I did and sat down to eat them and I started to watch this soap opera.

This man was waiting to meet this lawyer to have a business meeting over lunch and the lawyers name was Dani. The man was complaining, because he was upset because he was having to waste time having to have lunch with this old dried up geezer that was probably boring him to death. To his surprise, in walked a beautiful woman. She was sharp, and very intelligent, and most of all she was sure of who she was and what she wanted out of life. The lady saw the mans surprised look on his face and said 'You were expecting a man, weren't you?' The man said 'Yes, I was, you most certainly wasnt what I was expecting, but it was a pleasant surprise'. Dani went on to say 'It was a name that fooled you, wasnt it?' and the man said 'Yes' and Dani went on to say that 'Dani is my nickname, it helps me get clients and opens doors for me professionally' she went on to say that her given name is 'Danielle'.

There it is, that was my baby girls name. Dani, I told you this story to let you know how much of a life changing thing your birth was for me. You are beautiful, intelligent, inspirational, funny, stubborn, delightful, strong, caring, and most of all, you are a blessing to me and your family. You know when you make mistakes and you apologize if you have hurt someone. And if you get knocked down, you pick yourself up and try again until you succeed. I love you. You are a strong beautiful woman. I am proud of you, and proud that you are my daughter. Tell the houseguests that I said hello.
Love you,

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Danielle's HoH Room

Dani's HoH room is decorated in palm trees and earth tones. Rather out of place is the fuzzy pink bathrobe, stains and all, that I expect we'll see Dani wearing quite a bit. Her mother apologized to us all for the horror that is the bathrobe in the letter she sent Dani. The room itself is very soothing...which she may need if this week turns out to be as crazy as we expect. She got some very nice wine in her HoH basket which she is generously sharing with Janie and Erika. Janie's getting a buzz. She also received HoneyCombs cereal, and Will and Howie made off with that to the kitchen pretty quick.

She received a nice letter from her mother explaining how she chose the name Danielle. All the houseguests listened intently as she read. Apparently, her mom got the name from a soap opera - the character of Dani was a beautiful, self-assured attorney on the series.

I hope Dani enjoys her room...because if my feeling is correct about the coming Coup d'Etat, she will not be HoH long!

One thing I noticed, the houseguests stayed in Dani's room longer than any other HoH's. Perhaps it's the novelty of having a non-season 6er in there, or perhaps the decor itself, but most of the HGs stayed in there for an hour before anyone started leaving. It's now into the second hour since she got the room, and all S6 is still there, as well as Erika and Will, and more are coming back.


Well, Dani's HoH and for the past 30 minutes, she's been discussing her options for who to nominate in the red room with Boogie, Erika, and Chicken George. Janelle is an almost certain nominee. What remains to be seen is who will go up next to her. Howie and James' names have both been tossed around. Howie seems a bit of a surprise since she guaranteed him he was safe, but her logic, "I didn't say I wouldn't nominate him, did I? So I haven't really lied."

James is an even bigger surprise, since it has seemed that she and James have had an alliance since early on... Her logic for putting James up is that he wins veto comps, and he's an even match for Janie in terms of size, height, weight and competitions.

I'm rather in disbelief that his name came up at all, but I hope this clears up any doubts for James about who his real alliance is... who's been keeping him safe, regardless of who else they chose to nominate.

OK.. now for Janie and the boys. She and Kaysar have been sulking in the bug room pretty much since the end of the comp. She knows she's going up, and Kaysar believes he will too. Howie joined them - he feels safe, so not sulking, and then James joined them as well. They haven't been strategizing much. At this point, they seem to be in a deep funk, just accepting fate, for the moment.

At some point, the Sov4 have to remind Danielle that they fought for her week 1, and they've kept her safe ever since. If anything can save one of them from the block, I think this is it. Even then, Janie's recent "weak player" comment is probably a lot fresher in Dani's mind.... again, even more the reason to remind her why she's still in the house at all.

Janelle's HoH Blog



Hey guys! Wow what a crazy week. I swear each week I'm in this house it gets more and more complicated. First off.....I should have just thrown the HOH competition to Marcellas. I knew I was safe with him. But it's too difficult to throw competitions. I love to win. I felt a lot of pressure from the house this week to get rid of Chill Town. Although getting rid of Chill Town would have benefited most of the houseguests, I felt it was not a good move for me strategically. I really believe this is the best possible option for me. Diane is a really sweet girl, but getting rid of her leaves a bigger target in the game: Chill Town. I hope Diane can forgive me one day. I hope she realizes it was all just because of the game.

Playing in the All-Stars game is SO much more difficult than dealing with the NerdHerd. Every week is seriously stressing me and the rest of the Sovereign 4 out. Getting yelled at by Marcellas and James was no fun either. I've been really sad all week for nominating Diane and Erika. I hate hurting people. Again....last year was so much easier.

The highlight of my week was getting my pink room! Is it not the most obnoxious girly foo foo room you've ever seen?!? I LOVE IT!!!! Marci and I call it the pink palace. Another highlight of my wild week was staying up all night with Kaysar, talking to him and working out without anyone bothering us. I missed having late night conversations with Kaysar! He's amazing.

Ok... now for the shout outs!

Hello to my Mom, Dad, Nick, Travis, Angela, Ron, Grandma E. All the Pierzina family and friends who support me on the show. All the supporters out there thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Naters, Beau, Jessica, Dina, Karla, Laurel, Joey & Mike. Girls at Tantra! What's up! xoox Taylor, Zack, Bridget, Emurph, Dingo Hamster watch, Jayne, Cassidy, Will, Hossoc, ColleenLover, Mocha Frap.

And a special shout out to Mr. Big D. Love you miss you!


HoH Comp Clarification

I noticed tonight in the chat rooms there was a bit of confussion as to the prizes and rules for the HoH competition. To clarify things, here they are verbatim:

The object of Caught in a Web is to be the last person hanging.

There are five golden eggs. Three contain prizes:
A slop free pass good for one week and is transferrable to another HG.
The power to cancel someone else's eviction vote, good for one week.
The other two eggs are rotten.
The first five to drop off get an egg.

The Rules:
Go underneath the web to grab a hold with your arms and legs. Stay out of the red zone in the middle. Must grab from underneath, you can move around on the web but if any part of your body touches the mats below you will be eliminated. You have to get up on the web. Nothing can be touching the mat.

How the game played out:

1st person off is: Will. He picks a rotten egg.

First rule change: The Houseguests must now have their bodies below the rope and may only
hang onto the rope with their arms and legs.

2nd person off is: James. He picks the egg containing power to cancel someone's evection vote.
3rd person off is: Boogie. His egg contains $10,000.
4th person off is: Kaysar. His choice was the second rotten egg.
5th person off is: Marcellas. Picked the egg with the slop free pass.
6th person off is: George.
7th person off is: Howie.
8th person off is: Erika.
Danielle wins HoH.

Julie also announced there will be a Coup d'Etat - you can overthrow the HoH at a moment's notice. (This however was not one of the prizes in the eggs.) We will post as soon as we have more information.

Yerrrrr OUT

James is OUT!

And James just openend the "nullify a nomination" egg....

Immediately after, Boogie and Kaysar are out...

Boogie won 10k, and Kaysar got nothin'.

We went to FLAMES for a few minutes, and when we came back, Marcellas was down, having won the slop pass.

Howie, Erika, Danielle and Chicken George are still up.

8pm BBT Georgie takes a fall...

8:05pm BBT Howie goes down, after being assured of his safety.
8:06pm BBT
Dani: Go down, Erika.
Erika Drops.
Dani: The Black Widow!!!
Dani is the new HOH...

Look out Janie.

The Envelope

At 7:39pm BBT, Janie came out from her quick little DR session, and told everyone,
"OK, guys, Big Brother gave us an envelope.
When I say Go, you will have one minute to reposition yourself, so you are hanging on with your hands and feet only. Your torso may not touch the web"

We got a loud chorus of "What?!?!"


Endurance Comp

The endurance comp is in full swing... they've been up there about 20 minutes now, and Will is making a nuisance of himself (shocking, right?) and already asking for Pizza.

If you haven't taken advantage of the 2 weeks free of live feeds yet, tonight would be a great night to gettem!

We'll be posting all night long... or until the game ends. :)

At 6:15 BBTime, Will removed himself from the web, ostensibly falling... He's now gone to choose his egg. And... He got a rotten one! No extra gift for him.

Before Will made his choice, the HGs agree that whoever gets the week off slop is giving it to George. :)

Update: 7:15BBT Everyone's still up in the web, except Will and Janelle, who can't compete for the coming HoH. They tried to get BB to go out for Thai for them... BB didn't bite.

Eviction Spoiler

OK.. West Coast folks... here ya go... Diane has been evicted by a 7-1 vote.
Can you guess who the 1 was? Ya', you got it... Will.

We're back!!!

The show's on right now, but right before it started, I came to see if I could post anything yet, and lo an behold, the site is working again!!! yayyyyy!

For those of you who don't get to us through myspace, and who want our updates from the past few days, please go to which I set up as an alternative to bb7dish when it looked like it was gonna take longer than I could bear.

I'm Soooo happy to be posting back here now!! Tell all your friends! We're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And we'll be posting like maniacs (as usual)!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Post Veto Ceremony

Around the house...

KITCHEN - George and Diane
He's trying to make something edible with the limited options he has...
Diane's trying to see where he stands...

BUG ROOM - James and Kaysar
Mostly silent, laying there in a funk.
James fuming...
Kaysar looks like he's quietly trying to figure out how to patch things up...

OUTSIDE COUCHES - Marci, Boogie, Will, Erika, Dani
Playing the movie reference game

Janelle? Howie? Whereabouts unknown... No camera on either of them for a while now.

Veto Ceremony SPOILER

Did she or didn't she?

Or who did she?

Scroll down a little to find out...

If you'd prefer not to know, please go to the sidebar on the left side of the blog, and find something to read under "Previous Posts."

Having won the Veto Competition,
Boogie was able to take himself off the block.

Janelle replaced Boogie with... Diane

Danielle is holding her head in her hands,
as if she's in total shock...
Gimme a break.

Marcellas, "I tried to talk to her till I was blue in the face."

Waiting for Godot

12:30pm BBT
WORKOUT ROOM - James & Kaysar

James: If Janie doesn't put up Will, she has something going with Will or Chilltown... there's no other rational explanation for it.

James leaves.

BACKYARD - Dani and Marci
Marci: Janie is not putting up Will. It will be Diane, George or you.

BATHROOM - Kaysar and Erika
Kaysar: (whispering)... I can't get a straight answer out of her.
Erika: My tummy hurts.
Kaysar: That's because you've gone from a size zero to a size negative.
Erika- I know.

BACKYARD - big group
Howie: I have a woody.
Marci: Oh my sweet jesus.
Dani: I've got to get out of here.
Marci: James is the smartest member of that team.
Dani: Always has been.
Marci: He will be the first member of that team to go, and he knows it.

BB: Houseguests this is a lock down. Please go outside, and close the sliding glass door.

Janelle & Kaysar

Noon - BBTime
HOH ROOM - Janelle & Kaysar

Kaysar: Marcellas is a leak. He has to be voted out. We got our backdoor open because of him.
Janie: I will not tell him anything further.
Kaysar: He's screwing everything up. He talks about normal things ... and then he accidently spills information. He has a big mouth.
Janie: I've been getting bloody noses regularly. I wont tell him anymore stuff... just girl stuff.

Janie: Kaysar, on a scale 1 to 10, how bad are my nominations?
Kaysar: I'll let you know next week after it happens. With Will, we can predict what's going to happen. It's gonna leave people scared and shocked. Putting up diane is a risky move.
Janie: With James saying he wants to make a "personal decision for him," does that mean he's going to put up Marci? What did will say to you?
Kaysar: Nothing, Boogie said he spoke to you, and he wants to make some sort of arrangement...
Janie: I told them I didn't want to make a big deal or anything, just don't come after us. Marci thinks we both made a deal with CT.
Kaysar: I'm tired of accusations, Marcellas is infuriating me.

RED ROOM - Diane and Erika
They're talking about votes...
Diane puts on her makeup... Erika is lying in bed.
Erika: I'm gonna put a face on.

HOH ROOM - Kaysar & Janie
I came in in the middle.. not sure who they're talking about... Marcellas, maybe?
Janie: Some of his ideas are a bit weird.
Kaysar: You give him a freakin' excuse... it just doens't work, you know that, come on.
Janie: I like him
Kay: I liked Jase, if that's your perogative, then play on that level.
Janie: I feel bad for him
Kay: Make it a charity case.
Janie: I'm not giving out charity.
Kay: See ya down stairs
Janie: See ya downstairs.

Janie continues with her makeup... No one else comes near her until...

BB: Janelle Please go to the diary room.

    ***Please BB, let Kaysar be the last impression.

Floater Unity

The HGs are waking up...
10am BB time...
Danielle is up and in the bathroom all other HGs are sleeping
10:20am BBT
BB: Good Morning, houseguests, the veto ceremony will begin in 2 hours.
Dani's still in the bathroom, talking to Kaysar, who is in the kitchen.

And now, back to the last of the overnight reports...

2:33am BB time
BACKYARD - Dani, Erika, and Marci
Marci: Janie absolutely wont go and talk to Diane.
Erika: It's probably better for me personally if Diane is up against me rather than Will.
Dani: That is true.

Dani: We HAVE to win the HOH this week.
Marci: We can't pull any punches, we just have to win it. I am so sad I took Boogie out (of the HOH comp last week).
Dani: Last week, You were acting on what Janie wanted you to see.
Dani: Enough already, guys. We HAVE to win HOH.
Marci: I don't care if it's endurance or whatever....
Dani: I know you are a competitor, and you will do what he have to do. I'm not giving you a hug though, I'll tell you that right now.

Dani: Kaysar said something to me today about the Mr & Mrs Smith alliance, and they were all worried about a 2 person alliance, when they have a 4 person alliance. To the season 6ers, no alliance is okay unless it is their own. I just wish I knew what Janies beef with Diane is.
Marci: There is no beef, they are just going to pick off the floaters one by one. Janie talks about one post at Jokers that supposedly was made by Diane, saying that Diane would take out Janie. Janie was talking about the phone call she got from Diane's roommate.
Dani laughs.
Dani: Is Diane's roommate crazy?
Erika: She is not crazy... just seeking attention.

Dani: Such hipocrisy (sp?)... the 4 have such a problem with any alliance, but yet they came into the house with a 4 person alliance.
Marci: This shit is notice that they (season 6) dont give a f-ck. I told Janelle to her face that she can do this, but that it sends a bad message, and Janie didnt want to hear it.
Erika: What about the message that Janie sent me by nominating me this week? That was a pretty clear message.

Marci: The first thing I thought of when I saw your key was that it could have been me. The only reason it wasn't was because it was Janelle (as HOH). If it was Kaysar or Howie, it could have just as easily been me up there.
Marci: James wouldn't put Dani, Kaysar wouldn't put Erika.
Dani agrees.
Dani: We are Janie, Kaysar, and James' parachutes. They just dont understand the holes they're poking in their parachutes.

Dani: (to marci) What you're saying is making perfect sense.
Marci: If we have a chance to bring someone back, we need to bring back Diane.
Dani: Diane is good at endurance, too, so if she comes back, she can win the endurance and take Janie out herself.
They all start saying "PB baby, PB".

Marcellas: We need to win the next 2 HOHs to take out 2 of the season 6ers so that no more than 2 of them get into sequester. The funny thing is, Boogie and Will will still be here because they are so far off the radar right now.
Dani: I just have to do something in this house. I have to win HOH this week.

2:50am BBT
Dani: The veto comp was crazy.
Marci: Janelle let Boogie win the veto.
Dani: Boogie and Will have told Janie flat out to her face that they are nominating her if they get HOH. Boogie has been keeping it real, and yet still Janie wants to keep them?
Erika: Chilltown probably wont even try for HOH.
Dani: We should just tell them that they better win it. Just ask them why they think they weren't nominated? That's all you have to say. Then their backs would be up against the wall and they would try to get it.


Around 2:00am BBTime
WORKOUT ROOM - James & Danielle
James just woke up Danielle to talk strategy, and brought her to the workout room.
James: How much do you trust Will and Boogie?
Danielle: I pretty much trust them.
James: I wanna bring about the revolution.

James: I'm thinking maybe we should just vote out Erika, instead of Diane, just to go against what Janelle's planning on happening.
james: If Janie thought it was so cool to backdoor Jase and Diane two weeks in a row, when I win HOH next week, I'm going to backdoor that bitch.
    ***sigh... Mission accomplished Will, Dani... and you didn't even have to win a single comp to destroy the S6. :(

Dani: Lets do it...the new 4. Can I go back to bed now?
James: Yeah, you look great, by the way.

They head into the bathroom.

James: So can I go up and tell them that youre voting out Diane?
Dani: Yes.
James heads upstairs to HoH

HOH ROOM - Janie, Howie, James
James: Dani doesn't get what you're doing, but she said she will vote Diane out. Actually, it's about longevity, and SOMEONE is leaving this week. We don't really have to worry about Will or Boogie anyway, especially with Boogie having a bad foot.

Janie: Diane and Chicken George are the only ones in the house that dont know.
James: Why don't you go tell Diane now?
Janie: I'm too chicken.
James: Why don't you tell Chicken George then?
Janie: I cant talk to him.

Janie: Is this backdooring?
Howie: Not really, because that wasn't the initial intent.
James: I think it was the intent, but I'm going to keep my mouth shut on that one.

Tangled Web

I just got this message from one of our myspace friends: "I am sitting here right now, trying to remember just who it is I am supposed to trust in this game!"

You and me both!

I think what it comes down to is this - no one.

Ultimately, they will all play their own game, or they will leave the house.

We thought that with Big Brother All Stars, we were in for a season of S6 domination... a season of S6 reparations... at least I did. Apparently, that is not to be the case. Even before Janie fell under Will's spell, she had her alliance with Marcellas which superceded the S6 alliance. James thinks he has Danielle, who's also working everyone else in the house - and reporting back everything James tells her to CT... Kaysar was building something with Erika. Howie has nothing on the side... He just has his "i'm no real threat to anyone" gameplay - if it's strategy...

What Janie doesn't get is Will has no allegiance to anyone but Boogie, and he has duped her. By falling into his trap, Janie is bringing down the S6 alliance, or at the very least, putting the last nails in the coffin... unless S6 continues to win HoH's.. and even then, James has told Danielle that he'll take Janie out if he wins.

Erika & Marci, STFU

1:45am BB time:
BACKYARD - Red Couches - Janie and Erika
Erika: I should have taken you out of the HOH comp, it just went so fast and I didn't know what to do.
Janie: James is PISSED. Now that I think about it, he has been pissed at me all day. He was pissed at Kaysar too though, when Kaysar nominated Nakomis and Diane.
Erika: Who did James want nominated--ChillTown?
Janie: Yes.

Erika: I don't want to go back in my room.
Janie: I don't even want to go back into the house.
Erika: I don't want to go in my room, because I feel bad for Diane.
Janie: I don't want to do the veto ceremony tomorrow... I already gave Will my word, and I don't want to change it now.
Erika: No, don't change your mind now, just go with your plan...its already been set into motion.
Janie: Do you think it's a bad idea to get rid of Diane?
Erika: I honestly think it's probably your best move. I don't want to tell you how to do it, but I do think it is your best move.
Janelle: This is so stressful. It is so much harder than it was with the nerd herd. With them, there was always a clear target, you just went after the next strongest each time.
Erika: Don't stress over it too much.
Janie: James will get over it.
    we'll see about that...

Erika: He will. Is anyone going to tell Diane now?
Janie: Marci said to not tell her, because she would freak. Diane has to have a good idea she is not safe, doesnt she?
Erika: I think she got a good inkling of it in the veto comp when you were giving her all that stuff. (Erika laughs) Now, at least we will have a whole big bed to ourselves.
Janie: James is so pissed.
Erika: You have to do what is best for you, not James.
They are getting up to go inside now...
Erika: Don't stress.
Erika's going back to bed. They both walk in and Erika passes the ppicture wall...
Erika (to Janie): I want my key back, ma'am.
Erika goes into the red bedroom.
Erika: (to Diane) I was just out on the hammock farting. Oh! I forgot my earplugs. I'll be right back.

On her way back through the house to the backyard, Erika sees Marci in the kitchen.
Erika: What are you doing?
marci: I just cant sleep.
Erika: I cant either.
Marci: Come outside with me.

BACKYARD - Marci and Erika
Marci: The four are so smart, they are playing everyone, but they are still so stupid. James was up there reading Janie the riot act and called them out on everything, which also told me the whole story of what is going
Marci: The four are ready to go after all the floaters.
He recounts to Erika everything that James said upstairs.
Marci: What really got me was when James called Janie out for throwing the veto comp.
Marci: When I asked Janie about it the other day, she just tried to downplay her intelligence and said that she was confused. You dont put someone up unless you really want them to go.
Erika: Exactly.

Marci: We thought BB6 was going to play nice, but they have their own shit going on. All they are is votes. No matter what happens, you (Erika) have to survive this week and next week turn this.
Erika: The gloves are off, dude.
Marci: If Janie is worried about Diane, she should have went to her and tried to work out a deal that would be mutually beneficial to them both.
Erika: It might be best if Diane leaves... I have a feeling that if Will was up against me, they would want to keep Will to keep another target in the game (and Erika would end up leaving).
Marcellas: I'm down with that. I feel bad for Diane though.

Marci: I'm gonna go back upstairs and play the whole "You do whats best for you, Janie" bit, and say goodbye to Diane.
Marci: (reiterates) James layed out their every move from week one. James gave that shit up. He says he layed it out like a $5 whore in desperate need of a $5 bill. James came out and told Janelle flat out that she just lied. He said that he thinks Janie's first target was going to be one of the floaters, not Boogie or Will. He said she had the perfect opportunity to take out the best player in BB history and didnt take it.
Marci: I think the 4 are planning on the floaters taking out CT for them, and they are not going to do it. They just gave us carte blanche to bring it full tilt. The question is if we can win HOH. Karma beat my ass this week.

Valid Points

1:10am BB time:
HOH ROOM - Janelle, Marci, James, Howie
Janelle and Marci chatting about restaurants and bars in Miami.

James enters HOH.

Janelle: (to James) I've been thinking for a few days... This is what I'm going to do... I'm going to put Diane up.
James: ok.
Janie: It seems like you're taking this well.
    ***guess again.

James: Will and Boogie were never your real targets...Erika and Diane were always your real targets, that's why you didn't want Erika or Diane to win veto.
Janie: Erika was never my target.
James: I'm calling you out on your lie. Your original intentions were either to backdoor Diane, or you lied about Boogie being a nominee, because you told Howie to go after Erika and Diane in the veto comp.

James: You, Howie and Kaysar promised me last week that if I put Jase out of the house, you would put Will and Boogie up this week. Boogie and Will were never her intentions this week.
Janelle denies this.
Janelle: I nominated Boogie, he just came off the block.
James: You let him win the veto by not targeting him.
Janelle: I didn't let him win it, I was trying to win it myself.
James: Then why did they go after Howie and not you?
Janelle: Probably because I looked at him (Boogie) like I was going to kill him when he was going to put the worms on me.
Howie backs that statement up.
James: I asked Boogie, and thats not what he told me.
Janie: What did he tell you?
James: No, thats fine...this is your HOH, you do what you have to do.

James: Janelle, I'm not making any promises to you if you're going to sit here and lie right to my face.
James: I don't understand how Will and Boogie have been saying all this time that they are going after you, and now they're not a threat to you?
James: You're making me look like a liar, because you told me to tell Diane that if she wasnt coming after us, she would be safe.
Janelle: Diane is going to come after me.

James: That's fine... I was safe with Jase... Jase said he was going to come after you, not me, but I put him out last week even though Jase wasnt a threat to ME, because everyone told me last week that they would put up Will and Boogie this week.

James: Now you're doing what is best for YOURSELF, not the team.

James: Will and Boogie were never the targets this week, obviously.
Janie: They were.
James: But now they're not?
Janie: I just think Diane is the next biggest threat.
Marci: THat may be so for you, but not for your team.
Marci: If you go after the floaters right now, you will be making a huge statement to the people that have had your backs.
Janie: Diane has never had my back.
Marci: It will tell the floaters that the four cannot be trusted, that you are turning on the floaters now.
    ***Well said, Marci. I hope it penetrates.

James: If you feel like this is what you have to do, do it...but when I have HOH, I am going to make the decisions that are going to be best for MYself. I will listen to what you have to say, and take it into consideration, but I will ultimately make the decisions that will be best for me personally, and I will expect you to vote the way that I want you to, just as I will vote the way that you want me to.

Marci: James is speaking the gospel to you right now. Chilltown is making you second guess yourselves.
James: I'm going to bed.
He leaves.

Janelle: Great, now James is pissed at me...he's furious.
Marci: James had valid points, though.

Janelle: James is trying to make it look like we are the only ones that wanted to put Jase out of the house. James wanted to get Jase out too, he just didn't want to backdoor him.
Marci: I voted Jase out, because his behavior had become erratic and he was a nuisance, not because he was a more dangerous player that Will. If I was voting out who I thought was the biggest threat, Will would have walked out of the house last week hands down.
Janelle: I'm going to smoke a cigarette, that was stressful as h*ll.
She leaves.

Marci:(to Howie) What happened...when we talked earlier today, we were both on the same page that Will was going up today. Why aren't you talking Janie out of this stupid crazy idea?
Howie: Janie is just stuck on it, and I can't change her mind.

Perceived Threats

12:30am BBT
HOH ROOM - Janelle & Marcellas
Discussion regarding the Veto...

Janelle: I have to think about what would be the best thing for me. I just feel like Diane might come back to bite me in the ass.
Marci: I don't think it's the best idea. Are you not worried at all that Erika might go?
Janelle: No, I'm not. I have enough votes to make sure that Erika stays. I told Erika that I would make sure I had the votes before I did it.
Marci: Why do you think Diane is a bigger threat to you than Will or Boogie?

    ***Yes, Janelle, please do enlighten us all.
Janelle: I just feel like Diane is going to come after me. I just know it.
Marci: I don't believe she would.
Marci: Do you not feel at all that the girls should stick toghether?

    ***Thank you, Marci!
Janelle: I want to stick together with Danielle and Erika. I know them better anyway.

    ***Janie, Janie, Janie...
Marci: Do you have a deal with Chilltown? You are the only one in the house that I have a deal with, and I am not making any decisions that will not benefit you.

Janelle: No, the only deal I made with them was that they would vote out whoever I want (in exchange for not putting Will up).

Erika enters HoH.

Will & Boogie, Downstairs
Will's telling Boogie what he told Janie and Danielle...

Will: I told Dani what weare doing... and I told her that Janie is going to take Diane out, and Dani said that's what we want.
Will: I have a few concerns:

    1. Janie might be running the strongest game ever and just screwing us,
    2. other people might sway Janie from the plan tonight,
    3. and the third thing - unintelligible - sorry.
    Boogie: I think Kaysar is on board with us. James is definitely more threatened by you. Janie really should take Danielle out this week.

      *** There I go agreeing with Boogie again... This is becoming an awful habit.
    CUT TO:
    HOH ROOM - Janelle, Marci and Erika
    Janelle: I think Diane is really nice, but she said things before we even came in the house... that she was going to take me out.
    Janelle: Right, Erika?
    Erika: Diane has never said to me that she wanted to put you out.
    Marci: Diane has told me that she wanted to put up Will and Boogie.
    Erika: You look just like Barbie right now... I can't really take you seriously.
    Marci: If this is what you think, thn this is what you think.
    Erika: Do Kaysar and them know? What do they think about it?
    Janie: Kaysar and Howie know, and James knows but doesn't know that its Diane because I thinks he is close to Diane.
    Marci: I will stand behind you because it is your HOH, but supporting you is not the same thing as believing it is the best move for you to make.
      ***Well said, Marcellas.
    Chatter happens and then a little more strategy talk...
    They are now joined by Howie as well...

    Janelle: If anyone comes back, they would all come after me.
    Marcellas: Don't look at me, I'm not the buxom blonde... I'm just a skinny black guy.
    Janie: Dont Marci and I look like Barbie and Ken in this pink bed?
    Howie:(to janie) Are you a Marilyn Monroe fan?
    Janie: Huge!
    Howie: Do you like Pamela?
    Janie: She's kind of cheesy.
    Marci: From everything I've heard from people who actually know her, she's not a skank, even though she made her money off her supposed skankiness.
    Janie: I don't think she's a skank by any means, I just think that as a person to look up to or something like that, she is sort of cheesy.

    Bein' Played

    This is the first of the overnight reports for Sunday night... Please keep checking back for more...

    11:30pm BBT
    HOH ROOM - Janelle and Howie
    Janelle: James is not going to be happy about it, but I'm just going to put my foot down.
    Howie: I'm gonna to eat a bunch of pasta Thursday night so I'll be prepared for the HOH comp.
    Janelle: If noone is coming back, it will be an endurance. If someone is coming back, it wont be.

    CUT TO:
    STORAGE ROOM - James and Danielle
    James: It all sounds like it is still on track for Will to go. Do you think it would be better to keep Erika than Diane?
      James, by sin of omission, Danielle's playing you just as hard as anyone else. Will tells her what's going on, and she's not filling you in. Shame you can't hear me...

    Danielle: Absolutely... she is a strong player and we need a strong player.
    James: Do you think Erika is more vengeful too?
    Danielle: I do, and besides that, Erika will win stuff too, to take care of business.
    James: If we do it, we have to take out Janelle first, obviously, and maybe put Marcellas up against her. If Janelle keeps lying to everyone else, it's f-cking up everything for us, and if she f-cks this up, she is putting a big target on the fours head, and that means on my head, and she is obviously working for her own agenda.
      ***Again, James... Same thing that's happened to Janie is now happening to you... you are being worked. it's getting hard to watch this happen.

    Danielle: That's fine, this is all I've been waiting for. It's about time.
    James: If not, then we just chill for a week.
    Danielle: Okay, I'm just waiting for the go.
    They leave the Storage Room.

    CUT TO:
    BACKYARD: Will, Boogie, Marci, Danielle, Kaysar, Diane, Chicken George
    On the Red Couches, talking.

    Will: I'm warning you now that I am farting like a beast. I can't wait until this live show when Chicken George dresses like a geisha.
    Will: I'd like to have a conversation with "them" (BB Producers?) a couple of months from now and ask them what they thought were the plusses and minuses of putting me and Boogie both in the house.
    Boogie: They probably figured that they couldn't stop you from inciting riots anyway, so...

    Good Morning

    Good Morning, BB Fans!

    Janelle fell further into Will's web after the episode last night, promising to put up someone other than him. For that, he guaranteed her both his and Boogie's votes and support and protection, no matter whom she chose to nominate. When Will asked Janelle who she needed kept safe next week, her order was Marcellas, Howie, Kaysar, then James.. as an afterthought. Instead of requiring their safety as a condition of compliance, she asked for it, and was told that he couldn't keep all of them safe, and then the brush off they'd talk about it more next week... But Will was sure to repeat to her that her first 2 priorities were Marcellas and Howie.. and she agreed.

    Not 5 minutes after assuring Janelle her safety, Will was seen whispering with Danielle that, "if you, me or Boogie wins HoH next, 2 Season 6ers are going up."

    Janelle, honey, you've been had.

    More than ever this week, I'm hoping a season 6er will win HoH... But now I have to add to that: I'm hoping that if/when the season 6er wins, he somehow manages to revive the alliance, and doesn't take it further into darkness by nominating Janelle (as James promised to do if she didn't take out Will).

    OK.. so the best case scenario would have to be Kaysar winning HoH. I don't believe he would nominate any S6er, and I think he would go a long way towards re-unifying the group through communication...

    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    Toe Follow Up

    I ended up going to the fire station this afternoon to have the paramedics check out my big toe- see if they thought I needed stitches, cuz it kept bleeding (though not nearly as much).

    While I was there, I hear them asking someone I can't see (behind a closed door) to spell her last name.. and it's mine... My mother was there! With chest pains... among other things... They asked if I could bring her to the hospital - Ofcourse, I could.

    She's still waiting in triage, they did an EKG, and then left her "in chairs"... waiting. I just came home to grab something and am going back... So, cosmically speaking, there was a reason I cut my toe today, and a bigger reason I held off on going to see the paramedics about it... so i could arrive there at exactly the right time.

    I'm heading back to the hospital now to see about nudging the triage nurse into some action, hang out with my mom and bring her a sweatshirt - she's freezing...

    Prayers and good wishes are both welcome and appreciated.

    Afternoon Report

    2:20pm BBT
    Janie and Howie
    Janie: I haven't made my decision yet... (as to who she'll put up.)
    Howie: You need to do what's best for the alliance.
    Janie whispers something about Will.
    Howie whispers back something about James.
    Janie: BB won't let me back into my room. BB has a surprise for us.
    They wonder if it's a movie.
    Howie: You could end up in the reality show hall of fame this week. I made it last year.
    Janie: I wish I hadn't won this HOH.
    Chatter about last season...
    Howie: (something about Janelle talking to Will in HOH.)
    Janie: Yeah, thanks for not letting me talk to him.
    Howie: Why? What happened?
    Janelle: Nothing. I tried not to.
    Howie: The whole house wants Will out of here. Everyone is worried about Jase coming back, and there being 3 members of CT again. When's the veto ceremony - tomorrow? Janie: Yes.
    Howie: What are you going to do?
    Janelle: I haven't made my decision yet.
    Howie: You have to do what is best for the alliance to keep it rolling.
    Janelle: Once we get rid of Will though, the whole house is going to come after us. Howie: We have to get James into the HOH room and talk.
    Janie: HOH is locked, and they're going to be calling me into the DR soon, because they have a surprise.

    Howie: I don't want to get flamed on Survivor Sucks.
    Janie: I don't want to either, but I think I might be for the decisions I've made this week. The thing is, why should I just stop halfway...everyone is already pissed at me.
    Howie: What if Erika wins HOH this week, she'll just be like "Hey, you put me up". Janie: Thats probably what she's doing.
    Howie: You should have put up him and James or something.
    Janie: Shut up. Oh well, its done now.
    Howie: No, its not, You can still redeem yourself.
    Janie: How?
    Howie doesn't answer.

    2:37pm BBT
    There is a huge rotating platform set up in the BY with a red & blue race car with "#7" on it. Presumably for a luxury competition tonight!
    The car is spinning on a turnstyle. There are black boxes around the outside of the turnstyle. The car is red and blue, with a red 7 on the top. Screeching tires sound effects are audible.

    Trivia/theme song on all 4 cams.

    3:45pm BBT
    HGs are practicing for the comp. Blue team is Janie, Will, Boogie, James, Danielle, & Diane.

    Momentary lack of trivia...
    Will is discussing luxury comp strategy..

    Will: So, we're going to be in the car, it's going to be spinning. We're all going to get out, just take a deep breath. Don't fall down and crack your head open. We're all going to run, put our helmets on, leave your hat on the table so you know where it is.

    BB: Hey, guys... let me stop you just for a second....


    5:01pm BBT
    Feeds back on...

    The car is spinning. Howie, Kaysar, Erika, and CG in car. They are saying it will be bad when the whistle blows. Everyone should move when the whistle blows.

    Chicken George: We're slowing down, slowing down, slowing down. We're ready.

    Whistle blows and they all climb out through the windows,

    "let's go, let's go, let's go."

    Kaysar: Let's go, Marci.
    Marcellas gassing car up. Now cleaning windows. Lots of orders being barked to each other.

    Show's on now... Back after 9pm Eastern

    More BB Art

    People are funny...

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Aussies Take

    Here's an interesting article from an Aussie site... Of course, they're talking about the Aussie and Brit versions of the show, but the same ideas apply here...

    Big Brother: pop culture in a Petri dish?
    by Carolyn Webb
    July 31, 2006
    ABC TV host Andrew Denton dubs it a "heap of crap".

    But what's most surprising, is who's actually loving the show.

    Author John Birmingham has found himself transfixed by how the show probes the grey areas of human interaction, how participants manipulate each other and how they deal with fame. Birmingham, who studied postgraduate psychology, says Big Brother is "like the most fascinating experiment I've ever seen".

    "Ethically, we weren't allowed to do that kind of thing at university, but if we had been, it would have been enormous fun," he says.

    The show has "an unusual faux-Orwellian aspect to it that is irresistible". Two years ago, he and a friend, literary critic Peter Craven, spent two hours over dinner at a Melbourne restaurant discussing Big Brother."That's probably a little tragic in some ways, but we certainly didn't discuss novels or literature or poetry; we were totally into the TV show."

    Age film critic Jim Schembri says intellectuals watch Big Brother more for what it says about pop culture than its content: "The issue of loss of privacy … the willingness of people to surrender dignity for the sake of instant and very fleeting fame on television and the culture of celebrity."

    But Richard Fidler, a former satirist with Doug Anthony Allstars, and now a Brisbane-based ABC radio announcer, reckons the oldies' interest might be more in the vein of. "Oh, so that's what twentysomething westies are doing their hair like these days", with a fair dollop of old-fashioned voyeurism.

    He says he debated the merits of Big Brother with friends in Sydney last month, who denounced it and "came down like a tonne of bricks" on him when he declared their snubbing of the show was "a kind of low-level snobbery".

    BB Art

    I found these while looking for nice pics this morning...
    BB Art...

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Kaysar's UP

    7:15 BB time:
    Kaysar is up and in the kitchen.
    The sound of a drill and some banging is audible.

    All other HGs are sleeping.

    Kay's moving around the house....
    ... now onto the eliptical for a workout

    7:49am BB time:
    Kaysar's still working out...
    Elliptical, Chin-ups, then on to the treadmill...
    All the others all still sleeping.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    9:11 BB time
    Kaysar's still got the house to himself. He's the only one up.
    Relaxing on the couch after his workout.
    All other HGs are still asleep

    9:28 BB time
    Kaysar shaving his upper chest and various bits...
    Everyone else still snoozing.
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    9:33 am BBT
    Kaysar's done shaving body hair, and he's taking a shower.

    10:00am BBT
    BB time
    Kaysar's grooming - brushing teeth, flossing, q-tipping his ears...

    Overnight Report

    Midnight BBT
    Erika and Boogie
    Erika goes to talk to Boogie about who he thinks the replacement noms might be.
    She's nervous about who she might be against.
    Erika: If I win HoH, I'm putting up Janie and Howie.
    Boogie listens but doesn't give up any much information. He's purely on info-recon. Erika goes to bed.

    BACK TO:
    BATHROOM - BEDROOM- James and Diane
    James brushes his teeth and gets ready for bed.
    Diane is also getting ready for bed and talks to James about sleeping arrangments.
    James: Why don't you go sleep with Janie.
    Diane: No thank you.
    She also doesn't like Howie much, and doesn't like him sleeping in the red room.
    She brushes too and gets ready for bed.
    Diane: I'm hungry.
    James: Slop is no joke.

    RED ROOM - Howie, James, Erika, Diane, Kaysar ( on all feeds)
    James: If an evicted HG comes back, I'm throwing the hot tub over the wall. This is All Stars, no one deserves to come back. If it happens, nominate them and then tar and feather them in the veto comp.


    George enters.
    All ask "what's up?"
    George: I'm tired, but I can't sleep.
    Erika: We're all wired.
    Diane: (to George) You're getting so skinny it's not funny.
    George: I feel a lot better... I have more energy.
    James: You should start working out more.

    They try to get Howie to show George some dance steps. Howie complies with strange gyrations.

    Diane: What the hell was that?
    James: The lawmower?
    Howie: It was the sprinkler.
    Diane: That was the sprinkler?
    Chatter, Chatter...
    Howie: I'd rather have a hot beautiful chick standing in front of me doing nothing than a fat chick moving.
      ***Always the sensitive gentleman...

    Lots of chatter until...

    1:46 BBT
    KITCHEN - James & Howie
    The boys are whispering... Paranoia has set in with James...
    James: I bet you Janelle's up talking about us.
    Howie: NO, she is sleeping.
    James: We can not do what we did last year
    Howie: No
    James: Dude you going to eat your sandwich?
    FLAMES (fast)
    James is cooking some meat now.
    Howie's gone.

    2:00am BBT
    BACKYARD - Danielle and Will are talking.
    CUT TO:
    KITCHEN - James and Howie
    They're whispering again... (rough to hear)
    James: (whispers too softly to be heard, but we can assume by Howie's response it was something like "What are they talking about out there?")
    Howie: Nothing, just talking bullshit... nothing, not game, at least while I'm out there.
    James: You guys don't trust her (Danielle) as much as I do. She's my friend. Just don't f-ck with her and she wont do you wrong.... With Danielle, tt's all about actions speaking louder than words, anyone can lie to you in this game.

    2;15am BBT
    BACKYARD - Danielle, Marcellas, Will (<-sheesh. I can't even type his name right now without making a face... at least if he's in the yard, he's nowhere near Janie.) Chatter about the internet feed watchers... Danielle: I had one hater. (laughs) I asked that women if she had a job, if every day was a perfect day at that job... then I related the non-perfect days at work to some wrong moves I made in the games. ***I like the analogy, actually.

      Marcellas and Will agree with Danielle's analogy.

      Marcellas: It is one of those things that you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.
      Danielle: If I'm emotional, or I get out of control... it's all in the moment... if I say anything in the context of the game... I'm not trying to make personnal attacks. It's not out of disrespect to your family. You're a goofball.
        ***The hater lady, I presume.

      Will: The only problem I have, and I dont' have many, is people saying why would Erin date you, or who would go to him as a dermatologist?
        ***LMAO - Didn't think he could hear through the feeds!

      Will: On the internet some are bashing, don't sit on the internet and be angry, don't call into America's choice and wake me up every 15 minutes.
      They begin rehashing the calls to wake them lastnight.. All find it amusing after the fact.
      Danielle: It was good.
        ***Would have been better had the producers not tipped them off that it was happening.

      Will: The only shout outs should have been from family members.

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